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  1. I adjusted valves today. Still running bad. Pretty sure she is huffing. She is whopping out of the exhaust. Draining oil and compression test but expecting to see something poor.
  2. Will do. Let y'all know my findings
  3. I brought my bigcam formula 400 with two blown pistons. For the price I just did the whole motor. Trying to convince this guy to do the same. Pretty sure this motor was stuck wide open. Don't know if it ran away or what but the old pump had been opened. It makes good oil pressure tho
  4. I'm going to go down the list and try everything that has mentioned. Going to swap nozzles tomorrow and do compression test. Where should my readings be on the compression test? I'm aware that a lack of compression could be a couple things. Going to back of on exhaust rockers too case dynatard sticking.
  5. So I shouldn't be able to blow thru them or I should. There nozzles not injector if I'm correct. Or am I wrong?
  6. I understand it very well. Otc graduate. Grandfather owned everything from b models to dm. Just that from the very beginning. The information was not clear. People I was talking to prior to here. So I was trying to get facts straight about pump alignment which I really didn't get answers to until I reached out here. Sorry for being a pain but you must understand truck was brought to me not running and I want to cross my T's and dotting my I's 10 times before I move on to the next step. At the end still need to get paid for what I've done already. I believe everything is in time. I have court closing at 18 degrees. And truck is firing on all the other cylinders but one in six so I'm going to move on to the next step.
  7. Was gonna swap nozzles to see if cylinder would fire. Is there any possibility that I'm still off with pump. E6 350 2v
  8. No we did not have nozzles checked. This thing has lifters. Thought rocker was pushing right down on valve. Like a said previous. 1 and 6 is not firing. Everything else is.
  9. You mean the dynatard adjustment of the valve it self
  10. How can I tell the dynatard is sticking
  11. When I crack 1 and 6 fuel comes out. Have back valve cover off. How can I tell it's sticking. Exhaust valve is moving.
  12. And have it timed at 18 now. When I open in lines to nozzle 1 + 6 I get no response. Nozzles two through 5 I get a response.
  13. I know. But why number 1 and 6 not firing. No truck was not running when it came to me.
  14. Pump exchange for a rebuilt one. Truck was brought not running. The pump on the truck was set for 22 BTC and the one on there now is set at 18. I have going through all the procedures number one cylinder TDC and Port close on fuel pump. Slid right back on but truck running the same way that the first time. Double check my mark. At 18 degrees in the vibration dampener I cannot blow through the holes with number one spring and valve removed. Which means I'm dead on I'm assuming. I'm going to pull pump off again and do the Port close method again. Looking at rocker arms from passenger side I'm assuming the one with the bigger nut is the exhaust valve. I I have back valve cover off in the valve closest to the firewall getting ready to open with the vibration dampener at TC so I'm assuming number one is at tip Tip Top Dead Center on compression stroke. As long as I'm looking at the valves are right way. Truck starts it revs up but it seems like soon there's one in six or not firing

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