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  1. So.. I have a 97 rd688s. E7 400 with 12sp. Triaxle. At this point it has 2 new rears but aluminum dump is shot. Motor has 543xxx on it and front head gasket is leaking bad. Frame rails are stuffed and waffled bad but. She does as a mack does... she still runs well. Does some leaking from gasket other than that. No complaints. Issue is.... the reality is needs motor and refurbished dump body on top of frame rails. Is it worth re railing or move on. 12spd was redone in 16. I really love the truck especially with the 4.17 rears but truck is at the point we're it's time to really invest in it or move on. What's yall thoughts
  2. So don't advance for better running.(more power) like 8 degrees
  3. I know the timing spec is one the valve cover but I want to know what the experts suggest the timing spec should be on my 97 e7 400?
  4. Is the jack brake heads themselves leaking?
  5. If my grandfather had an old quad that ran 62mph. That was flying then.
  6. Family had 5 70s dm800 673t One 85 685sx with a 675 tip turbine with a 6spd. It would do 67mph. But for the setup.... pulled like a savage.
  7. Yes. Seems to be pretty accurate too. I think I'm gonna do 4.17. If it was a bigger motor I wouldn't be so concerned with the loss of tq but I think 3.87 is gonna be a bit much in terms of loss of pulling power. So now that I have the mph figured out let's talk about loss of pulling power. I guess experience is gonna have to answer this questions.
  8. 3.87 is a big jump from 4.17. I was going to do 4.17 but 3.87 would be great if it doesn't kill the torque all the way.
  9. If I go 4.17 with 78 final with the 11r 24.5 where would that put me
  10. 5th gear is 78. Yes it pulls very well. Have a little timing thrown in there as well. Problem is we( as time goes on) are running more highway. At 65mph its up around 1700rpm ...1800. I want to get those rpm down. I would also like to be topping out around 80mph. It's not necessary but I would like. As I said before...the tires are 11r 24.5. Again. Any help.is appreciated
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