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  1. The turbos in cars from the 60`s were routinely having to be replaced long before the engines were worn out.Is this true of the turbocharged 673 engines from the B era?
  2. I`ve been looking to buy a nice,presentable B tractor for months.I`ve seen some nice ones,but the majority for sale are out in some field,rotting into the ground.Why would you neglect a truck for many years,THEN decide to sell it when you probably couldn`t give it away? Rhetorical question,I guess...just venting.
  3. skydawg


    Thanks for the info and pics. So after everything was unbolted,did you use a winch or something to pull the rear forward to it`s new position? Can air lines be shortened and reattached to original fittings or do you need to buy new shorter?
  4. I was planning on going to see on Sunday.Sat morning the ad was gone from Buffalo CL.I had what I thought was the sellers private #,and called several times Sat...no answer and no voicemail.I`m guessing it`s sold and the ebay listing is still up because that`s some broker in Omaha that the seller paid a fee to up front,and they don`t know or care that it sold.
  5. skydawg


    Thanks for the post...I`m looking for the shorter 146" wheelbase chassis.I`m guessing a frame and driveshaft can be shortened,but I don`t know anyone near me that might be able to do that,or what it would cost.That nice red truck in Ohio is also the longer WB.
  6. Is there a Mack sage in the LeRoy area that would care to help inspect this truck?I`d pay you for your time and knowledge.
  7. skydawg


    How is even possible that 300 people have read this thread and not a single comment???
  8. Thanks.I think rust is my main concern,,,buying a bondo special that look ok for a couple of years,then all hell breaks loose.
  9. I`m planning to look at that`62 B61 in NY state,it`s been discussed here recently in this same forum.
  10. I`m gonna look at one this week,could use some advice from an expert...what do you look for and/or listen for when you assess a truck you might buy.Any red flags that a newbie wouldn`t catch?I realize a comprehensive answer could fill a book,any and all advice is much appreciated.
  11. The seller was told by the previous owner that the engine was rebuilt...no details,no receiptsTop speed is 50 mph,must have some short rearend gears.Brake shoes were relined,no new drums.Speedo doesn`t work,ditto for the passenger wiper.
  12. On a B61,is the stamped # on the passenger side of the timing gear case supposed to match the# stamped on the frame?Can either be used on a title?There is no door tag.Thanks.
  13. Hi,would any 1958 B61 fire truck/apparatus have been built on a 146"wheelbase single axle?
  14. Can anyone tell from the pics if there`s frame or suspension damage?
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