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    Restoring my 1951 LJ ,,, I learned to drive on this truck when I was 17 ,, It had a 5th wheel wrecker on it ,, It was purchased new here in Asheville by the Coke Distributor, A Local welding supply purchased it from Coke in the late 50s , Replaced the Engine with a reman 220 in 1963 , A friend of mine bought it in 1969 when the Welding Co traded it in ,,, I bought it in the early 80s , never had time to restore it until I retired from Ryder Transportation after 32years , We also haul Heavy Equipment, we have 5 Superliners
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  1. YES ! I can tell that the one with the Baffles is going to be sweet,, Thanks to EVERYONE for all the Advice, I should be able to swap a 220 exhaust in my sleep,, It’s All worth it !
  2. Did not have time to work on it much today, But I did get some header wrap from a local race car builder,, I think it will help keep some on the heat out of the floor
  3. A short video of it running with the Baffled Backdrop 0213F1CB-FA47-4C80-A52E-48A3BE2ADD0E.MOV
  4. Yes I started it with the 90deg backdrop, it doesn’t have the sound I wanted , when I reved it up it sounds much like the center drop ,, so I put the cab up there and saw I would have room, I spent the entire day Friday, changing the exhaust back to the baffled one , but you can rev it now and tell its going to sound good under a load,, plus the one with no baffles ( 90deg ) would be in the way of the original air filter,, Thank you, yes I need all the advice I can get on the cab ,, especially the back panel so I I’m interested in any extra parts you have ( I have 2 more LJs for parts, but they are rough) Here is a couple of pictures from Friday morning, before I wasted a beautiful summer day inside my shop,lol on my Backdrop project! You can reach me at (828) 777-3406 anytime, Thanks Dean
  5. That Cab Looks absolutely Great! I’m going to send you a LJ Cab up to redo for me ! I’m sending you a picture after I put the backdrop manifold on ,, I started it and it sounds great! I temporarily set the cab on and it clears fine ,,I don’t think you will have any problems, I set the cab back off yesterday to start doing basically what you had to, Thanks Dean 0213F1CB-FA47-4C80-A52E-48A3BE2ADD0E.MOV
  6. Thanks for ALL the Positive comments! I set the cab on yesterday, just to check clearance on my Backdrop Project,, I started it up with the one with No baffles, You couldn’t hear any “ Pop “ when reving fast ,, So I changed back to the one with baffles, had to make a zigzag pipe off the back,, but it clears ,, Started it again,,, Sweet! That’s the one! I could have been much farther along if not wasting Days swapping the Backdrops around! But I think it was well worth it! Now to set the cab back off and start body work!
  7. Thank you,, It is a balancing act between time and money,, when business is good, no time to work on it,, It slows down and I worry about spending too much on it , it’s mostly super time consuming, I’ve had it 40, years, I should have not waited so long to restore it.
  8. Got it started today,, almost done with chassis & running gear,, Started on cab ( probably a year project)
  9. I had time to work on the exhaust today, have a parts truck with the engine & cab intact, so I did some measuring for the backdrop clearance, think this will work, I’ll have to change the air filter location later ( I was going to switch to a dry anyway) Thanks for the Coca Cola tip , My cell is 828 777 3406 ,, thanks for the information
  10. Still a long way to go,, the paint on the 5th wheel was the original color that was painted over the factory Red ( Found under the hood chrome & emblems) was matched by my local DuPont store,, This was the color on the cab, fenders, hood, 5th wheel & fuel tank. The top of hood and cab was white, still trying to trace the original owner from 51 to 60, the older guys locally told me it was purchased new and painted by the local Coke distributor, one guy said Royal Crown, I Do know it was purchased buy a local welding co in the early 60s , they put the recon 220 in it , the driver of it is still living, he said they never painted it , and we got it in 1969 ,, so still not sure who the original owner was ,,,, any ideas out there,,, looking at the yellow/ orange paint scheme?
  11. I’ll let y’all know when I get it started, I’ll run a long piece of flex pipe just to run it a bit before I start on the cab , I’m sure I really won’t be able to tell until I get to drive it and make it work, Thanks for all the reply’s! I’ll keep plugging away at it
  12. My latest backdrop, I can make this work on the LJ cab, it has a 90 deg flange that will rotate , this one has NO baffles, you can see straight to number 6 cylinder ,, I’m hoping for that special sound!
  13. The best I can track this truck down is it was delivered to Asheville Mack in in September 1951 , the truck was red , ( everything) word has it the local Coke distributor purchased it new and painted it , cab, sides , fenders , fuel tank was kinda of orange looking yellow. top of cab and hood , white . Top of doors black. A local welding company got it in the 60s and we don’t think they painted it I still stay in contact with the last driver it had when it was traded for a new 69 Pete tandem ,he drove that Pete for 34 years ,I remember both when I was in school, we got it from the Pete dealer in 69 . it was painted blue all over in the late 70s , I’m just trying to go back with the paint scheme it was given in 51 , I’ll probably paint the door top black, like you said, it would be very different, thanks .. Dean
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