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    Old Trucks , Dad drove Macks for Hennis Freight Lines ,my 1st truck ride was in a 1957 H63 , 1st truck I drove was a 1951 LJ Mack, 1st truck I Owned was a 59'B61 wrecker , Along with my son , Kyle (& Grandson Dawson ) We haul heavy equipment we have 5 Superliners , also have a '79 &'81 J10 Jeep pickups
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  1. Thanks, I pulled of the top and your correct about the gears, I also marked and turned the input and the output outran it , then dropped 1 gear ( direct) and it was 1 to 1 , And yes the TRDX will have a super low 1st gear, it took 12 1/2 turns on input for the outputs 1 turn ! Thank y’all for the advice! I’m going to use it In the LJ
  2. Thanks for the help, I was hoping the only difference in the TRD & TRDX was lower 1st gear, .77 OD sounds great, I’ll pull it out of the parts truck next week! Thank y’all
  3. I have a 1951 LJ , it came new with a TRD-150 Trans , It went out back in the 70s when we still used the truck, we put a 10 speed direct in it , the original trans was probably hauled off for junk , I’m restoring the truck and while I have the cab off I want to put a TRD-150 back in it just for the overdrive, I have a LJ parts truck with a TRDX-150 , I have read these have lower gears for dumps or cement trucks ( this parts truck was used for house moving ) Does anyone know if it is still a overdrive , like the original TRD-150 ? Thanks Dean
  4. Yes all the pipes to the turbo are original , The original owner special ordered this truck ( delivered new to Carolina Garage in Winston Salem NC ) with a turbo ,, it's the only one I have ever seen , I have had it about 20 years ,, The intake side ( I painted it red ) is fiberglass ,, Thanks for your interest , Dean
  5. Gonna have to lengthen those shifters so the little guy can split his gears!

  6. I really like seeing the old photos of the trucks your family has had , we are lucky that we have them , you have some great looking Macks , thanks 

    1. Superdog


      Thank you,glad other people enjoy them too. Really like your H67.I don't have any fixed up but I did help a friend of mine find and restore one.


    2. 1961H67


      That is a good looking H model , I notice it has those doors under the sleeper . I don't see a lot of them , I got mine off a H that was setting behind a warehouse in South Carolina , the owner told me to take anything I wanted , They were in good shape , I just got lucky , I don't know if it was a factory order item , we had our H for years before I found those . Thanks for the Photo 

    3. BillyT


      Is that a Crosley behind the "cherrypicker"? Two classics! Also the snub nose "Jimmy"! Cool! 

  7. I love that V8 Superliner , We just bought a 1981 Superliner , No V8 !still would like to have on someday !
  8. rite on man,,,have a ball and welcome aboard...bob

  9. Very nice H63 and67 Just started restoring my 1954 H63 Some as my GrandfathersIMG_0782.thumb.JPG.34c8b8a0d258b7e95cedaPicture1.thumb.png.62bb15533fb8a114bd8ab

    1. 1961H67


      That is Great that was your Grandfathers , it looks in better shape than our H67 , A friend had pulled a lowboy with it for years than parked it in the woods for almost 10 years , I'll try to post some pics when we got it from him , Thanks for the pic , Dean

    2. PaulH63


      Thanks I my be contacting you for advice. Im going to need all the help I can get. Thanks


    3. PaulH63


      Red and White H63 is mine found it in upstate NY. The black and white picture is my Grandfathers long gone.

  10. 1961H67


    We are using a 81 ,. 359 Pete to pull or lowboys , would like to find a Superliner with a 3406 cat , if anyone knows of one please let me know , Thanks . Dean @ Jenkins 74 Towing
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