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    Old Trucks , Dad drove Macks for Hennis Freight Lines ,my 1st truck ride was in a 1957 H63 , 1st truck I drove was a 1951 LJ Mack, 1st truck I Owned was a 59'B61 wrecker , I am a Diesel Tech for Ryder (31 years) , also co own a Towing company ( Jenkins74 Towing Recovery) with my son , Kyle (& Grandson Dawson ) also have a '79 &'81 J10 Jeep pickups

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    1989 R Model Tandam Dump , 1988 Superliner 3406B, 1987 Freedom Superliner, 1965 C-600 Mack ,1951 LJ Mack,,1981,359 Pete , 1995 western star , 1972 IH Transtar , 2000 379 Pete ,

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  1. Gonna have to lengthen those shifters so the little guy can split his gears!

  2. From the album 1961H67

    Getting the 1st Inspection
  3. From the album 1961H67

    Getting ready for a good cleaning
  4. From the album 1961H67

    Superliner Logging
  5. From the album 1961H67

    New addition, 89 R
  6. From the album 1961H67

    Hauling Sod Equipment, Mid North Carolina
  7. From the album 1961H67

    I-26 , Saluda Mountain,NC overlooking South Carolina
  8. From the album 1961H67

    Jenkins 74 Towing / Dean Jenkins Trucking, Fairview NC
  9. From the album 1961H67

    Just got this truck to move heavy eq , 1988 , 3406B , 15OD , Jenkins Towing & Hauling
  10. From the album 1961H67

    Hauling Tractors , Fletcher , NC ,,OCTOBER 21
  11. I really like seeing the old photos of the trucks your family has had , we are lucky that we have them , you have some great looking Macks , thanks 

    1. Superdog


      Thank you,glad other people enjoy them too. Really like your H67.I don't have any fixed up but I did help a friend of mine find and restore one.


    2. 1961H67


      That is a good looking H model , I notice it has those doors under the sleeper . I don't see a lot of them , I got mine off a H that was setting behind a warehouse in South Carolina , the owner told me to take anything I wanted , They were in good shape , I just got lucky , I don't know if it was a factory order item , we had our H for years before I found those . Thanks for the Photo 

    3. BillyT


      Is that a Crosley behind the "cherrypicker"? Two classics! Also the snub nose "Jimmy"! Cool!