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  1. This one was Green , It was bought new in Winston Salem , It was originally ordered with a factory Turbo ( Which it still has & and a Pyrometer in the dash) with a Dead axle on the rear, The second owner Pulled a lowboy here in Buncombe co from the early 70’s till around 1988 , ( mostly a 175 IH Loader ) it sat till I got it in 1996 , the dead axle was worn out so I removed it, I painted it Red and pulled Antique tractors with a lowboy for a while before I made a rollback out of it ,, I believe I do remember a Blue one pulling a lowboy around Buncombe co in the 80’s and 90’s maybe towards the Northern part of the county , I’ll ask around about it , Thanks
  2. Great Job your doing on the H Model,, It’s good to see someone restoring one , you really don’t see that many ! I have had a H67 for years, it was bought new here in North Carolina, then some friends of mine got it in the 70s to pull a lowboy, I got it and painted it and did a “ Half “ Restoration, I stretched it and made a rollback, I still use it , if there’s something I can help you with , let me know, ( It looks like you know more about a H then me , Great Work) ! I know a guy that has 2 that needs restoring, not sure what his plans are .
  3. Great looking Truck! What’s the story of the tank ? Very interesting!
  4. Beautiful, I’ll try to catch you one here in the Great Smoky Mts of North Carolina , it will not be that colorful!
  5. Thank you, it’s difficult to catch that here in the mountains
  6. Beautiful! What time of day was that picture taken ?
  7. Looking Great! It’s going to ALL be worth it the first time you ease up off the clutch, and it starts to move!
  8. Matt , That Cab looks SO GOOD! I haven’t had time to work on mine for a few weeks, still installing some of the old copper air lines on my chassis,, I can’t wait to see your cab on the frame!
  9. YES ! I can tell that the one with the Baffles is going to be sweet,, Thanks to EVERYONE for all the Advice, I should be able to swap a 220 exhaust in my sleep,, It’s All worth it !
  10. Did not have time to work on it much today, But I did get some header wrap from a local race car builder,, I think it will help keep some on the heat out of the floor
  11. A short video of it running with the Baffled Backdrop 0213F1CB-FA47-4C80-A52E-48A3BE2ADD0E.MOV
  12. Yes I started it with the 90deg backdrop, it doesn’t have the sound I wanted , when I reved it up it sounds much like the center drop ,, so I put the cab up there and saw I would have room, I spent the entire day Friday, changing the exhaust back to the baffled one , but you can rev it now and tell its going to sound good under a load,, plus the one with no baffles ( 90deg ) would be in the way of the original air filter,, Thank you, yes I need all the advice I can get on the cab ,, especially the back panel so I I’m interested in any extra parts you have ( I have 2 more LJs for parts, but they are rough) Here is a couple of pictures from Friday morning, before I wasted a beautiful summer day inside my shop,lol on my Backdrop project! You can reach me at (828) 777-3406 anytime, Thanks Dean
  13. That Cab Looks absolutely Great! I’m going to send you a LJ Cab up to redo for me ! I’m sending you a picture after I put the backdrop manifold on ,, I started it and it sounds great! I temporarily set the cab on and it clears fine ,,I don’t think you will have any problems, I set the cab back off yesterday to start doing basically what you had to, Thanks Dean 0213F1CB-FA47-4C80-A52E-48A3BE2ADD0E.MOV
  14. Thanks for ALL the Positive comments! I set the cab on yesterday, just to check clearance on my Backdrop Project,, I started it up with the one with No baffles, You couldn’t hear any “ Pop “ when reving fast ,, So I changed back to the one with baffles, had to make a zigzag pipe off the back,, but it clears ,, Started it again,,, Sweet! That’s the one! I could have been much farther along if not wasting Days swapping the Backdrops around! But I think it was well worth it! Now to set the cab back off and start body work!
  15. Thank you,, It is a balancing act between time and money,, when business is good, no time to work on it,, It slows down and I worry about spending too much on it , it’s mostly super time consuming, I’ve had it 40, years, I should have not waited so long to restore it.
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