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  1. Thanks, I pulled of the top and your correct about the gears, I also marked and turned the input and the output outran it , then dropped 1 gear ( direct) and it was 1 to 1 , And yes the TRDX will have a super low 1st gear, it took 12 1/2 turns on input for the outputs 1 turn ! Thank y’all for the advice! I’m going to use it In the LJ
  2. Thanks for the help, I was hoping the only difference in the TRD & TRDX was lower 1st gear, .77 OD sounds great, I’ll pull it out of the parts truck next week! Thank y’all
  3. I have a 1951 LJ , it came new with a TRD-150 Trans , It went out back in the 70s when we still used the truck, we put a 10 speed direct in it , the original trans was probably hauled off for junk , I’m restoring the truck and while I have the cab off I want to put a TRD-150 back in it just for the overdrive, I have a LJ parts truck with a TRDX-150 , I have read these have lower gears for dumps or cement trucks ( this parts truck was used for house moving ) Does anyone know if it is still a overdrive , like the original TRD-150 ? Thanks Dean
  4. From the album: 1961H67

    If anyone knows where I could find some Statue of Liberty decals or who could make some please let me know, I have the original paint color codes from the Mack Museum , Thanks
  5. From the album: 1961H67

    1987 Freedom, Just started working it last week, hope to get time this summer to repaint to original color and put Lady Liberty back on the hood.
  6. Yes all the pipes to the turbo are original , The original owner special ordered this truck ( delivered new to Carolina Garage in Winston Salem NC ) with a turbo ,, it's the only one I have ever seen , I have had it about 20 years ,, The intake side ( I painted it red ) is fiberglass ,, Thanks for your interest , Dean
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