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  1. Bumping this thread back to life...almost 1 year later and the forum seems to have picked up a little but I gotta agree with you guys...Facebook is strangling a lot of forums! It is easier to use, quicker to post and a lot of people are already registered users! The problem with Facebook is that the info that gets posted is useful at the time but it doesn't get archived very well and is almost impossible to search. Forums will always be a better source of information than Facebook groups! Just hang in there and the forms will be strong again!
  2. Hacked?

    It's just spam...when you see stuff like that, hit the REPORT button and I will nuke it from orbit! Nothing to do with the past hack, spammers are just out in full force right now!
  3. It's almost that time of the year again! Watt's Truck Center's 12 Days of Christmas specials and Give-A-Ways will begin on December 7th, 2017! We will be sending out daily emails with the featured special and prize winner so be sure to subscribe to our email list if you haven't already! You can do so at the link below... Sign Up Now For Email Marketing you can trust.
  4. Tapatalk issue

    There does seem to be an issue on Tapatalk's side with login...I am working on it now.
  5. ERR_SSL_or cipher mismatch

    We have been working on HTTPS compliant pages but it is extremely hard to get all forum pages to be compliant! Remote hosted images are a big culprit!
  6. Black rubber left and right side flaps are in!! Heavy 3/8" rubber with white logos! Call Watt's to place your order 724-668-2201 or order online at the links below!
  7. We just got a batch of white poly mud flaps featuring the left and right Mack Logos! They are available in 30" and 36" All flaps are 24" wide and .320" thick! Prices are $40 per pair for 30" Sets and $45 per pair for 36" Sets You can order from our online store at the links below or call to pick them up at Lititz on October 7th, 2017! 30" Flap Set 36" Flap Set
  8. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    The same will go for others that are regular trouble sure to smash the REPORT button when you see something that doesn't fly too well even for BMT!! That is the best way to get rid of the bad apples!
  9. TeamsterGrrrl/GearheadGrrrl has been banned for repeated counts of douchebaggery and for bypassing a previous ban as well as managing to rack up more complaints than anyone in BMT history!
  10. Like Button?

    I'll have to look at the other themes and see if they need some updating...Flux should be working as expected (for the most part, LOL)
  11. Like Button?

    I was able to change the icon to a little Bulldog LIKE that at least a little better?
  12. Like Button?

    Sorry guys, we do regular software updates to keep security issues from affecting the forums but the software creators seem to enjoy sliding new features into the security updates. There isn't much I can do other than NOT upgrade the forums but then we are at risk of major hacking attempts since we are a larger forum on the web.
  13. If you collect our shirts, like Superliners or just need a new, really cool t-shirt...hit the link below and place your order!! We will have them at Lititz as well...
  14. Is anyone seeing security warnings when you log into or use BMT? I know there is a change coming that will require SSL for all websites that use login forms. If so, I will have to extend our Store site SSL to the forum as well.