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  1. I never heard of Mystery Doug, but if we have similar views 🤔, he must be some sort a super genius
  2. It is normal for someone to see (and hear) what they want to see. What is being seen may not be what was intended to being shown. If what I'm saying is not being heard as I intended, I need to rephrase it I did not use the term mentally challenged. I try very hard not to label people Addiction is addiction; drugs; sex; hoarding; people (a "stalker" is an addict) Biology is founded on addiction. Every organism goes through some form of withdrawal when deprived of food, air, and water. Without an addiction to food, water, air, all living things will die.
  3. Beliefs can become an addiction. All addictions alter brain chemistry That altered chemistry eventually becomes that person's "new" normal chemistry Maintaining that new normal chemistry requires a "fix". Without that kick, brain chemistry begins changing from its new normal and the addict goes through withdrawal. People with very strong, cult-like beliefs have altered their "normal" brain chemistry When the beliefs and reasoning of a cult member is sufficiently challenged, their brain chemistry rapidly changes from its "new normal" and they will seek that fix, that mantra, that person who will soothe and restore their beliefs and calm their brain's altered chemistry. This is why it is so very, very hard to "reason" someone out of a cult. A person will find a reason, no matter how small, to justify their belief that someone is/was exactly as they thought. One slip and I went from: Someone presenting "interesting points" and discussion... worth talking about to Someone who "... proved (I am) just a typical liberal Democrat acting out childishly with name calling."
  4. And... criminal probe ordered by United States Attorney General Eric Holder, a Obama appointee. 😱 A democrat initiating a criminal investigation against "liberal-leaning" groups. 😱 Fast and Furious: Track firearms as they were transferred (sold) to higher-level [drug] traffickers (straw purchasers) and key figures in Mexican cartels, with the expectation that this would lead to their arrests and the dismantling of the cartels. Of 2,000 guns, 710 were recovered and one United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December 2010. The 2010 sale to Rosatom was subject to approval by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an intergovernmental agency that includes input from the Departments of: State Treasury Justice Energy Defense Commerce Homeland Security The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Beyond the State Department, eight other government agencies approved the Uranium One sale Benghazi. If only it were that simple. The panel (chaired by Trey Gowdy), spent more than $7.8 million over two and a half years, disbanded at the end of the 114th Congress. The final report clocks in at more than 322,000 words. Have you read the report? YES/NO He drew a line that was crossed and didn't back it up Obama, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union agreed that if Iran signed the nuclear agreement, they would:: Lift sanctions and the freeze on Iran’s assets that were held largely in foreign, not U.S., banks. The unfrozen funds belonged to Iran. The funds had only been made inaccessible by sanctions aimed at crippling the country’s nuclear program. Think for yourself. This is right-wing millionaire talking heads nonsense. A lose-lose situation. It was publicly acknowledge that Russia (not the Ukraine) was trying to mess with the election. Moscow Mitch buried it. One of the candidates was predicting that the election was going to be ‘rigged’ in some way.' There was "...concern that by making the statement we might, in and of itself, be challenging the integrity of the election process itself." And... This is gibberish If you want a discussion, get your thoughts together.
  5. Umm... charts show history (what has happened), trends (what has been happening), and possibly predictions for the future. For example: Here's a chart verifying that climate change is a hoax by China: Here's a chart verifying climate change is real: So, how do we know the CO2 levels from 800,000 years ago? Find a place on earth that's been frozen for millions of years. Using a coring drill, drill deep down into the ice Place the core in a sealed chamber Measuring the size and density of the air bubbles trapped in the ice determine the approximate age of that section of the ice core. The air inside that bubble shows the atmospheric conditions (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide...) ten-of-thousands of years ago The core may contain volcanic ash, dust, soot, plant pollen... etc.
  6. The Stock Market history lesson What the Right Believes - Trump saves the world What happened before Trump saved the world - Hmm... looks like it started climbing when Obama took office.
  7. If you want to have a real discussion, that's great. If you simply want to puke out the opinions of Right-wing millionaires, I'm not interested. So, if you want to have a discussion, I suggest we: Use a list A numbered list makes it easy to reply to a specific item A list requires organizing a person's thoughts Short lists are easier focus on specific views - a rifle vs. a shotgun. Limit your list to a few items - four is probably the most. It seems like more than that take a lot of time Use more than words - "A picture is worth a thousand words". Words are okay if you want to quote facts: Example: "Mexico will pay for the wall" "I won't have time for twitter" "I won't have time for golf" "Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated. Who knew healthcare would be complicated?" While pictures can be edited, some are too real to be fake: "I never did that" These are my thoughts on a discussion. I'm not interested in a pissing contest.
  8. What concerns me is not what you're saying, it's that you believe it. "I saw this morning where the demoncrats want to impeach trump for assassinating the leader of isis" Come on... you're smarter than that. "Trump could cure cancer tomorrow and the Dems would blast him for putting millions in the healthcare industry out of work" Just like L. Ron Hubbard, cult leaders depend on blind followers "Same money-spoiled children of privilege blew $25,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars on that unfounded Mueller investigation to play politics" It would be interesting to hear your view about the Mueller report if you replaced every reference to the word, "Trump", with "Obama". Just an idea "Like I said we need to impeach the impeachers" Again, replace the word, "Trump", with, "Obama".
  9. Misc. B-Model Small parts Circuit breaker panel Turn signal switch Bendix Trailer brake bias control Engine thermostat Do-Ray 410 cab light shield Best offer, all or separate, plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  10. PTO taken off Mack TR771 5-speed transmission. Best offer plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  11. B-Model fresh air ducting. Dual chamber ducting from air cleaner to engine compartment - some damage, reasonably pliable Fresh air ducting - very stiff Air filter cowl bracket Best offer (all or separate) plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  12. B-Model dash panel & gauges. Ammeter Water Temp Fuel Air Pressure Dash Panel $25 each or $100 for everything, plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  13. B-model glove box - see photos Best offer over $30, plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  14. For the B-model emblem I'm thinking about $20 each. Price is based on: The biggest initial expense is the time required to create/duplicate the characters These parts are plastic - printed plastic. They're not delicate or fragile but need post-printing cleanup Detail and cleanup - me or you. It's easy but time consuming. Basic cleanup is at least 10 minutes Then painting More cleanup Final painting. Chrome plating is possible, but add another 0 to the price Once I have accumulated the B-Model characters (B, 1, 2, 3, 4...), the price will probably not differ As long as there is no change in the font See item 3 Price of model type depends on demand. The higher the demand, the lower the cost. Econdyne, Maxidyne, Thermodyne..., etc. I need a good photo Vertical, straight down shots are the best. I basically create a CAD model by tracing the imagine - not hard, but time consuming. The fewer shadows the better. Pits, cracks, rust, and broken pieces are not a big deal. So, that's the deal.
  15. More parts printed: Door latches Emblems Horn button If there's interest, I can custom print emblems The blue parts are plastic (PLA) and as-printed without any cleaning. I spent about 10 minutes cleaning the blue parts and then sprayed them with primer. Another 20 minutes detailing can make a big difference Plastic can be chrome plated, but it requires a lot of prep work as every flaw will show The Horn Button Still tweaking the pieces Three pieces Super-glued together Will need detailing to look smooth like the original I'm not sure the hardware for my horn button is correct - the button is too far above the steering wheel Door Latches Not sure how the plastic will hold up. It wouldn't pass today's requirements of: Double lock Door beam Roll-over test 500lb Gorilla tugging on the handle But, they're better than what's on my truck If there's interest, I could make a mold and cast them in brass or bronze (or alum or...)
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