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  1. NFL What a disgrace !

    Umm, this is what I read. Not sure what you're referring to?
  2. NFL What a disgrace !

    If you'd listen and watch something besides Faux News and Sean Hannity you'll be surprised at what you can learn. But hang on tight because it will rock you boat.
  3. NFL What a disgrace !

    I said it before and I'll say it again: What a bunch of cry babies.
  4. Brake Drum Cross Reference

    I would also like to replace my 17QJ3186 brake drums. Did you ever find aftermarket replacements?
  5. NFL What a disgrace !

    Wow. What is all the crying about? We control: The White House The Senate The House of Representatives The Supreme Court 34 State Governorships Wall Street We're: Killing the unions Suppressing voting rights of undesirables Creating segregated schools and neighborhoods Deporting low-wage workers Building a wall paid by Mexico Draining the Swamp Hillary is jail We've won the wars in the middle-east We'll be bombing North Korea out of existence Healthcare is finally fixed Tax reform will give us thousands of dollars We're again respected around the world Our leader is too busy working to play golf Could it get any better?
  6. NFL What a disgrace !

    If you want to vent your political views, do it somewhere else. Or am I infringing on your freedom of speech? Just like you're trying to do with NFL players protesting. Comedian Chris Rock said it best "... no white man in America would change places with me. And I'm rich." Veterans did not fight and die so that everyone had to bow to the whims of our dickhead-in-chief... that behavior is for North Korea. Or is that the behavior you expect from freedom loving Americans? Or do you simply hate our Constitution?
  7. How come none of this stuff is down here in Florida? Every time I want something it's in the NE and costs a bucket of money to ship.
  8. I recently started using a paint line produced by PPG called ALK. $65-$85 a gallon, ready to spray, no reduction. I've tried it with and without a hardener (ALK201). Touch time is 30 minutes, longer with the hardener. Pot-life (paint in the gun, or closed container) is forever without the hardener; something like an hour with the hardener. So far I like it. Ready to spray (without a hardener) is a plus; pour it from the can into your gun and you're good to go.
  9. Two of the hinges were too far gone for the quick-and-dirty "One-Shot" knurling & reaming. I ended up drilling and reaming all of them for metric pins.
  10. Tire/ Rim Question

    Umm... I'm no expert on split wheels, clamps, and spoke hubs, but since there are no moving parts to wear, welding a 1/4" rod to the spacer doesn't seem like the way fix something that should not be happening. If something weakens from fatigue after 50,000 miles it probably should be replaced/repaired. Maybe that's the case with the spacer(s) getting... crushed??? But it seems like if something fits correctly after being fully seated, (and isn't a wear item) the wheels or hubs or clamps or... something ??? is weakened and stretching (studs, clamps), getting crushed (weakened spacer) or flexing ???
  11. Up to now most of my pictures have been of fixing/restoring/modifying the truck for changing over to electric. This album will start the electrical
  12. I'll be bobtailing for a while... and I hadn't thought about rocks and debris hitting the cab. On a different topic and question after seeing Hobert's: Shock absorbers. Did B models come with shocks? If so, how and where were they mounted?
  13. I'm at the Mud Flap & Hanger stage for my B46 eMack and looking for pictures to get ideas. The picture below is what came with the truck: VERY basic, welded on, no lights... The new color scheme will be Tonka Truck Yellow. I'm considering three different hanger choices (all with a basic mud flap; maybe Tonka stenciled on the bottom) Old school coiled spring hanger Straight bar - round, rectangular, or oval Straight rectangular bar with three lights You guys have some pictures of your mud flaps, hangers, and hanger length? Seems like 30" long hangers would stick way out there - yes, no? - Keith
  14. Good'ol rust. There's a sense of satisfaction when using a needle scalar - for about 20 minutes. Then you realize you have several hours of dust and dirt and paint and... But, a lot cheaper than blasting. It would work great on your heavy, scaly rust. Good on cast iron too - That's how I found multiple cracks in a rear hub.
  15. Too bad there aren't more pictures of the B models. The Divco trucks are cool too. I was considering a Divco before I bought my B46.