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  1. VladMan gudday m8 the above pic of the NR Mack twaz from the 2010 Mack Muster @ Colac Victoria Australia wee thort hoo evr dun the rewire did one neat job cya §wishy
  2. Brocky Gudday m8 in me Mack 8x4 Tilt Tray the steering shaft n pedals is not a worry May B just the way the camera got the view Clikity ......................................................................................................ClikClikClik Cya §wishy
  3. LOL Thatz wot makes the world go round 95,96,97,98,99,100 ......... Change hands LOL cya §wishy
  4. SMore U jokers will notice that the steersmans wheel is located on the correct side LOL cya §wishy
  5. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    OD mighta got tangled up in the nightie last night [/img] LOL cya §wishy
  6. Thanx HatCity The pix dun doo justice of the quality will try n pirate a pic of office cya §wishy
  7. I have been to many trucks shows in Australia (mainly state of Victoria) and the Quality to restoring the ol bangers to former glory has been outstanding until yesterday this was beyond belief ..... 1977 V8 Thumpadyn raised the bench mark to above outstanding Twaz bettr than wot rolled out the factory when New cya §wishy
  8. Be cheaper and easier to get real truck drivers but spose they B a dying race cya §wishy
  9. Haz BMT bin hacked

    Hi All Wotz go n down I nomally go straight to https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/garage/ Then clik on Unread Content Message eye get on main page Cya §wishy
  10. The Aussie Valueliner

    LOL Good Call Seed cya §wishy
  11. The Aussie Valueliner

    Hay Seed Gudday m8 Well cum aboard Din think they let French poodle macks in here LOL cya §wishy
  12. hopping issue

    Wunder wot problems U'd have with a spread bogie drive cya §wiwshy
  13. YES pls OD are you going to continue posting your pictures of the week We miss n a bit of a perve ( o )( o ) Y LOL Cya §wishy
  14. Death of Australian car output leaves chasm

    Well eye got one 1974 Holden ute tuckd away it will B a barn find wen ppl will ask 'wotsa Holden' we have owned from new cya §wishy