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  1. RedOrse Gudday M8 the rear axle hub looks like a driven axle n the Euros have now got drive axle with a release drive n raise udder words drop it down n engage drive to mke it a 10 x 6 = 10 wheels driven by 6 Butt wadda eye kno cya §wishy
  2. 2 of my Gr8 luvs Bacon ............ n Bacon YourWelcome Thanx gurlz cya §wishy
  3. Henry Gudday M8 Has th@ truck been remanufactured? The top plate with mack western on it U can't see a spec of dust in the number stampings and the clutch pedal all painted up cya §wishy
  4. Small Town truck Show on D udder side of the world in Oz Yup Longwarry small town bypassed by fwy many years ago etc 1.1/2 hours drive East of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Clikity ......................................... ClikClikClik YourWelcome Cya §wishy
  5. Food for thought https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/product-news/1702/big-bore-business-as-usual-for-volvo-and-mack?utm_source=atn_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=article2_title&utm_campaign=2-02-2017&user_id=053c06dd4d9bb74a89418906738bb64ca5e44064 We must be spoiled in Oz. cya §wishy
  6. Guys Contact Mack Australia n put together a group buy of a a Titan to U.S. standards U never know they may do sum left hand drive (rong side of the Rd) with a tall order n get a quote https://www.macktrucks.com.au/contact-us/ cya §wishy
  7. Dudebrahx gudday M8 feel free to pirate any the above pix n post m on Facebook cya §wishy
  9. Ta Muchly Mrs fir them thar kind words Ifn U hit on the UToob Vid scroll down Blow the screen on sho n tap SHOW MORE It'll fill U in on Pretty Sally etc cya §wishy
  10. WotCanEyeSay Clikity .......................................................... ClikClikClik EDIT Duno wots go n on Might have to slide the Video doohickey back to start WotSezU? cya §
  11. May B we were slak or din kno any better but with 2 trucks with the puff limiters ..... we just unscrewd m and fitted a flat washer from a nut n bolt set and screwd her back in wam bam thank U mam result twaz a bit more get up n go and a little more blak soot Cya §wishy
  12. WE stihl got the TITAN @ the mo on D udder side of the world in Australia Just import a titan n convert to wrong side = dun deal https://www.macktrucks.com.au/trucks/titan/ cya §wishy
  13. Yup Vegemite used for all sorts of things Dunno ifn it has ever been used as motion lotion on the bedside table Any volunteers report back wot U find LOL cya §wishy
  14. Plenty more opinions about the 'V'Bus out there. WotSezU? cya §wishy
  15. Just my observation all Politicians R full of BS each side of the fence (what ever party) leading upto an election to get where they are eye say stand back n let Trumpman flex his muscle jist give him a chance naturally those th@ on free welfare th@ dun deserve it R gunna bitch n complain cos the rug might be pulled from under m n they might have to put in to earn a $ by getn a job n stop free load n Hope he keeps his head down az he iz a top target for an assassination as millions could be effected I wish him luck cya §wishy