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  1. Swishy

    Four fully restored antique trucks for sale

    Th@ Diamond L@@ks a Gem cya
  2. Swishy

    R model plowing thru water in Aussie

    Just the same az Ice Road Truckers But Summer addition LOL 🇦🇮 cya
  3. Swishy

    another Jake brake question.

    Mrs Gudday m8 If all the dynatard hardware is fitted n adjusted correctly only need to replace 'O' rings on the solinoids other than that electic problems ....... Key ...... fuse....... relay....... fuel pump switch (=fine adjustment) cya
  4. Swishy

    another Jake brake question.

    Mrs gudday m8 Sorry eye haven't been read n n follo n the script has your mack beast got an engine brake fitted? does it work? has it ever worked? Wot motor n gearbox? sorry me remembererer haz failed again cya
  5. Thanx guys Heavy Haul .......... Mainly folding gooseneck work cya
  6. I have found th@ the truck makers do not do a one off custom truck I went n bought a 2nd hand Mack Titan Road train truck n cut it up to make it user friendly ended up sharter than wot can cum from factory cya
  7. Swishy

    another Jake brake question.

    If U kno the road,+Load U could cum down the hill on the Jakes n not use the truck brakes @ all a slower sppeed with the truck under control cya
  8. Swishy

    another Jake brake question.

    Sounds like most of U jokers dunno how to drive LOL An engine brake working properely can normally take U down a hill with the same weight U drove up the hill in the same gear with only slight fanning of the brakes sure they dont have much effect in top gear just like accelerating but put m in a lower gear @ the correct speed it will hold U back Rule #1 of engine brakes don't use m until the engine is up to operating temp Rule #2 don't nok m until U kno how 2 drive LOL cya
  9. Swishy

    M1000 tank transporter

    Gr8 info What is the: Width? tyre size? Height of deck ? max + min? Empty tare weight? Thanx in advance cya
  10. Swishy

    My new ride .

    When Bad Dog mentioned 'My New Ride' Twaz sorta xpectin sumthing like this But good 2 C U chose a cheaper model to own n operate LOL cya
  11. Xmas times R tuff on D udder side of the world But we will suffer on LOL Marry Xmas U all cya
  12. Az google az me friend it shows n tells Most of the above from BigMackTrucksa from yesteryear Mack Takes Liberty With New Lines July 19, 1986|by DAN SHOPE, The Morning Call Mack Trucks Inc. of Allentown has leaped into the media madness over the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. About 90 miles west of Liberty Island,the truckmaker recently announced the introduction of a 200-unit limited edition lines of trucks called the "Freedom Series." The Ultra-Liner cab-over-engine and Super-Liner II conventional models feature an exclusive three-year, 300,000-mile warranty. Selling for between $75,000 to $100,000 depending upon the number of options, the trucks feature special graphics that reflect the Statue of Liberty. They are scheduled for delivery in September and October. "We had a limited edition last summer," explained William Restmeyer, Mack's supervisor of trade relations. "It proved to be an effective way to market our product to independent operators, those who own one truck or a small fleet. "The concept of a limited edition adds some uniqueness to the product. This appeals to the market segment. Independent operators buy trucks with more concern for the overall appearance and comfort items. This brings in a lot more of the automotive considerations not quite as important to those owning a large fleet. "A limited-edition run gives us a basis for advertising and special promotions." Restmeyer said Mack sold all 250 trucks in its "Magnum Series" last year. Because of the recent lackluster market conditions for large heavy-duty trucks, the company will produce only 200 "Freedom Series" this summer. Restmeyer said the name "Freedom Series" has two references: to the media coverage of the Statue of Liberty restoration and to the freedom from repair costs due to the special warranty. "The warranty basically covers the entire vehicle," Restmeyer said. "The only exception to coverage is such items as tires and consumables, like oil filters and lubricants." Mack established this program with the cooperation of about 100 suppliers. Restmeyer added that calculations based on operating conditions show that the "Freedom Series" warranty has a potential premium value of as much as $12,000 to $10,000 for the truck customer. Customers also have the freedom to specify items such as six cylinder or V-8 diesel engines in 350, 400, 450 or 500 horsepower configurations. All "Freedom Series" trucks sport a contemporary metallic gray paint scheme with red accent striping and Statue of Liberty decals. Your WellCum cya
  13. Merry Xmas n a Happy New year to all the mack men Tiz hot down here on D udder side of the world Th@ hot .......... no need for all them thar clothes LOL Your Welcum cya
  14. Thanx Kevin spose by lift n axle U could save a bucket full of diesel a year cya

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