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  1. FJH thanx for the info it was runnin fine the way it was we also use the EB to kill revs when we R skip shift n cya
  2. TXTitan gr8 pix keep m cummin How many ton U get ovr RSend of trailer? our Titan from a cupla years ago http://beamish.beamish.biz/pictures/q/q092-s.jpg http://beamish.beamish.biz/pictures/q/q197-s.jpg cya
  3. Th@ reminds me wot FJH sed RE: this question Joe asking is important! older trucks used a Relay on the dynatard system! our mack R maxn out to get some resonable MPH @ 2100RPM the govonor seems to B bouncin in n out so we switch off the EB so it dont burn the relay contacts when flat run n cya
  4. My 2 cents worth sez (Tax FREE) the engine brake is on or short n out n try n 2 stall the cold motor it twould make the engine sound like crap Butt There again Wot Would eye kno LOL cya
  5. for more room to play try lifting the cab a cupla inches up off the chassis cya
  6. Noice The Handbrake sez why dose it take so long for me to do the shoppin Sorry deer ................ yes dear ............ right away deer LOL cya
  7. SMore while we wait for udderdog to get a new film for his box browny WotSezU? cya
  8. Well dun now U will have more time to post sum pix (.)(.) ( o ) ( o ) all sizes we'll take all LOL cya
  9. gr8 l@@kn beast lets see the trailer 2 go with it cya
  10. Rob m80 we have Macks on air start th@ hold over 100psi after a month or more other way to check air tank from leakin send mum to town with a movie ticket while she's a way fill the bath with water and submerge the filld air tank n look for a bubble or 2 U may have to sit on the tank to fully submerge the buggr LOL cya
  11. D C Weasel U B spoton Wot n how did they use m way back wen cya
  12. Hose from compressor to 1st tank needs 2 B made of something th@ can withstand heat eg: Copper pipe ....... or ........ stainless steel braded flexible covered hose cya
  13. plumb the compressor up to the 2nd tank .... bypass the 1st tank n C wot happens cya
  14. Rule #1 When driving only use engine brakes when engine is @ operatin temp... by pass the clutch switch by connectin the 2 wires together when u get the EB workin then reconnect to clutch switch n sort out problem ... may B adjustment on the micro switch cya
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