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  1. 10/10 Go to the top of the class Mrs cya
  2. #6 iz the go it will fit neatly into your tool set LOL Also we need 2 C a pic or it din happen cya
  3. Here U go Mrs easy to make
  4. Yes Water FWIW Beer iz 99.99% water LOL Them thar gals all have twin peaks (.) (.) cya
  5. RE: 12345 low and then 12345 high sounds like u're peddlin a 10 speed or a RoadRanger 10 speed cya
  6. gr8 pix Seed keep m cumm n th@ top pic is wot U call a mobile car park LOL cya
  7. Here in Oz when we went from Miles to Kilometers (circa 1971) U could buy a small cog box to fit either end of the speedo cable so guessn fast forward 50 years probly B able to do it all by pewter wire May B ask local Mack dealer man cya
  8. The Swish was shown how to manipulate the Quad box to get the best out of the beast long time ago we had 4 of 'B' model Macks plus other makes wonder duz it really make a differnce how U get there providing no trucks were damaged LOL I thort there twaz no other way to shift them cogs but the way I have on the right of this pic but am open to critasism WotSezU? Cya
  9. Why all the drama if your team lost ......... so B it wait till next election n vote your way Im a Trump supporter ......... but if U loose bad luck just front up next time part of the U.S. problem is U don't have compulsory voting get over it .... move on .... it aint the end of the world BIDS2BC cya
  10. Mrs gudday m8 here's our V: of the 'R' model fleet colors 1st we paint the blu ...... then use 3/4" masking tape to create the lines then spray the cab battle ship gray peel off masking tape to reveal blue line then I roll out 1/8" reflective white pin stripe next to the blu lines then all over but the shouting LOL
  11. Dave gudday m8 afew years ago I won a 2TON tractor on a free rafle they shipped to me from the U.S. to Australia free plus a spare set of tracks cya
  12. any specs? HP? max revs? max torque? thanx in advance cya
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