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  1. Mrs Keep the good thing roll n RE: Kingpins Mack have a adjustable ball race @ the lower end of the king pins to adjust check it on full locks so it dun bind cya
  2. MY WAG iz the original poster ca't find his post again coz if U clik on UNREAD CONTENT your post might not appear WotSezU? cya
  3. Din your Mother tell U to stop it or U'll go blind LOL cya
  4. gr8 pix Mrs R U sure U aint part Abbo U seem 2 go walkerbout alot n live a nomad life style LOL Keep @ it cya
  5. By Jove U dun get many of them to the pound LOL SMore please
  6. Not Kidding it looks like the main leaf the one with the eye to take the pin is the leaf below the broken one the top leaf only goes for the ride In the Kenworth manual it sez U can weld springs but also advizes that if it brakes often ...... time to look for a new spring cya
  7. Terry gudday m8 RE: another load coming at you Vehicle with the biggest/most wheels .... wins n claims the road LOL cya
  8. Remove spring 'V' out the broken leaf with a grinder weld er up grind off smooth so Mr law man can't see its bin welded n assemble back up then go back to work we have bin weld n leaves for over 50 years YES they do brake again .... but ina intirelly different place cya
  9. YES Mrs th@ above pic tells it all 'V' busses R good to crap on LOL
  10. Thanx Brocky (& others) for the pix cya
  11. Udder Dog Gudday m8 Gr8 pix n thanx for take n the time to share with us all with 900 trucks R they placed in an orderlly fashion so give n the choice U can view each n every truck (providin the leg power holds up) LOL but we all need sum gal pix give till it hurtz LOL cya
  12. Thinkn out loud here sum shutters need air to keep m shut others plumbd up to keep m open some have an inline air tap to turn m off n then they stay open to get the job dun cya
  13. CC Gr8 pix thanx for share n cya
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