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  1. Thay may stop make n Mack but they will never get m off the road they will B around for ever .................. or a bit longer LOL
  2. if it takes a while to sho pressure ....... how long does it take to loose all the pressure in gauge when shut down leaning towards a gummd up tube th@ needs flush n out betweeb gauge n block etc cya
  3. Wotz available https://www.trucksales.com.au/items/?q=(And.Service.Trucksales._.Category.Trucks._.Make.Mack._.IndustryAll.keyword(new).)&Sort=~Price
  4. Probly cheaper to fill a container with Air snorkels, air rams, bull bars, fuel tanks, hi rise bunk n all the goodies to make youer local mack Auzzy friendly 4 or 5 years ago a big mack for float work plain Jane no sleeper no chrome on everything ....... twaz about $au 300,000.oo = us$ 207,521.67 today Go4It cya
  5. U jokers should contact Mack Australia n order a Left hand drive beast or order 6 or half a dozen N C wot they say or Contact your local wizz with trucks to convert a Au RHD to LHD your yanky dollar is in your favor compared to our $ cya
  6. If it aint red leave it in the shed
  7. Got more guages than a Boing 727 LOL Clikity .........................................................................ClikClikClik cya
  8. Who likes the Mack cogbox where U can shift the reverse gears progressivly RoadRanger = Useless in Reverse ..... they dun recomend shifting thru the gears in reverse if I take off in hi reverse to get er dun the clutch shudders on take off @ times not unusal to back up 1/2 mile from where we have found a place to turn around the mack box we can change up in reverse jist like driveing forward When driving forward all the boxes much the same WotSezU cya
  9. Think n weights n bridge formulas may measure WB from extreme axle to extrame axle here B our V: WotSezU? cya
  10. Dun delete attachments me guess n if U go view ol thread it would b useless without them thar attachment pix WotSezU? cya
  11. Mrs gudday m8 wen U do a reply lower Left ( drag files here to attach, or choose files me choose file then go hunt down the pic U wanna add the rest iz ezy jist like fall n off a log lol cya
  12. Swishy

    video help

    Bung it up on youtube n then link it back across to here cya
  13. Mack Nit gudday m8 the easiest way to drive the mack 18 wen the engine is up to operate n temp in each gear run it upto the govonor ...... then change up take note of wot the rev counter sez after the change this is the same rev U would change down @ if run n down hilld deduct a cupla hundred revs to allow for over run cya
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