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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Betcha dun get many of them to the pound cya §wishy
  2. Pictures of the Week

    OK Eye C your gal n raise U one WotSezU? cya §wishy
  3. RE: lack of sleep Yes But he duz save time by not standin in front of mirror in the morn n LOL Cya §wishy
  4. keep the dream alive Ok eye'll add to my dream air ride cab n air ride seat n NO anti pollution crap n no pewter LOL cya §wishy
  5. Ok we have all had our thorts on the New Mack so why not put up your version of a truck My post so eye'll go 1st (suffer) we dun sleep in cabs az we only day trippers (U can geta lot dun in a day) Power = 2000 ft lb with jakes or better 18 speed duble OD @ least 48ooo diffs with cross locks n diff lock mechanical rear suspension (not Air) spider spoke wobbly wheels all round Short as practicable Wheelbase for manouver n round suburban streets (roundabouts etc) CAB Tilt Bonnet with jack cab up for servise n 90" BBC There My dream truck LOL WotSezU cya §wishy
  6. The All New Mack

    J.H. Gudday m8 Yes the 'B' but guess n we all have gained a few pounds to live in a 'B' LOL cya §
  7. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    Mrs m80 me nose less than U Had AirOMatic Power Steering many moons ago different feel of the rd wen drive n straight U got manual steerin wen U turn the steersmans wheel the air would tend to oversteer till U got use 2 it run n a dolly ( jeep 2 U lot ) under a LowBoy wen reverse n in low gear @ idle revs U tend to run out of air very quikly try n 2 chase the correct steer cya §wishy
  8. Pictures of the Week

    OD gr8 pix keep m cummin Back on topic LOL eye do C lots of opportunities for similar shots .............. (drive by shootings) But fraid they would put a warrant out 4 me coz It aint the dun thing down here in D udder side of the world But if U keep @ it ............. eye'll keep L @ @ k n LOL cya §wishy
  9. The All New Mack

    RE: New Look Mack me thinx they should sack the design engineer n send him back to Sweden n let him keep design n fir the POS 'V'Bus mob WotSezU? cya §wishy
  10. lug but cover question

    33mm = 1.299 inches Eye have used bicycle inner tube 1/2" wide rings n put m on the BrakeDrum to hub nuts to pack out to accept the chrome doodadds All ok cya §wishy
  11. Filter Section

    Eye like my filters point n the correct way so eye can pre fill m B 4 screw n m on just so oil pressure gets there [email protected] little bit sooner n pre filled fuel filters also cya §wishy
  12. Big Muskie Bucket

    Sum years ago eye pirated sum pix of the demolition of the big muski .... then animated m cya §wishy
  13. E7 shutting off randomly

    Had the problem twice sum years ago 1st problem was too much water in the header tank (overfilld) lower the water level to correct level all OK 2nd problem twaz the radiator engine fan was on the way out n shut down ....... fit new fan head = fixd cya §wishy
  14. Scania Next Gen in USA

    Here on D udder side of the world in Australia we can buy common garden variety plastic mudguards to put ovr the drive @ less than $50 each guess n then Euro clip on guards on the drive would cost twice or 10 times [email protected] amount [/IMG] cya §wishy