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  1. gr8 Sum of them shorts (wotever) R upto water level ................. or higher LOL cya
  2. eye cannot see anything rong with them pix may B eye studied them too long keep m cummn cya
  3. My 2 cents worth TAX free Repack with grease if a seal fails with oil in hub U only got a few minutes/hours before all oil gone n U could end up in a ditch with grease if seal fails U know U gunna need fix the problem sum time nex week/month We torque up front steer hubs F tight with a 2 foot bar while spinn n the wheel ... then back off 1/8th or quarter turn of nut recheck wheel for looseness by wobblin wheel on jack with daylight under tyre after U dun a run or 2 cya
  4. Kevin m80 they may B a good truck but so do all the other makers most of the Euro trucks not suitable for Australia ...... they R not a common truck with backup, service & parts The yanky type iron use common equipment ... all the yanky trucks use Cummins, RR, Meritor, hendrickson etc all or most these bits & service available @ all good corner stores which keeps the price down LOL cya
  5. Just a nother Euro Bus shaped lorry image how heavy th@ door would B to open wen it's on its side in a ditch the demo man dun look comfortable leanin forward to grab the wheel & controls LOL WotSezU? cya
  6. On the udder side of the world wen no lights or brakes on the load we cart the beast to B legal cya
  7. Guess n many a gal lost it in a hippy van LOL WotSezU?
  8. Make him an offer he can't refuse Take Hyds off n convert to winch operated cable foldr ? wor R the 2 steel rims on front axle??
  9. https://www.marketbook.ca/listings/trailers/for-sale/list/category/372/oil-field-trailers?keywords=scissor+neck&SortOrder=42&scf=False
  10. here U go try these on for size https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trailers/for-sale/list/category/18/lowboy-trailers/manufacturer/hyster
  11. Whoopz Gr8 people reapeat them selves ... repeat them selves ... repeat them selves LOL
  12. Recent discussion 'V'Bus -v- KW au https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/OldTruck/18496-100-years-of-trucking
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