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  1. 4 get the Mack Wot about the Yuklid twin power ...... probly cupla screemers may B two 6-71 WotSezU cya §wishy
  2. YES az the hed n sez Wot have all these pix have in Common cya §wishy
  3. Swishy

    Type 30 Chambers on 1978 R

    could B 24/24 a broken spring can stop m from fully releasing or the seal Between the 2 chambers may B leaking on either th@ chamber or the one opposite cya §wishy
  4. Swishy

    Nice Pair!

    Now U got me started ( o )( o ) cya §wishy
  5. Swishy

    Neutral control?

    Do not engage both PTO's together as they can load up with them travelling @ different speed if under load we also get gear jam when we have load on winch cable and gearbox is in gear justl ike a 4x4 vehicle with different size tyres it makes it hard to shift out of 4x4 as the driven axles are under load to either shorten or length n the WB cya §wishy
  6. <7> Jack the RSend up get sum daylight under the tars n whirl er up to the speed of wen truble starts <8> Has the tailshaft & Jackshaft been balanced <9> Is the tailshaft & Jackshaft been timed to run in parallel or may B 1 or 2 splines off parallel I am sure sum of this has bin asked B 4 cya §wishy
  7. Think this saga haz gorn on 2 long the pain of own n a beast with no fix surely a process of elimination can sort the problem <1> Will the vibration start with the engine running in neutral with the truck stationary ? <2> Remove tail shaft .... with the engine running in each gear upto governor with the truck stationary ? <3> Travelling down the road when vibration starts ... chuk it in to neutral..... or and disengage the clutch any change? <4> Try all the above and remove jack shaft between the diffs <5> do all the wheelbases add up the same (front steer to 1st drive )(1st drive to 2nd drive) etc? <6> Grab someone with a trained eye to follow U ... may B with a video camera Sorry if any of the above haz already bin mentioned cya §wishy
  8. Other Dog gudday m8 RE: I love taking pictures of things Better not show u're album shot BTween the sheets LOL cya §wishy
  9. Yes gr8 pix better than Being there save me sum shoe leather were there many/any with forsale tags on m Thanx cya §wishy
  10. gr8 pix OD Wot eye really noticed twaz all were driven from the rong side cya §wishy
  11. Swishy

    Can drivers read ?

    X hibit 'A' az proof https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-37.7767538,144.911092,3a,75y,217.59h,91.36t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sek4p-miCpYXDhi2_1d1aYg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Wankers in Govt LOL cya §wishy
  12. Swishy

    Can drivers read ?

    Are all the signs worth reading ?? cya §wishy
  13. Q:? Has the beast an Engine Brake Some time ago I was able to make the mack tilt tray do crazy things like shake etc till I worked out I had the engine brake switched on from a cold start think n? may B the wiring to the engine brake is short n out n make n the engine run ear rat ikle LOL Jist a thort tip of the day.... do not switch any engine brake on till the engine is @ operate n temp cya §wishy
  14. Here in Oz on the Udder side of the world we have Pearlcraft https://pearlcraft.com.au Clikity .......................................................................................................... ClikClikClik[/url] the way the OZ$ is purr 4 m n U should B able to get one for a song cya §wishy
  15. It Lookd a bit hokey pokey then I turned it around LOL

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