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  1. Hi
  2. WotSezU?
  3. An all round benefit twould B to teach people how to drive most 4 wheelers seem 2 B in la la land cya §wishy
  4. Gr8 thread Mrs Aint got no pix with twigs but got a bogged 'B' model with the dolly (jeep) buried upto the makers name (circa 1965) Load Twaz a North West 6 cya §wishy
  5. Yup Change hands LOL cya §wishy
  6. Kman Gudday M8 all new inventions have teethin problems th@ cost the end user time n munee th@ why we like run n old reliable gear aint nutn rong with new gear but sumtimes U need runs on the board to proove its OK (time & miles) Sure U can put an new beast on a dyno n run it for 10million miles but th@ aint gunna B in the real world cya §wishy
  7. Who is running your country? President or hi court judges etc Make America Gr8 again Git er dun the rest of the world is wait n Bring it on Nuff BS cya §wishy
  8. Let sumone else B the guinea pig for 10 or more years till they get any bugs outa system (could Brake U ifn its a lemon) n show support from the makers with a 10 year 100% warranty cya §wishy
  9. Wot / Which Bar ?? Unless the truck twaz bilt around th@ bar cya §wishy
  10. RE: Every one of us was young and stupid Hay I represent th@ least. I ain't young no more.
  11. RE: Fill in the blanks. Probly Lookn for a woody LOL https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRrVHo3WRhDjjEyFX_c2VdNKlYMan5Ety68bXkUpWwKm8ZNTmZj2g[/img] cya §wishy
  12. Ch@

    So Wot happend to Chat I tried a few times but seemed like me twaz talk n 2 me self twaz there n now pissappeared WotSezU? cya §wishy
  13. Miss Print or wot? Price: US $1,040.00 Cya §wishy