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  1. If all else fails Jack the front end up n get sum daylight under the wheels turn steering full lock grease king pin turn on oposite lock & grease again center steering & gently lower to ground this method gets grease to the load side of the axle K/Pin cya
  2. At the HCVC Truck Show @ Yarra Glen Victoria Australia 10-11-2019 they showed the very last ACCO Truck Engineered for the Trash Industry and wont be sold but kept by IVECO/International trucks WotSezU? cya
  3. Have heard there is a Eroquip type hose th@ is resistant to diesel fuel n wont break down the rubber cya
  4. Here U go Try this on for size https://www.bendix.com/media/documents/BW1114QuickReferenceCatalog.pdf https://www.haldex.com/globalassets/north-america/documents/valves/l00134.pdf http://www.sealcocvp.com/prod/quick/art/Sealco_QR_2011.pdf cya
  5. gr8 pix only problem with them thar HD F/Lifts the weight will go thru u're timber deck if not supported by a cross member etc cya
  6. <1> wen lookn @ a 2nd hand truck drain the air tanks n C how much oil is left on the ground then offer a lower figure <2> lower horsepower is not all th@ bad it all depends on the driver to get the power to the gound n the method of shiting the 18 cya
  7. Need to get this post back on topic LOL WotSezU? cya
  8. RE: I don't know, I don't remember Think n Jim Answered th@ 4 U 'bounce to the ounce at the library' LOL cya
  9. Sum were requestin this image as a mudflap or 'T' shirt so heres my V: your turn to print it out etc cya
  10. tap on Google .... images n C wot develops LOL cya
  11. switch the engine brake off n C if th@ helps tiz a process of ilimination to solve the problem cya
  12. FWIW Any thing th@ appears on my computer screen is mine Take it or leave it If U dun want your picters pirated dun put m on the WEB in the 1st place there ............ simple as th@ cya
  13. Mrs Gudday m8 Hereza bunch of Mack Logos date n from way back when (arranged in no particular order) Friar engine Logo me thinx [/img] Dun thank me ...thank Mr Google Your Welcome cya
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