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  1. Me thort the Screemin 2stroke GM diesel won WWII az the enemy in the bunkers heard the screemin motors n thort wot a gr8 sound They stuck there heads up n B.A.N.G. gotcha .............next Your Welcum cya
  2. LOL Looks like they B playin tow trucks With the Mack B n the tow truck LOL cya
  3. Spose eye'm a nut case wen it comes to things evenly balanced and pointing the right way About 2015 when we got the Mack Titan and made it user friendly twaz about the time wen Mack came out with new logo it lookd like the dog was only facing one way so eye rehashed the logo and got m cut out on reflective vinyl n here the result MackNewLogo.bmp
  4. Here U go try this on fir size cya
  5. Read up the page where eye scanned a cupla pages from the mack book cya
  6. The ol fella would run new clean skin tyres on the RSend of this float twaz a gr8 osilating suspension as the wheels could do a 360 but rip the hyd brake hoses off the side plate twaz bout 100lb in weight & took near on half a day to change a tyre on side of road th@ why he always had his best tyres on the RSend to try n prevent tyre failure cya
  7. Heres a Hyster Brochure eye pirated sum years ago n did a bit of pixel man nipple ation cya
  8. If all else fails cood B a crook Earth Move the Earth to a new location cya
  9. Bin wait n despratly 2 C wot develops from Other dog camera if U kno wot eye mean ..... ( o )( o ) LOL cya
  10. Mrs m80 wen the ol fella got the Hyster folder he could see the potential and demand as it was workin daylight to dark 6 days a week n then sum he trottd round to the local trailer maker STECO on Bells St Preston n got m to copy it n the rest is history STECO lost the plot wen they designed the float for military tryn to force th@ design on everybody wantn a folda FFS just look @ the RSend height of those military pix u bungd up we have 7 folders nun R Steco now cya
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