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  1. V12 detroit swap

    Ranchhopper m80 I feel sure we can spend u're money n waste u're time ......... bigtime LOL If n u lookn for an inch or 2 in length ( aint we all ) B inclined to shove the radiator 4ward partruding thru the front of the hood n over the bumper bar Butt Wadda Eye Know LOL cya §wishy
  2. V12 detroit swap

    A screem n Detroit Diesel Mack Now that B a chiky puller with many variations of the Jimmy diesel surely U wouldn't need to stretch the hood may jack cab up a cuple inches !! any one got the dimensions of the V12 compared toa Mack 6 or V8? cya §wishy
  3. HOT

    FWIW Your Welcum cya §wishy
  4. Aussie Heavy Haul

    David gudday m8 Blue must B an unlucky color ................ been gone 2 or 4 years ago McAleese gone Heavy Haulage Australia gone cya §wishy
  5. Q:?

    Seed M80 me nose here in Oz they call it a Volvo type suspension but wot the yanks call m ??? or don't they have this V: cya §wishy
  6. Wot do U Mack men call this suspension cya §wishy
  7. HOT

    TJC gudday m8 Looks like do n sumz aint one of me good points Been th@ hot down here on D udder side of the world in Australia 42c = getn warm leme C ..... 42 duble it n add 33 = F ....... 42+42+33 = 117 Fahrenheit 42 duble it n add 23 = F ....... 42+42+23 = 107 Fahrenheit https://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/temperature/dcelsius.html?u=dcelsius&v=42 When u're Hot U're Hot cya §wishy
  8. Clikity ...................................................... ClikClikClik Cya §wishy
  9. HOT

    TimmyB gudday m8 RE: there is only two states to be in that would/could/should B Drunken or sexshall LOL cya §wishy
  10. Been th@ hot down here on D udder side of the world in Australia 42c = getn warm leme C ..... 42 duble it n add 33 = F ....... 42+42+33 = 117 Fahrenheit th@ dry n dusty eye seen a tree chase n a dog LOL cya §wishy
  11. Lookn back in History in Australia Clikity ...................................... ClikClikClik Cta §wishy
  12. Maxitorque ES wide range of models and speeds

    Seed m80 RE: Salesman looked at me as If I had 2 head U may need 2 heads drive n a french poodle Mack at that hi altitude 2 heads bettr than one if n U get air sik LOL Right now B a good time to show your poodle cya §wishy
  13. Mrs M80 Sun constructive criticism hed n your way U need to get the sun Bhind U to take a photo (Me Thinx) I ran your pic thru the wash n machine cya §wishy
  14. Bed lowers verrry slow

    Hi You probly over filled the hyd oil tank raise body up useing the normal hyd method stand clear .................... remove oil filler cap stand back and lower the body if oil overflows = twaz too much oil in tank Butt Wadda eye kno cya §wishy