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  1. the thing th@ destroys the range shift synchro is slipping into low range @ hi speed tiz Ok to change gears hi to lo / lo to hi in a normal progressive cog change but dont shift hi/o in neutral tiz OK if u just rollin to a stop light @ walk n speed same goes with Mack or RoadRanger cog boxes cya §wishy
  2. nuther reason for oil in air tanks: when the governor on the compressor cuts out @ 120 psi and the air inlet is plumbed up to the engine air intake... if the air cleaner is sum wot dirty n make n the engine suk a little harder this suction can also suk the oil in the compressor up past the piston rings and dump it in the 1st air tank..... good idea to drain air tanks more often..... we have taps on the drains n let m drain O/Night cya §wishy
  3. power divider dash switch

    Ask for a diff lock switch as used on other trucks OR Print this out n flash it across the Mack store front desk cya §wishy
  4. While U jokers NJoy the Macks the §wish would like the KkenworthW Has it got an owner? cya §wishy
  5. H67st Gudday m8 RE: What are the power units for on the trailer WAG Hyd for steeering the RSend and raise n lower deck Cya §wishy
  6. Can eye add sum pix eye bin sit n on for about 50 years
  7. The 'V'Bus mob have now claimed there very own flagsoon 2 B fly n from all 'V'busssss'ss ☻ cya §wishy
  8. Pictures of the Week

    Think n OD iz holdin out on us all Keep n all the good pics 2 himself for a good purve Look U R wot U eat LOL cya §wishy
  9. 10 00 x 20 tubed tyre is the same diameter as 11R 22.5 Tubless tyre .......... (19.9" radius) cya §wishy
  10. Seed m80 me thort Tony Champion din like the look of the new superliners n liked the look of the earlier Macks think n he re hashed a hood to his like n as seen by my Kodak from 2 years ago url=
  11. Mrs Gudday m8 twaz a good time had by all this year (even years 2018) Mack Muster @ Kyabram nex year (odd years 2019) White Truck Muster @ Kyabram now U in Victoria U have many Truck shows available @ your disposal LOL other eye catch n Mack twaz the re jigged Mack Hood cya §wishy
  12. Thanx guys This n Lookd well worn n worn well cya §wishy
  13. Kyabram Mack Muster Australia March 2018 bout 164 Mack Trucks Rolled into the Mack Muster I rolld in 9am Saturday B 4 the oval was filld Clikity ................................................................ ClikClikClik Cya §wishy
  14. Other Dog

    MORE More Pls LOL cya §wishy
  15. TRTXL1070B Maxitorque 12 Speed.

    DF gudday m8 Az Yoos B C asked (but no answer) Did U put the big stir n stik in a gear with the air selector switch in lo or Neutral & reverse doz the truck move 4ward duz it not move with the gear stik in a cog and Neutral on the air switch duz it go backwards with the big stik in gear n Reverse selected on the air selector BestOLuckO cya §wishy