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  1. Dunno why all the drama with a foot of snow 🤔LOL
  2. Buzzy Fuzzard to resize have heard if U email the pic to your self it automatically resizes pic then save off n then bung it up on the 4m cya
  3. If U tried n failed to upload nex time alter the file name (put an 'A' on the end) coz the 4m pewter brain sez we tried th@ one = no go but a slightley differnnt file name = may B UButeFancyBigMackTruck.jpg .... = failed once UButeFancyBigMackTruckA.jpg .... = Try again Best O Luck O cya
  4. Swishy

    Seen on YouTube:

    1965 ......... travel @ first lite not good video
  5. Swishy

    1693 running:

    C@ 1693 A blast from the past wot a weapon
  6. This is where your trouble started LOL
  7. WotCanEyeSay WotSezU? cya
  8. Google tells me: What does a gold Mack Bulldog mean? Trademark. The company's trademark is the bulldog, which can be found on the front of almost all Mack trucks. A gold-plated bulldog indicates the truck was made with a Mack produced drive train, engine, transmission and drive axles. A chromebulldog indicates other manufacturers' components were used.
  9. Wondern just wonder n If Mack Australia cood keep pedlin useing other engines,GBoxes n diffs like they do now....then they cood do a LHD n export to yanky land LOL sorry jist dreem n out loud 🤩 cya
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