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  1. RE: we can save you money probably,” Russell said LOL And pigs might fly....probably cya
  2. RE: split passing through neutral NO preselect 1 secound B 4 U pull the lever thru neutral n make it quik cya
  3. run the lever thru neutral with every gear change (qik as U can) run the lever thru neutral on the splits also (either make it worse or better) cya
  4. A simple way to cut down the size of pic in pixels & memory size is just enmail the pic to u'reself then save off to bung up on the 4m WotSezU? cya
  5. Kevin gudday m8 Just out of curitocity how many $ to replace the windscreen here in Au for a truck 2 B kept roadworthy sometrucks may need a windscreen every year or 2 passing vehicles on narrow roads throw up rocks or the WS gets sand balsted from dust storms etc thanx in advance cya
  6. LeMe C if thiz works Clikity ........................... ClikClikClik cya
  7. WAG Dump the neck on the ground till latter then winch the neck back up to the 5th ammendment LOL cya
  8. Lota tyre to air up Super-sized What then was said to be the largest tank semi-trailer ever built for highway service was operating in Michigan 45 years ago. The 17,000-gallon Super Tanker gasoline transporter featured 11 axles, with three capable of lifting for better maneuverability. The tanker, powered by an International tractor, boasted the maximum length (55 feet), height (13½ feet), weight (152,000 pounds) and axles (11) allowed at the time, and cost $75,000. cya
  9. nut n to lose loosen all engine mount bolts (providing U aint gunna put the fan thru the radiator) take the cab floor out go for a little cruise gradually with more go pressure n C wot Happens cya
  10. Many many moons ago I wrote a letter to all the yanky truck makers for info etc GMC sent me 2of 6x8 fotos n here they B
  11. Jist took a boo peep @ our Australian 'R' model the aircleaner has steel square spacers bout 1/2' to 3/4" thik x 1.1/2" square cya
  12. Swishy

    The Dead Duck:

    Eye'll see your dead duck n raise U a dead Chicken LOL
  13. When parking the truck park it up in Low and in gear cya
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