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  1. IH Farms 2

    1985 E9 Superliner with flat top sleeper

    Good luck finding air bags for that old of a neway. Was told in January Goodyear quit making them.
  2. IH Farms 2

    Mack Drive Housings:

    This is what i have minus tires hubs and rims. It has dayton spokes on it now no drums or tires. One air bag is about 2 years other 3 are older but don't leak came off the road on a working truck
  3. IH Farms 2

    Mack Drive Housings:

    9" rails 34" width 1/4" thickness. Driver side split the rail on me so i back halved the truck a couple weeks ago.
  4. IH Farms 2

    Mack Drive Housings:

    I have a neway air ride off of my superliner the frame rails are junk though
  5. IH Farms 2

    Steering u joint and DOT

    Try pai industries
  6. IH Farms 2

    Chicago R models

    I spotted this superliner last week getting off of 290 east on to 1st ave
  7. IH Farms 2

    Chicago R models

    I see that truck in Rochelle at the ethanol plant sometimes don't remember where it' from
  8. My buddy I haul with had 1.1mil before they overhauled it on an e7 350
  9. My superliner with e6 350 "pump has been played with not by me previous owner had to of" t2100 10sp with 3.86 "I think" 11R22.5 I average 6.5 running 65-70 or almost 7 if I never go over 60 during the day. That's 80000ish one way empty coming back pulling a low sided hopper
  10. IH Farms 2

    350 4V E6 engine tick

    I had a tick that would come and go. Then is got constant taught it was a band clamp on the exhaust. Ended up losing a lift and the cam so I'd check your valve train out
  11. The company I worked for had issues with new radiators from Detroit radiator. A lot of failures they did warranty them but some of the warranty ones failed shortly after install. They switched back to only oem after that.
  12. IH Farms 2

    Converting to Hub Pilot

    One reason would be the brake drums are considerably cheaper like 50% bought cast drums in March for my stud piloted hubs 215 a piece. A 3600A drum which is standard hub pilot is 100 a piece or less.
  13. They didn't work well in ag tractors either
  14. No wonder the engine blew up
  15. IH Farms 2

    Chicago R models

    Saw him in cp couple weeks ago didn't catch where it was out of

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