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  1. Superliner frame to newer CH frame unknown year about 3 ft of double frame works great no issues after 3 yrs
  2. I'm gonna play with the wires tomorrow see what happens
  3. 88 had a mechanical speedometer to being with I converted it to electronic 3 years ago. I do not know what year the trans came from other than newer
  4. Yep I just need to get the sender to produce a signal with the proper wires connected
  5. I have a gps but seeing as the cop that did a level 1 inspection on me asked if it worked last year thinking it should work. Plus I like tracking miles for mpg and miles in different states ect since I have apportioned plates on it
  6. This one is pretty easy to calibrate hold the trip reset turn key on guage goes into calibration mode. Use a predetermined 2miles press the reset again drive the 2 miles then hit it again at the end
  7. Ok I'll try that. The signal generator I had on the cable drive was a 3 wire so it had power, ground and signal
  8. Can anyone tell me how the 2 wire sensors should be wired? One is a signal wire I assume should the other one be grounded or powered? I had to change the trans in my superliner before Thanksgiving and the used trans i found has a speed sensor would like to get my speedometer working again. Have an autometer electronic guage installed already
  9. I have a neway cutoff with mack axles 3.87 gears.
  10. No wonder I didn't see you on 20 last week. Enjoy retirement
  11. When I went to buy one a few years ago it was piece work. But they may have been out of the complete reman stuff I don't know
  12. I'm looking for a good used door for my superliner. Prefer with the window and guts but empty shell is fine
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