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  1. Looking for a X107 twin stick trans 6 speed lo hole for a 76 R model with a 237. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the info so far. I wouldn't be using the truck to make money just pretty much for moving toys around, and my farm tractor to upstate NY a couple times a year. I figured that going the "historic" route would be cheaper but the definitions for use are a little vague and Id rather not have to worry about it. The biggest concern I have at the "non commercial" stand point is the annual reg fee. This particular truck has a 35k GVW, I wouldn't be using it for anything near that so I think its silly to have to pay for all that weight rating. Is there any way I could get it lowered?? Even going down to say 26K would save a decent amount every year. Even better would be to get below the 18k to avoid the smoke test LOL...However I did find this in looking at the DMV website for vehicles exempt from inspection, but I don't know if it would also apply to the smoke test requirement All diesel powered vehicles model year 1996 and older that are plated passenger, not for profit, governmental, commuter van, farmer or farm truck except buses
  3. Not sure if Im posting this in the right spot or not but Im seriously considering buying a 79 R model dump, which I would then convert into a flatbed type hauler for a gooseneck trailer. I've attempted to look into registration and insurance for similar vehicles and it was no easy task without having commercial tags and insurance. Im just wondering if anyone out there has any experience dealing with this, and if so what companies did they use? I tried progressive and got several different answers form everyone I spoke with there, and ultimately they said no unless I went with a commercial plan. Im not looking to use this in business at all, just to pull my trailer moving my own equipment around. I'm from the great state of NJ and I also tried to contact the DMV regarding my options but they were less then helpful...If anyone has experience dealing with this especially those in NJ any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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