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  1. First and cheapest thing, check the batteries. Clean tight connections,state of charge,fluid or water level and age of battery.. it’s free and just good maintenance.. 👍
  2. Did you check the electric pump near the fuel tank, first is it running, second it probably has a screen filter on the bottom. If the filter is running you will hear it. A tic tic tic is the noise it.will make with the batteries on and the ignition on.. if you want to check the filter on that it probably has a quarter turn cap on the bottom, Be gentile, Two free things to check
  3. Looks like a Bendix booster pump for fuel . That bottom looks like a 1\4 turn and it will come off exposing a filter. Is that where the leak is? If so check the rubber gasket and carefully adjust the retainers for the cap. When you turn the batteries on did you hear it run? Could be a switch on the dash also. Not sure but this is my guess
  4. Just a little tid bit of info. I worked at Reading Mack Dist who sold the trucks to Atlas Powder,i had the privilege to pick up the new trucks in Allentown and bring them to Reading. Atlas F models came in all orange and were checked in then they went to Beils Body Shop,Rdg.,Pa for the black band and white roof. Was a long time ago but i think they were V8s With the nicest interior available at the time. I do remember they were a "high spirited" group of guys from Atlas...guess they had to be to haul dynamite, anyway you might try contacting Reading Mack now Pennsylvania Truck Center to see if there were any delivery photos. There was a gentleman named George Brown who still comes in from time to time that may be able to give you a lead also. KH
  5. I would ask if it was all the air lines or just the short lines that go from the frame to the brake chambers. This would be expected and is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. Just a thought
  6. I had the same condition, added a bottle of Lucas trans additive and it made the pull outs and shifts a lot smoother. The vibration might be as simple as a dry U joint. I try cheap and simple first.
  7. Sorry It's Marko with a K Pottsville,Pa. 570-622 6950
  8. Try Marco Radiator in Pottsville. They were good with Mack stuff and reasonable
  9. Try www.halfillinger.com he's an ALF restorer in the Phila.,Pa. area
  10. CF600

    CF Nose

    Try Rigidized Metals Corp. 658 Ohio St. Buffalo,N.Y. 716-849-4711 or 800-836-2580 They had the material for the stainless version pattern 2-FL 304SS they might have the aluminum panel you need
  11. I tried to call, call gets dead air. What town is it in, and a street if you have it? Thanks
  12. I have a '64 H67 single axle. Are you interested?

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