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  1. That's awesome!! Brought a tear or two to my eyes as well....
  2. My B85 has an electric pump retrofitted in. Just don't get one with too much pressure. When I got my B85, it ran like crap, and it turned out that when the FD put in the electric pump, it was rated for 9psi, and the carb in mine is rated for 3psi. Once I put a pressure regulator on mine and got it down to the 3-4psi range, it worked great. No more flooding, coughing, and black smoke!
  3. That's a sweet rig!
  4. for sale

    I'm afraid that one's going to be a bit out of my price range. Plus, I don't have inside storage for it, and it looks like it deserves that. I'm hoping to eventually run across a relatively inexpensive single-axle B61 dump that's in good enough shape to drive, but not so good that I'll feel horribly guilty about it sitting in the driveway.....
  5. for sale

    That's my dream truck!! Hope it goes to a good home.....
  6. Oooohh....... Wish I had some spare cash, time, and space at the moment.
  7. Hmmm....... He has a lot of nice rigs! I wish he listed prices, though.
  8. Ooohhh...... That's nice! What type of number do you think they'd be asking for something like that?
  9. I believe this is owned by Al Tocci in OK. If you check his Facebook page, there is a video of a huge Autocar tractor running in his garage, and you can catch enough of a glimpse of the truck next to it to be pretty sure that it's this rig. The video is dated in 2015, so if he doesn't still have it, he did up until that point....
  10. Stopped to catch a pic of a handful of dogs that I pass on the way to work every day in Westerly. Nice looking trucks.....
  11. Ooohh, those are nice! I assume it's probably hard to find one of those in roadworthy condition.....
  12. Ahhh...... I thought I had seen it somewhere before. Didn't think that it might've been HERE, lol. There are also a few videos of it posted on youtube. Here's one, and it will lead you to the rest: Still disappointed that it'll be going somewhere other than my driveway.
  13. Would LOVE to get my hands on this, but within a couple hours of putting my bid in, it shot past what I could pony up for it. Pretty close to me, too. Hope someone on here gets it and can store it properly and get it cleaned up. It's an absolute beauty!
  14. That came out great!!
  15. I know that eventually I'm going to run across something that I probably shouldn't buy, and buy it (am half-heartedly looking for a single axle dump truck with a Diesel), but I use it mostly to peruse the country a couple times a week to see what turns up for B-models that I can add to the B-Model registry..... But it's certainly tempting to see all the nice older rigs that are out there, and if I did have a little more in my bank account, it might not last long! It's probably also a good thing that I don't have a lot of flat land suitable for storing old trucks, or then I'd REALLY be in trouble!