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  1. Mack letters for hood

    Would these be what you're looking for? I think there's another set like it, or pretty close to it on e-bay as well. And Watts Mack (host of this site) carrys this:
  2. 72 RS795LST V8 in Michigan

    Hmmm...... That's very tempting. I wish it was closer so I could check it out personally, and then be able to drive it home if it was a winner. Has anyone here actually seen it?
  3. Greetings!

    Doug - that was my B42X dump for a while (hence, my BMT nickname)! It's a nice truck (although a bit under-powered!), and I miss it, but as you note, it needs an exhaust manifold, which I didn't want to get into, and Denis had a nice B85 firetruck that caused much drooling, so we did a deal/trade. Hope you can get find the parts you need and get it back into tiptop shape, because otherwise, it's in great shape and has a lot of years left in it! I'm looking for another single axle dump now, but am hoping to find a diesel this time....
  4. High-wheeled Case garden tractors

    OK, thanks....
  5. High-wheeled Case garden tractors

    Hmmm..... Do any of these happen to have a cast iron 10HP Kohler that would be rebuildable? I have a Case 155 that's in great shape, except that the motor had been blown/rebuilt too many times, and finally had to be scrapped....
  6. That looks sharp! Great color scheme.....
  7. Just bought it today

    Nice! I also like the old train car and bus - are they yours too?
  8. Here's a link to Ryan's more complete gallery of pics. I wish there was some info on each of the trucks, including whether or not they are in running condition. I might be interested in one or two of them, but I can't spend 2 days running across NE to go to the preview then the auction. Looks like a lot of potential in this bunch! Is Jeff a member here? I'd love to see if there is a list of the B Models with their VINs and a basic descriptions so I could load them all into the B-model registry (although many of them might already be there - his name popped up a lot when I was converting the list from pdf into Excel....
  9. Welcome to the group! We love pictures (hint, hint)! I suspect that before long someone on here will chime in who either has what you're looking for (I think someone mentioned recently that they had doors, and I remember seeing a pair on Craigslist recently), or will have some leads for where to check. Oh, did I mention that we love pictures? :-) Mike
  10. There were about 20,000 B42s made. Compared to about 60,000 for the B61's, that's about 2/3 less, but still not an insignificant amount. I found one on a farm locally last year in very good shape and bought it for what I thought was a reasonable price. Unfortunately, soon after that, it began to exhibit signs of needing a head gasket replaced, which was a much more expensive repair than I wanted to deal with, so I sold it and got my B85. If you're looking to see what it's worth, I paid $6000 for mine. It had a 1970s restoration that was still in pretty good shape, with very little rust showing on the body, and a very clean undercarriage, with air brakes and a quadruplex 20 speed. Below is a picture of it to get an idea of the condition. I'm now on the hunt for another one in about the same condition. I do see them pop up once in a while, but they all seem to be about as far away from the east coast as they can be, or they just need a bit more work than I'm willing/able to do. Is it something you're looking to buy? Or something that you DID buy?
  11. That's a sharp looking truck. When I see one like this, it reminds me of when I was a kid and saw construction companies running the B81 dumps, and loved how they just looked like they were all business and tough as nails. I know that the days of the B are over, and that a lot of the trim and parts on this are plastic and not chrome, and that it's full of emissions stuff, and computers, but I still see the heritage of the older Macks in the look of this truck, and I like it....
  12. Sounds like a good guy, (and seems to have certainly fostered a great taste in trucks!!). Sorry for your loss.....
  13. A 280 ton truck stopped for operating without a permit in RI

    Here's what the state law says: "Penalties for violations of this section will be calculated on the registered or permitted weight in comparison to the actual weight and shall be heard and adjudicated at the administrative adjudication division of the department of transportation. (a) The overweight penalties for vehicles exceeding 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight shall be as follows. No fine for the first five hundred (500) pounds overweight; fifteen cents ($.15) per pound overweight between five hundred (500) pounds and five thousand (5,000) pounds; and one dollar ($1.00) per pound for each pound overweight in excess of five thousand (5,000) pounds. (b) The overweight penalties for vehicles under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight shall be twenty-five cents ($.25) per pound overweight. (c) the overweight penalty for vehicles being operated in excess of one hundred four thousand, eight hundred (104,800) pounds gross vehicle weight shall be one thousand dollars ($1,000) in addition to the penalties enumerated in subdivision (a) hereof." The total limit for any number of axles isn't to exceed 104,800 lbs without a permit. Since they (Bay Crane) say they were told a permit was forthcoming, one would assume that it hasn't been unheard of for RI to issue permits to trucks in this weight range before, but, still, that's a lot of weight to get nabbed carrying without the permit. So, if the state went by the book (subsection c, then back to subsection a), they should have been hit with total penalties of about half a million, including that little matter of the $60,000 DOT fine for having to spend several days fretting over the whole thing..... So I don't think they got off too badly in the end, relatively speaking. They should have known better - they're not rookies. I do wonder what sort of formula they used in the end to calculate the actual fine - or if they just chose a random number that would be painful, but not so high that Bay Crane would sue them over relative to what large loads in that range are normally permitted for in RI....
  14. Retrieved antique low boy for a friend

    I'm hoping to find one long enough to haul my B85, ideally behind a B61 single axle dump, or tractor..... But, as maddog points out, it's tough to find anything in the Northeast that's not missing a third of its original metal.
  15. air line question B85

    Thanks for the advice. BC- as a former firefighter, I am well versed with doing a pre-trip inspection and walk-around, and I take the time to do it before every trip. When I first heard the hiss, out of curiosity, I checked the maxi by not engaging it when I parked, and when the air drained to 75psi, it did kick in automatically, so I'm fairly comfortable that that works. But air systems are not my specialty, and I will peruse the docs you attached to get more up on that. I certainly don't want any surprises with my brake pedal! J - was speaking with someone at work this morning who is a mechanic, and he agrees with you that a good high-temp hose should be fine, so he's going to take it off, and we'll have a new hose made up to the right length and pop it back on. He's worked in fleet maintenance in the past, and it sounds like he thinks it's a pretty straightforward job... Thanks again! Mike