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  1. A friend who knows of my Mack illness just called to tell me he saw an Aqua colored B-model tractor being hauled on a flatbed into Westerly, RI from a direction that would indicate it had come off Rt 95 and would be being delivered somewhere in the Westerly area. Says it was an Aqua color, similar to the B-model interior color, and thinks it said "Matthews and Sons, Pittsburgh, PA" for lettering. Looked like a museum quality restoration. Anyone here know what that might be and who snagged it? Mike
  2. And you just left them there?!?! :-)
  3. Normally, I'm a spoke guy, but I think that with the flat side body you have, and the chrome super singles on the front, it's a much better look.....
  4. I'm partial to that Superliner!
  5. Randy, #37097 on the B-Model registry is listed as a 1961 as are a couple others right around it, so that seems right. But eddeere is correct - for a reasonable donation, the Mack Museum will send you an information packet with all the data they have on your truck. If you'd like to list yours on the B-Model Registry, and see what else from that time-frame is on there, go to, and you can fill in the form and e-mail it back to me, or just e-mail whatever data about the truck you're comfortable having "out there" (including pics of course!) And, we'll need to see some pics as well. It's what we live for here! Mike
  6. Hmmm..... If that wasn't half a country away, I might make an offer on it..... But it looks to be in pretty good shape. I would imagine it won't be around long.
  7. It is, in fact, a Farrar! My neighbor and good friend bought it because his grandfather had spec'd and purchased the truck when it was new and he was the chief.
  8. Nice! I've always liked the Loadstars. It's what our town bought all its school busses with, so I spent a few years riding in them, and actually learned how to drive a standard by closely watching one of my better bus drivers. When I became a firefighter, our department had a '73 Loadstar in reserve that I drove a bit, and now my neighbor owns it. I think I drive it more than he does, even though I have my own rig! I still love the slight gear noise from the transmission, and the particular squeak of the clutch and rear springs, and it seems to have a unique exhaust odor that reminds me of being a kid when the bus pulled away from the stop.... Hope you enjoy yours!
  9. Everything in Robert B. Marvin's Mack Apparatus book also points to it being a B Early Series truck.... And a 707 would have been an available option for it. I think that motor was also known as the AP motor, so perhaps that's where that number in the S/N comes from.... It does appear to be a Cincinnati rig. According to the "Motorized Apparatus of Cincinatti" website, here's what they show: 6AP6S 1061 1935 Mack 750 100 25146 En 46 IS 4-29-35 Here's a link to that site if you want to check it out: So, it matches your s/n, but they show that it and its twins, 1059, 1060, and 1062 were all purchased in 1935, just a tad later than you thought. And it served as Engine 46 going in service in 4/29/35 (so it may be a 1934 on the paperwork), and was a 750gpm pumper with a 100 gallon tank. The site notes that the number 25146 is the "shop number". It's the only one of the four that it notes that for, so I wonder if this one was modified by Cincinnati's shop after delivery, or if that's Mack's build number. As Brocky and 1958 F.W.D note, the Mack museum can offer you all the relevant info on your truck based on the serial number, including all the specs, delivery sheets, pics, and any other information that they might have on it..... Anyway - it's a beautiful truck. Below are a picture of the truck in service (it's only a thumbnail and a bit blurry - sorry) (in the center), the station that it was housed in when new (top), and a shot of Engine 31, which, although I can't verify it, I think is one of the other 3 trucks purchased by Cincinnati at the same time as yours (bottom)....
  10. You've got more Macks than pretty much anybody - you can't disappear!! Hopefully someone can get your technical issue resolved.....
  11. That would make sense - notice that the same number 547 is on both radiator grills in white decals....
  12. Yeah, I think that up until a recent switch, that's pretty close to the color that RI DOT used for all their highway trucks....
  13. All beauties!! Thanks for the pics!
  14. Well, you won't lose it in a parking lot, will you?
  15. I'm always a little surprised when I see single axle B-81 dumps. Seems like overkill unless you're hauling gold or lead..... But they're still beautiful!