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  1. Well - I pulled the trigger and listed it on e-bay... https://www.ebay.com/itm/383087668185 Does anyone have any documentation on where it originally served, based on the 25 S 1009 reg number? I do see the similarities between this and the Franconia truck, but the story I got from the person I bought it from didn't seem to point in that direction... And I'm still not sure what the actual year of the truck is. Wish I had gotten around to sending a request in to the Museum. 😕
  2. So, I'm at the point where I've decided to definitely sell the '37. You can browse the threads above to get a pretty good sense of what it includes. The company I'm a partner in is growing so fast that I'm working a boatload of hours, and the space we thought we wouldn't fill up for 2-3 years is almost full, and I'm told that I either need to get a container, or find other storage solutions for the truck. I think it's silly to spend $3K for a container and then just let it sit in there indefinitely. I did purchase a fuel pump and a fuel cell from Summit racing, but have not had a chance to install them. I did put the key in the ignition recently, and it doesn't seem to want to turn, although it was used to drive it into the building earlier in the year, so hoping some silicone spray will fix that - again keep meaning to get to it on a Saturday, but end up working every Saturday.... if you're interested, let me know via PM and we'll see if we can work something out. Otherwise, it'll likely be going on e-bay in a week or two... I should have stuck with the promise I made myself that I'd stick with running trucks and not buy a project truck that I don't have time for. But it's such a pretty truck!! Sigh..... But I still have the B85, which I love, and is running like a champ! Mike
  3. So, I'm finally getting back to the site after a bit. Been a long winter, with a couple of cancer surgeries now under my belt, and the ongoing onslaught of a nasty lawsuit by my former employer during it all. That whole process wore both me and my wallet out. And the new business I'm part owner of is taking off and I'm averaging 55hrs/week with that, so I'm afraid that before I even got very far on doing anything with this, as usual, time and resources are becoming a weight that I'm just not as interested in carrying as much as I was when I found the truck. So, I think that I'm going to just sell this and focus on finding another B-model or R-Model or fire truck that doesn't need a complete makeover. Before I gussy it up, take some pics, and advertise it, I figured I'd check here to see if there was any serious interest. I've chatted with a lot of people about it since I bought it, and I've had people tell me that it's worth anywhere between about what I paid for it, and $20K as it sits. I think that the $20K is a bit high, but I'll probably start it at about $10K. It does seem that this is a pretty rare bird. It does run - it was driven off the trailer into my building, but it needs a fuel pump and gas tank (or for the current tank to get a good cleaning). I just put 2 new tires on the front (Coker/Firestone). One of the back ones is low, but I don't know if that's because it sat for 25 yrs, or if it still has a leak. It has been leaking what looks like transmission fluid, and I was told the tranny does have a slight crack. But it comes with a spare. There are are no windows or cranks, but I have an extra door with the hardware, and the gears should be an easy copy. And the front end is out of alignment, but that looks pretty straightforward. I do have the front bumper. I assume it will need brake work, but I have not gotten far enough into it to know just how much. Otherwise, physically, it's pretty much complete. The s/n is 25 S 1009. If the not running factor makes you nervous, I wouldn't mind putting in a fuel pump and fuel cell so that it actually runs, but that would up the price a little.... If anyone is interested, PM me, and we can talk more about it. Truck is currently in Westerly RI. Mike
  4. I'm thinking Rt 3 to Rt 2 to Rt 5 to Rt 6. If I could sneak Rt 4 in there somewhere I'd have a straight flush!!
  5. Got a look at the truck today. The engine stamp is EN12
  6. I'll be taking my truck on its longest journey yet - up to the annual RIAFAS fire truck show in Johnston. 35 miles by taking 95, but with a top speed of 42, I'll be avoiding the highway. I'm thinking it's going to be closer to 50 miles each way when all's said and done. That'll be about a full tank of gas, lol! If you're bored and within driving distance, there's normally a good mix of Macks that show up... I was hoping I'd get the '37 Type 25 delivered this weekend, and was thinking that I'd trailer it up there, but that didn't happen, so next time, I guess. And there's a water source here, so it looks like some pumping will be done. I don't have good suction hoses or any tools, plus I leak a little oil when running and hot, so my rig will remain parked for show only (at least this time). Too bad, because it pulls a draft better than most in-service trucks I've drafted with.
  7. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought to split the shipment to avoid losing the whole set! Thanks....
  8. Thanks Jim. I'm not all that mechanically inclined when it comes to that kind of fine work, and especially on things that make the brakes functional (or not...)! I'm OK when it's obvious that part A bolts to part B, but beyond that, I get nervous. But thanks for the lead on White Post - I'll check them out. I also have some trucking friends locally that might know of someone more local that does it, and might want to take it on during the winter doldrums...
  9. Doug T - did you ever find an exhaust manifold? Beatngu just posted that he's getting rid of a dead 401 in a truck he has - might have a good one for you on it.....
  10. Thanks - I can't wait to get it and get started on getting it roadworthy. My understanding is that this has somewhat unique wheel cylinders that NAPA will not be able to cross, so it looks like job one is going to be finding someone to send them to that can re-build them... And I think I'll get a 15 gallon fuel cell to stash away somewhere for now, as well as a new electric fuel pump. That should get me pretty close to getting it driveable.... Of course, I'll post updates, and hopefully things will slow down a bit at work (well, actually, don't want a slowdown - ideally it gets busy enough to get help!) so I can spend some weekends working on this rather than being there all the time!
  11. Thanks! Now I know right where to look!
  12. I'm told that it was purchased as a chemical truck, and that the pump was added later, so it was probably a 'local' or department-made addition. I'm told it was Mount Vernon FD, which I'm assuming is the Mount Vernon in NY. I got a pic of the nameplate, and it is plated as a model 25, so that would confirm, I think, that it was sold as a fire apparatus.
  13. Yeah - I wish the paint was a little better, but so far, all the pics I have give no indication of any serious cancer anywhere. Not sure what I'll do about paint yet. I want to see how the intact paint cleans up, then I'll decide about the doors and fenders, which are clearly in pretty bad shape, at least in terms of finish surface. Perhaps I'll paint them black and have a bit of a unique 2-tone... We'll see... Got to take care of the critical mechanicals first.
  14. Jim - I think you might be right about the DE designation. It does have the 20" wheels. And it fits the timeline better. Is the EN12 a Continental? That's whats in it.... But I agree - one of the attractions is that is pretty much complete (it comes with the bumper - it's just not attached....). I do have a pic of the nameplate now, so I'll be sending that off to the museum with a nice donation for their research efforts....
  15. Well - been away from the computer for most of the summer. Seem to always either be at work, doing something outside, or asleep as a result of the above 2. But figured I should share that I've just doubled the size of my Mack fire truck fleet.... Won't arrive for a week or two, but I'll be headed out on a final inspection trip next week to check it all out and grab some extra items that I want to secure properly for the ride home. Had a decent chat with the seller last night, and although it's bought site unseen, I think I'm satisfied with what I'll be getting. It was advertised as an ED, but I'm not sure, without having seen the nameplate yet, if that's correct, as I think the ED didn't start production until 1938, but I've found mixed information on that while searching.... It's a bit of a project, so I'll be puttering around on it during the fall and when the garage isn't too cold during the winter.... But I'm told it does run and yard drive. Biggest issues are brakes (what a surprise!), and fuel system.
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