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  1. No, I never did. I would definitely be interested in that!
  2. I'm changing a defective ignition switch. The old switch has three terminals (two are piggybacked) and four wires. None of the terminals or wires are labeled. The new switch terminals are marked BAT ACC ST & IGN. Does anyone have a wiring diagram? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement, h67st and tjc transport. That definitely seems to be the case!
  4. I admire that! Someday I may get to that point! I know what you mean, though, you have a vision of how it will turn out, and you know whether you made your mark or not. Where in Philly are you?
  5. Thank you! By any chance do you know a fellow named Blackie who is active with that fire truck museum up in Mahanoy City?
  6. I have a 1975 Diamond Reo DC10164 I would like to bring to Macungie. It was re-engined some years ago with a Cummins VT555. It was in regular service as a garbage packer until November, 2016. The packer body was removed and it was garaged until I bought it the following November. It is extremely hard to start. I can start it with ether, (which I am told is not good practice) and once it starts, it stays running and sounds and runs fine. While I would appreciate any help given online, I am quite new to the hobby and don't have the expertise to get it running by myself. I am looking for someone who can come out and fix what has to be fixed, and show me what you are doing so that I can learn it. I am also comfortable working with someone who is not physically able to do the work, but can direct me. I am mechanically inclined, and a quick learner. I also need someone to inspect the truck and tell me what I should fix right away, and what can wait until later. I am not looking for perfection. It is an older truck, and I just want to get it to a state of good repair, where it operates reliably and I can drive it safely. It does not need a lot of work - just fixing the starting problem and whatever turned up on inspection. I will pay you for your time, and can work around your schedule. The truck is located in Melrose Park, Pa. 19027. Melrose Park is just outside Philadelphia. I can be reached at (215) 870-2724 or dougt83@hotmail.com. Thank you, Doug Tedeschi
  7. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. According to the book I have (Parts List 2342; for B42IT, for EN401 Engine) it has the same part numbers. If it cannot be welded, I would be looking for one also. Thank you. I just started the truck the other day and it ran fine, so the Exhaust Manifold is the only thing holding it back.
  8. Does anyone know of a good tire shop in or close to Philadelphia?
  9. Bulldogchaser - thank you; I should have an idea as soon as I get the old one off and will let you know, then see if you still have it available. Kkergall - Yes, and I am assuming I will change the whole assembly. 104GC 439A (Rear) 104 GC 440A (Front) and 104 GC 4157 (Center). That is, if it cannot be welded.
  10. Thank you, and I appreciate the work that you and previous owners have done on it. I am coming to appreciate that much of the work one might do holds it in trust for the next owner, as Grandpa Walton might say. I hope to get to that exhaust manifold as soon as it gets a little warmer. Right now, it's outdoors, you know. By the way, if anyone knows of a garage for sale which might house two trucks, I would be very interested. I am in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, but I don't have the trucks here - no room!
  11. That's the spot! This one looked like it had been welded also. I have not removed it yet, but the exhaust pipe flange is not connected.
  12. Thank you! Posted (I hope!) a couple of pictures of the Reo under Attachments.
  13. Looking for an Exhaust Manifold for an EN401 Engine. 1958 B42X.
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