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  1. Awsome, Hopefully we will be able to make it!!
  2. Any further updates ? Considering a trip to Gerhart equipment about Oct 1-2.
  3. Sorry it took me so long to update this thread, It's been busy here, Long story short, I actually ended up sourcing a New camshaft and 12 new tappets from Capitol Reman in CO, they stated that PAI in GA still produced the parts, part # PAI272949 or ECM-9002 for the cam and EML-8583 for the tappets. I did measure all the surfaces before installation and noticed that all cam lobes had at least .015 wear on them when compared to the new one. I got a new upper and lower gasket kit from my local Mack dealer as well as the 2 rubber inserts for the front engine mount. I did inspec
  4. I do not know about a complete engine, But I have purchased parts from them for my T676 engine and I have nothing but good things to say.
  5. I hope so, I really don't want to have to upgrade to a newer truck, I talked to one of the guys at Watts, PAI produced parts are no longer available, they are checking other aftermarket sources for cam and tappets. I know the cam is available through Federal Mogul, but the tappets may be the problem.
  6. I talked to one of the fellows at Watts Mack, The cam is no longer available, the tappets are possibly, but both were available aftermarket, all total for cam, 12 tappets, upper and lower gasket kits and a new rubber insert for the front motor mount is roughly $3500 with tax and shipping. My oil pump holds a steady 25 psi at idle hot and 50 to 60 above 1600 RPM, both verified with a mechanical gauge, I may go ahead and replace the relief valve and spring in the pump while I am in there.
  7. Thanks Mr. Hancock, Than information confirms my suspicion on this truck, The Mack museum and my local dealership state that this truck was built with a ENDT 675/ 237 Mack engine. I am guessing it had a ENDT676/285 swapped in sometime before I got it. At any rate, I cannot find any numbers stamped on the block or front cover anywhere, so I have no clue on the serial # for this engine. My suspicions were confirmed though, after pulling the oil pan this morning I could clearly see that #3 intake valve cam lobe and tappet have some serious damage, I got most of the engine torn
  8. Thanks Terry, I will check there, Would a factory New short block be stamped with a serial number? I have noticed that the bell housing and injection pump drive are still painted the gold color the Maixdynes were painted from the factory but the engine itself is Mack gray.
  9. Hello fellows, I have posted here before, I now am running into a problem with my 69 R685, Last week while hauling stone for a local job, I noticed a noise from the RH side of the engine, not really a knock, but a rythymic high pitched tapping. Upon getting home I pulled the valve covers to find #3 and #5 intake valves with about 1/4 inch lash. I pulled the rockers and checked the push tubes for bending or deforming, all good, It seem to me I am gonna be replacing the cam and tappets now. I am fairly sure this is not the factory engine for this truck as I believ
  10. Sorry it took me a while to get back, busy here lately, The dozer in the picture is a 1953 Caterpillar D4, 7U series with a Caterpillar 4A manual angle blade, direct drive, pony motor start with 6796 original hours. The picture was taken the day I picked it up a couple months ago, I use it in my part time grading business along with my Cat 941B.
  11. Another picture of the truck in question
  12. Yeah, I bought it about 3 hours east of me , It is a bit cramped for me at 6' 1" , no power steering either, so you have about 1 inch between the A pillar and the 22 inch diameter steering wheel.
  13. I did both by myself here in the shop( I worked for Freightliner as a Class 8 truck mechanic for several years) in about 5 hours, but my front axle is only a 10K unit. I did put an OEM kit in it from my local Mack dealership. I think it was $ 250 for the complete kit, bushings, pins and bearings.
  14. Yes sir, R and 1-5 on the main, like a typical Mack 5 speed, High and Low on the Aux, but you can only shift to High in 4th and 5th gears, R and 1-3 are locked out by an internal gate.
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