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  1. Well, the 3 inch spacer band worked flawlessly, I still have 7/8 inch or better between the tires. Time will tell how well it holds up.
  2. Yes,all 4 rears that 3 1/2 spacers, although it's obvious that some have been squashed by someone using an impact on the wedges. I have measured the rims, all (including the new one)are 8.5 inch wide rims, I did notice the new rim does have a more gradual roll from the wedge seat vs the old rim. That may account for the extra distance,the narrower spacer will cure that.
  3. Well folks, I figured it out, It is a spacer used on the inner wheel so they will clear the brake chambers, I tried installing the inner wheel without them and the wheel hit the chambers. I guess now I will be buying 3 inch wheel spacers vs the 3 1/2 inches that it currently has so I can get the wedges to seat properly.
  4. Hi all, I am running into a little problem with my B81, I am replacing a cracked rim wit a new one and even with clean hub spokes and wheels the wedges will barely go on for enough to get 2 threads to hold. I did notice what I would call an extra part that I haven't seen when doing dayton wheels. It's a wedge shape band between the inner wheel and the hub, about 1 inch wide and looks like an extra spacer. Is this something that has been added or something only on 65k rears?
  5. It's possible, I will get a closer look tomorrow if time allows.
  6. I am questioning what engine is under the hood, at first I thought it was a 675 Maxidyne, but I finally found a data plate on the block behind the injection pump, it stated it is an END 673 Thermodyne. The plate on the injection pump is missing, but the pump does have a puff limiter, is it possible it is a combo of 2 different engines?
  7. It is a blast to drive, I have put almost 500 miles on it in the last couple weeks hauling logs, stone, and equipment out to the property we are moving to, It always gets stares, thumbs up and Huge grins from people as I pass by, The only ones who don't enjoy it are the cars behind me as I get up to speed. I usually start out in 1st direct, then progress up through the gears till I hit 4th Hi split at 38 mph, the reach over, shift to 5th and let the dog pull!👍
  8. Flat out, loaded or empty, at 2100 rpm is 50 mph, GPS verified. But, on most hills, I usually only have to downshift 1 or 2 times.
  9. I went with 4 Ironman I-301 20 ply tires, they are one of the tires offered by Hercules Rubber company here in the U.S. but I think the tires themselves are made overseas. Time will tell how the wear and hold up, but my local tire supplier has never steered me wrong over the years I have purchased from him.
  10. Well, The B81 gets 4 new 12.00R24 shoes in the morning, The rear rear axle had 4 caps on it and the weather checking is more serious than I would like on a truck this heavy, most of the checking is in the sidewalls, but I noticed one of the caps starting to come apart in the tread, better safe than sorry! $2200 for 4 new tires, mounted with new flaps and tubes, not too bad. Still enjoying driving this truck ,it never gets old.
  11. Thanks, I have watched several of your videos on youtube, that was a good looking B-81 you had. I spent Friday and Sat putting about 250 miles on the B hauling wood and equipment to our new property, the truck is an absolute joy to drive, and even though it has been almost 30 years since I drove a quadbox, it all came back to me quickly. I will say, the B gets the stares from other truckers and the public everywhere it goes, and other than a few pinion seal drips, it doesn't leak a drop of anything. It is an awesome truck to say the least, and I intend to keep it that way!
  12. Well, today was the day, after a quick trip to the local tag office, the title, tag and taxes are paid and the B is now legal for the road. After a fill up at the local Murphy station, I went by the quarry and checked the empty weight, 28,500 lbs with an empty bed and 2 full fuel tanks, not as bad as I was expecting. That allows me to haul 13 1/4 tons as it sits now. This will most likely drop after I re-plate the bed with 3/8 steel.
  13. Nothing much to report since the last post, I converted the exhaust back to a single stack, installed 4 new group 31 stud post batteries, and did a federal inspection to prepare it for it's return to the road next week.
  14. Evening Folks, I did a little walk around video of the B this afternoon, enjoy! 1965 Mack B815 walk around. - YouTube
  15. Correct, Even the Maxi design chamber is a close fit,(3/16 inch between the chamber and backing plate). The one plus with this design brake chamber is they can be re-sealed for about $40 as long as the internal metal parts are serviceable. I installed the new chamber today, adjusted all the brakes, and took it out for it's first test drive. The guess on the top speed was correct, 47-48 mph at 2000 rpm in 5th/Hi split, Everything seems to be operating as it should, next will be replacing the bed floor, it's pretty well shot.
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