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  1. Sorry it took me a while to get back, busy here lately, The dozer in the picture is a 1953 Caterpillar D4, 7U series with a Caterpillar 4A manual angle blade, direct drive, pony motor start with 6796 original hours. The picture was taken the day I picked it up a couple months ago, I use it in my part time grading business along with my Cat 941B.
  2. Another picture of the truck in question
  3. Yeah, I bought it about 3 hours east of me , It is a bit cramped for me at 6' 1" , no power steering either, so you have about 1 inch between the A pillar and the 22 inch diameter steering wheel.
  4. I did both by myself here in the shop( I worked for Freightliner as a Class 8 truck mechanic for several years) in about 5 hours, but my front axle is only a 10K unit. I did put an OEM kit in it from my local Mack dealership. I think it was $ 250 for the complete kit, bushings, pins and bearings.
  5. Yes sir, R and 1-5 on the main, like a typical Mack 5 speed, High and Low on the Aux, but you can only shift to High in 4th and 5th gears, R and 1-3 are locked out by an internal gate.
  6. Thanks Macktruckman, It's not an a pronounced noise, just noticeable, even with hearing protection on in the cab. I guess I am a stickler for everything being "right" on a truck I drive, and since I use it for my part time grading business being down isn't a option. I guess this would be considered an OD trans then? It tops out at 42 mph in 5th low , and about 63 mph in 5th high. No speed demon, but it pulls my 20 ton dovetail and track loader with ease. I wish I could say it was in good shape when I bought it, but after going through both rears, new axle shafts, new u joints, new clutch and new king pins and bushings, it does OK now. I guess this isn't really my first Mack, I have owned several of the 673 powered military trucks so no stranger to the Mack name!
  7. Howdy All, First post here, long time Mack lover, first time owner, I have a 1969 R685ST currently set up with a 14 ft Heil dump bed, 285 tip turbine engine, 38k rears with a CRDPC 92 front and CRD 93 rear diffs, both with 6.34 ratio. It has a TRDXL-1070 6 speed, 2 stick trans.... Anyone have any experience with this type of transmission? evidently it is an odd bird as most local Mack guys have never heard of it, and my local Mack dealer is about the same. I am not having any major problems, other than a "whine"? in 5th gear, high range. Fluid is clean and at the proper level, magnets are clean and no difficulty in shifting.
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