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  1. I changed the one on my old R over to a commercially-available replacement tie rod and current ends. Found an equivalent diameter rod of similar length. Also, the old (bent) one was the "both RH threads of 2 different pitches" affair. The new one I put in was one LH and one RH, making it a bit easier to find parts.
  2. I have seen a few different ones. Most of the Bs I have seen were darker, and some even sparkled a bit! The Rs are a dull (flat) color. And, as I said, I have seen variations in color (this is from way back, when they were probably original). Like he said, above, take a part off. Let the paint guy scan the back side, where the sun hasn't bleached it out.
  3. The 15 speed Fuller i had in mine started doing the same thing going from HI to LO. Replacing the synchro unit solved it in short order. That unit is a marvel of simplicity. Not big bucks, either.
  4. If you bring that GA vehicle into NC, that CAN become a problem! Had several folks do that. NC can be a real ^%#$& about out of state vehicles. If you have the title, not too much of a problem. But, if it is an older, "no title required" vehicle, NC requires lots of garbage...things like the last 2 owners' shoe sizes, DNA samples from the third owner's mother-in-law, urine samples from the last DMV agent to register it, and so on. Had a guy do an old Harley that way a couple of years ago. I thought he was going to lose his mind before he finally got it done. Seems like his problem was that the registration the previous owner gave him was expired, and NC wanted a valid one. Eventually, they make you buy a bond (not that unusual for an out of state vehicle) and do a title search. Not sure why they don't just do that up fornt, and be done with it. Eventually, you do get a nice, shiny NC title. But it can be a BEAR. The good news is, once you get an NC title, it is accepted as gospel, all the way up to the pearly gates. Acquaintance of mine from the DMV says this all went into effect several years ago because NC had become a hot bed of stolen cars trafficing, chop shops, forgeries, and such. I guess we used to be TOO easy. So, in typical bureaucratic fashion, they seem to have gone completely overboard in reaction to it. A friend of mine actually moved his car salvaging business to TN, because they are much more "understanding" about that type of thing than NC is.
  5. No vodka! Just the empty NFL cans would suffice. If anybody comes up with any, PM me, and I'll give you a ship-to address.
  6. Ha-ha! Full would probably be more valuable. But, I think he realizes empties will be easier to ship!
  7. Got a guy here collecting the Bud Light NFL commemorative cans. He has a few from NY area, and from the west coast. But, he doesn't have any from the northern, central, or deep south teams. Anybody want to collect some and send them down here?
  8. These are the "crossover" cables that go from the starter to the Right-Hand battery box. I was only running batteries on the left side, and removed the cables. When I sold the truck, the new owner never picked up the cables. Need whatever $ it will take to ship them, and a few bucks to make me not regret selling them instead of recycling them! Anything reasonable will be accepted...really!
  9. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dogs. My R only had 3 wires total, I believe, doing the brake/tail/turn duties. Spent a lot of time on an old R with air steering. Great on the road...kinda painful in a tight spot!
  10. To 600's point... I have several 1/34 scale B and R models from FirstGear. Also have several of the 1/25 scale "High Detail" B models. I'd give my eye teeth if they would put together a run of the R models in that larger, more detailed scale. Maybe a BMT edition?!!!! They say they'll consider making anything...for a fee. Maybe one of the "o-fficials" here should call FirstGear, and discuss an R-series with them? I'll sign up for the first run!
  11. This gold dog thing comes up pretty regularly. I'm glad somebody posted all that detail on dates! Seems like I am constantly having an argument with somebody or another about what the gold dogs meant! Funny thing is, they are usually ALL right...depending on the age of the truck. I'm old, so gold dogs meant Maxidyne power. All that newer stuff is for you younger whipper-snappers!!!
  12. http://www.corbitttrucks.com/index.html
  13. Oh yeah. He apparently didn't realize it was on fire till he stopped. He got out, saw it, & reported it to one of our guys who called the fire department. Then, everybody stood & watched it burn. I wasn't at the dock when it came in. I heard 2 loud "booms" & went to see what was up. It was mostly smoke at that point. They kept it from spreading, but the tractor was toast.
  14. Truck showed up at the plant...on fire!
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