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  1. We used to joke about the non-turbo 673s in the B-61s we had. Seems they would run about as fast downhill as they would uphill. Not very.
  2. Maybe "B" for "brake" (Dynatard)??? Anyway, it has been a topic for discussion before.
  3. I have been making commercially available, industrial V-belt pulleys (among other things!) for a living for the last 39 years! So, this one hits close to home. "Matched" belts are cut from the same belt of raw material. So, the individual belts are as close to identical as possible. Each raw belt will be slightly different. So, 2 belts of the same number cut from different raw material could be different. Matched sets are ESSENTIAL in an application like this. There are standard V-belt groove dimensions defined by the MPTA (Mechanical Power Transmission Association). I can prob
  4. I have posted a couple of different Quad shifting patterns on here before. That box can intimidate some people, but it really is not that complicated. Whether using the clutch or not, getting the RPM right between shifts is key. Once you learn how big the drops are between gears, you can hear it easier than you can watch the tach. DON'T RUSH IT! DON'T FORCE IT! WAIT FOR IT! I don't want to sound insulting, so please don't take this next part that way. But, remember to let the RPM FALL when upshifting and RISE when downshifting. I was trying to teach a guy about double-clutchin
  5. Old belts can definitely cause "flutter". So can off-center, bent or unevenly-worn pulleys (sheaves).
  6. Looks like the 15-speed "Direct in 5th" Triplex. Love your truck, man.
  7. "V", correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the primary and secondary needles connected to 2 different tanks? If so, that might make it easier to isolate the system with the leak.
  8. I completely understand! Maybe nobody else would have known it was there, but it would have driven me crazy too!
  9. I think they are super cool. Used to be a guy on here with one. Like the man said, "PICTURES"! We like pictures.
  10. It amazes me the information guys like Jojo and vmac3 have stashed away in their heads. I always learn something new when I get on here. Freakin' encyclopedias!
  11. You know, the front of that thing still reminds me of an Econoline van on steroids.
  12. Not sure if the later models shared any of these part numbers. Cab Breakdown.pdf
  13. I see one around here every now and then. Never can seem to get a picture. May have to chase it down next time I see it!
  14. You know, I don't think I ever saw one of those in person before. Says here they only made 215 W71's from 1953-1958. I'd say that makes it pretty rare.
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