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  1. Probably did not happen in every state. Where I grew up, it was a normal thing.
  2. Yep. Remember it well. Thomas Built Buses had facilities in High Point, NC. Blue Bird had facilities somewhere in GA. So, we saw a lot of chassis and new finished buses in this area.
  3. Somebody had this on Pinterest, or somewhere. One nice-looking crackerbox. Seemed like we were discussing these a while back, but I forgot where! Looks like it may have center point steering. Poor man's power steering.
  4. That's about the way I got all those I found. A guy bought 2 trailers for storage. Took the axles off and put them on blocks on the ground. I got all 16 wheels and tires for something like $400. All of them were marked for drive or all-position use. All caps, but pretty good shape. I put 8 on the truck, but I let all the rest go when I sold that truck. In fact, part of the deal was that he HAD to take all those old 2-piece rims! LOL! Good luck hunting.
  5. Exactly! That's all it was meant for. Hold the button in, get out of the road, and let the button go to lock it back down. Sometimes, there wasn't even enough air in that system to get them to release cleanly one time! That's how my old R was set up. In fact, all the R-models I drove in my youth had this setup. If/when it worked, it was a pretty nice system. No crawling under the truck to cage the spring just to move out of the road.
  6. Found this the other night. The Quiring guys (from Highway Through Hell fame) apparently found themselves a D9G to help pull big stuff out with. They have posted several videos of the tractor in use. Seems like I read that they have both 8s and 9s. Interesting thing about this video is the tractor rearing up while pulling with the winch. I remember having that happen a lot when we used winches with the elevated roller over them (we called 'em "logging winches" because that's where they were at their best). Didn't happen when the cable came straight off the drum like most of our stuff
  7. I hope you can do that. Much safer all-around. Not just better rims, but tubeless to boot. I haven't done hundreds like you...more like "dozens". Hated the 3-piece just a little less than the 2-piece! Like solid/tubeless better than either of them. My R600 had tube-type 10.00-20s on 2 piece wheels (rear), tube-type 10.00-20s on 3-piece wheels (front), and I found a butt-load of 11.00-22.5 tubeless on 1-piece wheels that I bought and put on the rear. They were all caps, but were better than what I had...and that got rid of those 2-piece rims. I've had a 2-piece come apart on
  8. Stumbled across this link. Free download. Might help somebody??? http://www.taurusfleetservices.com/images/MackService/Mack-T313-T318-Service.pdf And, then there's these guys... https://www.globaldrivetrainparts.com/transmission-manuals
  9. Anybody ever hear whether or not he got this problem sorted out???
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