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  1. That's one of those I have seen pictures of, seen brochures on, but never actually laid eyes on in person. Hope it goes to a good home.
  2. I like the idea of painting underneath the joints first, and then painting the entire assembly later. Gives protection in the joints, like he said, and the final paint won't have any scratches or dings from attaching bits and pieces after paint. I get it. Like they used to say, "loooking goood"!
  3. Usually because some numbskull jerked on it too hard! Really, really tough axles. We also used Spicer U-joints, and carried a set of those with us. You could do a lot of repairs on-site if you had a few spare parts. All we had were spoke wheels, too. So, they were super easy to change with basic hand tools. Not as much torque required as on a disc wheel. By the way, really enjoyed some of your last pics, Paul.
  4. I have seen 44's with both the "integrated flange" on the axle and with the "double splined" axle you describe. Loved the look of the cone cap on the double splined setup. Most of the Macks we had when I was a young man had the double splined axes, and we carried spare axle shafts in the cab with us. Changed out one or two on the side of the road. Sometimes getting the broken bit out of the rear could be a pain. usually involved removing the other side and poking a broom handle through the carrier!
  5. As of right now, it looks like Brad's show is a "go" for September 11-12, 2021. At Red Wolf Farm, not at Brad's farm.
  6. Gold bulldog ORIGINALLY meant Maxidyne engine. In later years, gold bulldogs meant all-Mack drivetrain. I do not know exactly WHEN that changed. But, in '72, it meant Maxidyne power. And, yes, the engine would have been gold originally as well. If this had been an R611, for instance, it would have had a non-gold engine (Thermodyne) and a chrome bulldog.
  7. In my experience, most of the roughness of the ride comes from the rear. My R had a 9,000# front axle, and it was fairly tolerable. The rear was another story. But, I ran the air pressure in the rear (empty truck) low, and that helped.
  8. The older stuff with the bottom-pivoting pedal may indeed be different that later stuff with the top-pivoting pedal. The former were all linkage, I believe, while the latter were cable-operated. You sure do bring up things that make people think!
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