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  1. Hey, Skidz. I can't help you with that, but just wanted to say "Welcome." I'm sure somebody will be able to steer you in the right direction.
  2. Never mind. I found it. It's just been a while.
  3. Anybody remember how to edit the "signature" at the bottom of you posts? You know, the cool little sayings we put in automatically at the end of our rants.
  4. Not sure if you ever got this fixed. Here are the seals I got for my old R. There’s a quad ring, an o-ring, and a copper washer. Got these from City Diesel in Knoxville, Tennessee. Was pretty easy to fix.
  5. We had St-Germain move some equipment from Canada to here a few years back. One of the drivers gave me this calendar. It's a bit out of date, but I keep it up on the wall just so I can look at those "Slime Green Trucks", as you call them!
  6. I ran this in the old R before I got the XPD. It actually does help lubricity a good bit. It actually ranked fairly high in the aforementioned study (see note below). 7)Super Tech Outboard 2-cycle TC-W3 engine oil Unconventional (Not ULSD compliant, may damage 2007 or newer systems) HFRR 474, 162 micron improvement 200:1 ratio 16.64 oz/tank $1.09/tank
  7. There was a pretty good article out there somewhere about a study on the lubricity of the various fuel additives. Was fairly well done. It showed what additives worked, which ones didn't really help, and what additives actually made the lubricity worse. Here is one report on it, but not the one I was looking for: https://www.jatonkam35s.com/DeuceTechnicalManuals/Diesel_fuel_additive_test.pdf This looks like the same info: https://www.dieselplace.com/threads/lubricity-additive-study-results.177728/
  8. Monadnock Speedway? Oh, and 1 set of dogs "in", and 1 set of dogs "out"...
  9. Been following this one more for my info than for any other reason. Sounds like it got a little off-track! What JoeH said seems to make sense. Sounds like the hi-lo range shift isn't happening. Probably should look at the air valves and cylinders first. If the cylinder is moving but the fork isn't that might point to the fork moving on the rod. But it looks like that woul happen all the time, not just sometimes. Incidentally, I did pull the rear (auxiliary) section off a 15-speed while still in the truck to replace the hi-lo synchro assembly. It would downshift, but it would grind. On that one, I had to shift it between hi and lo several times when first starting up before taking off, just to get the hi-lo shift working. Afterwards, it would shift all day without trouble. But, if I started up in the morning, took off and shifted to hi, it would not go in the first time or two. Probably needed a slave valve. Not sure if the 8LL is the same setup. Oh, and that range shift slave valve only opened when the transmission was in neutral. So, there might be something preventing it from doing so. Be interested to hear what you finally find.
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