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  1. Maybe we can get lucky and Volvo will sell off Mack just like they did with Autocar. Autocar at least carved out a niche for their brand in refuse and now expanded with a beautiful AC model conventional that could become a tractor. If Mack engineers and investories could buy it, return to Mack drive lines then maybe the loyalty to Macks could return a true American icon to it's rightful position in the truck world.
  2. Also the yellow one comes equipped with hood scoop. Wonderful.
  3. I wish to send a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here on the Antique and Classic Mack thread. I am not an owner but rather a veteran 45 year retired driver. I was able to achieve over 1 million miles exclusively in a Mack for which Mack Trucks awarded me a plaque. Even retired I can't get enough of anything Mack so again thank you for allowing me to read from your great posts.
  4. To everyone on the Modern Mack forum I wish to extend a warm holiday Happy Thanksgiving. I enjoy reading and following each contributor here even though I do not own any large truck. I am just an old retired 45 year driver and proud reciprent of Mack Trucks 1 million miles in a Mack truck award many years ago. Enjoy everyone.
  5. And this why you could tell if a Mack twin screw was coming down the road. Even if you were blind, the rattle and clinking of the broken button springs made a distinct noise indeed. Oh I miss the days of old.
  6. I have been to the Autocar plant in Birmingham, Al. for a tour and saw this truck up front. I sat behind the wheel and this is an awesome truck! The design is well planned out, the interior is really beautiful and the outside is rugged. If this model succeeds I can see them maybe offering this as a class 8 tractor. What a wonderful idea of an American owned and built truck.
  7. GabrielT23, Most of us on the forum do not speak Spanish. If it was translated to English you might get a few answers. Sorry, I'm not trying to be a wise guy but most of us I'm sure do not know what you are asking.
  8. Sorry everyone, I stand corrected. I just assumed that in the condition shown it would be much more. After all if it only needs an alternator that's not much to repair.
  9. That can't be the right price for the truck pictured. Either it is a misprint or the actual condition of the truck is a far cry from what you see here. By the way it says Dansville, NY on the door. Just off I 390 between Corning, NY and Buffalo,NY.
  10. Don't forget that black R just behind the Superliner. What a "woof pack".
  11. I agree with david wild about Western Star. If you go into a dealership to ask questions or just look around they have a totally different attitude towards you. They seem to want to answer questions, help you with anything you might think of and generally welcome you to their dealership. There might be exceptions to this but I have never found any. And just my 2 cents on the "Duck 2", although it is a beautiful truck, it will never be a "Rubber Duck" unless it is an R model Mack. Sorry it's just my thought.
  12. I'd love to take my checkbook to Wolfmeier and bring home any one of those puppies. I really love the R model.
  13. I'd like to remove the dump body, install a 5th wheel and pull my 5th wheel RV with that beauty! Wow is that gorgeous.
  14. The suspension in question rode better than the camelback set-up but wasn't nearly as strong. If you broke a leaf on camelback you could still safely drive to get it repaired but not the underslung ones. My father had an underslung break a leaf while loaded with a bulk tanker on I-80 many years ago and sure enough she rolled over. He survived, so did the bulk tanker except for a flattened side wall but the R was totaled.
  15. Doesn't get any nicer than this! Beautiful truck.
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