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  1. Now that's a dog pack worth it's weight in puppy food! One of the best looking group of Macks anywhere. Sure would be proud to own any one of them.
  2. You also saw a lot of U models with the right front fender either damaged or torn off. Did you ever see a driver damn near fall out of the cab because he forgot that the fuel tank step was under the cab? You had to learn to drive them like a COE by hugging the left center line in the highway or risk being on the shoulder or worse.
  3. For most of my early days when I started driving back in 1969 there were no radios in the A,B,F,R and U models I drove. I really appreciated it when I had a truck with a radio. Later when I drove for Conway we had no radios and no jump seats so most drivers built their own radio boxes with Cb's in them because we also did not have assigned trucks. My personal opinion is nice radio box and it is up to each individual owner if they want one or not. Hell you wouldn't buy a car or pick up if it had no radio.
  4. Almost all the old paper mags were the best. The availibility to sit and read has been lost to the digital world of electronics today. The online versions do not reflect the same feeling you had in the days gone by. As a retired truck driver I even miss the paper versions of their respective truck stops. Only TA produces a paper version bi-monthly and that also isn't as personal as bygone days. Be safe out there everyone.
  5. BillyT, No, they took out Berky's Restaurant and replaced it with IHOP I believe.
  6. Ezrider, Thanks for the info. I have seen both of these companies in my research but they are from different states. The Herms Trucking I'm trying to get info on was an Inc. and their ICC # was 117676 I believe and can't locate much on them. They went bankrupt sometime in 1980 after a union organization attempt. I was hoping to locate someone who remembered them or had some photos. They were from Trenton, N.J.
  7. Vlad, Love your dedication to detail and making this remodel a work of art. It is very impressive to see your great work and your ability to do it yourself. I can't wait to see the final result.
  8. My wife and I had the pleasure of a factory tour last year while vacationing in the Birmingham area and got to see the D64 up close. What a beautiful truck both inside and out. It is a tribute to the Autocar team to stay focused on their products. While taking over an iconic brand, keeping it stable within the refuse truck market and introducing the D64 to the world shows that they are to be considered as a serious contender in the HD truck world. Hopefully sales are strong enough and interest grows so that maybe we will see a class 8 dump or highway tractor follow. I feel that they will be very successful.
  9. I remember back in the 50's-60's the camelback tandems didn't have rubber cushions on the spring caps but was told that they were small coil type springs that always would break and cause the "jingle bell" noise. I used to love the sound because you knew a twin screw Mack was coming.
  10. I just found out that Hank's Truck Forum will be no more in May. I have been searching for information and photos of 2 old trucking companies from Trenton, N.J. that were Mack trucks only. H.M.Royal is a chemical distributor still in business but with no trucks. My father worked there for 20 years and I for 2. They had trucks from A40, B61, F600, R600 and newer I think. Their trucks were Mack green with red frames and hauled aluminum dry vans and bulk tankers. They changed colors to white with blue frames and white dry vans. Herms Trucking was a for hire company that hauled everything including DuraFlame firelogs and Kingsford Charcoal in the Northeast. They also had a mix of B, R and F model trucks and dry vans and flatbeds. The B's were Mack green, the R's were red, black frames with white roofs and hood insets. The F's were white, black frames with orange/red stripes. Any information or photos to share would be greatly appreciated. I have googled to no avail for information but no luck. Thanks for any help
  11. Vlad, Wow! Your patience, skill and love for Mack is to be praised. You are gifted in your dedication to creating a better than new truck when it is completed. No matter where you live in this world a true Mack owner has the pride to display his truck and the love he has for it. It is a pleasure to read your posts and watch your progress. I can't wait to see the finished truck. Good luck and thanks for your pictures.
  12. navypoppop

    1956 B-42

    Thanks for the reply Capt. I never saw one without it being in the dash panel. Personally I would have hole cut the dash panel but tht is just me.
  13. navypoppop

    1956 B-42

    I forgot to post earlier about this beautiful B. It is a really great restoration. My one question is why is the tach not in the dash panel and clamped alongside the steering column? I'm just curious.
  14. The early R models I drove in the late 1960's and early 1970's had a chrome trim ring around that side marker light. It really looked sharp with the chrome but you can't find them anymore.
  15. Now that's a real Mack! I'd surely love to have her in my driveway.
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