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  1. This was a bobtail figured they were pulling trailers during the day.
  2. I saw you guys had a truck in our yard in Palatine last week.
  3. Engine symbol light only for emissions issues. Lightning bolt means electronic malfunction.
  4. KW and Freightliner are 10k cheaper than Mack so brown looks at bottom line.
  5. Dohrn has about 20 new Anthems sitting at the dealer in Davenport Iowa right now.
  6. All I see for them is 680’s and Cascadias as well. Hell Old Dominion and YRC passed me the other night both in 680 Kenworths.
  7. Kenworth and Freightliner were way cheaper on the bid plus rumor was company didn’t get order in on time with Mack last year. Our Kenworths at our building have been a nightmare the Freightliners not much better. I keep turning a new one down and stay in my CX613 mdrive. Been very reliable. After the disaster of a peak we had, according to management, wonder if we’ll get any new trucks this year.
  8. Straight thru in the trans versus changing direction three to four times.
  9. 2.64 shouldn’t matter, isn’t that why the transmission has gears?
  10. Been dealing with that Bendix system on mine for three years. Pretty immune to it now
  11. And they are higher prices now than kenworth or freightliner. I saw yrc and old dominion running new t680’s now.
  12. The super terminal on 294 in Hodgkins got Obama to pretty much pay for a LNG fueling setup. Earth City MO uses LNG and I know Omaha runs CNG
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