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  1. In 2008 the Vision became the Pinnacle the cab was slightly larger and the Mp engines and seventh injector regen came about for emissions.
  2. Been driving with it for 6 years, distance alarm gets annoying in heavy traffic but to used to the adaptive cruise when I get in my personal vehicle without it I forget how to drive with cruise on. You do have to relearn driving with it but used to it now.
  3. I guess the set back axle ones are Anthems the Pinnacles are axle forward.
  4. Didn’t the Anthem replace the Pinnacle?
  5. Sensor needs changed we go thru a lot of them.
  6. UPS wouldn’t buy them if they cost more. Get a big fleet discount.
  7. This was a bobtail figured they were pulling trailers during the day.
  8. I saw you guys had a truck in our yard in Palatine last week.
  9. Engine symbol light only for emissions issues. Lightning bolt means electronic malfunction.
  10. KW and Freightliner are 10k cheaper than Mack so brown looks at bottom line.
  11. Dohrn has about 20 new Anthems sitting at the dealer in Davenport Iowa right now.
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