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  1. Anthem interior info and controls

    We have come a long way from checking the fluids and kicking the tires.
  2. Mack Drive axles and how they work

    Keep info like this comming.
  3. End of the Line

    Where is Yaworskis at?
  4. End of the Line

    Can the Yaworski connection still be viewed?
  5. DTNA Family at North American Commercial Vehicle Show

    Another four that got away America Freightliner, Western star Detroit and Thomas.
  6. 1988 Mack R-688

    Black dog from another Connetikun. Nice catch.
  7. Fire service engines

    I like it fjh. Tell it like it is.
  8. Are there exemptions for EPA regs on fire service vehicles or engine exhaust defeat options. It seems that for fire service you wouldn't want de rates or shutdowns due to EPA regs. Seems like for fire service you would want to keep every thing as simple as possible.
  9. Volvo introduces new Mack “Anthem” on-highway tractor

    May bee a dream but wouldn't it be nice if Volvo pulled out of North America and sold Mack to Scania. Then maybe we could import the Trident or Superliner along with the Scania V8 and the Mack Scania relationship of the past could be reborn. KS I love the time line history of the CH to the Anthem. So true.
  10. Navistar, VW partnership off to ‘robust start’

    VW jaws are opening wider and wider, with tongue hanging out and drooling for the final chomp. Only Donald can save Navistar from it self. IMHO
  11. Would be interesting to see how this line up offering stacks up to Navistar/Volvo/Pete/KW/Shaker and Western Star in a side by side comparison.
  12. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    Storkmack. What about the new Pinnacle(CHU)(new interior) with choice of MP7/8 - Allison, M-Drive or Mack manual and new truck warantee. Just a thought
  13. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    Still can't see why you can't order a Mack truck without a drive train. Call it a glider or a truck without a drive train. (Whatever) . As its coming down the line put the rear of the frame on the robot dollies and drive it out the door. Not that hard! Like the diet commercial Nutra-System says " You eat the food you loose the weight. Its not that hard"! Volvo should allow Mack to have that autonomy. Why should Volvo care? As small as the glider market is this shouldn't disrupt the factory assembly line that much. After all different models and chassis run down the same line.
  14. Saw a Manafort T880 KW dump today in Portland CT to go with the T880 tractor I saw previously. not a bad looking truck really. Looks like they are dropping tan and brown color scheme and going all brown.
  15. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    Stork. End of the line for Macks?