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  1. james j neiweem

    H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    What is with this europeon design that makes the cabs look like they are going to fall on their face. Ugly IMO. I agree with TS7, get out of Turkey. They have Iranian caliphate intensions
  2. james j neiweem

    EN 707

    Was the original maxidyne block a 673 block? It seems the 711/707 block was never followed up on.
  3. james j neiweem

    Heavy spec CH

    Can you heavy spec a Mack CH (pinnacle) to match that of a Granite.
  4. james j neiweem

    Ford Market News

    I like the H62X. There is a good video on you tube. Let furniture and real estate people keep to their line of business expertise and let automotive people run the auto and truck industry. Thank you very much.
  5. james j neiweem

    EN 707

    I see that the EN 707 gasser and the END-673 had almost identical torque (around 600 ft lb. This would indicate that the two engines had the same stroke and bore. Was the block the same for both engines. The 707 must have been a beast of a gasser. Its life was short lived as it came on the scene to late as diesels such as the 673 were coming on line at the time. I believe IH's biggest gasser was the 501. How did Mack's EN 540 flat head stack up against the big White flat heads. Those Whites had a great sound. I am retired now and I have nothing better to do than think up nostalgia from the past.
  6. james j neiweem

    Mack gliders

    Since the customer pays the bills. I still can't see why you can't order a Mack from the factory without a drive train. What is the big stumbling block. It would move right on down the line with the frame resting on dollies. No disruption in my way of thinking. Has anyone ever tried it.
  7. Sell for parts if you can find any.
  8. james j neiweem

    Freightliner Argosy - Simply Legendary

    The best looking cab over IMHO. Shame they re coming to an end. What will be there COE replacement.
  9. james j neiweem

    0% emissions. 100% electric. The all-new eCollect

    Fossil fuel is sill required to charge the batteries. Though the electric grid is all tied together generally speaking most local grid power is produced locally due to line losses.
  10. james j neiweem

    Chicago R models

    Might help if Volvo would let mack use Cummins.
  11. james j neiweem

    Chicago R models

    Storkmack:I thought I read somewhere on here that you are done with the new Macks. Was that right?
  12. james j neiweem

    MP8 still sucks at life

    Can anyone say pre emissions E-6, E7 E9. Volvo and their injector cups are pathetic. Best of luck.
  13. james j neiweem


    I grew up in Illinois during the 50's and 60's. Hendrickson's seemed to be almost as popular as Mack's in the construction business.
  14. james j neiweem

    Good Grief! BSA! WTH is going on?!

    Thank the Loony left.
  15. james j neiweem

    Fairly large load

    Mack heavy haul need not apply. Should be a fun day.

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