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  1. When I worked in the 345,000 volt yard it was a minimum clearance of 15 ft. Not a place for a crane operator with happy fingers.
  2. Need more old time Mack factory shots. May bee a Mack factory thread.
  3. Whats up with that- Dam Macks are lasting more than the average life span of a Volvo (I'm guessing 5 Years)
  4. Like the side profile of the Ford COE. Straight across as opposed to that downward slant fall on your face profile look.
  5. IH is definetely competitive in this area of work trucks.
  6. Keg 1 : That's funny. I wonder if the new ones can make it to morning coffee break.
  7. It might be fun to list the changes from the original 65/66 R 600's to the refinements of the late 80 and early 90 R's. The RD's were for the most part a construction truck as the CH replaced the Highway R'r.
  8. Sure didn't gain traction as well as the White 3000.
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