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  1. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    That's funny fjh. TS7 I agree with you 100%. Paccar didn't have the product or component lineup that Mack had 40 years ago Yet they are still around. They didn't over reach like Mack and White did. While Paccar maintained a profitable business model Mack and White did not as a result of over expansion.
  2. I think the midliner helped keep Mack afloat prior to Renault take over
  3. Actually they sold a lot of those French poodles
  4. Cummins' Vice President Pence retires

    Even better.
  5. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    Why don't they sell Mack and get it over with? Probably will let Mack die like White, Autocar and Diamond Reo. Speaking of Autocar why don't they expand their line up into construction heavy haul etc. Maybe the sale agreement with Volvo precludes such an expansion.
  6. Cummins' Vice President Pence retires

    Now he can sail around the ocean in a Cummins powered Yaht.
  7. Ford gives F-650/F-750 update

    Still no Cummins options?
  8. Englishtown Truck Racing

    Was watching rig races on you tube the other day. How boring can it get. Paccar vs Paccar/Paccar vs shaker/Paccar vs Paccar. I noticed the parking lot truck displays are bling Paccars after Paccars. Not like the old days.
  9. December 7, 1941

    Respect to all of the servicemen of WW2.
  10. Rainier Truck Targets 2018 Launch

    Move over Japan. Good luck.
  11. Does run? Sell it. Cut up something else like a shacker Paccar IH etc.
  12. camel back

    Does Hendrickson offer a suspension similar to camelback?
  13. Volvo - Autonomous truck for hub-to-hub transportations

    Stay clear of this beast.
  14. Nice Western R for sale

    Jeff: Pre Value Liner I guess.