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  1. Keep the rubber side down.
  2. Some die cast toy company is introducing a model of the blue Overdop F model. I think it is a foreign toy company.
  3. Looks like an old southeastern freight lines truck with frame extension.
  4. Why hasn't Volvo dumped Mack yet like they did White, GMC, Autocar ? What seems to be their end game? Daimler promotes American icons like Freightliner and Western Star and Detroit. They keep the Daimler ego in the background.
  5. Where are the Mack engineers such as Dave McKenna who used to post on the Mack website and Mack 3P who used to post on here. Miss their inputs.
  6. HB there Vinny boy.
  7. Probably not a lot sold because they were heavy compared to Paccars
  8. PIE had a few western F models also
  9. What was the last year/years of the Mack mechanical engines.
  10. Timmy: That kind of sums up the difference between the Mack/ Volvo relationship and Western Star/ Freightliner. Daimler doesn't care if Western Star intrudes on Freightliner IMHO.
  11. I can see Western Star killing off Mack in North America-unfortunately. Diamler has deep pockets and they are innovative. They have their own engines, transmissions and they run Western Star like Volvo should run Mack.
  12. Makes sense. Keep Ram for the pickup and Dodge for the big boy. I could see this cutting into Mack's regional hall.
  13. DS -Good information. Let us know if there are any positive changes.