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  1. Does anyone have a source of old bulldog magazines other than ebay?
  2. I can see this thread growing and growing.
  3. Great family pictures. That Pacific is a beast. Wish they were still made to give Paccar some competition.
  4. Stork Mack: Sounds like the wiring harness would be an issue although they did have a Cummins specific wiring harness for the MHD small Cummins.
  5. Not as good looking as the Nikola but than again this one will probably hit the road.
  6. Those would look good in the USA and Canada. Come on Hayseed use your pull with Volvo Corporate😄
  7. Hard to believe the tranny and axles can handle the torque.
  8. Sorry to say but that plain jane T-880 looks awful in my opinion. I have seen some T-880 dumps that look decent though. Have fun driving at the mine in the new ride. Must be fun not having to look out for four wheelers.
  9. Storkmack : May be I should say more granite tractors with Cummins engines Gicknordon: Looks like you found a good Mack spotting location. Keep the pics comming
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