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  1. KS: Hope you don't let a couple of bad apples spoil it for the rest of us. Please comment on the new Mack's at some time.

    Better than nothing I guess even tough they fall far short of the old standards. I think the Anthem is way better than Vovo's

    first attempt in 2005 to make over the vision and turn it into the CX. The vision was at the forefront of modern design however the rest of the industry caught up and left the CX CXU in the dust. IMHO

  2. Notifications

    Yes 2 different topics I guess. I don't see that paragraph symbol on my screen.
  3. New news

    Come on members no new trucking news?
  4. Doesn't get any better than that yellow horizontal shutter B. Wish they were still running the highways along with horizontal shutter 9000 whites coup cab or Acar.
  5. Notifications

    I get notifications from time to time and I was just wondering how do you send a private notification to a member.
  6. How about some Macks from Vermont?

    License plate says Manty.
  7. KS

    KS Where you be? You OK?
  8. The All New Mack

    Beats those ant eater prostars, cascadias and Paccars The Anthem is a good replacement for the CXU. Was good to get rid of the tiny Mack emblem and go back to the bold Mack lettering. I am sure there are already vendors working on grill changes if that's what you want. Day cabs will look good pulling dumps of all sorts as will the new CHU pinnacle. I am sure the hood mirrors will have options
  9. New Mack for the fall

    Like that new pinnacle (chu) if it comes to pass. I wonder where the picture came from? Brian its good to have a factory insider again. Just don't get in trouble. Show and tell what you can and no more. I see the pinnacle axle back is off of the website now. Vision(cx) and Pinnacle axle back (cxu) have been relegated to history. Yes the new Anthem is sort of WS 5700ish. I like them both. The hood mirrors probably need a couple of options ie. side of hood. Those mirrors popping out of the hood kind of remind me of the old L models with the exhaust stacks coming out of the hood.
  10. New Mack for the fall

    Heavy Gunner. IMHO the Pinnacle axle forward competes looks wise with Paccar Diamler and Navistar. They just lack the big bore.
  11. New Mack for the fall

    All and all it looks as good or better than the competition. I like it. It does look Mack rugged. Looks better than Cascadia, Prostar and KW. On par with Pete and WS 5400. I think the day cab would make a mean looking construction truck (dump truck). A little Cat like but better. I see they are still offering Mack manuals, Allison and vendor rears and suspensions. I wonder if they are still going to offer the Pinnacle axle back. It is good that it has a new name. Being that we will never see the R or Superliner again this is not bad.
  12. New Mack for the fall

    Go to the Mack web site WTF also applies. Volvo didn't have any problems rolling out the new VN's. Volvo you suck more than ever. Killed White, Autocar, Diamond Reo and workin on Mack. Tell me where I am wrong. Phew calm down Jim. Going to bed. May be tomorrow will be better
  13. New Mack for the fall

    If you are looking at face book or you tube WTF applies. Great roll out Vol333$$$OH
  14. Mack MP10 tops the grunt factor in Australian truck test

    Mack tech that's funny
  15. New Mack for the fall

    Its 9-13-17.Where is it?