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  1. cPaccar is still in attack mode. KW and Pete are neck and neck. Interesting. Mack is up from 5 % to 6.4% market share probably due to the Navistar dive. Navistar is ready for a VW fire sale.
  2. I thought the Maxidyne setup poured more fuel in at lower rpm. Adjusting the fuel would seem to increase torque but not HP. I may be wrong.
  3. Bullheaded you hit it right on the head. What Mack customers want is options like big bore etc. etc. not dumb as all black Anthems.
  4. Neat remote control haul trucks.
  5. Ironically though isn't Volvo now run by an ex Scania executive? I thought maybe he might knock some sense into them.
  6. Saw on you tube that the Mack truck modification center has been shutdown. Where are the mods done now?
  7. At the same time almost every other fleet was trying to standardize.
  8. How is it that some threads just take off like a bat out of H as in " An Anthem and a couple of gold bulldogs". Great thread by the way.
  9. For all the White trucks sold back in the day there sure are not many that survived. Fleet trucks galore.
  10. I thought Paccar put the X12 in the T 800's.
  11. KS: Glad you landed with a company (Autocar) as good as Mack used to be. Are you in the Picture?
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