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  1. They must be trying to hide the new heavy haul
  2. H67: Hanks pictures-go to forum-sign in(not sure if you can view as guest)-Photography-Favorite truck-child boards-pick Mack-New model Mack. Works for me
  3. For the first time in a while I went on Hanks. They have quite a discussion on the new Mack pinnacle changeover coming as pictured by the green and yellow Sharkey prototype. Most comments were negative as far as the appearance. I'm sure that was not the final version. The discussion can be found by scrolling down the website until you get to the latest truck photos listed by manufacturer in a horizontal fashion. We will have to wait and see.
  4. For the last couple of months or so I would have to try getting on to this web site several times before entry was accomplished. Last couple of days I can get right on. Seems like PFM to me.
  5. I have a Kholer engine in a cub cadet and I have to use WD40 to get her started all the time in cooler weather. Havn't blown it up yet. Dam Kholer.
  6. Love that orange B-81 mixer.
  7. Does anyone know the model of the Brockway with the Mack conventional cab and the set forward axle. This was one good looking truck rivaling the Superdogs IMHO.
  8. Superdog welcome back. I had a mild stroke about 10 years ago and I have some advice for those who may undergo one in the future. Get to the hospital ASAP. They have drugs now that can reverse many of the adverse symptoms however they have to be administered in the first few hours after the incident.
  9. Underdog my thoughts exactly.
  10. Never saw to many midliners around. I remember reading when Mack was having financial problems in the 80"s before the Renault purchase that the Mack Mid liner was keeping Mack"s head above water.
  11. Nice. Love those R's with the grill guards.
  12. The Mack CL 700 was a beast IMHO that only came only in axle back configurations. I know many of you on here have been creative in stuffing different engines in B's. Has anyone ever tried turning a CL into an axle forward configuration? (Give me 80 acres and I'll turn this rig around).
  13. That looks like one of those rare seldom seen Canadian Pteradactyls that leave their calling cards all over.
  14. Man is not a bad looking truck. Still like the Argosies better though.
  15. Is the one off of 385 still open?