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  1. james j neiweem

    Cummins X12 Engine Now Available for Freightliner 114SD

    Wow Daimler sure is smarter than them dumb asses at Volvo (ie. x12 option in the Granite and x15 option in a redesigned Pinnacle AF).
  2. Volkswagen/Traton says ummmm Navistar taste good. I do like the looks of that MAN cabover.
  3. james j neiweem

    USPS Truck News

    KS- That jeep looks like it could still be sold>
  4. Looks like Volvo will be killing off another Mack niche (waste/garbage). Paccar is doing a good job of it here in Ct.
  5. james j neiweem

    Cerberus to Acquire Majority Interest in Navistar Defense

    MY bad on the foreign takeover , at least so far.
  6. james j neiweem

    Early R Model Tractor

    B and its successor the R that helped kill off the White Motor Company.
  7. Sweet. Would still sell today. To bad Fitzgerald doesn't offer these.
  8. james j neiweem

    Cerberus to Acquire Majority Interest in Navistar Defense

    This is absolute BS Trump where is your bully pulpit?
  9. james j neiweem

    New to me, R770 wanna be

    Fury little buck tooth bastards!
  10. james j neiweem

    Caterpillar Introduces Two New Ultra-Class Trucks

    How can Cat make complex monsters like these and they couldn't make a decent highway/construction truck.
  11. james j neiweem

    Bigland takes over as president & CEO of Ram Truck Brand

    Iveco is not a bad looking truck. Better looking than the Mack NH 700 and the Anthem.
  12. james j neiweem

    Power boost for Waste-A-Way with 14 new Arocs

    Yugly compared to the Freightliner being phased out.
  13. james j neiweem


    1/4 the price of a new one and should last a good long while. If the E9 dies an E7 400 might do.
  14. james j neiweem

    Simard Suspensions (Dramis Int'l) News

    KW rules the day as usual.😥 I guess Mack is lucky having something close to heavy haul. I wonder how the sales compare KW/IH/WS/Mack?

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