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  1. Front discharge mixer history was conceived in the USA. Sims from wisconsin invented the front discharge mixer and called it Riteway and he sold it to savage. Savage was bought out by Mack and Volvo dropped the Savage mixer from the Mack lineup. Sims later sold the rights to Advance. Advance was bought out by Terex and is now Terex Advance and they still make front discharge mixers. Oshkosh still makes front discharge mixers. Kimble still makes front discharge mixers. From what I can gather.
  2. Some bad ass looking trucks for sure. Love the 9500 style SB's.the most. I wonder if there are any still around. Might be worth importing for someone.
  3. Oso2 Go to you tube. Guy has a smart trucking handle.
  4. Loved those wide grills. GM along with Penske did the US a disservice by selling out to Volvo and Daimler. White wasn't at fault other than White management over extending themselves leading the company into bankruptcy. Mack and White should have followed the Paccar model slow and easy one step at a time. I wonder if yellow still has any Brigadiers left. Mack U's , Brigadiers , L 9000's and White 9000's were great competitors back in the day.
  5. Their good for keeping Mack in a straight jacket and ball less. Mack engineer at a board meeting.- Lets make Mack great again by bringing back the Super Liner, offering the Cummins X12 and x15, getting back into heavy haul, and a new class seven. Volvo management-If you want to keep your job and pension - Shut the F--k up. Next question. Volvo engineer-I have a great idea to get Mack market share even lower-drop all Mack legacy components and shorten the hoods so that only the MP7 fits in. Volvo management- Sounds good I'll bring that up at the next board meeting
  6. Rebuilding old Mack trucks seems like a win win. To bad so many have been shipped abroad.
  7. No sense taking something apart that's useless to begin with.
  8. Yes I was inquiring about the chassis mounted set up that came out with the E-6 350 hp. (Econodyne perhaps) Was the chassis mounted set up also available for the E-7. I may be wrong that this chassis mounted set up started with the E-6. How long of a run did the chassis mounted air to air system have. What replaced it? Seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  9. Mack had the charge air to air induction system on the E-6 350. When did they stop producing this. What replaced it . Was it ever offered on the E-7. Was the Charge air system offered on R-models. I know I have seen it on Superliners and Cruiseliners.
  10. You tube video states that Fitzgeralds Glider states that Gliders from Freightliner and Paccar factories are no more as of 6-29-19.
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