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  1. Any chance that Ford will bring their cabover to the US.
  2. Who still makes the series 60 pre emission engines?
  3. I mix Power Services and Howes. Might not be a good idea but it has worked for me.
  4. KT_: I get the impression you may be a Mack employee(engineer)?
  5. Those 672 Cummins were popular in the early White 9000 coupe cabs and later the 743 Cummins (220 HP). The early white 9000 was a strong competitor to the B-61.
  6. Why is Renault so strong compared to Volvo/Mack?
  7. They cease to be a Mack customer/ That seems to have happened a lot over the last 20 years.
  8. That rust looks like you may be close to the ocean.
  9. Terry: Too hot. Too many snakes and scorpians.
  10. HB you're a yung un.
  11. Volvo COE not available here in the USA. Not yet.
  12. Nice looking truck. Hats off to Paccar. Its about time. Just when they were getting their T 800 to look respectable. I'll bet you can get big bore power in that baby as an option.
  13. LTL replacement. Real class.
  14. If Volvo kicks Mack to the curb, Mack could still build some decent vehicles using Cummins, Eaton, Allison and Hendrickson components. A big plus would be Cummins network. The biggest plus would be Volvo restrictions would be gone and allow creativity to flow. Cummins needs Mack and Mack needs Cummins, Eaton, Allison and Hendrickson. Seems like it would be a plus for all companies involved. I have a couple of grand for the joint venture. Ha!
  15. Volvo pushing into the construction market can only hurt Mack even further, especially when the Volvo/ Mack dealerships push Volvos. Once they get a firm foothold in the construction industry they may kick Mack to the curb. Watch out if Volvo ever builds a COE for the refuse industry. That would further hurt Mack. The Volvo agreement where they had to sell Autocar can't go on forever.