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  1. Does the B-53 have a beefier frame than the B-61. Not counting double or triple frames.
  2. Since trucking news seems to be silent as of late, where is a good place to get trucking news to pass on.
  3. Will a 6-71 or a 6-110 fit in a B? 6-110 is only 660 cu.in which is less than a 673. Side supercharger may be an issue.
  4. Move nice, sound nice, and easy to repair. Don't think parts will be an issue in our lifetimes.
  5. I guess most of the shenanigans went over my head. But I did learn how to spell shaynanoguns. Miss Mr. Hitchcock also. I hear he is on another site.
  6. What ever happened to Mr. Karbel?
  7. Too bad the Oakville plant is not still open, they put out some beauties over the years.🙂
  8. I'm guessing that's a 613 not a 713. I wonder what the specs are.🙂
  9. What years did the mechanical E-7 run.
  10. May be hard to beat out those cheapo Freightliners and ugly K woppers
  11. Good job mike. I saw B-63's when I was a kid they were tractors for Meyer cement (Illinois) pulling dump trailers. in 1959-1960 time frame. I am pretty sure they had the turbo 673. I think the last B model ever made was a B53 cement truck with the B-53 unique grill.
  12. The B-53 was a popular mixer truck gas or diesel powered I believe. B-61's were Mack diesel powered highway and construction trucks. I think the B-63's had the turbo charged 673 engines 205 HP
  13. I believe right before the Volvo by out Mack had an agreement with Oskosh to use Oskosh mixers with the Mack name and Mack engine. To bad they can't use the MR platform to make a forward discharge mixer. Get a clue🙂 Vo%$#.
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