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  1. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    Mack's refuse market is dying
  2. Mack Trucks | Australian Made

    Volvo letting China in the door is kind of like the last straw. May be this is karma for Mack when they were willing to build a factory in the Soviet Union during the cold war.
  3. Ford launches all-new game-changing EcoBlue Diesel

    Not your grandfathers simple flathead ford.
  4. LTL9000

    Super dogs should have had the Louisville cab.
  5. Little engines that can: Big power from small displacements

    Do they make the Twin -Y in different weight ratings. As simple as the system seems to be it would only require thicker metal stampings.
  6. Six months to a year is more like it.
  7. KT's were about 1100 cubes or so as I remember. Why were they stopped- Too heavy?
  8. That style RD is my favorite. There is an RB honey wagon running around the deep river area also.
  9. Anthem production

    A few more rivets/fasteners might be in order to give it a quality look. I hope the rest of the truck is not put together like this. Grill/ hood /steps/fuel tank fairings/cab seem like they were designed ok. Roof fairing looks like some kids dropped it off a bridge on to the truck.
  10. B Model in SC

    Mason Dixon had a ton of those. B-67's or 65's. Woops didn't notice Mr. Hancock's thread. Looks like surface rust. How much would a 500-1000 mile shipment be?
  11. Timber truck driver tests the best

    Good looking COE. Sort of similar to the latest Argosy. Skin deep anyways.
  12. Certainly not old enough to be considered a truck professional but old enough to be a salesman.
  13. When I was a wee lad in Chicago, electric buses and trolley cars were the norm. I guess what's old is new and what's new is old.
  14. Retired:

    Welcome to the land of retirement. Keep us posted on your projects.
  15. Mack Trucks | Australian Made

    Down uderites: What was the smaller Mack COE made in Australia. Not the Magnum. Where they decent trucks. I thought they were decent looking trucks. Are they still made. I think they were used over the road, in mixers dumps etc. It may have been a Renault model.