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  1. I was reading Bulldog magazines from 1998 -2001 and I get the impression that every thing was looking up for Mack's future at that time. Mack CL and RD dominated construction. The Mack CH had a redesigned interior and was selling well in highway applications. The Vision was off to a good start. The CL had the big power Cummins option and was competitive in heavy haul. Mack had a good presence in class in class 6 & 7 with the MS and CS. Mack MR and LE were dominant in the refuse industry. Then in June of 2001 bam Volvo bought Renault. Mack executives gave no hint of the trouble ahead (Vickner/Gigou) . The years prior to this they painted a rosy picture. Mack was a sitting duck by allowing Renault to have controlling interest. Volvo got a package deal (Mack & Mack dealerships) in buying Renault. Mack died in 2001 as the last of the Mack engineered vehicles (Granite) hit the streets. Under the Volvo tutelage the following Mack products have died, front discharge mixer, marine and industrial engines, Mack engines I6 and V8, manual transmissions, mack chassis , Mack heavy haul product, Mack Titan and many Mack dealerships now dominated by Volvo. Volvo screwed up White , Diamond-T/Reo, GMC and now Mack.
  2. Mack will jump in and fill that market hole. Ha Ha Ha
  3. Out east here in Connecticut in the last twenty years I have seen about five granite tractors. There are more around the Boston area.
  4. I know they are few and far between but more Granite tractor please. Why so few I have no clue. I would guess they could be speced light like a Pinnacle axle foeward. Not enough of these out there either.
  5. This site has a super assortment of used Mack dump trucks (Good news) (Bad news) They were probably traded in on for Paccars.
  6. Those are some kick ass toggle switches!
  7. When I was a kid back in Illinois Material Service used to run red and yellow White 9000 coup cab mixers out of that giant quarry by the Chicago Interstate.
  8. First gear makes many models of by gone fleets using R models as subjects. I may be wrong but I think many of these fleets never had R models such as PIE Preston Campbells transcon etc. I may be wrong. I am especially curious about Transcon and the R model. I know they had Wilson U models. I read on facebook that Transcon had R models with Cummins 903's. Speaking of the 903's why weren't they ever turbo charged.
  9. I remember as a kid back in Illinois seeing a brand new Diamond-T 921RB and a brand new Mack B-61 for OK trucking with dump trailers Trucks were both red and black with white trim. The Diamond-T had sort of a Hendrickson like front bumper. Wish I had photos of those two beauties. It was rare to see OK dumps as they usually had freight trailers Any body remember OK out of Chicago I believe. I believe DT used the A car drivers cab before the dumbass White takeover.
  10. Keep the 350 and tune or swap for an e7 400. My dumb ass opinion of course.
  11. Did the Mack A model and White coup cab share the same cab. They both came from Orville cab I believe.
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