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  1. The MHD couldn't work its way down maybe the MD will be able to work its way up.
  2. Wow that combo should be a fuel burner in a cxn unless its set up for construction
  3. And don't forget that the original mack engines were gasers such as those in the Mack Ab's and AC's. I am not sure what their designations were. Before my time but not by much.🙂
  4. Ford fusion is a great car. Ford could have this niche to themselves.
  5. Nice truck if you like the feeling of the family jules dragging on the highway.🙂
  6. Can't say I like the Grill but I guess they have to distinguish themselves from Paccar though.
  7. Nice capture Vlad. If you spend a little extra money you can get those pants to reach your shoes.😃
  8. Glad it broke where it did. Its good to keep the B's on the right side of the highway!
  9. Good to hear logtruckerman! Here in the state of Ct they buy wimpy Freightshakers and Navistars. But I guess that's all they need. Never saw an MHD for the state of Ct or a Granite of any type for that matter.'
  10. I guess this will kill Mack off in the highly competitive state plow business. Maybe Volvo can slither in instead.
  11. I would guess they would if they could. Olaf of the north must approve. Olaf's long range goal seems to be to replace Mack with Volvo in all areas here in the USA.🤥 I am not sure why Volvo doesn't push their conventionals in Australia to kill off Mack over there.
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