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  1. KS: For a while I thought you worked for Paccar after Mack. Then you popped up in Aussie land as a Scania man. Now you sound like an A-car man. Not a bad choice no matter what. Looks like the sky is the limit for A-car. Now only if we can keep those greedy foreign fingers out of the A-car pie.
  2. I can see Western Star passing Mack in the future with their can do attitude and Daimler deep pockets.
  3. Looks like the 2 cycle opposed piston diesel/gas engine is for real. Achates power is teaming up with Ford, Cummins, DOE and Fairbanks Morse. They have an F-150 with a 3 cylinder six piston diesel on display. It sounds a lot like a 2 cycle Detroit. Cummins is building an opposed piston in conjunction with Achates for the Bradley fighting vehicle and potential tank engine. Fairbanks Morse has teamed up with Achates to improve its 12 cylinder Marine and Stationary engine. (5000HP). Thermal efficiencies of almost 50% are expected due to less heat loss to the coolant. Sounds like exciting times. May bee KS can shed some light on this venture.
  4. 69 era R model was the standard White/IH/GMC/Ford killer of the time.
  5. Was that a good engine? How come the 707 never got used more except for fire service.?
  6. Great story Vlad and great find on the MH. Your English is better than mine now. I see you drive on the right side of the road in Russia.
  7. Interesting Allison over M-Drive. Nice looking paint scheme.
  8. Will an electric Anthem follow? If not Volvo will be putting the squeeze on Mack regional and bulk haul.
  9. Real nice. What year did the Granite get the longer hood?
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