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  1. KS: Are you one of the five in the picture?
  2. What do the belts drive on the MP7's? Alternator water pump and power steering pump?
  3. I can see why White dropped Sterling in favor of Autocar. A face only a mother could love.🙂
  4. That beautiful L model was in a video on you tube from Daily Diesel Dose titled Mack family.
  5. Bad ass no matter the engine Paccar killers back in the day.
  6. When I was a young lad I worked at Hartford Ct Mack for a while. Old brick building in the run down section of town. One day an owner operator came in with an F model sleeper with the then new Maxidyne 325 V-8. The whole shop went over for a gander. Sure wish I had one today.
  7. They were one of the most popular fleet trucks of the day. They were made of non galvanized steel so there are not many survivors.
  8. Lets hope they don't kill off construction and heavy haul comes back.
  9. Needs one of those Superliner II bumpers {flat in the middle and extended and tapered on the sides). Not to worry still looks good upside down.
  10. I like the looks of the Volvo VHD but it needs a more rugged looking bumper.
  11. I don't see why they didn't offer the plus four CH cab. May bee they are trying to use up the old cabs( Minus four) like they did with the L cab with the B and C series Macks.
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