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  1. james j neiweem

    Wedding Pics

    Super dog and a bride-can't beat that.
  2. james j neiweem

    New to me engine configuration

    ZDB 15 deg sounds about right for flat deck block with staggered cylinders.
  3. james j neiweem

    New to me engine configuration

    Was watching You tube today and I saw an engine block I never saw before. They had the head off of the engine and they were cleaning the cylinder combustion space with WD 40 and scotch brite pads. The cylinders were not arranged in an I6 or v6 fashion but were staggered in the same plane. Kind of like a compact version of an I6 and v6. The mechanic had a VW shirt on. Not sure if it was a VW engine. It was a real compact design.
  4. james j neiweem

    Peterbilt Model 567 Walk-Around

    Any Anthems for storkmack?
  5. You know what belongs under the valve covers? Valve train components and nothing more.
  6. james j neiweem

    Nice line up

    Yes you will see Cardi Macks running at 55 mph on the interstates and return home ever night without breaking a sweat.
  7. Would the original maxidyne have been better with another gear/ gears between fourth and fifth. I think the cummins high torque copy had seven gears. The original maxidyne died on the hills.
  8. james j neiweem

    Paccar breaks new ground as part of expansion

    What. No golden shovel or ribbon.
  9. james j neiweem

    Stevens Transport purchases $165 million in new equipment

    More jobs for the crusher boys.
  10. james j neiweem

    Mack MV 620 D

    Any back story why greyhound didn't go Mack. Who mkes greyhound buses now.
  11. james j neiweem

    Stevens Transport purchases $165 million in new equipment

    Good point. Then how to you repurpose one of those curb sniffers. Old Macks could always be repurposed.
  12. Only Cummins in a Mack is for the MHD I believe.
  13. james j neiweem

    Stevens Transport purchases $165 million in new equipment

    Nice looking Daimler/shaker tanker. Paccar strikes again.
  14. Saw in truck paper a rare MH-613 dump. 50 inch bbc/aluminum dump body/E-6 350/18,000 fronts/38,000 camelbacks/100,000 miles/35,000 dollars/. Quite pricey but definitely unique. May make a great farm truck

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