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  1. Where are the Mack Granite/Pinnacle trains? Oh I forgot they are under powered by Volvo design.
  2. Nice to see one in a dump format. Truck is on the ugly side may bee a visor would help
  3. Mack MD is on the list? Has anybody ever seen one on the road? Not around here anyway.
  4. I guess the in the bag for China Joe Biden didn't get the memo about the pipeline. Still you can't take the worth ethic away from the neighbor kids.🙂
  5. With enough greenies that could be a Waylon Jenning's look alike.🙂
  6. I guess Amazon delivery is taking away business from UPS parcel big time. Hope they go back to the Overnight colors at TFI🙂
  7. Interesting find in Mr. Warth's Mack B models volume 2. Go to page 112 and see a picture of a B733 LS and Look at the cab. It almost looks like a for runner of the R model cab. The B733 LS on the next page has the L model cab. Anybody know the story of the cab on page 112.😗
  8. Jam Bulldog: The books you are referring to were put out (edited from with permission from the Mack Museum) by Thomas E. Warth. I have volume 2 of the B models. Great picture book but has almost no dialogue. Volume one of the B models is quite pricy if you can find it. Some of these books can be found on ebay or amazon. I guess Mr. Warth didn't get around to the later F's G's W's R's DM's RD's MH's etc. May bee some Mack eager beaver can pick up the torch. I am not sure if Mr. Warth is still with us. Just checked on Amazon Volume 1 of the B models is for sale for $987.00!(What)! Volume 2 can
  9. If you go to the Oskosh Defense website you will see the HET listed with all of the specs. C18 Cat HD Allison etc. Nice alternative to KW. Any pictures of the ones up in Canada? Probably would have to buy these used as I am guessing not many people could afford one new except for the deep pocket US Military.
  10. Speculation is the for runner of diving down the wrong rabbit hole in many cases.🙂
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