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  1. james j neiweem

    Trip up to New Hamshire

    I also saw a Sysco Anthem a couple of weeks ago in Middletown Ct. I've seen about 3 Anthems so far.
  2. Took a trip to NH from Ct. I 395/ 290 to Durham NH and back. 7 hours of road time. I didn't see one Anthem. This area along with eastern Mass used to be loaded with Mack CH's pulling dump trailers, tankers etc. Not so much any more. Peterbilts have pretty much ko'd the CH and everything else. Quite a few Western Stars and KW's. Almost no Granites pulling trailers. A decked out CH is about the best looking truck on the road. I think they might regain there dominance in the RI- Boston- NH- Maine area if a Cummins option was offered for the MP engines and there injector issues. Noticed that Severino is now buying Western Stars for their newest dumps(long time Mack user). Also noticed long time Mack user Continental paving is buying new KW T 800's. Not looking good for former Mack country.
  3. james j neiweem

    Mack granite designation

    Thanks for the info JH.
  4. james j neiweem

    james j neiweem happy birthday

    Thanks fellow Mack nuts
  5. What is a Mack granite 64FR designation?
  6. No wonder they have no money left over for Mack! They will spread themselves so thin like Mack and White did and the Chinese will jump in with both feet.
  7. james j neiweem

    Daseke's buys Builders Transportation

    KS- Used to like BT's green and yellow paint scheme. There COE Freightliners looked sharp. Wasn't a fan of the low rider IH COE's though. I am not sure what else they ran.
  8. james j neiweem

    Daseke's buys Builders Transportation

    Should be able to turn those Mack's into Shackers in no time Does appear to be a pretty decent operation per their website
  9. james j neiweem

    H 67

    Shaw is a nice H'r
  10. james j neiweem

    History of Roadway Express

    Theakerstwo: Back in the Roadway time frame you were referring to (F leetstar/ B67)-I believe the H ,F and B Mack's of that era all had Mack engines(May bee some F's with Cummins), the whites and IH's all had Cummins engines, this was before the era of V6&8 Detroit's in the Mack's or Whites. That era did have some cracker boxes with Detroit's. I don't recall ever seeing any Roadway Cannonballs.
  11. james j neiweem

    History of Roadway Express

    I believe St Johnsbury had 903's in their U models. I used to see and hear them out of the Springfield Mass terminal. They were low hood U's. KS- did the 8V-71's require a U high hood. I thought they did due to the 60 degree block with the supercharger on top.
  12. james j neiweem

    History of Roadway Express

    Probably why they had every truck brand under the sun. Never saw a Peterbilt.
  13. james j neiweem

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    So it sounds like the most important thing to remember is not the year necessarily but weather the engine is an AI e-tech or an AC e-tech
  14. james j neiweem

    Introducing Ford Trucks' new heavy tractor

    So who are the big players in Western Europe. Renault-Volvo-DAF-VW-MAN-Scania-Mercedes Benz- and now Ford
  15. james j neiweem

    Introducing Ford Trucks' new heavy tractor

    Cargo star is back in red.

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