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  1. He was quite an entertainer funny thing when he died he look better than his son Robbie there’s an idiot ha ha Ha sorry my opinion.... bob
  2. Hey Rowdy if this will make you feel better I didn’t see anything wrong with it it was excellent Young kid having a ball... bob
  3. I rode Harleys for years and a lot of times the transmission clunk into gear I kind of liked the idea of transmission fluid seem to make sense to me I’ve never tried it and I never heard of it But it is really gooy it would probably do a good job And yes I did notice this was turning into a pissing contest personally I try not to piss anybody off and I generally don’t discuss politics anymore on here but most of the time in person I have no filter just ask the old lady ha ha Ha.... bob
  4. We have an indoor range around 15 minutes away never been there ... bob
  5. we used to be able to find shooting areas around here,,real easy and close to home,,,,now reno has been growing like mad,and they keep building more and more houses everywhere....now you have to drive out 15-20 miles...to find one,,,might as well just drive to the shooting range....housing developers have taken up all the close up spots.....bob
  6. One of these days real soon I’ll just have to drop everything and drive to the shooting range thanks for the heads up fellas I am anxious to try it out ....seems always something else around here I have to take care of first lol... bob
  7. Love the video bought a Henry golden boy 44 magnum like 8 years ago still haven’t found time to try it out ,,, bob
  8. That is very nice 👍... bob
  9. photos of that beautiful truck ,,,,never gets old,,,,keepem coming...bob
  10. wow,,,musta been hard to let go,,,i wouldnt have sold it....but some folks are forced to for some reason or another,,,,alotta times....im sure someone will do an amazing job on it.....bob
  11. have a swinging day fellas....we cant really do a whole lot out of staying home but..thank god i have enough to do around my place,,to keep 3 guys busy,and a day off with pay to try to con-core some of it,,,then of coarse barbecue,and lots of jack danials...bob
  12. I would’ve got a haircut and a shave for that also glad to see you’re doing good Paul....... bob
  13. Think my smart ass comment opened up a can a worms like wow man.... bob
  14. and yes the first one looks like a big money maker...bob
  15. wow,that truck looks really clean,,,,like its hardly been used,,just sat around along time.bob
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