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  1. Dirty Jobs

    ive never heard of it,,,only the drink....bob
  2. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    kenworth cabover i borrowed around 30 years it wasnt rolling a little you couldnt move the steering wheel at all 700 is alotta dough,,,but sometimes you just gotta do it.. my DM has power steering..bob
  3. Truck Show Iron that logger.....thanks for sharing...bob
  4. Old Aussie Iron

    wow.....some pretty hefty equipment....thanks for sharing....bob
  5. Sunday drive

    rite on man....god love america especially the wide open spaces.....they never get old... that kenworth would be a nice project for some one....bob
  6. sure aint hard to look at......bob
  7. Dirty Jobs

    lol ya i could eat hotdogs everyday had 1 today....bob
  8. reno air show

    went to the show today,,,,hadda real good time ..guy i work with had 2 free tickets so ya man im not a big airplane i usually dont go..although i did go once when the blue angles were there ...thats something everyone needs to see.....thier incredible....breathtaking to watch......i like the old byplanes and military fighters especially the jet jobs....took like 20 pictures of old fighters from world war battery quit after around 2 big deal...although i would have liked to take a few more.....well now its over three of us left...walked all the way back to pickup...quite a hike....discovered i left the phone in the bleaches....walked all the way was gone.....checked lost and found nobody turned it in.... i called verizon had them turn it off ill deal with it in the was getting tired anyway...was ready for an update....i have an old flip phone im going to hookup tomorrow temporarilly till i get a new one next week......but sorry i had around 20 cool photos i was going to im not sure....bob
  9. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    ya good news thanks for keeping in touch..fellas...too bad about that ugly story....nobody likes to hear that.....lots of of prayers for the poor mother....bob
  10. Happy Birthday 66dc75!

    sorry its late...happy birthday....hope it was swingin...bob
  11. Pictures of the Week

    make me wanna drive out from reno to fill a pickup......come on back???????bob there was one like that sitting in luning nevada...for 27 years that i knew off.....i asked a buddy of mine to inquire on it....he lived 9 miles away....and all of a sudden it just dissapeared after all that was a flat bed ....bob
  12. Happy Birthday Leversole

    best wishes man....hope you hadda swingin day...bob
  13. Pictures of the Week

    Lol. Where is of big Surprise Larry.. corporate greed it seems to spread like wildfire I have never a used Photobucket but I know a lot of people do or at least did......bob
  14. Excellent 👍.. bob
  15. Pictures of the Week

    You know I really didn't believe in them either but I had my old phone with baseball scores and telephone numbers and such I had that limited data was pretty cool then Verizon dropped the limited data for my phone and I couldn't even look up a phone number or get baseball scores and then I found out for the same price I could own a smartphone in fact I'm paying less now for all those goodies that I was with my old flip phone so that's when I decided to get up with the rest of the world but I pretty much had the same opinion as you prior to that and yes I can appreciate your opinion.....bob