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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Happens to us a lot in truck stops with triple trailers and a single drive. ...bob
  2. Pictures of the Week

    Over at my place most of us carry what we call cheater chains their around 3 ft long with hooks on both ends you put them around the tire and thru the rim holes and connect the hooks put 1 on each side perfect for situations like that. Bob
  3. Happy Birthday 41 chevy!

    Sorry I missed it best wishes Paul and hope you have many more ...bob
  4. Birthday wished to David and the rest of the gang

    Yes best wishes...hope everything is going good and wish you many more...bob
  5. Ahhhhhh god love ya and congratulations on the fine job you guys did on it and the fresh vows. Many years if pleasure to you both.... bob
  6. Wow that was amazing thanks for sharing ...bob
  7. Waiting For Spring

    Right on man myself I always get excited to see home depot putting out the lawn mowers getting ready for a summer I don’t care for winter at all bob
  8. Pictures of the Week

    Wow by the looks of your rig Tom you worked hard last week God love you bob
  9. long awaited work shop finally started

    Sorry about the crummya picture best I could do at the time I am still having problems posting pictures of this new phone I am going to take it into Verizon and ask them what the problem is but yes I also pulled up one of those 8 x 8 buildings and it came with over 700 screws it took me quite a while to put it Together also I think this garage kit kit I was around 2000 screws real time-consuming project...bob
  10. long awaited work shop finally started

    Latest progress lotta work lotta bolts who ever says these things are easy to put up musta had a months vacation and 4 guys helping at all times. You gotta be kidding me this hasn't been easy at all even have a good friend from ABF WITH ME ALL THE WAY THROUGH lol bob Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  11. Hacked?

    I noticed that a few months ago bunch of them but nothing lately. Bob
  12. Happy 70th Birthday -WATT'S MACK!

    Yes absolutely almost missed this one happy birthday fellas and hope for many more...bob
  13. Its cold here.

    winter sucks,,,,lets face
  14. great shots fellas thanks....bob