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  1. mowerman

    1979 Chevrolet Bison

    wow i never heard of the bison.......but i did like the general.......sealand container in los angeles had alott of them....bob
  2. mowerman

    1952 GMC 900

    pretty cool rig....i remember riding in one my uncle had back around 1962 and yes i wasnt very old......lol....bob
  3. mowerman

    1970 Brockway 361 Huskidrive

    excellent thanks for sharing...bob
  4. just spotted this.....nice lookin setup but the color doesnt do it any favors...lol...bob
  5. i see alotta similar trailers out here,,,,think they load grain and wood chips with them..not sure..bob
  6. mowerman

    Jay Leno's Garage - 1977 Ford Bronco

    my wife would be pissing herself....she had one back in the day,,,,she says to this day ,,,it was her favorite vehicle ever....she grew up in san diego,,,,and ran around all year with the roof off....i really liked the way they looked....but never owned one....thanks for posting....bob
  7. wow very interesting all i can remember was freightliners and fords....bob
  8. nice lookin ride.....thanks for the post.....bob
  9. usually use tapatalk,and my I phone,,,,but they keep kicking me off,,,,,sometimes i can get on it,,,,sometimes i cant.........bob
  10. mowerman

    Pictures of the Week

    those boots look alittle hot for this time of year,,,,,,other than that,,,,,,,mighty fine...thanks tom....bob
  11. wow,,,,beautiful car....thanks for posting.......... bob
  12. mowerman

    Did you know this ?

    very interesting thanks for sharing....bob
  13. mowerman

    Liebherr introduces 5th generation concrete mixer

    Very interesting to to watch thanks for sharing not a bad looking rig...bob
  14. mowerman

    Sights from my road trip

    Road trips are a lotta fun we always enjoy driving to San Diego...lotsa cool sightseeing wife usually drives and no nights all day driving.not rush no clock watching.lol...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. mowerman

    1970 Marmon COE

    I like them myself.......as far as ugly??????? The all mighty Volvo....now that’s ugly

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