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Community Answers

  1. man that thing is mighty fine,,,thanks for sharing...bob
  2. ok now thats funny shit,,,,,they should have said,cieling fan is out.ok ill go with that...bob
  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,,,what an adorable child.....thanks for sharing.....great story.......bob
  4. yes,,,,im driving myself nuts,,,going round and round....with decisions,,,,and i havent even started on the bodywork.....sounds like ill be doing the same thing.....pouring the paint into the gun ready to spray,ill still be wondering,,,,is this what i really want???????lol.bob
  5. ya,,,,i was down to 6 mph one time,on just a small short grade....thats no fun....bob
  6. my pop was an old union freight driver.....and he thought that dumb monkey was rediculous....and so did i.....dont even know why they needed it.....i really liked the show myself,,,,but like my pop.didnt know why they need the stuped monkey...thanks for the post...bob
  7. frankly,,,i wouldnt even concider one....any condition.lol.i used to run one in the 80,s.....cant pull anything with it,unless your on flat ground...bob
  8. but i wouldnt pay anywhere near 25Gs for anything with a 180 non turbo.......lol.bob
  9. tires are a fortune here,paul.thats why i brought that up....liquid gold...lol.bob
  10. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo by the way dirtymilkman.....i love your stage name,very creative...bob
  11. god love you paul,,,very well put.....and thank you for putting so much effort to saving gods gift to us....cows and bulls.....we need them both....bob
  12. Amymore…. If they don’t have laugh lines or crows feet, I feel a little weird gawking at them… lol… and yes I do appreciate great food… we will be barbecuing ribs tomorrow… can’t wait… have a swinging evening… bob
  13. Sorry can’t help this time and I can’t show you my mechanical throttle set up …. Because I am unable to post photos as of about 3 months ago ..:: I don’t know why..: as far as wiring harness, I would start poking around on Google or check Hemings motor news … hope that at least a start…. Good luck… bob
  14. I never would have thought of that paint scheme…:: but it’s very interesting… I’m still going back and forth on color for my DM but that stage is still always to go … bob
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