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  1. As you know in most cases don’t even need a shift pattern anymore just got a be clever enough to recognize D R and N seems simple enough...bob
  2. Some people got way too much time on their hands ha ha Ha..... bob
  3. I figured you had a plan you usually do we were all confused about all the sales though glad to hear you’re moving forward... bob
  4. after looking at it again,,,im thinking that truck was built in another country...bob
  5. also i drove one of those,IH cabovers a couple of nights around 25 years ago,,,,i actually liked it....bob
  6. hey welcome back,,,bud,we thought you fell off the earth,,,i havent been able to post photos off the computer,,,,for quite some time now...have to use my phone,,,not sure what happened,but no big deal,i simply use the cellphone its actually faster that way,since i take the photos with the phone to begin with....bob
  7. very well put,,,, i also wave or blink the lights to people that wait for me to pass,when thier sitting at a stop sign,,,whether im in the rig,or the mustang,,,,,its amazing how many cars sitting at stop signs,,,look right at me,,then simply pull right out in front of me,,,,even with thier whole family in the car even pulling camping trailers,,,,,,like whaaaaaaaaaaat is this????????????,i just had to go from 45 mph-20,,,you you thought nothing of it,,,,,,and yes ,sometimes you compliment someone on something,and they look at you like your from outer space.....bob
  8. funny you should mention that,,,,just saw a freightliner cabover coming out of LA last night,,,,,late model...but i was kind of daydreaming,,,but i remember thinking,,wow dont see many anymore....thats kind of odd....and yes i also spent around 8 years in them,,,,owned two.....bob
  9. ooooooooooooh thanks for that,,,,,i was wondering what happen to them,,,like other fellas said...i went thru them on my old phone....ill finally be calling you in a few days got my list together....bob
  10. im sure your not going to get a whole lot of tallent,,,for what most companys are paying these days,,,,i see quite a bit on my route,,,,but mainly rude drivers,that dont care about cars at all....its all about thier big rig and them....cant believe how many big rigs i see all the time just cutting cars off in heavy traffic,,,,not even signaling,,,,you gotta be kidding me really????????....bob
  11. man,,,,thats some heavy duty stuff,,,thanks for sharing...bob
  12. thats what i remember most,,,,grew up in peobody,,,,,used to see quite a few of them delivering in my town..them and law transportation..bob
  13. i havent been to this post in years....im surprized you spotted it....bob
  14. i saw that movie.....funny thing i was telling the wife,,,on that scene,,,,hey that looks like an old beacon city truck,,,,then it showed the back of it,,,,and i was just about screaming....wow it is an old beacon truck....my pop drove one just like it back around 68.....bob
  15. if nothing else,,,,im sure theres alotta good parts for a lot of us....bob
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