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  1. From what I remember seems they had a really cool grill.....Funny you mention memories out of all the cool cars I’ve had ...the two vehicles I wish I had back most now we’re both station wagons 62 ford and a 55 Chevy both low mileage great shape cars I was lucky enough to wind up with pretty right... kicking myself in the ass that I got rid of them bob
  2. Very interesting story thanks for sharing and thanks for the photos paul I think I’ve seen them before also think you posted them ha ha ...bob
  3. Yes same problem here 2014 Mustang two round trips to Fallon Nevada 60 miles each way first time they didn’t have everything they needed second time I fixed it then again I had to take it back for the passenger side I don’t know why they didn’t just take them out entirely what difference does it make I could’ve been killed by the bags themselves why not just remove them seems some ass clown could’ve figured that out well he might be safer with out them Now we’re supposed to buy the fact these will do the trick that’s what they told us about the first ones .... idiots ..... bob
  4. Right on man very well put and with all the modern trucks these days slope nose plastic... that old stuff really stands out sounds like a fabulous idea you got frankly I wish I was rich and didn’t have to work anymore except for messing with these old trucks staring with the DM I’ve heard for 25 years and hardly looks any different Ha ha ha ... bob
  5. The Mack looks familiar price a little steep.....bob
  6. Ok let me redo this if I wanted to pay for faughty overpriced jap parts I would have just bought a Toyota..... bob
  7. A little pissed hadda drive 240 miles to have my defects fixed no compensation for my getting put out ass clowns if I wanted jap parts on my car I would have bought jap in the first place..bob
  8. I talked to a guy in 1983 hadda 72 R model he said it hadda 3408 but as J mentioned it could’ve been added after .... bob
  9. I remember seeing a few in wrecking yards as a young guy in the early 70s LJ sleepers I don’t remember them looking like a H cab just extended L model ... but almost 50 years ago memories,,,,, who can say... lol bob
  10. Wow truck is really clean.... looks like a barn find witch is almost extinct these days ..... bob
  11. I’ve got a lot of photos of my old rig I will post them one of these days when I find them ha ha Ha..bob
  12. Don’t know if you knew this but I actually owned one 1962 F600 first truck as an owner operator back in 1983 but yes I have a lot of fun memories especially our trip from Massachusetts to Florida when I was only 15 there was thousands of them running down 95... bob
  13. Kinda sad to see them rotting away .. now when I was a young teenager they were the king of the highway...bob
  14. i had a 70 fleetside, 6ft bed, 4/4,with snowplow....really liked it...had a dream i had it back,just a few days ago,,,,kinda wierd,i sold it way back in 1980......i wish i had it back,and also the age i was when i had it.....lol.bob.
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