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Community Answers

  1. Retired baby keep you busy… bob
  2. I’m sure the cow wouldn’t let him in …hey dumbbell there’s not enough room for the two of us beat it…bob
  3. Wow score nice looking ride from what I heard they were Mack westerns norm Taunton had 2 of them at one time…. I think they were the the only ones I have ever seen in person … that’s excellent,, have a ball with it.. but why the natural aspirated???? Bob
  4. Found a indoors shooting range around 9 miles from here I’m planning on visiting soon 25 bucks a day try out that 44 yaaaaaaaaaahooooooo… bob
  5. Sounds like a fun challenge good luck Tom.. bob
  6. I hadda 55 f600 years ago sorry all I can think of is vaccine boost is bleeding in somehow good luck
  7. I had an 88 but mine has a 302 I think,, it was a V-8 I really liked the truck traded it 14 years ago for a 2006 I would’ve just hung onto it but I didn’t have air-conditioning what is the only reason they got rid of it… bob
  8. Hey TJC Forgot to mention that was a gorgeous rifle how accurate is it with the scope?????? Bob
  9. I heard you guys talking about that A couple of weeks ago on the black one I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about and why anybody would want to do that ha ha all makes sense now … bob
  10. I noticed that too I am thinking possibly a logging outfit
  11. Good advice Brocky I didn’t have any idea what to tell him except my 66 does have tapped holes on the cab support brace back of seat on the floor… Made for a lap belt but I don’t know why you couldn’t install a full shoulder deal good luck
  12. Oh sorry brocky I missed all that travel information you posted Thanks for that seems to me eating and pubs would probably be the way to go brought worst sandwiches every night yes I can do that …. Yes I can also drink a lot of beer and as for you Paul you are never boring keep on doing what you’re doing…, bob
  13. Home repairs seems that’s all I ever do…. I’m sure it’s the same thing with most of you fellas to day already got 3 things planned. Bob
  14. My area used to have allotta shooting areas now this town is getting so crowded they built houses in all the good spots and shooting range is around 20 miles
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