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  1. wow i never heard of them,,,interesting..bob
  2. man,,,looks excellent...was thinking the same thing about seeing it outside.you all certainly deserve a big pat on the back...bob
  3. im sure that truck will be winning every show,,,,that model is definately one of my favorites to begin with.....lots of great progress.......bob
  4. Yes and ordinarily a body shop will just straighten the frame for you and nothing else if that’s what you want otherwise if you let them repair everything the bill will be way more than the truck is worth .... just a fair warning before you get too involved you’re a way better off to do as much of it as you can it is also going to require a bunch of welding be prepared ...good luck... bob
  5. Everything is opening up here and California hopefully we can see some fine looking iron this season... bob
  6. Great glad to hear yes our weather is gorgeous today lawn looking excellent had all these plans today and wound up doing nothing beat to death from work week wound up walking 2 miles with puppies this morning that finished me up wound up drinking beer and watching TV lol bob
  7. Was wondering how you were feeling..bob
  8. Well he didn’t mention anything about letting letting the clutch out and the engine governor is connected to the transmission (electric) Possibly shorting out and killing the engine
  9. Very interesting I have never seen a B model in my life with a Detroit .... definitely your choice.... and yes every body like the way they sound... have a ball... bob
  10. I would expect that from a lot younger guy at our age he would probably answer one of us... bob
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