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  1. Hacked

    Ok thanks glad it’s back. Bob
  2. Hacked

    I wasn’t able to log into here for quite a while did I miss something said site was hacked...bob
  3. Sad story.

    Chicken shit hang them in the town square
  4. long awaited work shop finally started

    Just found out guy I work with has a daughter that works for a rental outfit he tells me I might be getting a back hoe delivered next Friday all for free that would be the answer to my prayers can continue and complete job with that😊😊😊. Bob
  5. Yeah that’s terrific hats off to you and yours ...bob
  6. Dog on our lawn.

    Nice lookin ride good luck with the project bob
  7. long awaited work shop finally started

    Thanks I’m sure we,ll be kicking it out pretty good soon just another hang will all be up soon...bob
  8. lets go astros

    Well I guess we can’t please rowdy lol well being outa Reno we,re all giants fans and giants fans don’t like anything about the dodgers. So Astro’s it actually all kidding aside I would like to see them take it all just because they haven’t made any splash in a number of years best of luck houston Bob
  9. Touch a truck

    god love her.....beautiful child....thanks for sharing........that RD would look good in my driveway...bob
  10. lets go astros

    i have been pulling for sure alotta you have as well lets keep up the fantastic outstanding work.fellas....great job by both teams pretty exciting world series....bob
  11. ya otherwise they woulda hung obambi and palosi,,,,long ago, before they did too much damage.instead.. we,ll see is both thier portraits in place of MR. washington . and MR lee.and of coarse as usuall..everyone should be ok with this....bob
  12. hehe i am also a fan of detroit but i did give him a like anyway.....not sure about owning one or repairing them....i really dont know anything about them but i drove a few and i did like the sound of they remind me of riding the bus to area had a few of them.good memories...bob
  13. long awaited work shop finally started

    Well that's the best I could do....hadda use my old Moto x for a little update can't call anyone or text but I can take photos and go online...this is all I got done so far due to cement contractor stroking me. We wound up paying him off and telling him don't come back. ..bob
  14. More balony where the magority vote doesn’t matter anymore like whaaaaaaaat is this????bob
  15. Pictures of the Week

    know what you mean.....left LA last tuesday it was the time i got to walker canyon was 19.....uuuuuuuuurrrrggg....getting ready for 7 months of lousy weather.......bob