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  1. Seems ever since dumb dumb got elected people are wearing them everywhere outside walking by themselves driving cars by themselves crazy and yes these same people are breeding,, like wow man... ahahahahaha... bob
  2. Sheeple i’ll tell you what man we’ve certainly got our share in my area I am really surprised kind of scary I’m surrounded by them completely out numbered if you will ha ha Ha ha ha Ha bob
  3. I think that’s what they call a full shakes down I carry that stuff myself but no I have never heard of that either but it doesn’t surprise me..: bob
  4. It was really good stuff are usually just use lacquer primer now but I haven’t done anything in 25 years
  5. Wow must’ve been a slow day for him... You sound like a guy I work with he says if there is a cop within 100 mile radius he will find him... bob
  6. You could be like Godzilla swatting airplanes with that thing ....wow.. bob
  7. That was amazing thank you for sharing... bob
  8. Yes same here I really don’t have much overhead me and the old lady just like to travel a lot and throw money around.... bob
  9. I noticed Nancy Pelosi disappeared the last few months of trumps presidency I figured she was probably brewing up some crooked Magic potion to get rid of him for sure full proof caper ..::: bob
  10. Just spotted this now that’s just hilarious thanks for sharing... bob
  11. I still say China tapped into our system they are a very big threat to the United States...:: thanks for sharing that... bob
  12. Yes that Trump Caper that was me and the wife opinion from the get-go economy was booming my retirement went way up then right after no nuts got elected my Social Security starting to drop not sure what happened there now I’ll probably have to work till I’m 70 . Which is going to be tough since I’m sick to death of driving trucks (NOW) ... bob
  13. Oh I forgot about my beautiful lawn that I like to brag about ha ha always something going on here I kind of feel sorry for folks stuck in an apartment with nothing to do but Netflix and counting ceiling tiles ... bob
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