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  1. very interesting,,,,i was also wondering what they sounded like,,,,,the gasoline radial.....sounds real cool....thanks for the post....bob
  2. hey man almost missed this.....best wishes my friend and have a swingin time,,,,,or best you can do,with this weird society,we got now.....bob
  3. wow,,,that thing looks really clean,,,thanks for the post....bob
  4. didnt even notice the dropped frame.....but i think they were all wheel drive....bob
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh funny thing I was going to say looks like it’s setup for a set a joints . I remember UPS hadda lot of them... bob
  6. I called them the bird perch... we have them on all our trucks ... bob
  7. I’ve never seen them,,, lotsa MB’s back in the day..... bob
  8. I remember as a kid law transportation hadda lot of them great memories thanks for sharing... bob
  9. Thanks for all that. That was a big help. I wish everybody would get on the same page with that though Los Angeles area Orange County and Reno. Right now I think there is just too many people out there that don’t belong. If you don’t need to be out there go home... bob
  10. Sorry I just spotted this still trying to get over the music in CB on my lane there’s a lot of talkers I am just about on the CB Mike my entire shift sometimes ha ha God love you for fitting in those things... bob
  11. I was surprised I didn’t think it was anywhere near Old enough to pass on that’s messed up God love him... bob
  12. OK now you got a think that’s funny... bob
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