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  1. nice work looks real nice...bob
  2. nice,,,,thanks for sharing...bob
  3. excellent thanks for sharing...bob
  4. mowerman

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    noticed that thing has been making alot of mistakes lately....i generally dont use it much....except when traveling out of town ....it can be very helpful.....bob
  5. mowerman

    Happy Birthday Brocky

    sorry its late best wishes my friend and hope you have lots more....bob
  6. mowerman

    Busy weekend

    spent my whole weekend on garage and yardwork....lawn and weeds are already way overgrown....bob
  7. mowerman

    Busy weekend

    cool pictures thanks.....montana....looks way more appeally to me ,,,closer to summer.lol.bob
  8. mowerman

    Pictures of the Week

    thanks for the cool shots...tom that first pic,,,looks like my yard in the 70s......summers coming man were all looking forward to it...bob
  9. mowerman

    Where’s 41chevy?

    ya I was concerned myself....sent him a pm saturday....no responce.......lets wish him the best...bob
  10. wow!!!! i thought it was a real truck...only way i knew was the steering wheel and dashboard.....amazing....bob....excellent work....thanks for sharing....bob
  11. yes i remember them.....im sure they were a good paying outfit......out gippoed by gippos.....bob
  12. mowerman

    63 Mack C85

    welcome aboard and have a ball with it,,,,good choice....have no suggestions but im sure u will find it here,,,,good luck ...bob
  13. mowerman

    1955 Mack LTL

    alright thanks for the info...bob
  14. excellent thanks....bob
  15. mowerman

    1991 RW-713

    Don’t know how I missed this one ...truck is gorgeous...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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