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  1. have a swingin time bud,,and best wishes...bob
  2. this restroom caper.....just pisses me off.........spend alotta time in california,,,,,and most of them are no longer mens and womens room anymore....i dont know how they pulled that off.....what about us regular people,,,and what happened to the majority vote???????...bob
  3. wow i was watching some old competition ford racing....and there was you and your car.....excellent....bob

    1. Freightrain
    2. mowerman


      i think so,,,started out looking for carsbad dragstrip videos,,,and differant videos kept popping up and i kept clicking on them....not sure where it was,,,,,we go to san diego all the time,,and i didnt even know they had a track there,,,now i wanna go,,we usually go to sonoma,,,for drag raging..its the closest one to here  for pros...bob

  4. wow a hussle glad you did the right thing paul.....god love ya....bob
  5. first tractor trailer i ever drove was a GMC astro.i was only 20.thought they were pretty cool looking.chevy and GMC....these days,,,20 year olds,,,cant even wipe thier own ass,,,ahahahahahahahahaha......bob
  6. 6 matching numbers baby,,,,we could all enjoy such privileges....howbout it???????? bob
  7. never heard of any of them,,,,they must be awfully desperate for men,if thier on here.hahahahahahahahahahahaha...if any of you are,,best wishes,and have a swingin time.....bob
  8. many thanks,for everything you do......best wishes,,and have a swingin time....bob
  9. looks good,,,but needs lotsa sandpaper....thanks for sharing....should keep somebody real busy...bob
  10. Too weird for me but it is very interesting and yes I would guess fire apparatus.. bob
  11. Excellent it’s always gratifying when you find what you need relatively easy...bob
  12. Seems like I just saw that truck posted on here a few months ago for some reason or another don’t remember why they posted it or who.....bob
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