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  1. OD I just noticed, they used horseshoes for handles on the smoker, very clever! But green hamburger? Don't know bout' that!
  2. The average "chump" which in reality is most of us,will never be deliberately given the whole truth by the hierarchy that runs the free world! I have no inside knowledge and never will ! But common sense says that China has the most people available to sacrifice in a a military confrontation, and we keep feeding them the profits from our former manufacturing jobs! They are only our ally because they need our manufacturing, what if they cut a deal with Iran or N.Korea or one of the many rogue states that hates us money tends to "trump" most religious and ideological differences, no pun intended! We need to watch our a..! Of course if I know that our security agencies know it too and a thousand times more!
  3. That looks like a drag racing tractor!What engine is it running?
  4. OD,I've been told by half a dozen drivers about being sent in the woods to " get a switch" of course the first time the kid thinks he'll be slick and gets a little switch! So the old man sends him for a big one, and gives him an extra "lick" for bringing him the little one! It's a lose lose situation for the kid!😁
  5. I missed the original topic(fortunately perhaps) but the animosity is dripping off the page!
  6. Another old bulldog I've never seen, makes sense it was all wheel drive,wouldn't want to get stuck with that cannon!
  7. The main business at Midwestern Distribution was selling trucks, not hauling freight, the profits from the freight were just icing on the cake! North American New Products had the same business model, but they hauled lightweight products like blanket wrap furniture and appliances like washers and dryers. They sold mostly single axle tractors Astros and Freightliner cabovers! They were sued for millions of dollars by the federal government for their misleading brochures, which made driving for them look like a vacation! I had one of their promotional brochures where they showed drivers skiing at Vail and visiting the Grand canyon etc! What a krock of s..t!
  8. I talked to a driver many years ago who had a "lease purchase" agreement with Midwestern Distribution, a division of massive Leaseway Corp. He was within something like 1000.00 of paying off his truck, a Freightliner Cabover, and he parked it at their terminal! He took a couple days off and they did an " in frame" on his engine, and he now owed an extra 1500. Or so it was the late 70s! The company goal was to make sure the "contractor" never paid off the truck! The way they did this was insidious!, there was a clause that if you missed a payment the truck was repossessed! When you leased on they ran your a.. off insuring that you were happy and thought they were the greatest company in the world! They forced you to have your truck maintained at their facilities where you were overcharged and you began to get farther and farther in debt they gradually reduced your miles until you couldn't pay your household expenses and you had to choose between feeding your family or making the truck payment! You weren't allowed to trip lease or seek freight other than theirs! Without freight you couldn't get an advance for fuel, some guys got stuck out on the road and just abandoned the truck which was repossessed,and resold to another hapless individual! They charged a new contractor 5000.down on his truck cash! You see how the profits add up? Every truck expense was advanced to the contractor and "padded" to more than they would pay elsewhere! They even assigned the truck lessee a co driver that he had to pay out of his percentage! He had to accept the co driver who was a "rookie" just out of driving school, on "his" truck! A good friend of mine knew a guy that was with Midwestern, and his co driver tore the mirror off his truck(imagine what they charged him to repair that)! He left the guy at a t.s.! The guy I mentioned earlier whose engine they rebuilt was a real hard nosed experienced driver from S.Jersey and he actually managed to pay off his truck! One of the few!
  9. Anyone old enough to remember Midwestern Distribution out of Ft Scott Kansas? Or North Americans new products div? Both examples of the "lease purchase" rip off where the same tractor gets sold over and over and few "contractors" ever end up owning their tractor!
  10. I haven't seen the article, but It sounds like the old " employee called a contractor" ploy!
  11. At what GVW does the FET kick in ? When my partner and I bought our hotshot truck and trailer in 88, we were licensed for 50,000, we paid no FET.
  12. The new glider kit may be well constructed,but it's overall styling just looks generic to me! The grille is atrocious! I believe they could have just reproduced the old 114 with the white cab! Just an opinion! They might have to fasten the diamond t emblem with some space age adhesive,as I feel it may try to jump off in shame!😁
  13. Grocery fleets tend to be among the best compensated local drivers both union and non union,it's a sad commentary when these people can't be trusted to not "bounce off curbs" without putting a camera in their truck! While there are a relative handful of mostly older stores where you are forced to jump a curb to hit the dock most modern docks provide plenty of room to avoid tire damage! In the late eighties a Giant Eagle store in a Pittsburgh suburb was so tight you were issued a Cabover astro and a 40 ft trailer instead of the usual R or U model tractor with a 45 ft trailer! When you got to the store you had to go in the adjacent barroom and have the patrons move their parked cars so you could go the wrong way down a one way street to access the uphill dock! The company expected you to rub the telephone pole next to the dock to hit the dock and you had to accelerate because the dock was uphill! They had to periodically replace the pole! This should be the final exam for the "Truckmasters" four week cdl course! LOL! Most grocery fleets have resisted the temptation to lower their costs by "farming out their deliveries" because they lose control of the operation! Schneider,JB, Swift, and every other truckload carrier have been begging Wal Mart for their transportation contract for years! The best they can expect is their "overage"! Sears and K Mart both use outside carriers and are hovering on bankruptcy! Admittedly they have a plethora of other management problems, but being out of stock on a sale item due to a transportation issue can be a major problem!
  14. OD,it's mating season for many turtles and snakes, may be why you're seeing so many! Saw two black racers in my back yard in a " compromising position" last week!
  15. The Hi Haul truck is cool, cab slightly resembles a Dodge of that era!