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  1. A million reasons to choose Scania

    So they must care about their drivers KSB! A unique concept!lol
  2. No it isn't James!, while I support fair organized labor agreements, remember what happened to the air traffic controllers and the Greyhound bus drivers etc this may not be the time for a standoff!
  3. James, for the 1st time a big three automaker ( Buick) has imported a Chinese model the envision,branded Buick and I heard Cadillac has as well! Buicks excuse is they didn't have time to design a car to compete in that market! Fortunately they don't appear to be selling! Buick is offering up to 8000 off on a 43000 dollar car! They are poorly rated. KSB has said they are well built and I agree they certainly have the technology, but my argument is that automobiles are one of the last fairly high end products built in America at a good wage! And virtually every foreign automaker has a plant employing American workers why would anyone buy a Chinese built car!
  4. how to milk sheep

    Young sheepherder in Montana is out in the prairie in his line shack for 3 months (his first time) A couple of old hands come out to bring him supplies.How ya doing pal?,everything ok? "Yeah he answers dejectidly,but I could sure use a woman!" Just go up on the hill"(where the sheep are) They answer! So he does and comes back in a couple of minutes and the old guys are rolling on the ground laughing! What the hell are you laughing at he asks? "You picked the ugliest one!" They answer!
  5. Anyone know the model # of a 1983 mack with a U model cab but jacked up for 6 wheel drive with the spacers on the front fenders? There's one working locally for a septic tank outfit the driver said they removed the front differential and replaced it with a beam axle because they couldn't get parts! Pretty nice truck works daily. Anyone have pictures?
  6. Was Tower based in west Virginia? I recall calling them about a help wanted ad, was living in Washington Pa.
  7. 1935 Diamond T Dump truck

    First truck I ever owned was a 1939 Diamond T wrecker .
  8. Old International Bedbuggers

    Is that a CO 4000?
  9. Pictures of the Week

    Freightrain is that the B model you tow your car trailer with? Bob said you had one?! Awesome B!
  10. There is a local septic tank contractor running an 83 U model with the offset cab,we used to call them "sidewinders" was an all wheel drive but they couldn't get parts so they went to a dead steering axle. I told him someone on this site could tell him where to get any mack part if it existed!
  11. Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    The first 18 wheeler I ever rode in was a Brockway! Had a three piece windshield and the fenders that swung out May have been a 358.
  12. Took me a minute to get the jist of your comment! (I'm old) I personally refuse to own a smart phone I have no need for 300 "friends" I've never met! I realize they are fascinating I also realize that the many members who are contractors have to have one (their customers expect it) but every time some idiot walks into me while talking on one or I'm in a doctor's office and every person waiting is staring at one like a zombie I long for the days when I ran several small businesses with a double entry ledger and a #2 pencil! They've already put the local bookstore out of business,libraries will be next. Ok my rant is over!

    1. Ezrider


      it took me a second as well, it was part of why i found it funny. i resisted the smart phone thing for a very long time, i have one now but my use/ability to use it. is fairly limited. if i didn't have some customers that want to communicate by text message i probably would still have a flip phone. my other half still does not have a smart phone. 

  13. Trump's appointees

    While I am apolitical by choice, this is the first administration where I can't name any of top staffers,doesn't matter though he'll fire a couple more this week!
  14. Jay Leno's Garage - Light Car Company Rocket

    Or just his McLaren F1!
  15. old sears craftsman snow blower

    My 1979 Craftsman lawn tractor has a Tecumseh on it they used than in those days