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  1. I've been in most of the stops mentioned! Used to haul steel out of homestead pa to Buffalo would go west one exit off I 79 to the Green shingle in the 70s became a rathole like speed @ Briscoe and many iconic stops! In the " old days" the waitresses were on "the menu" at S@B and the little place at x3 on I70 in Pa,also at "The Windmill" near Wheeling WV and that place on I-81 in Pa.and a stop on301 in S.C. Hey, anybody remember the truck stop on I 80 in Pa with the electric train running around the ceiling? Was a little bigger than "O" scale.Thanks for the memories guys!
  2. My third wrecker was one of them,had a lot of brake problems,but looked good!
  3. Is that a removable fifth wheel wrecker?
  4. Forgot all about Reo haven't seen one in decades!
  5. That Steel case rig is kinda cool!
  6. Only "modern" truck I like is the International lonestar! Those.Bmcs are bone ugly!
  7. Whites was one of my favorite truck stops,do they still have good food?
  8. Looks like a 9800 "binder" with a "Stoops" conversion never saw one of them!
  9. Stoops hauled hi cube low weight products like empty soda bottles etc.the chassis were cut off behind the sleeper with a gusset where they bolted together.I actually walked up and eyeballed the fabrication (being a welder!) Was told they had some kind of overdrive tranny to make up for the small circumference of the tire/wheel combo.Stoops was also a Ford truck dealer the combos I saw were the Ford 9000 Cabover s with the air ride cabs.The trailers resembled household goods trailers only flat from front to back! I always thought they would make a great hotshot tractor!
  10. And the 681 C Guide headlamps like my old Diamond T!
  11. I loved old Studebaker pickups, but preferred the older checkerboard grille!
  12. Loved the ornamental iron grille guards on those old Brockways! Weighed as much as a Honda!
  13. My school bus fleet had two Federals! One was a 40s era (resembled a K model "binder")the other was from the 50s with the big horizontal chrome grille.
  14. Looks like an old army truck conversion.
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