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  1. 4449 Daylight Special

    When I was in about 6th grade they were building the new Peters Twp HS they bussed all of us to an old one room schoolhouse the district owned near Finleyville Pa. Every morning an old coal train with a steam engine went thru the valley! The whole valley was filled with black smoke for about 20 minutes! Long before the epa!was about 1956!
  2. When's the last time anyone has seen a truck with Sanders?is their operation in the new cdl manual along with the fuse location for the automatic emergency braking and lane maintenance feature?lol
  3. Work boots

    If they're selling the same boot for 189.00 that I got for 79.00 online, think of the profit margin!
  4. Work boots

    I posted yesterday that I couldn't believe Red Wing would let their boots be sold anywhere but at the shoemakers ,like the old days! Well today Rural King announced their new arrangement with Red Wing! They are now sold in the store! 189.00 for the ones they sold online for 79.00! I'll bet the shoemakers are happy! I hate myself for buying a Chinese boot! But Ill get over it!
  5. Good Rig for Smaller Jobs

    There is a whole website on miniature 18 wheelers one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen! One of my favorites is a little "bull wagon" looks like the real thing!
  6. Concerning the death penalty,I respect those who object to it for religious reasons! But you have to provide a deterrent to all these psychos who would murder innocent people! My favorite deterrent would be the good old fashioned chain gang! The people who perpetrate these unspeakable acts can look forward to "three hots and a cot" or incarceration in a mental facility,all on the taxpayers dime! Give the taxpayer something for their money! Everywhere you look in America there is trash on the side of the road! We are a nation of slobs! Let the murderers pick it up! Slobs however annoying,aren't felons! Saw an interesting forensic files the other night! The Aussies have a couple of 19th century prisons without electricity or running water! But they still use them! Good place for the Cruzs of the world! Of course they need water and food to have enough energy to work on the chain gang,so have them dig their own well and pump the water by hand! Feed them the old c-rats before they expire, and grow their own food in season. Repurpose some old closed factories as prisons! They need recreation, after all, so let them take turns running a hand operated generator to keep the lights on while their fellow killers read books, those who read of course! Then publicize the snot out of the whole deal so those who would potentially murder their classmates will think twice! Will never happen of course it would be inhumane!...... like killing children!
  7. My opinion,and remember the old trucker saying.... "opinions are like a..holes, everybody has one!" Is that serial killers once found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, should be executed! And Cruz took the death penalty away by pleading guilty! Serial killers shouldn't have that option! Saw an article in the Tampa paper today,Cruz'attorneys admitted he was guilty! Said "we just want to see the "child" gets help"!! Two things come to mind, 1. The p.o.s is legally an adult! And 2. His attorneys (as in more than one) aren't concerned that he gets "help" they know that defending this monster can "make" their career! I seriously doubt this person could afford 15 minutes of the most inexperienced public defenders hourly rate! If youre concerned about "pro bono" publicity help the parents of the actual children, most under 16 years old sue all the agencies that failed to protect their children or the underpaid teachers that died trying to protect them! Every aspect of this situation makes my head explode!
  8. Designer & builder of Aussie big rig wooden models

    Very cool! Big Rig! I've seen a few professionally built truck models, but never a kit! There was a guy near New Stanton Pa who built awesome truck models,saw a write-up in a woodworking magazine about 10 years ago,Green dash have you ever heard of this guy? You're close!
  9. New to site from eastern Ohio

    Welcome! freightrain is probably your neighbor!
  10. L Mack Cruz was a crystal clear candidate for the Baker act! All you have to be is a danger to yourself or society!
  11. old gear jammer

    Car lot, give your friend my best wishes!
  12. When I was in h.s. we got out at 3:15 during hunting season there was about an hour and a half of daylight and we had our shotguns and rifles in the car and nobody even thought about doing anything but going hunting! We learned gun safety as little kids! A ten year old in Pasco county Florida was the son of a deputy and his dad helped him with his homework one night, and the kid took dad's pen to school without giving it a thought! It had a Glock advertisement on it! They suspended the kid for several days!
  13. Work boots

    I just bought a pair of Red Wings, Ksb will love this! They are made in China! They are called Irish setters very good quality all leather triple stitched light brown foot,blue shaft work boots but I no longer work in the conventional sense! Saw them advertised up to 150.00 Rural King sold them online for 79.00 free shipping. My last pair of Red Wings sold for 90.00 in 1983! We're plain Wellington steel toe. I checked every boot at rural king they were all made in China except one very expensive pair made somewhere in central America! The Red Wings I bought are very comfortable! I checked several online reviews one was a farmer said he couldn't wear them out! I'm surprised Red Wing would let their product be sold online,usually sold at a shoemaker! Hanes are by far the best socks I've ever owned, have had some for 15 yrs!
  14. MB many years ago, before "spin on" oil filters someone marketed a "kit" to adapt a roll of toilet paper to the old canister type filters (like the one on top of the small block Chevy!) Wouldn't touch it! Imagine how quick it would disintegrate and plug up all the oil ports in an engine! I used to haul AC Delco batteries in a beverage trailer in the 80s. They sent us to a school at the GM training center and they cut a Fram filter in half and compared it to a AC filter! The media wasn't as dense! My wife's 2012 corolla has a canister type filter with a separate element.the canister is thick plastic! Suddenly the price went from 3.50 for a Fram "spin on" on her 03 corolla to 9.00 for just a tiny element! Took me awhile to figure it out(Im a truck driver!) When they went to the canister, they also went to 0w20 synthetic oil 9.00 a qt and changed the interval to 10000mi. From 6000! Other than greed the reason for the raise in price is they figured the average person would change their oil less often so they would sell less volume! Well I reject the 10000mile interval on principal and change oil between 5 and 6000mi! Nobody in my area sold ow20 in castrol so I talked the local Sam's club into selling it, it's 6.00 a qt by the case! So an oil change costs me around 34.00. Lot of b.s.,but worth it to me! Also the media is visable so you can compare the quality! The two Fram filters are made in Us and France I forget which is which! I used to know a heavy hauler who bought his truck tires at Sam's club!
  15. New truck order

    My cousin and his best friend (a former master freight driver) never pulled out with less than 96000 gross (in the 73280 days! They never got caught to my knowledge but they did "pay" the Astro had 34000# rears and a lot of drive line stuff wore out plus the aluminum cab structure cracked due to flexing of the frame! My cousin did all his own work so that helped!