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  1. Carlot, only a relative few of the ACs were made,how did they compare to similar rated Cummins,Cat,Mack,etc in performance,economy? I've never driven one!
  2. Cool looking fleet!
  3. FWD, I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and saw most of the model kits you featured but they didn't seem to have the Revell or AMT brand,gonna look again I figured they were some off brand! Know what you're saying, about the knitting needle! Shopping with my wife is like drinking used motor oil!😁
  4. Life sure is getting complicated!
  5. Happy birthday guys!
  6. I've always had good results with Howes! Quit using power service because of the coloration, is it still purple? Thought it might leave a residue in the fuel system! I actually documented a fuel economy increase of 1 mpg on an 8.2 litre Detroit ! This was a hotshot truck, and smaller trucks are affected more by little changes(like a high load that drags wind) than class 8 trucks hauling more weight!
  7. Like the " Wild West" used to be here!
  8. I predict the new regs will assure that 2000 and earlier model trucks will be kept in serviceable condition until the frames literally disintegrate from metal fatigue lol! Perhaps a new era for " glider kits"😁
  9. I hope the Argosy has gotten rid of the atrocious swing out cab step that was almost guaranteed to get torn off! In the early days of that model it was the most hated Cabover in America! That new model is at least good looking!
  10. I loved running the southwest! OD on more than one occasion I have dh out of Florida and picked up in central. Ga. Literally paid twice as much! Is that little Cabover a Ford?
  11. Appear to be stress cracks, from long hard use, likely other issues would appear even if you replaced frame!
  12. I loved running the southwest!
  13. Yeah 67 that F has been there over 30 years! When you mentioned the driving school it all came back to me!