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  1. Truck shop, awesome work! They used to haul steel coils on those truck and trailer combos in pa before doubles were legal in pa!
  2. Bumper cars at the loading dock

    Wow guys, don't know where to start! Reminds me of all the idiocy I've seen over the years! Guy pulls out without releasing docklok tears off ICC bumper!Who the F... road tested this stroke? Saw a guy backing in at the old Genco whse in west Mifflin Pa, there is a car next to the dock he cuts the wheel hard right and drives right over the cars hood! I couldn't believe my eyes! Maddog, I saw a complete set of trailer tandems in the right lane of I 85 once, 100 ft of tire tracks behind it and a dry van flat on the pavement in front and the tractors gone etc! The musta' towed it away! Cops and fusees everywhere! Saw a tandem dump body upside down facing backwards under a bridge on I 376 in pittsburgh! No truck! When I was in the towing business during the "tow truck wars" in 1971 in Pittsburgh, We got a call in an out of the way location and Thought it might be a setup, Competing towing companies were shooting out tires etc,long story! Anyway We took my truck and my buddies truck and came to a car over the hill in a rural park! My buddy parked out of sight a half mile away. I winched the car out and broke the first rule of towing! I unhooked before I got paid! The customer takes off! I get on the radio " Bobby block the road!" So he parked a c 50 Chevy with a Holmes 600 across the two lane road!lol I got paid! I was in the old Flying J south of Chicago and was walking to the restaurant and this guy in a Cabover was pulling as opposed to backing in to a parking space,there was a Cabover parked facing out with the driver at the wheel! The guy pulling in forgot about his reefer unit, and The driver that was parked saw It coming and started to "backpedal" into the sleeper! The reefer took out the drivers windshield and part of his door! He escaped out the passenger door! The trailer wouldn't have cleared the truck on his right either but he never got that far!
  3. Alabama

    While the ten commandments are associated with Christianity, it seems that all legitimate religions accept these principles! However I believe Roy Moore was just "showboating" with his support of the tablet! The voters seem to agree!
  4. Tailored for emergency

    I like the styling on that, one of the few applications where I advocate an automatic as the operator has too much on his mind to worry about shifting! Also one of the few applications where I would tolerate use of the cell phone while driving! Police use is another!
  5. Re groove tires?

    Timmy B I would recommend that if you are thirsty you regroove the tire before quenching your thirst! And use a very small chain saw! Have you watched "outback truckers?" it seemed pretty realistic to me but I've never trucked in oz! I quit watching "ice road truck truckers" when the guy used his "Jake" on ice! The list time I drove a truck with a Jake I used it while empty on a wet entrance ramp an almost lost it!
  6. Canadian grocer Loblaw goes electric

    Does Ford Truck still have a truck plant in Oakville Ontario? Would be a lot closer than China! Surely Ford has engineers who could design an electric class 8 truck! I forgot, Canadians( to their credit) don't work for nothing! They rejected deregulation!
  7. change of status

    Hat it's supposed to drop to the thirties tonight, and we will be curled up like Eskimos! And I was welding on coal barges in the steel valley when it was -25! Had some snow flurries in North Florida last night!
  8. change of status

    Sounds good! I've been here 25 yrs, been fishing twice!
  9. Seen any Buick Envisions on the road lately?!
  10. I have little knowledge of Chinese trucks, but I like the looks of that Cabover😁 little wonder they are the "workshop of the world" With virtually no environmental regulations and an exploited workforce who live on subsistence wages they will continue to be! We can't compete with their production costs, and as long as corporate greed controls the marketplace and probably always will, why would we try!
  11. One man's trash... is a wrecker's treasure

    KSB, my reference is an opinion (concerning the looks) which I am permitted to have,as are you! As far as driving I haven't driven one, but have spoken to many who have and they absolutely hated it primarily due to The configuration of the shift lever being short and not positive! The automatic staircase,while innovative was obviously the work of an engineer who had never driven in the real world of tight spaces and parking.After many had been ripped off (at a cost of thousands) they went away and were never seen again! I'm sure the chassis performed as well as as the same chassis and components would with another cab on it! It was one of the first domestic Cabovers with the ultra modern "look" as Cabovers were going away in America, due to the inability of the truckload carriers to find "drivers"of the"I ain't drivin' no cabover" set. While I still prefer "old style" cabovers,there are a plethora of ultra modern cabovers mostly European, that I think are stunning in appearance and I would be proud to own!
  12. One man's trash... is a wrecker's treasure

    Having grown up in an auto salvage yard (literally) I love this post! I consider the Freightliner Argosy the truck equivalent of the Pontiac Aztec! So the quicker you strip it down and put the parts on a real truck the better!😁
  13. FxFymn, I agree change is gonna happen! But I don't have to like it! I do think every vehicle especially big trucks should have a rear camera! They aren't all that expensive considering the "cost" of a pedestrians life, or on a car the cost of a toddlers life! Anybody ever go on the website quorum? Hope I spelled that right! A lot of people asking about trucking and automotive topics most of the questions are fairly intelligent, but some are so outrageous you gotta wonder who is around you on the road! How do you make a truck fly ?someone asked! I answered drive it thru the guardrail on Salt River Canyon Az! Lol
  14. What is wrong with people today?

    KSB,something occurred to me,that monster who raped and killed the infant was a military medic and he lived in Clarksville Tn, that means he is probably 101st Airborne stationed at Ft Campbell ky!,a couple miles away! So he will be court martialed and probably get the death penalty! The military doesn't screw around like civilian courts! Plus if he is 101st Airborne which is a proud unit and he has just disgraced his comrades they will go extra hard on him! Plus if for some reason he doesn't get death,insanity maybe? Won't he serve his sentence in Ft Leavenworth Kansas? I think so! If it was me I'd rather be dead!
  15. What is wrong with people today?

    41, I remember that Ebonics bull...t from a couple years ago! Legitimate black educators went crazy! Those kids didn't even rise to that level! Read in today's Tampa paper one young teenage girl who led the cops on a high speed five county chase in a stolen car was embarrassed (not for being caught in a stolen car, because she didn't like the way her hair looked in her mug shot!)