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  1. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Controversy

    Heavy Gunner,once again,the golden rule applies " he who has the gold makes the rules" any activity while awake adds to a person's fatigue meetings paperwork etc is UPS avoiding the "14 hrs rule" when their drivers aren't on the highway? Hmmm
  2. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Controversy

    KSB,this hours of service endless changing,rearranging of same etc,etc is ostensibly for the purpose of saving the lives of everyone who uses the highway system, right? I just recalled a few years ago that scientists developed a method for determining the wakefulness and alertness of a driver by installing a sensor in the truck cab that could monitor a drivers mental and physical condition by the the nodding of his head,blinking of his eyes and so forth! I can see this as a way to eliminate all the hours of service b.s.! The experiment also potentially would include a buzzer to alert the driver that after several warnings, the truck would shut off! On paper this sounds good,but having driven like all of us "in the real world" many problems exist! Parking may be the first in congested areas with few truck stops like new England ,the east coast, and parts of Florida! A couple of other problems are the circadian rhythm situation which makes almost every human sleepy in the wee hours of the morning,no matter how many hours they've slept!,and the fact that each person's physical condition can affect their ability to stay awake! Then there are the political factors, do the companies really want a driver to pull over if his sleepiness will affect delivery time!😁 The endless "safety versus profitability" issue! Opinions please!
  3. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    A lot of owner operators left International when Schneider bought them maybe that's why it was parked!
  4. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    Rat snakes are good "mousers" even better than cats! Pretty too!
  5. birthday present

    Fxfymm , don't be breathing that acetone, highly toxic! Also highly flammable! Although the 50/50 mix makes it a little safer!
  6. birthday present

    I love a cars! What's it got for a tranny? Looks like the 681-c Guide headlights that every other big truck and street rod in the last 80 years used great look also the two original bumpers!
  7. news or lack of news

    David, I'd help build the scaffold!
  8. news or lack of news

    Gotcha I think I saw it!
  9. Jay Leno's Garage - 1951 Ford Coupe

    Wingman ,beautiful woody(and wife) is the wood original?
  10. KSB, many of those who die of drug resistant infections in America contract them in hospitals! I believe one is called Mersa an NFL player in Tampa got a foot Infection in the locker room and his career was ended! The use of antibiotics in chicken and other meats is a leading cause of antibiotic resistance in humans! "Feeder lots" for truckers hauling livestock beside the interstate make poultry processing plants look positively sanitary! The one in E Texas on I 10 and the one in Sidney Nebraska on I 80 are particularly nasty!
  11. Mackey 58, wonder if "Donny" has his own bunker like JFK? ( not comparing JFK with "Donny"!
  12. Gonna go grille a steak! That's a whole nuther can of worms, don't think Upton Sinclair would approve!
  13. KSB, I can't imagine the abuses in the British poultry industry are much different than in America! I've been in a few poultry processing plants to load! The smell is overwhelming!, spent a night laid over at a massive chicken hatchery where they produced powdered egg products for commercial bakeries! Nasty rotten egg smell! So you don't only get poisoned when you eat commercially produced chicken, what about the baked goods that use egg products! The fellow that washed our trucks used to work in a southern poultry processing plant said it was a sweatshop! The chickens went by on an assembly line and the workers had seconds to cut it into the various parts! Most Americans won't do the work so a new opportunity for exploitation of workers emerges! Most of the workers live in company owned barracks. Every plant has a row of window vans parked outside they pick them up in the morning and drop them off in the evening! Tyson got busted about 15 yrs ago in Arkansas for soliciting illegal workers in Mexico! Apparently the quasi legal green card workers they had been using didn't work fast enough! A reporter asked a Tyson official why they used illegal workers, He looked at her in amazement!😁 "They work faster they don't take bathroom breaks and they never complain!" Obviously if you're at risk of being deported you don't complain! Kinda like a modern "company store"!. That whole thing went away in a couple of months and Tysons still selling chicken! I shouldn't really eat any chicken, but I don't eat Tysons!
  14. 41, forgot about "arcing" New brake linings or older ones that aren't making full contact! When I was about 18 my buddy and I befriended an old German mechanic who had a private shop.His shop was in a wealthy area of Pittsburgh Pa.He showed us how to do a proper brake job! Remove and clean all the brake hardware replace any worn parts and lube everything! Also, and nobody including me does this anymore, put the linings in a vise and hand arc the linings with a rasp so they make full contact with the drums! He only worked on wealthy folks caddy's lincolns,and other expensive cars! This was in 1963 when only a few American cars had disc brakes (Lincoln was one) but if you got in a 1940 truck with perfectly functioning brakes and compared it with a modern truck of similar weight the 40s truck would feel like the brakes were defective! So for the old truck to stop adequately it would have to be in perfect order,hence arcing !the linings! My dad had a 1946 Chevy 1.5 ton flatbed and a 39 Diamond T 201 wrecker,both had straight hydraulic brakes with the master cylinder under the floor! You would be hard pressed to lock up the brakes on either one loaded! But most truck drivers of that era knew to maintain the proper following distance!
  15. 761 brock happy birthday

    Happy birthday!