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  1. Charlottesville

    Yep 41, a BIG,grain of salt! I'm watching the local news this morning,and I see "Three year old killed by truck" I'm looking at the tv and I don't see a "truck" I see a "pickup" I'm pretty sure a lot of folks who hear this on the radio picture a child being run over by a tractor trailer or other actual truck due to what I perceive as the anti truck bias! Same bias that causes many law firms to post billboards on the interstate "Have an accident with a semi?" They know most trucking firms don't want to face a jury regardless of who is at fault" It's a "win win" for them! Just my opinion....yours?
  2. Had an uninvited guest in the garage...

    The local Asian restaurant had two bowls of cat food out back the other day!😁 I keep my spare 93 Isuzu p.u in the woods behind the house, a family of wood rats built a huge nest of sticks in the cab!I pulled the brake booster off the firewall leaving a hole,with the master cylinder dangling in space by the hydraulic lines! So I'm salvaging some little part from under the hood and this little face with beady eyes and a pointed nose appears in the hole and is watching me work! They never appear at the house so I let him slide! Not so the scorpions! They get a one way trip from the toilet into the septic system!
  3. A city counsel acts fast

    Mowerman, I remember all that pc bulls..t about removing nativity scenes in the late 70s, the Jewish holidays fall around the same time as Christmas, so our local school put up a nativity scene and a menorah!, problem solved!
  4. Rustproofing formula needed- new vehicle

    Has nothing to do with rustproofing, but I saw an amusing ad on Missoula Montana's Craigslist. 1970 International loadstar 1600,single axle c/c runs drives and stops,345 engine 4 speed with2 speed axle tires are round and black!😁 750.00 Truck looks better than you might expect given its age! Seller definitely has a sense of humor! Made me think of the movie "Christmas story" where little Ralphie is helping the old man change a flat."The old man's spare is only a tire in the academic sense"
  5. Rustproofing formula needed- new vehicle

    FWD, back in the 70s a guy in my terminal had an early Ford falcon, Pittsburgh Pa uses a lot of salt and the car was rust free! He told me he mixed about a pint of kerosene with the detergent when he washed the car! New clean atf night be better as it doesn't attack rubber,or brake fluid! Would be fun cleaning the Windows though!
  6. Wisconsin 12:41PM

  7. Happy birthday Tozzi! Mack pro,here in Hernando County Florida, we have some clouds on and off over the sun! I couldn't find any viewing glasses, people are buying them and scalping the price! I made a cardboard box "viewer" it gives  you a tiny picture on the inside of the box without hurting your eyes! My 12  year old grandson is all fired up about the eclipse! His 10 year old sister isn't as interested!, they got the day off school to look at the eclipse!


  8. What a beauty! Do the turn signals have the little arrows,can't tell!,yeah they do! Just enlarged the photo, very authentic!
  9. Hobert that insurance is really reasonable, but you gotta break your wife of drinking that yuppie coffee!😁I noticed that some rust oleum paint cans recommend acetone as a thinner, some don't,I've only sprayed it once( on a garden tractor) with acetone worked fine! Maybe ordinary reducer dilutes the fish oil base?
  10. Hancock, that's one of the sharpest B models I've seen!
  11. Snow plows and stuff

    Guys you have a wonderful variety of equipment! The FWD would fit right in at Pebble Beach! Looks a lot like a Hendrickson! Is that a gas burner? It would be sacrilege but the sheet metal from the Oshkosh would make a great "rat rod"
  12. My tongue hurts...

    Rowdy,you should have told him you were delivering the flatbed!lol!
  13. My tongue hurts...

    Freightrain, my friend the drag racer from Warren Oh, used to haul oversized tanks,xerces and the like, well he's mt and a Ga DOT officer pulls him over for an inspection,he's been an outlaw his whole life,and his paper work is unreal! No tag on the tractor,drive away tags on the trailer (he's a trucking agent and they did driveways cab and chassis etc) Its pouring rain and the DOT man is exasperated "what do you haul on that thing anyway?" "I'm a snake farmer, and I haul snakes,tie em' down with the yellow straps" long pause... "You s.o.b.! Get the f...k out of here if I ever see you again I'll throw the book at you!"😁 From that day forward his cb handle was "snake farmer!"
  14. Charlottesville

    Just a bunch of concrete statues! How much good could be done for humanity of all persuasions with the money spent on relocating them?!
  15. Charlottesville

    If you try sometime you get what you need! "The truth often lies in the center of the two opinions!"