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  1. Knew a guy hauled steel with a.Diamond T Cabover very.rare!
  2. Looked like a bargain! Lots of possibilities with the winch, fifth wheel wrecker?
  3. Lot more truck than a new diesel dually for similar bucks,plus should hold its value or possibly appreciate! Too bad about the single stick tranny,how about a "fake"second stick to operate the range selector like that three stick one on u tube! You ain't gonna.believe this I knew a dude had a f350 dually with a 5.9 Cummins with a 10 speed road ranger! Had to use 4 by 4 cab mounts to clear the tranny. Freightrain, Bob says hello!
  4. Just what the " professional driver"needs the same incompetence mitigation devices that are forced on the non professional driver! The insurance industry has to have a major part in this nonsense!
  5. Nice " binder" I remembered something on those trucks there is a bundle of wire connections above the right steering tire, I was driving one of those 80s 9670s and it quit dead pulling into the Petro in Bordentown NJ. Turned out the slush and salt had corroded the wire connections in the cab above the tire! There is a panel.you can remove to get at them. Would be better to check it out first and correct any impending corrosion before it shuts you down. Maybe seal it up good with tar or something.
  6. That looks like a Manley boom on the packard, my 39 diamond T had one that was similar! Each one was a little different looked homemade but was a factory unit they used around 4" by 3/8 angle iron for the main boom and smaller stuff for the supports and forged pulley block,and snatch block on the end.
  7. Did Waylon have a tractor named"Amanda" or would Jesse have been jealous?
  8. That B is gorgeous! A friend of mine used to haul steel with a legendary "two story Falcon!" They caught a lot of abuse, but they couldn't have been half as bad as the Ford 9000 " Crackerbox" day cab I drove! I was given a choice between it and a7400 White "Japanese Freightliner!" Not much of a choice! Ahh the good old days!
  9. I used to pick up new straight trucks from the body manufacturers for Ryder Truck Rental in Pittsburgh, and deliver them to the terminal.As most of us know the Midliner was the product of an incestuous relationship between Mack and Renault,LOL! So I picked up a mid liner and it had a 5 speed tranny with a pattern I've never seen, what an abortion!
  10. On the subject of the MH Mack Cabover,I used to drive for a Ryder lease customer AC Delco batteries, and Ryder at the same time hauled those little Coleman pop up campers with an MH single axle and a double deck trailer.There was a single lane restriction in one of the tunnels on the Pa turnpike Allegheny Mountain I think. A KW Cabover with a load of 55 gallon drums of some product drifted into the MH drivers lane and they hit head on at about 35mph! The KW driver died at the scene, but the MH driver while seriously injured to the point of having to retire from driving recovered! I actually had a conversation with him at Ryders Pittsburgh terminal. The Mack engineers were so impressed that they traveled from Allentown to view the wreckage of the MH! They towed away the wrecked MH before I ever got to see it, but obviously the composite aluminum/ fiberglass construction of the MH must have been very strong! A couple years later I drove a single axle MH with an aluminum drop deck, It was the best riding Cabover I ever drove and it even was spring ride!
  11. BillyT

    Anybody heard from Freightrain our friend Bob  was asking about him I told Bob about his chicken lights!

  12. Seen some really marginal tie downs in my steel hauling days! Like a four by four thru the center and a chain over each end! No edge protecters etc.
  13. Anything remotely resembling a truck they smell money!
  14. 41 that practice of "renting"a generator or other storm related stuff is common here in Florida! Then the thing is used and they can't legally sell it as new! But 48 hrs on a new appliance is ridiculous!
  15. David, Hunts Point was the reason I never hauled produce!LOL I used to haul insulation into the S.Bronx all the time, but with a flatbed you are unloaded in a half hour,and can split! It's the waiting that gets ya! Freightrain the chicken lights look great!Bob's been asking about you but I've been off the site for awhile! He's polishing the headers on his IHRA teams rail,getting ready for the season to open!
  16. Absolutely! In about 1962 I knew a kid who had a 57 Bel Aire four door hardtop blue and silver if my memory serves,Rochester fuel injected 283 with a four speed,had to be a rare optioned car especially with the four door! His dad bought it new!
  17. Makes me think of the short lived belt driven tag axles!
  18. Anyone remember JV McNicholas out of Youngstown Oh? Steel hauler ran R models, U models and a few F sleepers.
  19. Just thought of this...what if the emergency braking system on their new car failed to work would they know to hit the foot pedal?
  20. I hope our enemies aren't reading this!, legitimately scary!
  21. OD Wal Mart has been selling cheap tennis shoes with a Nike swoosh on then for decades started at 8.00 went to about 11.00 recently, I used to wear them when driving.Wonder how the manufacturer gets away with the Nike swoosh? I recently bought a pair of Chinese made Red Wings, very high quality box toe all leather,79.00 Rural King thru Amazon still ticks me off,but couldn't pass them up!
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