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  1. My plans are to put the body on an '87 valueliner with a 350 and a T-2090 and nu-way air ride. I was thinking about putting the intercooler up front and laying the radiator flat behind the cab with electric fans on it. If that's not enough to keep it cool one fuel tank will become a coolant reservoir.
  2. I've been wanting one for years, finally came across one that was priced right, wasn't too far away, and wasn't already sold. It came out of Minnesota and originally Oregon. It has a turbocharged 673 with a jake. I've got big dreams for this one.
  3. Just got mine, love it! Definitely increases the heart rate. I will buy one next year too. Best wishes Mike.
  4. Is this the one that was on auctiontime from Nebraska?
  5. The truck is sold. I think it went to Michigan.
  6. I always thought it would be cool to own a C-model and it happened today. A friend of mine decided to sell his dad's old truck. They used it to haul grain to Duluth, MN back in the day, then it was converted into a motorhome. It now has a 237 with a triplex. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but the price was right.
  7. What year did Mack switch from the long ear bulldog to the short ear dog?
  8. Make sure the bleed line between the radiator and the expansion tank is not plugged.
  9. We had a v-8 Deutz in a combine years ago, it was very fuel efficient.
  10. I missed this baby today, right out my back door. The ad said it had been sitting awhile but had a rebuilt motor. For sale for $500.00. When I called he said a guy from Little Falls, Mn was on his way to buy it. Oh well I didn't want to track down a windshield for it anyway.
  11. 23 Years ago I saw a hot rod Peterbilt for sale with a Mack 18 speed in it. The owner said it was the only transmission he found that would put up with the torque.
  12. I finally got my hands on the 2020 Mack calendar and I got to say it's very disappointing. Looking at garbage trucks that are totally utilitarian doesn't do anything for me. The vintage month is poorly done as well, talking about a company's B model but not even showing it? So why doesn't someone on here organize something better? Maybe Watt's could sponsor it? Just throwing it out there.
  13. Anyone ever know if they put a 3408 in a superliner? I was talking to a guy who said he had seen one once. I assumed he had mistaken it for an E-9.
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