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  1. I used to see that r model down here in ND, it always brightened my day.
  2. Pictures of the Week

    I always carry poultry grit, you throw a little under the drive tires and it is amazing how you can gain traction.
  3. Watch "Moonfire" great trucks and great acting with an awesome storyline!
  4. Strange ideas

    Some of those are pretty cool, but most lacked style and direction. At least those builders didn't waste their free time on a golf course.
  5. V 12 cummins

    I think it is a 1486, there is no cpl tag on it anywhere that I can see.
  6. V 12 cummins

    I think I've got a deal pending, but we have not settled on a price. I will let you know if it falls through. Just curious, what are your plans for it?

    This one is in ND
  8. Was going through my uncle's shop and found this. I can remember Mack branded engine paint at the dealer back when i was a kid and before anyone knew volvo even made a truck.
  9. Gear carnage

    One year later, same truck, different driver. He was starting a load on frozen ground, and said he was just letting out the clutch. The pic is of the back of the power divider.
  10. Sounds like something is back- feeding, clean up your grounds.
  11. Superliner V8

    I think the seller is a member here, Riehl Diehl?
  12. Anyone notice the bus in the background? Looks like someone glued a B model front on it.
  13. High mileage milestone Macks

    We have a '96 ch with 1.1 million, all Mack, never been touched, never had a major component fail. It is starting to develop a little blow by, but still runs strong.
  14. Wondering if anyone knows where to get chrome wheels for a die-hard spoke fan? Watching OutBack truckers I see some of the Aussies have chrome on there Dayton style wheels. I have not seen much available here in the states.