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  1. Nikola and Bosch.

    What is that behind the cab? I see something similar to that on Raun trucks up here hauling bobcats.
  2. V 12 cummins

    For sale- naturally aspirated v12 cummins, was out of a Mack oar truck. Runs decent. Make offer.
  3. Looks great! Keep em coming
  4. Does anyone know the story on this one? I told my wife if I had this I would never need Viagra, she didn't seem to understand.
  5. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Thanks Barry, it's too bad she had to add her opinions to everything, she seemed to be very knowledgeable.
  6. Waterpump? or radiator?

    Is your radiator, and air cooler plugged with bugs? It doesn't take much crap stuck in them to make them run hot. My CH had paint flaking off the charge air cooler in every opening that would seriously restrict airflow.
  7. 95 CH 613 E7 350

    It could be your transfer pump going bad.
  8. My trip to the junkyard

    I was looking for a pair of mufflers for one of our ch' s and I went to J and M truck salvage in Downer, Mn, I found a clean pair and stack brackets on these 06 visions. The owner said they had come from California and has been part of some carb program were the engine blocks had to have a hole torched in them, so they could not be in service. What a shame! We get into fist fights for trucks this rust free up here in ND an MN.
  9. 350 4V E6 engine tick

    Could it be the air compressor?
  10. The trailmobile brought 1100.00 and the steel tanker brought 400.00
  11. I saw these pair today at an upcoming auction, they look to be in decent shape. If interested you can bid online at www. I can get more pics if anyone is interested. The sale is 7-26-17.
  12. BTTF

    I'm also heading to st.paul for the big show, maybe we'll see you there. This is what I drive.
  13. Nope I'm talking about our superliner.
  14. I'm considering doing the same swap since I came across an n-14 for free still in the wrecked Volvo. Of course it would be a fair amount of work, and I figured I could just fab up some engine mounts. It just seems like a sacrilege to take out a Mack engine to put in a cummins. I would really like to put in an e-7.
  15. This post reminds me, on our '88 r model last fall I noticed a weird sound when turning a sharp corner. After investigation it turned out both front mount bolts were gone! The fan was hitting the shroud when the engine would move around. I stuck a couple of grade 5 bolts in it to get by and haven't given it much thought until now.