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  1. Maybe he finally stopped to help one of those wimmins.
  2. Having trouble sending pm' s. Anyhow I have 2 tanks one is 24.5 in diameter the other is 25.25. One is butt welded to the ends the other is lap welded. I'm not sure what it would cost to ship, but could take it to a truck shipper. Was thinking $200 for the tank.
  3. If that tank isn't up to specs I've got an aluminum one I would part with.
  4. I've pulled them apart and cleaned them, and put some grease on them. Of course you can buy them new but they aren't cheap.
  5. Some people I know of running mack seem to mistake their ruggedness for never needing maintenance. It disgusts me to see these trucks in such poor shape. I have picked up a few of these macks over the years, and it's amazing what a $1000 dollars and a couple of days can do. The idiots that owned these trucks thought they were shot.
  6. Most likely your spindles that the wiper arms mount on are rusty. It will act like the motor is failing.
  7. M for sure interested in the truck thanks for help  ps m still trying to learn how this site works so if u get 2or 3 messages just trying to learn

  8. I know of a good one with a 671 up here in ND for 1500 if your serious I could do some digging and make sure the guy still has it.
  9. We're gonna need some pics.
  10. Would you have the part number for the outside door handles not having any luck. The shaft on the door handles are 4 1/4 inches long, everything I found is 2 to 3 3/4 long. Thanks diane

  11. Just out of curiosity why do you want to switch to hub pilots? They can be a total bitch to remove the inside dual if it has been on a long time.
  12. no connection, just really interesting.
  13. The " kriete group" in Madison Wisconsin has a 2003 vision with an insulated body on it. At least it should be pre egr.
  14. If you don't mind replacement quality they are the same as 47-51 chevy pickups, available from classic truck parts of america.
  15. Great point of view. It shows how some things happen for a reason, and things have a way of falling into place.