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  1. dogg rescue

    Trouble uploading pics

    Does anyone else have trouble uploading pics? I'm using my Samsung galaxy and I get an error when I try.
  2. dogg rescue

    R Model cab floor

    I have the left and right toe panels if Alex G. Doesn't
  3. dogg rescue

    R model cab interiors

    I think the plastic dash came in 73, the two spoke wheel showed up in about 86
  4. dogg rescue

    1972 Chevrolet C-10

    Oh yea! Also you have to love the two tones of the seventies.
  5. dogg rescue

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    I would use it as a spare, hiring a driver sounds like a pita. Or sell it to me for parts.
  6. dogg rescue

    R700 in Alabama

    What was the last year of the r 700? Could a chassis mounted inter cooler be mounted ahead of the radiator on a rs713lst?
  7. dogg rescue

    1948 White

    1948 white not sure of the model, engine is stuck the wood in the cab rotted so the doors fell off, some rust but not horrible. Located in ND $1700 obo.
  8. dogg rescue

    My old roadway truck

    It's just an illusion.
  9. I bought this old roadway truck back in '03 and made it into a twin screw, it was a great truck, the last to get stuck in the field. I sold it 3 years ago to a guy who's '66 r model had died on him, and he sent me a picture of it today.
  10. dogg rescue


    I've got a Fulton visor for a '50 chevy truck that would be easy to narrow up. I can't say I've ever seen anything but a Lund or an Aussie style visor on a B but I think it would look good.
  11. My dad retro-fitted this 1700 stieger with a mack 237 about 40 years ago. It was a great pulling tractor. He sold it a few years later, now a friend has bought it with the intention of restoring it.
  12. dogg rescue

    Mack E7 water pump bolt problems

    I had this problem, but it was due to having had a bent fan clutch from a belt hopping off. How often do your bolts break?
  13. I used to see that r model down here in ND, it always brightened my day.
  14. dogg rescue

    Pictures of the Week

    I always carry poultry grit, you throw a little under the drive tires and it is amazing how you can gain traction.
  15. Watch "Moonfire" great trucks and great acting with an awesome storyline!

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