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  1. dogg rescue

    When did Mack quit using the 237?

    My neighbor has an 87 they bought new with a 237.
  2. dogg rescue

    Roof-top Wind Deflector

    I've got one, it's in good shape, a little scratched up with mounting brackets. It was on an R model originally. I've got pictures I can send to a phone, but still can't load on to this site🤔
  3. dogg rescue

    Verifying miles on E7 mechanical

    What year exactly? Look at the rest of the truck, like the wear on the accelerator pedal. Also look at the engine hours divided by the mileage to see if it is believable, although some vocational trucks get a lot of idle time.
  4. dogg rescue

    Uber and autonomous trucking

    Now we need to relocate millennials from there parent's couch to the sleeper of an Otto truck.
  5. dogg rescue

    What model Mack is this?

    Putting Mack emblems on that is like stuffing a sock down your shorts to impress the ladies.
  6. Very cool video, thanks for sharing.
  7. dogg rescue

    Jake with Nuss

    What's the story with the Nuss superliner at the Roseville store? I went by on 35w last week, that truck looks awesome.
  8. dogg rescue

    CL-713 Hood Wanted

    Your welcome, hope that helps.
  9. dogg rescue

    CL-713 Hood Wanted

    This one is on Madison,Wi. Craigslist
  10. dogg rescue

    Trouble uploading pics

    Does anyone else have trouble uploading pics? I'm using my Samsung galaxy and I get an error when I try.
  11. dogg rescue

    R Model cab floor

    I have the left and right toe panels if Alex G. Doesn't
  12. dogg rescue

    R model cab interiors

    I think the plastic dash came in 73, the two spoke wheel showed up in about 86
  13. dogg rescue

    1972 Chevrolet C-10

    Oh yea! Also you have to love the two tones of the seventies.
  14. dogg rescue

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    I would use it as a spare, hiring a driver sounds like a pita. Or sell it to me for parts.
  15. dogg rescue

    R700 in Alabama

    What was the last year of the r 700? Could a chassis mounted inter cooler be mounted ahead of the radiator on a rs713lst?

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