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  1. The trailmobile brought 1100.00 and the steel tanker brought 400.00
  2. I saw these pair today at an upcoming auction, they look to be in decent shape. If interested you can bid online at www. I can get more pics if anyone is interested. The sale is 7-26-17.
  3. I'm also heading to st.paul for the big show, maybe we'll see you there. This is what I drive.
  4. Nope I'm talking about our superliner.
  5. I'm considering doing the same swap since I came across an n-14 for free still in the wrecked Volvo. Of course it would be a fair amount of work, and I figured I could just fab up some engine mounts. It just seems like a sacrilege to take out a Mack engine to put in a cummins. I would really like to put in an e-7.
  6. This post reminds me, on our '88 r model last fall I noticed a weird sound when turning a sharp corner. After investigation it turned out both front mount bolts were gone! The fan was hitting the shroud when the engine would move around. I stuck a couple of grade 5 bolts in it to get by and haven't given it much thought until now.
  7. I absolutely love b models but they are hard to work in the engine compartment. Has anyone made a flip hood out of the sheet metal hood, this would require a subframe underneath and bracing of the radiator. Probably more trouble than it's worth. Or has anyone made the fenders swing like a C model?
  8. In the late 70's my dad bought a 237 Mack at mander' s diesel that came out of an international. Someone had transplanted it in.
  9. 583

    I wish my wife knew how to set valves.
  10. Has anyone ever dealt with capitol redman out of Colorado?
  11. Mack rears?
  12. Put a wire loop in the coolant sensor plug to see if the sensor is working properly. Also I have seen where the aeroquip hose between the tank and radiator plugs.
  13. I could see how this would cost me more money than I would ever hope to make. Tires cost the same for a new trailer as they do an old.
  14. How much should a belly dump gravel trailer rent for a month? I own an older triaxle and was asked by our local co-op to rent it to them.
  15. Unfotunatlly there is a lot of other idiots further inland.