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  1. In the late 70's my dad bought a 237 Mack at mander' s diesel that came out of an international. Someone had transplanted it in.
  2. 583

    I wish my wife knew how to set valves.
  3. Has anyone ever dealt with capitol redman out of Colorado?
  4. Mack rears?
  5. Put a wire loop in the coolant sensor plug to see if the sensor is working properly. Also I have seen where the aeroquip hose between the tank and radiator plugs.
  6. I could see how this would cost me more money than I would ever hope to make. Tires cost the same for a new trailer as they do an old.
  7. How much should a belly dump gravel trailer rent for a month? I own an older triaxle and was asked by our local co-op to rent it to them.
  8. Unfotunatlly there is a lot of other idiots further inland.
  9. The thing about hauling grain in an end dump is they are heavy. We had a few dump trailers and we sold them all. A typical ch daycab with a 34ft triple weighs about 34,000 empty. The same truck without a wet kit on an aluminum hopper weighs 24,500.
  10. What did the magnum package include for specs, like transmission,suspension, colors?
  11. There can't be very many of these in existence.
  12. I would be glad to check this out for anyone, it's not too far from me, I think I know the guy.
  13. The steel tank and valve would make a good pumpkin chucker.
  14. I stepped inside one of these at Back to the fifties in St Paul MN, and it was truly amazing. I could not fathom a restoration of that magnitude.
  15. There was a farm up here in ND that has one of these orange loadstars it had a grain box painted to match. I never knew it was a special edition til now. They sold it about 5 years ago.