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  1. Not took the time to put it on and try it will report on it when I do
  2. There was some sba CH's that came with same headlight that the sfa CH's and RD's so you should be able to buy the new led lights for a direct replacement
  3. New engine wiring harness but the sensor shim may be the problem because I changed ecm off another truck and still had problem. How do I check to see if sensor is shimed correctly?
  4. Ijust put new remack engine in my truck when I ordered it I used vin# off truck I have with a 427 so it would have different cam key I took out 355/380 now I'm getting 3-2 code when you mash the throttle about the time it starts making power it cuts out and throws code let off fuel malfunction light goes away runs good as long as you're not really putting it under a load. Am I getting this code because ecm is trying to read old cam setting? I replaced cam sensor and it makes no difference
  5. I do have a nice 60 inch able body stand up with dual exhaust cut outs that I may consider selling.
  6. 880joe


    Probably just bad oil cooler
  7. I don't know on an RD but on a CH it's under the dash near the steering shaft
  8. You might check at Mack in Quincy IL I was there the other day and they had a new hood in crate and a hood from a Thompson truck out behind the shop
  9. Inner fenders may also be different might be worth looking into if you're not getting a complete hood
  10. I think the newer hoods are a couple of inches longer. However I did set an older CH hood on CHN just to keep engine covered up seemed to open and close ok but hard to tell about cab and hood gap because of flat cab air bags
  11. The guys at Switchblade Turbo built me a new turbo supposed to be correct size. They said the other one was to big still don't know why the 171702 Borg Warner was to big for my engine when I've heard of numorus others running that same set up. Will update after I get it put on and see how it performs.
  12. Didn't come with injectors or jake or any external bolt on pieces eup's,starter,air compressor,and such
  13. I have an 01 doing the same thing anyone know where the alarm buzzer is located so I can unhook it
  14. Mack was 17500 Capital reman was 12500 on etechs
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