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  1. Are they for an R model
  2. If you put the AC cam in an AI engine will you have the same thing as a pre emission ETEC engine
  3. Heres a couple of my superliners.
  4. Started the 24 Mack and took it for a drive today
  5. you might check all your ground wires a bad ground will cause your truck to do odd things
  6. I have been getting my injectors from K&S Diesel out of Schofield WI 800 535 0172 they were around 90 dollars a piece exchange last set I bought, Call and talk to Jason i think they are making 50,75,and 100hp injectors. I also got a set from Antrim Diesel i think they were about 105 each
  7. I talked to Heavy Diesel Tunes 309 781 1587 i think it was around 1500 dollars. I have not tried it yet but i others on here have used them maybe the will chime in on there results
  8. I think you could go to a 355/380 they have the same torque as the 427 then get some upgraded injectors and run your 460 turbo that should be a pretty good running motor then
  9. the block should be the same
  10. I may have what you need if you have not found parts yet. I am about 125 miles from KC
  11. Would any one on here have a vin # from a detroit powered cl . Would a detroit be very much bigger than an E7 they looked close to same size to me
  12. Who owns this truck and what is he asking for it I see it has a for sale sign in the windsield
  13. So if you put an AC cam in an AI engine would that eliminate the need to do an egr delete? Would anything else need to be changed?
  14. Just wondering if they ever put a series 60 in any CL or CH macks

    I have a 42" and a 60" flattop both are made for single stack that i would consider selling. My phone number is 417 880 4862 Joey Sherman