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  1. 1998 Mack rd 688s etech 350 won't start

    I may be the gear slipping on the fuel pump
  2. Taper leaf springs

    I only had the taper leaf on a couple of road trucks they seemed to ride pretty good and had good articulation in the truck stop parking lot pot holes. The ride is much better than the camel backs that I have had.
  3. I think the hood would fit but the bumper probably won't because I believe the frame is wider on the CXU than the CH so your tow hook holes won't be right.
  4. Taper leaf springs

    I have st34 suspension I believe. I got ahold of Donovan Spring and pretty sure they have what I need. Thanks for the response and help
  5. Does anybody make a 44000lb replacement spring for taper leaf spring suspension. I was told that there was an aftermarket one available but haven't been able to find any
  6. '01 CH613. 355/380. HELP IS APPRECIATED

    a pre ccrs engine will have a horse shoe shaped fuel return line in between the heads. that set up should do fine the 355/380 has the same torque as the 427
  7. R Model fuel tanks

    I have two 110 gallon round aluminum fuel tanks for sale. Would like to sell as a pair. The right side has a small dent and they both have slight corrosion where the straps where, but do not see any corrosion all the way through tanks. Have pictures of both tanks and will send via email, unable to download to this post. Asking $400.00 plus shipping for the pair. Call Joey at 417-880-4862 with any questions.
  8. R model lund visor

    Visors are sold and no I don't have any lund visors for an MH
  9. R model lund visor

    2 New lund visors 150 each plus shipping
  10. Vin tags/Data plate

    You can go to your Mack dealer and they can get you a new vin tag
  11. 44000lb camelback

    Parting out 89 DM mack has 44000lb rears Dayton wheels probably 5 something ratio had a 2070 transmission
  12. AC 427 swap to E7 427

    I have been looking at doing the same thing. Looks to me like use all the non egr wiring harness and change front engine cover so A/C compressor is on corect side and front engine mount is the same. All wiring going into cab appears to be same
  13. There was a Cummins powered MH on St.Louis MO Craigslist a few days ago. Should be every thing to convert yours over
  14. E7 On its last leg

    What year and hp is your old engine also does it have a jake brake
  15. 16,000lb axle different lug pattern?

    The yellow truck in the picture looks like a CL to me and I don't think the axles will interchange