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  1. I would check with a local machine shop on rebuilding your heads my local machine shop done mine for half of what mack wanted. Also a PAI inflame kit would save you some money
  2. What are they asking for it
  3. 880joe

    Eup 1997 E7

    I believe I only gave around 350 for some from K&S Diesel Schofield WI
  4. 880joe

    Fuel splitter valve

    My fuel line goes to a valve in center of the frame then draws from both tanks and returns fuel to both tanks
  5. I know a guy that converted a 66 R model to hub pilot. If nobody on here has better answer I can get ahold of him and see where he got his parts at for you
  6. Will the fuel splitter valve on a 99 ch keep the fuel equal in both tanks if the tanks are not the same size or will the smaller tank run out of fuel first
  7. 880joe

    New switch panel

    Does the new switches have lights in them and are they a direct plug in or did you have to change the wire ends
  8. 880joe

    More power! ?

  9. 880joe

    More power! ?

    Buy you some bigger injectors from K&S Diesel out of Schofield WI they have 50 75 and 100hp upgrades run you about 90 dollars each
  10. 880joe

    What Does CXN Mean?

    I was told the N in CXN and CHN ment that it had the new frame shared with volvo
  11. If I get time today I will look it over better and make sure it isn't rusty and post some pictures also I'm located in MO so it may be to far away to justify the shipping
  12. I have an 89 DM I'm going to part out I don't believe it has any rust issues I would take 1250 for the cab
  13. 880joe

    Mystery leak

    I believe that is just a drain port to drain the water out of the block
  14. 880joe


    A 2050 2060 2070 and 2080 all have .60 overdrive

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