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  1. What year and hp is your old engine also does it have a jake brake
  2. The yellow truck in the picture looks like a CL to me and I don't think the axles will interchange
  3. Looks like you were at Tamko in Joplin Mo
  4. Are they for an R model
  5. If you put the AC cam in an AI engine will you have the same thing as a pre emission ETEC engine
  6. Heres a couple of my superliners.
  7. Started the 24 Mack and took it for a drive today
  8. you might check all your ground wires a bad ground will cause your truck to do odd things
  9. I have been getting my injectors from K&S Diesel out of Schofield WI 800 535 0172 they were around 90 dollars a piece exchange last set I bought, Call and talk to Jason i think they are making 50,75,and 100hp injectors. I also got a set from Antrim Diesel i think they were about 105 each
  10. I talked to Heavy Diesel Tunes 309 781 1587 i think it was around 1500 dollars. I have not tried it yet but i others on here have used them maybe the will chime in on there results
  11. I think you could go to a 355/380 they have the same torque as the 427 then get some upgraded injectors and run your 460 turbo that should be a pretty good running motor then
  12. the block should be the same
  13. I may have what you need if you have not found parts yet. I am about 125 miles from KC
  14. Would any one on here have a vin # from a detroit powered cl . Would a detroit be very much bigger than an E7 they looked close to same size to me
  15. Who owns this truck and what is he asking for it I see it has a for sale sign in the windsield