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  1. 880joe

    12 speed

    50 miles north of Springfield Mo
  2. 880joe

    12 speed

    I have a 2 stick 12 speed for sale make an offer I'm tired of it being in my way
  3. Would anyone on here know the production numbers of the 100th aniversary edition visions
  4. Mine is a 99 year model with the proprietary axle ends I'm pretty sure after your explanation of difference. I'm almost sure mine has fine spline axles also
  5. Also how can I tell if mine has R series spindles
  6. So are the axle spline different or can I use my existing axle
  7. Ok my last six of vin is 001873 pretty sure it's not 1 of the limited edition
  8. Does anyone know if a crd 125 & 126 will fit in same housings as the 92 & 93.
  9. Wouldn't an 01 just be a straight CH model I thought the CHN's came out in 05
  10. Ok mine is a 613 but after looking closer at your stripes I believe mine are a little different. I'll post vin in a few days when I'm home and think of it. What year model is the limited edition
  11. Is there an easy way to identify the CL Elite limited edition? I have 1 with the same paint scheme
  12. Wasn't the early 1s etech and the latest 1s mp's
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