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  1. Engine swuap

    the chu or cxu may be a better choice to try that in since they have a little bit of a doghouse already to give you some more engine room. i have been thinking about trying it myself if i could fing a good cheap detroit powered donor truck
  2. Blink Code

    Ok I will check that out and thank you for the reply
  3. Blink Code

    What does a 3-5 and 3-6 blink code mean on an 07 ac460 mean
  4. RW Air Ride Assist on Front Axel

    There is a company out of TX called Donvel that makes similar air ride for all makes
  5. the sycronizers can be replaced with transmission still in the truck. It takes special tool to hold the gears in place but it can be done
  6. 2180 13 speed

    do you have any way to ship it to the usa
  7. Isn't the new ch coming out with new led headlights. I thought I read that was one of the upgrade it got. Hope so because I would like to have some better lights on my 99 also
  8. Have you got any pictures and a price in mind
  9. Is it a sfa or sba day cab or sleeper?
  10. Best way to Part out Truck

    Are you anywhere near Piqua OH
  11. Best way to Part out Truck

    how much for it complete? is it a etech engine or inline pump motor
  12. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    Does anyone have the specific part number on the detroit turbo? I keep hearing about it but no one has given real part number on which one to use.
  13. probably on right frame rail by front shock
  14. kysor and horton fan clutch

    That fixed it Mackpro thank you very much