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  1. Cab swap question

    The 08 and newer would be a real pita looks to me like. They moved ac and heater core to right side of cab and the wiring and air lines going into cab looks alot different
  2. Cab swap question

    I can not see any difference in the cabs there maybe some minor things but should'nt be to hard to overcome them
  3. Superliner Engine cross member

    Is the cat cross member different from an e6 or e9
  4. Cab swap question

    I would'nt know why you could'nt put up to an 07 model cab on your truck as long as it had the etech engine and not the mp series engine. I have an 07 and some 99's wiring looks like same plug in on firewall but the 07 does have 9 pin data port under dash and 99 only has 6 or 7 pin plug in. TimberJack said in his post there was 2 extra wires
  5. AC 427 swap to E7 427

    Did you change front engine cover so that the ac compressor was on the left side And did you have to change anything else
  6. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I have not run the Rochester injectors long enough to know how reliable they are going to be. I ran the K&S 100hp injectors and did have a few of them split the tips. the Rochester 2.5 are supposed to be a little bigger but they claim they do their injectors different some how and don't have that issue guess time will tell. I never had any problems from the 75hp injectors from K&S they have been the most reliable ones and cheapest that I have used so far only been using Rochester for about a month now.
  7. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I'm thinking 525 or 550hp probably need a little more turbo to cleen up the smoke and get a little more power
  8. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I changed the eup's because I had put some used 1's in in the past and never had the cal code done on them and some were leaking a little fuel also had 2 or 3 people tell me they got week over time mine probaly had a million plus miles. I belive I sent my old 100hp injectors from K&S to Rochester for cores and they compaired to there's and said 2.5 were just a little bigger and the stage 3s you would need to watch your egt's and water temp
  9. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I bought the new eup's off eBay for 200 each Rochester injectors will run you about 150 each K+S injectors are 85 a piece
  10. Brutus if you do the upgrade you suggested what kind of power will you be getting. Also what is the best suspension to run on stock class puller
  11. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I ran the 75hp injectors from K+S for 4 years without any issues. About a month ago I put Rochester's stage 2.5 injectors in and new eups my driver said he about had to learn to drive it again it made a big difference. I'm driving a 355/380 with injectors from Antrim Diesel and 460 turbo I will loose 18 to 20 mph on the same hill my driver said he looses 2 mph
  12. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    KandS diesel out of Schofield WI or Rochester Diesel out of Rochester MN both have better injectors that will get you more power
  13. 12 speed PTO

    will a rear mounted pto off a 12speed fit a 2 stick 6 speed
  14. The All New Mack

    A t800 kw I wouldn't consider a classic truck with its sba and sloped nose.
  15. 1998 Mack rd 688s etech 350 won't start

    I may be the gear slipping on the fuel pump