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  1. Looks like the gray superliner may be a Liberty Edition isn't that the statue on the hood
  2. Good mack mechanic?

    I have heard there is a guy that works at Mike's Wrecker in Collins MO that is supposed to be a good mack mechanic. Brad Jones is his name he was supposed to have worked at Housby in Des Moines IA. I haven't any personal experience just what I have heard been meaning to go check it out and just haven't done it yet
  3. 24.5x8.25 demountable rims.

    I have some wheels but don't know anything about shipping them to Australia
  4. I found a place to reproduce them and they will be costing 275 dollars a piece. Does anyone have any interest
  5. CH0612 floor

    They were available from Mack a couple years ago. I bought one seems like it was around 500 dollars
  6. Sleeper for an R model...

    here is the other one
  7. Sleeper for an R model...

    I have two sleepers if your interested in either one of them. Here is pictures of one.
  8. Mack 5speed swap

    the Mack 9 speed would give you less of a gap between gears but you will lose top end speed as it is a .71 overdrive and the 5 speed you have is a .60 overdrive. A 2060,2070,or a 2080 would work in your truck but that will not help on the big gap between the top 2 gears as it is the same on all those transmission you only gain gears on the low side
  9. R model lund visor

    I do have 1left but keeping it for myself. I have been looking for someone to reproduce them but no luck yet on that
  10. Sleeper for an R model...

    are you wanting one for single or dual exhaust cut out and how big
  11. 60 in midrise sleeper

    what color is the interior or do you have some interior pictures
  12. Gauge Reading Low Oil Pressure

    The sensor will be on top of the filter housing
  13. Engine swuap

    the chu or cxu may be a better choice to try that in since they have a little bit of a doghouse already to give you some more engine room. i have been thinking about trying it myself if i could fing a good cheap detroit powered donor truck
  14. Blink Code

    Ok I will check that out and thank you for the reply
  15. Blink Code

    What does a 3-5 and 3-6 blink code mean on an 07 ac460 mean