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  1. I believe the 6-4 code means the ecm is not communicating with the vecm
  2. I just had to replace the engine ecm on my 99 CH if I remember correctly it gave a 6-4 code. It acted up 1 day then ran fine for a week or so then went to leave 1 day it started and died immediately then never ran until I changed ecm.
  3. A friend of mine tried replacing an 07 AC engine with an 01 etech and never could get it to run said wiring was totally different and a nightmare don't know you would run into on an AI
  4. I have got 1 on a transmission I believe it has 1 ear broken off where it bolts to the transmission and leaks a little grease out but don't think it affects the operation of it any
  5. If it's a mack rearend it may be the peanut cluster wore out and slipping
  6. Joey Mack is from somewhere in North Carolina
  7. Yes they will fit but the door stopper that keeps door from opening to far is different
  8. 4 valve engines had both style of pumps
  9. I've been told you could use spring loaded ones and have an engine with steel rollers and spring loaded push rods acording to my mechanics. But that engine also didn't sound right through the intake and nobody could figure out why
  10. So can you use the spring loaded pushrods with the steel rollers?
  11. I had ceramic lifter fail and mack dealer wouldn't put steel lifter back in
  12. Have you tried just leaving it a little low and see if it quits pushing coolant out? Also what dealers are you dealing with so the rest of us know to stay away from
  13. I would possibly be interested in the whole truck
  14. So being a guy on the mack site an describing the t800 cab and ride the way you did how do you feel about the R model mack cab and ride? I never drove a t800 but the R model macks that I drove wasn't alot of room and sure didn't ride like no Cadillac
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