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  1. So being a guy on the mack site an describing the t800 cab and ride the way you did how do you feel about the R model mack cab and ride? I never drove a t800 but the R model macks that I drove wasn't alot of room and sure didn't ride like no Cadillac
  2. You're going to spend alot of money changing cam gear for a little bit of hp just my opinion. If it were me I would put the 355/380 program in it and leave cam alone a whole lot cheaper and same amount of torque
  3. I'm surprised that mack dealer would put the 427 file in without changing cam. I tried having a 460 turned down to 355/380 and they wouldn't do it without changing turbo,injectors and cam. He must have a better dealer. Also I thought I read if you didn't change cam key it get hot if you didn't watch it close
  4. A pre CCRS engine would need the cam key changed
  5. Might also check for loose wheel bearing
  6. I believe this was discussed on here before and was said you can get that hose from PAI
  7. Kt engineer do you work at the factory for mack
  8. That is probably Staxx that you are thinking of I have not saw him on here in a while. Also I belive he was only running an mp7 could be wrong on that though
  9. I had a 94 and 95 that were vmac 1's. On the firewall near the windshield washer bottle is a wire harness plug if it is square it will be vmac 1 if round vmac 2 with inline pump and vmac 3 would be an etech. At least that's what I always thought
  10. Are you talking about the cold air sensor on the left rear of intake manifold
  11. 460 turbo will work but you won't have as much torque with 400 file as you will with the 355/380 the torque comes from ecm setting as their are no mechanical difference in the 2
  12. The 460 injectors and turbo are a pretty good setup on a 355/380 if you're talking about an early etech. If you go to the 400 it has 1450 torque where the 355/380 has 1550 I myself would rather have the torque vs the hp
  13. I just got a PAI cam and lifter kit for early Etech cost was 2800
  14. Is that for a 22.5 wheel or 24.5
  15. I had an 01 vision that had a bad wire connection and buzzer would stay on I never did find where to unhook it finally found my wire issue. Also googled the dot requirement and it said a visable or audible warning device not both
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