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  1. I just got a PAI cam and lifter kit for early Etech cost was 2800
  2. Is that for a 22.5 wheel or 24.5
  3. I had an 01 vision that had a bad wire connection and buzzer would stay on I never did find where to unhook it finally found my wire issue. Also googled the dot requirement and it said a visable or audible warning device not both
  4. Can't help you on the wiring up the buzzer but I thought you only had to have 1 form of low air warning device to be legal
  5. I've run a low hole 6 speed which has similar set up as 12 speed and bed is slow to rise in low gear
  6. 2050,2060,or a 2080 will have the same overdrive only thing you may have to change would be driveshaft length
  7. I believe glenacres posted about doing this maybe he will chime in on the subject
  8. Can't seem to post anything on here but if you send me a email address or text number I will send you some
  9. I have a superliner that I parted out it has the 4 inch wide springs I don't know the rating on it though. It was a 700 series with an e9 but only had single steering box
  10. Isn't the left side cowl different and the hood longer on an RD
  11. How do you guys feel about new liners and using the old pistons? I see PAI has pistonless inframe kits you get everything but new pistons for around 1000 dollars
  12. Sure wish you were 900 miles closer I've offered mechanics 100 an hour and still can't get them to work
  13. Joey Mack what's your labor rate and do you have the tools to cut the block on the etech
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