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  1. 880joe

    Mystery leak

    I believe that is just a drain port to drain the water out of the block
  2. 880joe


    A 2050 2060 2070 and 2080 all have .60 overdrive
  3. 880joe


    A 2090 will have a .71 overdrive and your 2070 has a .60 overdrive therefore top speed will be slower
  4. 880joe

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    It was my understanding that the eup's put out plenty of fuel needed bigger injectors to get more fuel that you can only push x amount of fuel through stock injectors. Correct me if that's not right
  5. 880joe

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    Are you running stock injectors or upgraded one's on the etech
  6. 880joe

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    What is part number of the s400 Detroit turbo your running with the stage 2 injectors
  7. I'm doing a camshaft in an etec now Mack was cheaper on the Cam it was a little under a 1000 Pai was about 50 a piece cheaper on lifter
  8. 880joe

    2000 Mack Vision E7

    It is the 2nd one back from the front of the motor I would think
  9. 880joe

    Transmissio swap from T2090 to T2070

    Isn't the t2070 a .60 overdrive like the 2050 2060 and 2080
  10. what kind of sleeper are you looking for,able body or rest rite, single stack or dual stack cut out.I talked to a guy the other day that has 1 off a superliner but havent had time to go look at it. If it is what you want and I decide to keep it I could at least get you the measurements you need
  11. Could be the peanuts wore out and slipping
  12. 880joe

    Engine Wanted mechanical e-7 454

    There will also be another computer inside the cab
  13. 880joe

    Engine Wanted mechanical e-7 454

    Will probably have to change all the wiring in the dash if you go to an electronic engine
  14. Looks like the gray superliner may be a Liberty Edition isn't that the statue on the hood
  15. 880joe

    Good mack mechanic?

    I have heard there is a guy that works at Mike's Wrecker in Collins MO that is supposed to be a good mack mechanic. Brad Jones is his name he was supposed to have worked at Housby in Des Moines IA. I haven't any personal experience just what I have heard been meaning to go check it out and just haven't done it yet

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