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  1. Is it 150 miles 1 way or round trip
  2. Does the e7 have an offset and straight cam key like on the etech if so that may have to be changed to correct the timing
  3. The last e7's was also made in a 355/380 but I'm not sure if the torque on them is the same as the etech
  4. I don't think the 380/410 program is available for the early etech
  5. David if you have your truck reset to a 355/380 you will have 1560 torque same as a 427 instead of the 1460 you have now with the 400 setting
  6. How much did the blixton improve the 99? Did it improve fuel milage and power or just power?
  7. I'm located near Springfield Missouri and I want 1500 dollars for the neway
  8. Are you comparing American Bosch to Robert Bosch when you say one is 3 bolt and other is 4
  9. So if you can put the gear off the E7 vmac pump on a mechanical E6 pump to make a mechanical E7 engine could you put the E6 gear on a vmac pump and have a vmac electronic E6 then
  10. Sounds like the peanuts in the rearend are slipping.
  11. There have been several posts about using bigger injectors and detroit turbo but when I went to checking on the turbo the first thing they want to know is a part number they are several different ones but I have yet to see a actual part number. Detroit turbos on eBay for 400 dollars and up just knowing which one to buy is the big question
  12. Fullfuel what nonstock injectors are you running
  13. What about trying a Steinbauer power box according to their ad there box changes injector pulses
  14. I have heard of people using a series 60 detroit turbo they seem to be alot cheaper but not ever got an actual part number to know which one to buy
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