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  1. So I was checking voltage by grounding my meter to the intake manifold and had 10.3 volts at the #40 fuse. Could get 12.3 at the batteries. Had 12.3 if you were between the positive and the ground cable on the starter (explained why it would turnover good). Would start if used jumper cables from battery ground to the engine. Long story short slightly loose wire on the ground breaker there at the top of the fire wall. Voltage gauge seems to be more in the range it should and can get 12.3v between fuse and the engine now. See if it fires in the morning. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Thanks for all the help guys. Wouldn’t start this morning. Pulled the #40 fuse put 12v from the jumper pack there and immediately started. Check voltage before doing that and was at 10.8 volts so guess it’s time for 3!! New batteries and see what happens.
  3. I think this is the issue. I have had it start at the instant you let off the key. That turn that it makes as the starter is just disengaged it will fire and run!
  4. That sounds more like it. Truck only has 2 batteries which we always had 3 in all the others. I’m wandering if 2 that are maybe just a little weak just won’t start it? I know they have to be 5 years old.
  5. No either. I don’t see it being worn out when it’s cranking and not starting there is zero smoke like there is no fuel. Very little blow by and zero blue smoke while setting and running idle.
  6. I should say no malfunction light reading a code. Vo Mac wants me to bring it so he read the codes. Says he’s seen some not show up on the dash. Going to try what everyone has suggested here thinking I’ll take it over and let Rodney check it out first of the week if I can’t find it. Seems to get better starting when it’s warm outside. Still in the 30’s next week hoping to get it figured out so it doesn’t show up again in the middle of harvest this fall. Thanks guys when I find it I’ll post back. couple degrees warmer this morning or it was ran all day yesterday whatever but it started fine this morning.
  7. No codes. Other thing this thing does. About 3 times in the last 6 months when you turn the turn signal on it either goes to idle or shuts off one or the other does it so fast and comes right back can’t tell which it is. Always has done it when accelerating away from a stop. I will check the sensors soon as get a chance. Thank you.
  8. 2000 ch 613. What actually turns the fuel on to the engine and how particular about voltage. Won’t start was under 30degrees now seems to be 50. This morning put charger on it and pumped the primer even though it felt like it had fuel again it and immediately started other wise just cranks!
  9. Not mine just seen it for sale. Not many around here like this.
  10. What is it going to cost me to get my 2000 e7 rebuilt? Starting to use a little oil and has some blow by. No blue smoke at all though seem to get a oil burning smell when free wheeling into town. Truck is in really nice shape otherwise and will probably run a long time yet at just 10 thousand or so miles a year!
  11. Any ideas of what the proper height is ? Or just pick your poison and adjust the clutch according?
  12. Are the bolts going through the steering column slotted to adjust? Haven’t tried it yet
  13. Maybe the rubber bumper is just worn out but our granite has less of a bumper left yet.
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