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  1. Typical Ford move. Announce something but do little to hype it. Like the customer is supposed to know about it. then again looking at the gas MPG vs the diesel's hard to justify it.
  2. Kevin-IMO snow balls chance in hell as far as the mixer market in US. At least here in Northeast front discharge rules-and I would bet that is true for rest of country as well. Is there still a need for rear discharge in the fleet? Yes-like for those big pours where truck backs up to a big pump and the load is gone. Anything else contractors don't want anything but front discharge- truck pulls onto site, point to first drop point and concrete is flowing within seconds. Did my share working my way through school standing with a rake or a big Jackson contractor wheelbarrow at the ass end of a B-81 waiting for the stuff to come down the chute. Then holding the chute and watching the driver in his mirrors as he backed around the forms to next point. Just no comparison to what a front discharge can do today.
  3. Thx for posting Jim. It was quite a display seeing them all lined up. Talk about a commitment to the show. I would not want the fuel bill. Very generous guy I would say. So you guys that are in the area. His regular trucks that are "in service" have this same clean look?
  4. Great article-thx for posting. One quote I remember he made-I think it was in the Newsweek or Time stories the week the Mustang came out in '64- "You have to remember whose name is on the building". Obviously at some point he forgot about that.
  5. Everytime I see a shot of one of these log trucks I say.."How do they stay upright!.?? These NW state log trucks plus the trucks up in Maine- RD-800's, DM-800's with what I assume are pulp logs that look like the load is about 15ft.high!
  6. They were nice Jim. But today? These were cummins 350's. Mass 99,000lb permits (104,000lbs) By today's standards.."no way-not enough power". By the way-the "test". I was at Apple store with my new Mac Book. I can never post pix on this site. I managed to post this as it was on my desk top. Pulling from my "Photos" albums? No luck. this new Mac works differently from old. Guess I'll be spending more time with Apple Support.
  7. guys just testing
  8. Jim -looks mint! Where and when did you snap that? do I see Londonderry on flap? Early?
  9. OD- Outstanding-for sure now I know I was asleep given the number of trucks I missed!
  10. Well top one is a single rear-and bottom one must be too judging by the spring hangar-size of those bodies they must have been hauling "farm goods"? And whenever I see a "spotlight" I say.."retired fire chassis'? although WB looks short for that? In any case they don't look that bad. too bad they are just sitting.
  11. Ah- wrong city- I'm thinking I'm looking up from New Haven. Hubbard Park is Meriden.
  12. And that Mt. would be East Rock?
  13. Cut up? or modified? It still is a "fire truck"-sort of😎? or maybe I'm thinking of the wrong truck.
  14. So Jim-don't tell me this was another one I missed at Macungie😫
  15. Good thought Jim. Whatever, the time should be publicized. I had raised the question a week or so ago and no one ever responded. I like the AM time slot but whatever as long as it is posted ahead of time so everyone can plan.
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