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  1. So after going through all kinds of orthotics prescribed by podiatrists who want to sell you "stuff", I decided I would try the "Good Feet" store. the sales pitch made sense, but their price is outrageous. But having said that, if their stuff works , another story. Anyone have any experience with them?
  2. Thx for posting. Is there power along that whole stretch or do those isolated roadhouses all have generators?
  3. Interesting-where was that taken?- I noticed the Conn. Sand and Stone B and the gold B with the black hash marks on bumper. If I'm not mistaken that is an O & G truck. Very large Conn. contractor-still going strong.
  4. Hah- they probably working on that now.
  5. Well I changed dif fluid with proper fluid including the 4 oz. bottle of additive. Original factory fill looked good. No chips on fill plug. So no obvious mechanical issue. Will see how it goes next storm
  6. Start writing to your reps in both houses-its easy now with emails vs old days of snail mail. They all seem to forget how many popular votes did NOT vote for Biden!
  7. Agree- the thing is this small percentage of those in attendance who did the damage were a minority but the bullshit is flying that this was the majority. The "rah -rah, let's kick ass" crowd are a vocal minority but the left paints everyone who voted for Trump with that brush. Look at the damage! Minor compared to the pure vandalism and theft that we saw all summer at the hands of the BLM and Antifa crowds. Again we lost a lot of high ground thanks to these assholes in DC. I would like to see the cost to American business-both large and mom and pop done by the "social justice"
  8. good points. I negotiated a lot of union contracts in my life. And I always said,the best outcome was when both sides were not happy. Or better yet-neither felt like the "winner". That meant there was compromise.
  9. Good info but we won't here that expressed on the news.
  10. Hah-a tandem shit truck-for starters you would need a convoy of Aussie road trains😎
  11. If this had any substance don't you find it interesting that as I sit here with Fox on, this is not the story of the hour? In particular as this woman supposedly delivered this "bombshell"-to use an NC/CNN term-yesterday???
  12. Wishful thinking that they were Soros undercover "agents". Possibly-but more likely the loons like some in the "Proud boys". Pure vandalism- no different than the BLM and Antifa bunch. I voted for Trump twice as I figured he was the lesser of two evils both times. I also say he had some good results. The election was his to lose and his arrogant ego got in the way-starting with the piss poor job he did in the first debate. Just think if yesterday he said.... "Thanks for your support, we accomplished a lot, while we can question some things that may not have been right about the elec
  13. Hopefully enough people will come to their senses and we can clean house in the mid terms. Hate to say it but I was not shocked at this result. In particular when they started talking about giving everyone the two grand.
  14. So the truth comes out.....justification for the purchase is the .."little kids"!
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