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  1. Guys, Heard from Kevin. As suspected he has been involved in a couple of projects that have him out straight. Got the feeling he was in one of those situations where it is feast or famine. Hopefully we will get some of his observations on the bigger global picture soon. And with the Traton/Navistar news that may involve the US more than some of us would like-or maybe I should say-more than I would like. Hate to see another IUS Icon lose its identity.
  2. I understand the rental of the costumes was $$$$$!
  3. Well friend of mine bought a '96 RD 690P from a local town fleet. Unlike a lot of municipals, these guys washed their equipment after each snow. Truck is a EM7, 275HP, Mack 7 speed , 14,200 Front, 23,000 rears . 11:00R-24.5. Body is new Hardox. He did all the work himself except for mounting new body. I think this was a popular spec that a few area towns bought back during that timeframe. Better than anything new you could buy today IMO.
  4. Hah- he told me there was going to be a scene where the Bronco gets rear ended. I said .."that will be tricky without damaging your Bronco". His comment.."don't worry". And they did a nice job-you hear the crash, Bronco surges ahead, and "junk yard wreck" is against rear end!
  5. I sent him a PM and then an email- no response. Hopefully he is out of the country on some sort of work opportunity. But agree, his perspective always brings something new.
  6. Fortunately😎....But to each his own-as they say..."what ever floats your boat" In any case looks like a lot of effort and good workmanship.
  7. BH- Here is the other end of the spectrum. One of my son's pals is very active in EB community and he got a call from an ad agency that they were doing a shoot and wanted an EB with the right "patina". this guy has a beauty but he thought of my son and hooked him up with this guy. Long story short, my son said sure as long as his friend did the driving. His pal is a big guy which was fitting as you will see. I think they did 4 or 5 sessions to come up with final add. Here it is. Amazing how ad guys love using EB's- I guess they really get attention. https://www.f
  8. that LTL needs a new bumper and its a new truck!
  9. Matt, Curious- education please...What does "American Lafrance" refer to???
  10. Long haul Matt but sure worth it. Light at the end of tunnel!
  11. Absolutely on that "3 o'clock is normal..keep your eyes on the road". And that wrap around dash was I think the first one-and then everyone copied it. Visibility was the best
  12. LNT's with their 90" BBC were a big seller with freight guys as 45' square nose box worked well. And agree Bob- the grill changes Sterling made were a big improvement.
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