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  1. Wow- hope that gear box is strong enough! In any case impressive "engineering"😎 Keep the pix/updates coming
  2. Red Horse

    Memorial Day

    Amen- Nice tribute half way through the Nascar race last night. Maybe the way people are forced to spend Memorial day this year will get people to focus on really what the day is all about. I received two "corporate" email "Happy Memorial Day" messages. I responded by reminding them what the day is about.
  3. Beauty And still in service right?
  4. Hah- nope-he is in for the Jerry Nadler look!...but I'm sure he is smarter than Nadler😎 In any case that was a beauty of a B-81.
  5. Ah...But "237"- you don't understand..ICE is dead, and AV's and electrics of whatever type are the future, or should I say immediate future- never mind at a measured pace. That is what Silicon Valley has demanded the auto industry provide-and all the lemmings are headed for the cliff! Hackett understands that. And as for the "train station", apparently you don't understand that high tech talent will not work in a conventional building that does not have "history" associated with it😎 By the way 10 billion for the E'stang-your estimate or is that a published number??
  6. I guess that sums up Reuters view on Hackett! I've got a lot of shares and I would hate to see the end of Ford as we know it today. After what Mulally accomplished to bad Bill Ford couldn't find another guy with the same skill sets. As for Farley, from what I have read, he was supposed to be the worlds best car marketer. So much for that.
  7. Carlot- Right on the 534, if it was a Cat the "Super Duty" badge would have been replaced by one saying "Diesel". Hah- go in any Ford dealership today, pick the oldest sales guy and ask if he knows what the first Super Duty was. You will get a blank look. That one is a beauty-from the triaxle to the big rubber front axle with the rubber splash guards. As for that step tank? Even if there was another one on the other side that little tank would keep a guy on the road turning that drum at that, maybe until noon😎 That cab was introduced in 61 -without the "high roof"-I think that came out in 66- but I think for something that came out 60 years ago, it was a great design. Ask a non truck person to ID the age of that truck and I would bet most would not come close. And Terry- your dad did not fool around- steel forms???
  8. Hah!- well given its age I hope it goes out with a 2 yard order 😎 I think the 7.8 Ford was replaced in like 94?? so you folks are running one that is probably at least 26 years old! If nothing else says you must have a pretty good PM program.
  9. Can't say this should be a surprise. Put thousands of people back to work and if you thought this would not happen you are dreaming. I guess the key is what is the response. Surprised this is not on the TV news already as the latest "Bombshell"!!!
  10. Did you note-the two "Eucs" were hand built! Can't imagine the time to get those properly dimensioned even before you start to build.
  11. Noticed quite of few the Fords pictured were 8000's and had the badge under the "8000" that indicated "Ford diesel". I'm assuming that would have been the biggest Ford ag engine, the 7.8 at 240 HP. Can't imagine what they were like when it came to a significant grade😎
  12. Woiw-thx that guy has some talent. And 25 years ago you wonder how much digital help he had then vs info you can get today.
  13. Wow! Cranes are "awsome" but that TC -12 and the Euc scraper are what brand?
  14. The attached Peggy Noonan Opinion was in yesterday's WSJ. IMO, she does a great job of explaining how easy it is for those who are sitting pretty with no fear of losing a paycheck to support the "safe" continued lockdown, while those facing the grim reality of trying to pay their rent or mortgage or feeding their family look at the reality of the need for sensibly opening business back up. And while she may be viewed by some as a "conservative", she has no trouble calling Trump out when he makes one of his "mis statements". She makes a great case here for the lesser of the two evils .....again...IMO.
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