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  1. When I sit in an L cab I say..."and what was the advantage of a B cab?" Oh yeah-it was more aerodynamic!
  2. Very good Hippy-this describes the situation we are in. I always said the economy we had going when Covid hit would come roaring back on its own the minute the lockdown was lifted. Well the idiots in power sure "fixed" that natural recovery.
  3. I assume we will gather at Watts at noon on Saturday to document our aging process😎???
  4. No clue what the breakdown is but assuming the 17.5 rate at 80,000 and say a MPG figure of 6 that translates into an added cost of $1.05 per gallon! Brilliant! to say nothing of the administrative cost associated with tracking miles and filing
  5. Hippy-we can only hope. Can't wait to see how he handles his meeting with Putin.
  6. Well you and Npoppop will also then remember Adley.."A Mighty Servant That Never Sleeps", Wooster, Holmes, St.Johnsbury. Whites?-how about Shusters.
  7. Wow! Those current pictures?? If so looks like it just came from KTP!
  8. For sure! Retirement-just a different perspective😎
  9. Harry I think it was the other way around. I think his veteran's project was in Maine )-Gorham area- and the locals were giving him a hard time.
  10. I thought he posted she was an Israeli. He may be over there if so.
  11. Uhh-he does have a new bride??? Priorities😎
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