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  1. Ford Market News

    Agree 100%. While reading all that info on Hackett's views of the industry, I could not help but think of Jac Nasser. He was visiting Boston and the Boston Globe interviewed him. A more memorable quote from Jac.."I want to find out what the consumers's tastes are in his kitchen"..or words to that effect. Then when he spent all kinds of money buying junkyards....."buy analyzing parts we find in these yards, we will be better able to improve our products"..again words to that effect. guess he had no clue that looking at their warranty claims could do the same thing! I think we have jumped from the fire to the you know what! No doubt electrification will arrive. But at a measured pace. Hackett says they are going to come out with 40 electric vehicles in 4 years? and he wants to cut engineering staff? And cut component costs? Sounds to me like conflicting objectives. Oh and he is looking to Apple and Tesla for forward thinking? I suggest he look to Toyota, Honda and the Koreans for some better ideas. They are the ones that are eating Ford's lunch
  2. Critter in the Yard

    OK I remember reading about that one. I did a search and the one I was thinking about happened in Brookfield MA. It was in a guys garage and attacked him-he managed to get it off, it ran outside and the guys 15 yr old nephew was outside and it nailed him. In the meantime guys wife went in the house and got a hand gun and they killed it. News article said it was being tested for rabies but there was no confirmation that I could find. given nature of attack I would guess it had to be the case.
  3. Another old tank trailer up for auction

    Hah-just tried to follow it......"GSA unavailable due to government shutdown-auction will be extended"
  4. Critter in the Yard

    We had a case around here of a bobcat attacking a person about a year ago. I do believe the cat was in a shed and when way or another the cat was killed-and test positive for rabies. Jim H-Not sure if it was a Mass border town or NH? You recall?
  5. Global Ford Ranger

    Hah- how true. I have been all over that stupid terminology on the BON site ever since they first used the term. It speaks volumes as to how clueless they are.
  6. Critter in the Yard

    Nice shot jim. Couple of days ago around 4PM I'm going down to check tarps on a stack of logs. Catch some movement about 50 ft away in woods and big cat spots me at the same time. I stop, he stops and then he keeps trotting along. Had this property for 29 years and never saw these things until last 3 or 4 years. They are common place now.
  7. Global Ford Ranger

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid you are correct. And it is obvious that you are not a newcomer to the field-and most importantly have a passion for the subject-as evidenced by the time you take to offer opinions on this site. But I can say, in the typical dealership, how many sales reps have a clue regarding any truck beyond a 150?? And regarding your comment on Ford listening more to researchers than the people in the field who day after day interact with the customer, how screwed up is that. Nothing like a balanced approach. And how many Ford people do you interact with that it could be said are career truck people with a true passion for their work? My bet not many. Instead they are people who have bounced from job to job under the guise of "career development". Navistar? PACCAR? F'liner? They are truck guys with no thought that their next assignment will be outside their world of trucks.
  8. Global Ford Ranger

    Many on this site as well as the BON site share that opinion. When you are late to the party however, I wonder if you can afford that kind of strategy.
  9. Kevin, Check out January HDT. Big teaser ad from Hino announcing new class 7 and 8 's with tandem axle-shot of a tandem chassis-back of cab so no clue if its conventional or cabover. Says wait til Work Truck Show in March.
  10. Global Ford Ranger

    JB-You work in a dealership. what is the sentiment of your owners and the dealer network in general? They have to see what you are talking about. I missed his comment you referred to about ..."taking back the streets from cars", but unbelievable. I'm having nightmares! Jac the Knife is back with more dumb ass ideas. I had faith in Bill Ford. The fact he picked this guy gives me second thoughts about all my ford shares.
  11. Medium-Duty Segment Ends Year With Steady Growth

    Kevin- Hear you on the E-550. Dealer friend of mine was really pissed when they dropped it. He had converted a lot of customers to the truck and was enjoying repeat sales. As for the utilities, I do see some 5500 Dodge buckets running around these parts but there is an Altech facility in next town over. Their yard is always full of chassis awaiting installs. There are probably 100 or more Fords there now and a few -5??- Dodges. As for big trucks-(class7,8) virtually all F'liners with a few Internationals and an occasional PACCAR. Have not seen a Ford since Blue Diamond shut down. And there are plenty of utility co. 750's in service around here but they all Bluediamonds. What's changed? The failure of Ford to offer something other than the 6.7Powerstroke-Torqueshift IMO
  12. Medium-Duty Segment Ends Year With Steady Growth

    Here you go January Heavy Duty Trucking class 3-4-5 Units YTD 11 MOS. Market Share Dodge 156,773 42.3% Ford 131,410 35.45% By the way. In addition to being a "Mack guy", I'm a "Ford guy" too. If you don't believe the numbers, take it up with HDT
  13. Medium-Duty Segment Ends Year With Steady Growth

    Look again- TT article groups 5, 6, 7. HDT groups 3,4,5 and Dodge is the leader-and has been for a quite a few months
  14. Medium-Duty Segment Ends Year With Steady Growth

    Well in 3-4 and 5 its Dodge by a bit over Ford. As for 6,5 and 4, might be Ford but their class 6 sales were very high early in the year-I think they had a huge order for gas 650's from U-Haul- plus even UPS bought some. When the new JV Chevy/Internationals hit the market soon in class 4 and 5 the going is going to get tougher. IMO, Ford needs another diesel option beside the Power Stroke/Torque shift (I think a lot of people still have a bad taste from the 6.9/6.4) plus a lot of people just don't like V-8 diesels. As for gas, they are the only game in town in a conventional in class 6 and 7 but again the 6.8 V-10 is a bit small. rumor has it they will soon have a 7.3 V-8 gasoline and that will be a big help.
  15. Global Ford Ranger

    The new Ford CEO IMO should go back to selling office furniture-or to California and he can join his Silicon Valley Hi tech friends who are hi jacking the automotive industry with their push for autonomous vehicles. This jerk is making a push to cut engineering positions and component costs. As a Ford stockholder I say great. But when you look at Ford's recall history of late, does that suggest you can cut engineering? Or push suppliers for cheaper components?? Something doesn't foot. This guy is no Alan Mulaly.