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  1. Hah-chains on a Boss! That would make a good picture. Bet you would like to have Uncles Boss now!
  2. Well I qualify to post here because for sure I am "Old". While if I had to identify as a truck guy I would say I was a Mack/Ford guy but also when I look at what I drove I would have to add International. After flunking out of college my freshman year I had to take a year off to make up credits at night school. While doing that I got a job with a building contractor and was the primary driver of a 1961 B-182 International. 345 V-8, 5 and 2. There was NOTHING synchronized about this 5 speed but I learned how to drive on an uncles 48 Ford F-5 dump and I have to say I drove this Binder like it truly was a ten speed. The truck had a 24,000 lb GVW plate, a 6/8 yard Galion body, 9:00 x 20 rubber and juice brakes. But I would routinely carry 12 ton of asphalt or graded base-or "process" as it was called in Conn and other than the tires and the brakes ,it could have handled more!. After my year full time, I couldn't wait for June to roll around when I would get back into it during the summer.
  3. Sikaflex? In yellow/red tube? Sika is a US company that makes great concrete restoration/preservation products. Same company?
  4. Beauty-looks like all it needs is another 2 or 3 ft. of CA!
  5. Too bad- you should be-a start up like that should have people on board with history and connections in back of them. It's one thing to market a new product. It's another to have people in that organization that have a history that makes it easy for industry people to connect with. Not everyone likes dealing with "brilliant" newcomers who have no clue and no connection with what that "old logo" means. Like Robert Duval said..."I love the smell of naplam in the morning". I wonder if the marketers at Autocar could pass the sound test? "Is it a Cummins? Mack ? or Detroit.??
  6. Glad I have company-see pix I did the other day on Mass Construction Trucks. Sometimes they come out ok, other times a 90 degree rotation- same phone, same Mack Book -I give up.
  7. John Martin Excavating Macks at work on Brewster MA drainage job
  8. The Edsel was ugly. You think the Mach E is ugly? The Edsel was a Fairlane in the lower series or a Mercury in the higher series with no significant mechanical differentiation other than a push button automatic shift controller. Mach E is a powerful electric. Then again-perhaps you are correct-if electrics are a flash in the pan.
  9. “Medium-duty buyers are subtly shying away from diesel and selective catalytic reduction in favor of less expensive, simpler gasoline. It removes a hurdle for any truck maker. It is also an interesting play for those who hope to play well in the California Air Resources Board market,” with its strong emissions-control regulations, he said. Further evidence that the Ford 7.3 should be a home run. And I understand it is priced at about a 1700 to 2000 premium vs a 10,000 premium for the Power Stroke in an F- 350
  10. Hah-thx I had meant to add that beauty detail but had hit "send" before I remembered. Hmnn-are those spring loaded??
  11. A beauty for sure-and it doesn't need a 14" deep chrome visor😎
  12. Amazing what you can get for ......4million??
  13. Thx for response and education. So what specs does that RD have?
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