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  1. Wow-talk about faith in gear teeth!
  2. Red Horse

    General Motors News

    Not sure I follow you here. Now recognizing that some say the Ecoboost should more properly be called ...'Eco-or boost" I think when driven with a reasonable foot, they do provide good power and reasonable economy. I think "reasonable' is key here-too many guys just have to have their foot in it all the time. I remember listening to drivers bitching that the 350's we bought just did not have enough power. My comment was always.."yes and big power can be cost effective-as long as the guy driving it had a coin feed next to the gear shift to pay for the fuel as he continually had his foot in it across the entire RPM band.
  3. Red Horse

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    Ok Kevin-admit it, you meant to post this on April 1st!
  4. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    How about B-24's. I believe Willow Run pushed one of these 4 engine bombers out the door every 59 minutes!
  5. Red Horse

    Cool, Little Project

    Nice but easy move-check the network news tonight-TWA Constellation southbound from Maine to NYC today. News I saw was an aerial of it on I-495 going through MA. No tail of course. That 3 rudder assembly was a load in itself. I think the fuselage is like around 105'
  6. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    Hmnn- Ever wonder about just how trustworthy VW is.? Look at the "dieselgate" issue. For sure this was not unknown to top management correct? Wouldn't this be a good example of ingrained corporate culture? I know it is not fair to stereotype anyone or a company for an isolated incident but talk about "balls"! To think they felt they could get away with this-pure arrogance IMO. And FCA had their own "dieselgate" but I don't think it was not as blatant as the VW thing and I don't think the approval came from the highest level as it did with VW. (How about it KSC-was it at the same level?) I'm waiting for Hackett to borrow a line from Chamberlain..."I have secured peace for our time-er no make that a fair partnership for our time".
  7. Red Horse

    AOL Sucks!

    Well Rich I am told that it is not the most difficult thing to do. But trust me-my address book is just a "social list " in my retirement years- I feel your pain. Stay tuned!
  8. Red Horse

    AOL Sucks!

    Everyone tells me I'm crazy to still be using AOL. In particular my kids when I ask for their help in solving the old man's latest problem be it with my Mac Book or my I phone. I mentioned to one the other day how when I log on, the AOL hot stories always have the most non flattering picture of Trump or some other conservative as well as the usual negative comments. I just don't look forward to dumping my address book that I have had for more years than I care to remember. Anyone else face this issue recently??
  9. Red Horse

    Guess the year of this KW

    Yes-but it doesn't have a dumb ass visor covering half of the windshield nor does it have "gangsta" full wrap plastic rear fenders-forgive me just showing my age😉 Speaking of fenders, southbound on 495 below Mass Pike yesterday and Pete Triaxle in breakdown lane-blown left front tire that destroyed fender. couldn't help but think of the guy that crossed the divider a couple of weeks ago and nailed that 'hound-some days you get lucky.
  10. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    Well shows you they are dumb as rocks. You would think a bid package would be specific in terms of equipment, guaranteed transit times to various zones etc. And as for them not waiving a destination charge when you go pick it up-out of absolute frustration, absolute bullshit. I'm surprised your dealer organization puts up with this stuff. As I've said before, Hackett is billed as a "cerebral thinker". That says to me not an ounce of common sense. I've heard before about this staff member who "translates". Scary huh when the guy at the top can't relate to his staff!
  11. As always OD thx. One nice thing? All these old pieces scattered about and I didn't see anything that had broken glass. Either nice neighbors or grandma sits on the porch with a Model 12 Winchester😎
  12. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    Sad fact, who will be the first to go? The senior people-as in "senior" in years of service which also means experience. Have some of these people been "sandbagging" for years? I'm sure there are some in that category who managed to survive. Good riddance. But unfortunately I would bet a lot of talent will take their "deal" and walk out the door. And as others have pointed out- manpower reductions when a lot of money is being spent on "brick and mortar"-or should I say "old brick and mortar" that will cost a small fortune to make safe and functional. I'm sure Hackett is counting on this "bold move" to boost his standing with the financial press. Manpower reductions are always greeted with praise. The good news is sales and marketing appear to be no 1. on the list. Perhaps the genius that was writing the script for medium duty that featured ..."750 tractor package for towing" will be on the list. Then again, as JB noted in a post- - high roof Transits sit for weeks because proper trailers aren't available? Give me a break, you build the product, then it sits before your dealer and his customer gets it-and Ford? When does dealer pay? when it hits his lot?- a simple problem.."Mr carrier-if you want our business you need to get some new drop frame 53' trailers-in a hurry if you want this business" Now in defense of Hackett, if he truly is flattening the org chart, and if he truly will empower people to act, good moves-if only he was someone who truly understands the business-as in automotive business. So far IMO he hasn't proven that-unless you believe we truly want to give up driving our own vehicles-in spite of what Silicon Valley says.
  13. Judging by the flaps that B may have started life in Conn. How about it Blackdog? Look familiar?😊
  14. Nice-including the Louisville in the background.
  15. Red Horse

    Guess the year of this KW

    No clue on year but looks like old Pacific Molasses colors-they used to pull bulk molasses out of Port of Albany NY...'65?

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