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  2. Thx guys for the comments. Never heard the "no impact gun" rule as stated in Swishy's post. this guy was using a 1" gun! And I've always been of the belief when you tighten a "high" clamp you then spin as close as you can to the opposite clamp. This guy would tighten a "high" clamp and then proceed to go around to the next spoke. My fault-I'm saying "his job" and he is correcting his mistake not on my dime. I should have jumped in and said..."what about trying this"..... Hayseed...."couple of Bee's Dicks"?? More like .".Elephant Dick"🤣
  3. Yes Hippy I'm sure he has. This shop advertises .."light commercial" but everytime I'm in there (I've bought 12 tires from him in last two months) I always see a 24", 22.5 or a 24.5 leaning against the building and plenty of skid steer/ back hoe rubber.
  4. Hah! Claims he is a class A driver and this is a temp job but you might be right
  5. I finally bit the bullet and bought 4 new 11:00R x 24 Sumitomo's for my B model. On my way home I could see in my mirror the right side had a fare amount of "wobble" and my son who was following me confirmed. Took it back to dealer and his HD truck guy spends a lot of time on it and it is not much better. I jack it up and say it is at least 3/4" off. Now tire guy says.."you know you have to put at least 100 miles on them before they "seat in". Anyone have an opinion on this. Mechanic also says I have wrong spacer on it but I say..had no problem with old caps??? Same spacer! So what's changed?
  6. I was driving this afternoon and got to listen to Joe's half hour speech. Ramping up Covid II! Anything to avoid facing the music on the mess he has created in Afghanistan. He also filled us in on all the good stuff HE has done since taking office. We will probably start getting daily briefings on the latest Covid stats. Anything to get the focus off the real disaster we are facing....that Trojan Horse C-130 (er two engines-C-27?) Says it all-thx Hippy. No need now for them to infiltrate from the southern border.
  7. Welcome Mr Buck!...keep us current on your progress. New Milford?? Nice -close to Matt Pfahls
  8. EJ...YES!!! you are from North Branford🤣
  9. OH no argument. I was just looking at those tandems on that corn binder. No need for power steering though😃. But I look at the new low boy trailers that are currently listed for sale at dealers here in New England. Tri axles the majority and seems most have provisions for jeeps, fourth axle etc etc. Then a lot of tractors are triaxles. I look at "old days" photos......Single axle AC pulling a tandem trailer with a huge Northwest sitting on deck😎. But again the hauling equipment keeps pace with the equipment they are expected to haul. I was remembering a Popular Science mag article when I was a kid on the newest big Cat- I think it was a D-8 ...225HP!
  10. Hmnn-think the drives might be a little overweight??😎
  11. Well subject show held this weekend. About a 300 hundred trucks and we finally got rid of the 90+ degree heat and humidity. Big Mack Trucks well represented with PC68 (Paul), MattB73lt (Matt), 66DC75 (Rich), Blackdog2 (EJ and his son Matt) and Jim Hancock. Like a dummy, never took the time to get everyone together for a photo but attached is a shot of Paul's beauty of a Super Liner dump (Paul and his son to left in picture) as well as my Bronco, my youngest son's Bronco and my B Boston Trucker was also there and has posted a video already. After watching the video I saw a lot of trucks for first time but that is IMO the beauty of a show-you end up spending more time in good conversation with pals vs walking and checking out trucks😎
  12. Brocky and Paul- I guess my problem was I did not pressurize tank and for sure once level in filter dropped below the "drop" in the nipple that is on the bottom of the filter head, it would quit running
  13. Paul, Point of interest-in my case I was looking for leaks-nothing. I pulled filter and level was below the pick up. so I would refill filter, crank and it would fire up and run for a minute or two then quit. I finally noticed bright brass threads on filter head on what I thought was the suction line-tightened those and end of problem. So isn't the suction line a negative pressure and it will not show fluid???
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