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  1. KSC- welcome back! Is WABCO the former American Wabco? ( Westinghouse?)

    Back to the subject of calcium cholride, I had a 1989 755 Deere that I sold to a family member- calcium loaded and still going strong 28 years later on original rims. Also had a 3320 that was loaded and my 4720 is loaded. I was told once by a tire "professional" that the key to using calcium is you have to fill so rim surface is constantly submerged. That means fill must be at say 10/11 o'clock or 1/2.
  3. Ah thanks guys-better eyes thanI have. Jeff Manty is the guy who gives denny Slagle the Mack pres, the tour on the TV Undercover Boss episode on Mack. great guy!
  4. Jim, Judging by the colors, is that a Manty Bros. truck?
  5. KS

    My bet is he has been traveling a lot-when you are on the world scene that can knock the hell out of you. I have a nephew who just spent almost three weeks in China, Korea and Japan. Then he gets home and is back on road for another week in US filling higher ups on what he accomplished. A lousy life in my book
  6. Thx! Never saw your response until today.
  7. The All New Mack

    Well as for the rabbit ear mirrors, if you can tolerate the lost aerodynamics from those, from a safety perspective, I think stand alone fender mount directional signals should be mandatory. Or am I the only one who thinks turn signals get lost in the headlight glare when they are included in same "pod". I've been told pedestal mounted turn signals are gone because of impact on fuel economy! Like what? .005 MPG? Friend of mine is a Ford dealer and on all his class 6/7 650/750's in the Bluediamond era he would order the pedestal turn signals which were a low cost option. Not anymore on the Avon Lake built Fords.
  8. The All New Mack

    Agree-they seem hung up on the idea everyone has to stand up in the cab to get to the "sleeper"! Well in a vocational truck, I don't need a cab wide enough to accommodate 4 fat gals! the R cab, original Ford Louisville cab for example, were perfect IMO. good visibility, enough shoulder room, and after the bump out cab back, enough leg room. Then again I'm talking "vocational".!
  9. The All New Mack

    So the Anthem IS a different cab-with a one piece windshield -just like a Volvo-this looks like a CH with a new hood
  10. Well my thought was..."Same mistake as Ford". Ford was a gorilla in vocational market with old Louisville. HN -80 comes out and they are hawking the "large car" market which has always been dominated by Paccar. Had they stuck to their roots and put all their money into that market (vocational) they might have survived-vocational to include non sleeper OTR Teamster slip seat operations- regional distribution tractors etc. Mack has just done the same thing IMO Make makes this big announcement and it doesn't even look like they had a non high roof sleeper on display. I thought the lack of enthusiasm from the dealers -I assume that is the bulk of the attendees -was obvious. I would not have wanted to have been on that stage before such an unenthusiastic group. Then again-I'm old-and drive a B-61X!
  11. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    Rich-another tank would not have worked??
  12. Had some spare parts............

    Good move Rich!. You want some pix of the wood??
  13. So tomorrow is the big day- Will we see a VN with a bull dog on the hood. How about it KSC-any thoughts?
  14. Looting

    Well just saw a Fox story on the looting and they correctly made the distinction-we are not talking about mothers taking formula or diapers. We are talking about people shuttling back and forth with boxes of "goods" and as the reporter pointed out-most were wearing what looked like decent footware and they were stashing their loot in some nice new model vehicles-no junkers. Two Taurus PI's roll in and that was the end of that but the damage was done.
  15. Chicago R models

    don't know how many but J.P Noonan has a number of Granite tractors.