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  1. Interesting-In CEO's comments not one mention of "Mack". Kevin-What is reference to "bus frames". Does Volvo own Prevost now or are they just building them frames??
  2. Shot in the dark but the one without the skirt might be a Penn
  3. Great looking wagon and nice old Holman Moody shirt! So your wagon is a 427-what did the 57 Fairlane have? And add my confusion on this bracket stuff- old guy back to the days of D/PS and my 68 Torino 428 CJ notchback-a rare car-most were fastbacks. Congrats to you both-Fords Forever!
  4. Glad you had a good trip! And if you think you had a long trip, that R model next to you is from Northeastern Conn. Expensive ferry ride!
  5. I hear you on the power train-don't expect to see a camelback! But at least it doesn't look like a VN! Or the "all new vocational cab".
  6. Thx Kev- my only experience with them was with various types of construction equipment-never had any inhouse, on highway stuff-in fact only Deutz I ever heard of on highway was when Diamond Reo (Osterlund) used them for a bit-easily recognizeable by the sloping hoods as they were air cooled. On a personal note, I had rented a boom lift to stain my house. I'm up in the air one sunday morning and engine tone changes- I look down and machine is in a cloud of smoke-lower to ground, and go to shut off-nothing-keeps going. Open engine compartment, pull hose off that goes to air cleaner and jam a rag in it-that killed it. They replaced it next day with a 2.3 Ford powered unit and later told me it had a cracked ring and was pulling lube oil! In any case hate to see another option bite the dust.
  7. Excellent point-Just what I have been trying to point out. He can not be wasting energy responding to the likes of Mika and Joe S-he lowers himself to their level. How does he think he can be distracted by 2 seconds responding to the likes of these idiots? There are too many major issues that he should be focusing on..Every time he comes out with some tweet responding to media bullshit, he reinforces media claims that he can't keep his eyes on the real issues. He is getting great press on his speech in Poland-don't spoil it by going off on some stupid tangent.
  8. So Kevin-was there ever any integration of Deutz into Volvo products-Construction equipment?
  9. Well tough to get a good visual but I think I see enough to confirm its not a Volvo!
  10. Agree guys it is media BS. But IMO he loses his effectiveness when he makes the story of the day some dumb ass pissing contest. Who is the big winner in the Joe-Mika fight? They are-they get the press and stay in the limelight. Trump makes a great speech and is warmly welcomed in Poland. And he starts talking again about the media. He diverts the attention from the real issues-and the issues he is right about, and brings attention back to the BS.
  11. I often wondered how could the Cat deal ever could work. Think of it- a marriage of two losers as far as engine technologies was concerned. A lot of pissed off Navistar customers bitter about all their problems with Navistars decision to not go the SCR route and Cat's mess associated with the ACERT issue. Talk about starting a new venture with two strikes against you.
  12. Well while I wish Trump would knock off his battle with the media, a good example popped up today for those of us who still use AOL. When logging on, I immediately get the message on the screen how the first lady of Poland snubbed the Donald and refused to shake his hand. Then they show the video. And guess what- the Polish First Lady reaches out to shake hands with Melania and then quickly turns to the Donald. All very natural as anyone who has ever greeted more than one person in a waiting group might do-you often reach out to the first person you make eye contact with. AOL constantly blares some negative BS headline then when you read the narrative, it is completely unfounded.
  13. One of my oldest son's pals moved out there-Told me if I ever came out, I would never leave. I get the picture
  14. Double check that figure. Wheeled my share off the ass end of B-81's and LJ's in my "youth" in 60's. I always thought mixers were rated with a "MIx" number and an "agitator" number-difference in that the mix number was what the drum could handle doing just that-mixing a load of dry charged sand, stone and cement. Agitators could carry a substantially larger amount of wet concrete from a central mix plant and keep it turned over in transit. whatever great shot of it in the parade. Also nice when you can personally connect with an old piece of iron.
  15. Given the magnitude of this one-as well as KSC's comment on trouble free nature of the euro version, would be interesting to see who the vendor was-and to take it one step further, where were the materials sourced. As I'm pounding away on a piece of granite step with my 3 lb sledge and chisels that came out of my father's 80 year old leather tool bag, sure am glad there was no question where this steel came from!