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  1. Red Horse

    Those FWD COEs

    Makes you wonder-at least I do-how did they ever make any money? They could not have had significant volume? Sure economy in buying an existing cab but just to engineer it to work with their chassis? Then again when they were building these "kit trucks" the federal regs they had t deal with were Im sure a fraction of what they are today.
  2. Red Horse


    Is that a driving front axle or are my old eyes deceiving me??
  3. This truck is now retired. But still on the job! Every year it is outlined in Christmas lights and is Powell's Christmas display!
  4. Red Horse

    International HX Test Drive

    Good point. Once a guy gets burned the memory lingers on. The 6.7 Power Stroke is another example. The fact that it has nothing in common with the 6.0/6.4 is not considered. All the good memories of the 7.3 Power Stroke are forgotten. I also think the fact that they were even INVOLVED with the Cat truck fiasco is not a plus for them. In any case as one of the last "American" class 8 builders, I hope they make it - and VW remains a minority investor.
  5. Red Horse

    Ford Trucks Launches F-MAX in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Kevin I can't get over the aggressiveness of these guys. No of their presentations look less than professional. For sure takes bucks and dedication to do what they are doing. And given the level of competition they face, even more guts. And by the way-thx for the continuing education. I'm one of those guys who has never been to Europe other than one trip to Tuscany. I still have this impression that all the eastern euro countries are dependent on mule drawn carts!
  6. Red Horse

    End of Thiele Bodies

    Ej, You wouldn't be talking about my Galion also known as a Godwin with all of the cast hardware labeled "RS"??😎
  7. Red Horse

    General Motors News

    No problem- think they have full fenders😎
  8. Red Horse

    1962 Mack B-61

    Beauty- don't ever remember seeing it there-any year.
  9. Red Horse

    General Motors News

    Kevin Saw a piece in today's WSJ..."Japanese robot maker Fanuc says Chinese demand has declined". Hmnn-wonder if reason is they are using their own. By the way.."Fanuc"...anyway this is/was once GE Fanuc? They made PLCs.
  10. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    Again, further away from HQ the less "help" you have???? Nah-can't be that simple.
  11. Red Horse

    Mack LVX 1380

    Jim-that is the one at Assabet Mack?
  12. Red Horse

    General Motors News

    Kevin-enough bad news! Did not know about the two pump makers.
  13. Red Horse

    General Motors News

    Chinese robots?? Based on our technology or home grown??
  14. Red Horse

    Detroit 3 in heavy-duty brawl

    Kevin, Wait until the Work Truck Show in March. I have to believe Ford has to make a big hit this year in particular as GM/Navistar will continue to beat the drum on their new class 4,5,6 trucks now that they will be on dealer lots. By the way, this Automotive News piece missed half of the big news-namely the GM/JV and Ford's new big gas V-8, and increased Power Stroke ratings. No mention of impact of GM's re-entry into class 4,5 and 6 as well as the likely positive impact of the 7.3 V-8 on class 6 and 7 sales. Do these automotive press people understand just what the term "commercial" means??
  15. Red Horse

    NEMF files voluntary chapter 11 petition

    Thx Hippy. Can't understand how this is happening in this economy. You look at their equipment on road-looks good-well maintained and current. Scrolled through their web site-very professional. And to me, Chapter 11 is the route taken to catch your breath and reorganize. This sounds like final objective is a complete shutdown. I'm sure we will hear more.

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