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  1. Red Horse

    Brockway 760 Aero Sleeper

    Uhh-Aero as in like a brick??😎 But beautiful-what a "truck" should still look like!. But I'm so old I have to say as a kid I hated the look of the "round" Mack when the B came out.
  2. Yes he was at Matt's This KW not close to size of an M but big enough-planetary rears-took these shots in 2004-they were delivering a transformer across from Chelsea terminal
  3. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he did not say anything about that. We were talking about off road stuff and I said something like.."why do guys get stuff like that and you can't show it"-he just smiled and said.."to look at it"!
  4. EJ That is the M45?? or is it 75? How about it Kevin?
  5. Unreal! Given cost of all that specialized equipment, and I'm sure very low utilization rate, can you imagine what the bill was for this move?
  6. Red Horse

    Need more space

    Nice Rich-so does this mean you will host next Board Mtg?😎
  7. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    All good news-will be interesting to see how the new Sprinter does. You can bet there is a lot of reverse Transit engineering in that. Older Sprinters I see running around here are rust streaked! Wonder where MB mounts the batteries as Transits are under driver's seat-not pretty.
  8. Rich-I'm told there is some other guy named "Rounds"-so that is not Danny's truck-so he says.
  9. Red Horse

    Ford Market News

    Yes-kind of surprised by that. And production of 650/750 is low so it muct be all the 450/550 chassis that were moved there.
  10. Red Horse

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    Good news. Ford owned the fuel oil delivery market in the old days with LN -8000 and C-8000's. At 33,000 gvw, a 2800 gal tank. In my area today, its all F'liner, Paccar and International.
  11. Red Horse

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    That is why the rumored 7.3 V-8 is so important. Lower first cost, good power, and if you are not running high annual miles the economics make sense.
  12. Red Horse

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    Thx for jumping in with your experiences. As for your comment on...."first look under the hood....." makes me wonder if the new GM/Navistar class 4,5,6 with their tilting hood does anything for their sales because of improved serviceability.
  13. Red Horse

    Bush 4141 Locomotive

    And just what make is that Loco?
  14. Red Horse

    Classy Ford

    My guess? he drove off the bank while loaded. Tailgate is unlocked so maybe they dumped load before they tried to pull it??
  15. Red Horse

    Remembering Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

    Well it seems to me, that there was little remembrance today on the newscasts. Nothing but ongoing bullsh*t over Cohen. Comey, blah blah. Sad state of affairs.

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