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  1. Well KSC when you read all the collective news articles covering Jim Farley's new position as top dog at Ford, one thing he repeatedly is quoted on is his reference to the importance of "commercial vehicles" to Ford's future. The big question will be, just what is Farley's definition of "Commercial trucks". Is it Transit and F-550/600 down? Or does it at the very least include class 6 and 7-to say nothing of 8. And that definition of "8" does not have to include the "large car" sleeper but rather the true vocational truck-where Ford was such a key player in the Louisville days.
  2. Hmnn-sounds like the making of a 60 Minutes story! So who had wind this golden goose was about to lay an egg? In any case an American Icon-I too hope they go gang busters- as well as Corning Glass. By the way- my job before Rochester? I was at Refinery/lube plant/distribution facility in Buffalo. T.alk about industry. At least 3 bulk lube trailers delivering industrial lubes every day, about 6 box trailers delivering TBA plus drum/120 pounders and case goods and about 8 5 axle units on gas/diesel/jet. Industrial Western NY!
  3. Having lived in Rochester in the early 70's what a gorilla it was. It was my first "command" as a terminal manager and a lot of my older guys were of the WW II generation. They were "lifers" with a stock ownership plan, pension plan and other great benefits but Kodak had some sort of profit sharing plan that I don't quite remember the details of but once a year they would make a huge lump sum payout to the employees and you can imagine what that did to the Rochester area economy. And when it came out some of my guys would start with the..."I should have gone with Kodak when I got out"...and I under my breath would say in some cases.."and I too wish you had"😎. Kodak WAS Rochester.
  4. And nice "super singles" on rear....
  5. Plus gave the marketers another "feature"-hence .."Sightliner"
  6. Very good- never dawned on me the cab was a B series-pretty obvious once you mentioned it. Don't think they sold very many but for sure they had no competition-in terms of gas in a 48" BBC.
  7. Well the Kool-aid drinkers will tell you its all about "Average Transaction Price"! And somehow or other, Hackett and Farley believe that customers who come in looking for a car will say..,."oh-no problem, I only wanted to spend "X" but I'll gladly buy your truck or SUV for X +8G's". My guess is they are out the door and headed for the Korean car company store.
  8. Thx Matt. Have you thought of sending wheel out to that guy that rebuilds them? I'm assuming he uses some sort of epoxy- someone on this site must have contact info for the guy.
  9. Matt, Excuse my crude sketch- I got dimensions with a divider Thread width Matt, Excuse crude sketch-used a divider Thread Width 1" End of taper 1.125" Start of taper 1.156" Inner Bearing width .9375
  10. Matt I have a Mack Operation and Maintenance Manual Form TS 442. Only 208 pgs but attached is a picture of a worm and roller type box which is what you have I believe as well as a picture of the box I have which is a cam and Lever type. I'm assuming that the worm in both boxes is separate from the shaft??? And if so what holds the shaft to the worm???
  11. Matt-thx very much. I'm checking on the shaft issue. And I also had the same box in a B-68 that I sold to a guy in Maine. So he was checking to make sure he still had the box. So if anyone reading this thread has a clue, please let me know. I'm also thinking I've got a machinist friend, might be able to rework the existing shaft with a new end. It broke right where the bearing sits. As to your thought of dropping it down, My engine is a 237 and it looks like as the block flares out a lot at pan, it would not get past that point. This thing started life as a gas job.
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