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  1. wow--well cared for! You won't see many New England trucks of that age looking like that
  2. One thing for sure- like that separation of headlight and turn signal. should be a new federal standard to get turn signal out of same headlight bucket so you can SEE it
  3. good move if you can swing it. Just know for sure which 6 speed it has. The TRXL 107 has a low ratio of 14.10 and the TRXL 1071 has 23.08 ratio. I believe it was really ment for mixers so they could creep along while pouring curbs/sidewalks etc. Friend of mine has one and I quickly learned no way you could go from the hole and grab first direct-at least I couldn't.😰 But if you put the main in 2nd and the spliter in low you could take off with a load and then go to first direct with the splitter on the high side and you would maintain speed.
  4. Nice. 6 speed low hole would be nice, then again we ran many 237/5 speeds grossing 80,000! Too bad you can't buy such a bullet proof truck today
  5. Rich-any problem hooking that 9513 up to a mid range engine? It was designed for big bores.
  6. My guess is they load it with skid steers😄
  7. For sure-looked like a flat site to begin with. When I first saw the pictures my reaction was WTF? Is this a Ritchie Bros. Auction? Two LiuGong D10 impersonators could have leveled it. And 7 days curing time, 30 days full strength? They must have miracle concrete!
  8. Excellent point. Plenty of gloom and doom as to WHY someone CAN'T do it, and here we have this guy building from scratch a high end class 8. Maybe that is it-high end as in high cost and therefore greater margins than say the volume builders like Freightliner, International and Volvo are doing. And as you correctly point out- more a matter of appeasing Wall St and the financial press. Ford is another example. Every time I've ever questioned why Ford did not offer a Cummins/Allison option on the BON website I get the ..."too expensive" excuse. Forget about the fact that they offered that option in the old 650/750-both the ones built at the Ford plant in Cautilan (Sp?) Mexico (2000-2003) but also the ones built in the Bluediamond JV plant at Escobedo from 2004 until the move to the Ford Avon Lake plant. Not exactly a major engineering effort to put that power train combo back in the mix. I totally get it on profitability. But today management is so focused on looking good in the short term they ignore a broader product line that at some point just might smooth out the peaks and valleys in the profitability chart.
  9. But the truck in question is a rubber bushed 34 right?
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