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  1. Cummins V903 Celebrates 50 Years in Service

    And we had a lot of V-185 Cummins with Allisons -as well as a later version that I think were 220 horse. They were previous to the triple nickel. Between those engines and the early Allisons they were a nightmare.
  2. Cummins V903 Celebrates 50 Years in Service

    I do believe light weight given high horsepower was a selling point for service in bulk transport (tankers). we never had any on east coast but they were used in Calif. And the experience was not good, although I have no specifics. Looking at all the comments on this thread however, that experience appears to be common.
  3. Ford Market News

    Kevin- I hear you-but apparently Hackett thinks everything is cool as he proposes cutting engieering and parts procurement. How many of the recalls are the result of outside vendors? as always you get what you pay for.
  4. Wow- a 6-71 and Maxi's to boot! someone spent some time on this over the years. Frame looks pretty good too!
  5. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    Kevin, Hope you are right. Actually the fact that the 6.7 was included in BAE's unsuccessful bid for the Humvee replacement is also a positiver statement as to how others view this motor. And as you have previously pointed out, with AVL's fingerprints all over this motor's design there is good reason to be positive. as to Ford's miserable showing in class 7 sales, I still think Ford is suffering from a perception problem associated with the old 6.0 and 6.4 Power Strokes.
  6. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    I find this a bit surprising; http://www.piercemfg...fordpowerstroke Ford was one of the gorillas in class 7 back in the old days before they sold out to Daimler. The new Ford 750? 3.32% of class 7 market share and I say the reason is no one has any confidence in the 6.7 Ford Power Stroke/Ford built Torqueshift trans. Might work well in an F-250, even a 550 at 19,500 pounds but in a 33,000 gvw dump truck?? If this goes anywhere this is a real positive statement on this engines capability.
  7. Well guys, I am ancient I guess. My copy was given to me by Homer Milliken with his business card glued to the inside flap; "National Accounts Mack Trucks Inc 350 Fifth Ave. New York, New York 10001" How about it KSC- when was that office shut down? In any case, agree great book
  8. Kevin, The countryside in this part of New England has plenty of concrete ties stacked up from a huge failed experiment from about 20 years ago. Don't know what the cause of the failure was but they did n ot stay in service long. Instead of being cast as a typical square/rectangular shape they had raised sections at the tie plates. They make great retaining walls if appearance doesn't count and when you go into ready mix plants, asphalt plants , sand and gravel screening operations you see them employed as walls or containment bins.
  9. Amen- 04 Ranger Super Cab- FX-4 off road package. Youngest son bought it new then when he became a family guy he (or daughter in law) decided not a good second vehicle. So I bought it from him at an inflated price. Added a Back Rack, and the jump seats stay folded up. Great weather proof tool box!
  10. Pickers at Mack Junkyard

    Yes Rich-I saw it-I never would have guess the plastic discs are now bringing big money. By the way I was disappointed-all the hype about Mack and nothing-but that was a nice picture of a Big B single axle with the rock body.
  11. Makes a whole lot of sense to me. My bet is this will be a copied option.
  12. Ford 9000

    Ah memories! Attached two were delivered to my operation in like 85? sitting at delivering dealer. 350 Cummins- By today's standards totally "underpowered -Mass 99,000 lb permits.
  13. Seems to me the "gas tax" is the fairest way to pay for this-assuming "transportation" expenditures are highways. A true progressive tax. What I always wondered was, why did the feds not key something to fuel prices when we were geared to paying outrageous fuel prices. That IMO would have been the time to gear any tax increase to any reduction from some benchmark energy cost. Let's say the weighted price of diesel /gas was for example $3.00. Bottom line, people might not have liked it, but they were used to living with it. So let's say for reduction in that fuel price a percentage of that decrease could have been applied to an increase in fed fuel tax. this adjustment could be made on a quarterly basis. Just a thought. All the politicians talk about the need for highway infrastructure improvements but they are always silent on how they are funded.
  14. Pickers at Mack Junkyard

    Well the preview clearly indicates trucks-and in particular Macks-are the attraction.
  15. Ford Market News

    Is it my imagination or does this guy talk out of both sides of his mouth? They have recalls up the ass and he talks about "cutting engineering and material costs". Seems to me when you have recalls one after another you have to do a better job of engineering and perhaps look at your "low bid" parts cost.