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  1. So when will we see a picture-better yet a video vs a CAD rendition!
  2. EJ- correct on the juice brakes. To get a real appreciation for this truck you should get a look when its on the lowboy and you see the detail underneath. A typical Dave Mauro restoration.
  3. You have to appreciate what Trump said in his cabinet meeting this week. Just what we need-vocational training and expanded apprentice programs. when loons like Bernie spout off about everyone having a .."right to a college education", I say.."In What"? Philosophy? Eastern European Literature? I don't think so.
  4. Thx-good info to go over.
  5. Sorry for your loss but your message is a good one.
  6. Good one-I missed that point. Oh and Fxyfmn-I have to disagree- the mfg sector may be 1/3 rd of our economy, but what was it? You can't pick up one item in five in Home Depot that is made in US. More like one in 8? 10?. Just look at the freight industry of 40 or 50 years ago. The P & D section was a key piece. Why? because "stuff" originated here. Today? Its all coming from China in containers. The "P" in P & D is gone. Its all delivery from the DC after the container gets delivered and stripped. I was in the great Stanley Works New Britain Conn facility a couple of years ago. The only thing they make there now is steel tapes. Everything else? Gone.
  7. and don't forget JB Hunt!
  8. By the way-KW looks good too. Friend of mine recently bought a new one, 26,000 plate ramp truck. 90 grand complete-KW dealer in Fla-unbelievable price-not too much more than a a Hino 238 or an F-650 Power Stroke.
  9. Rich-what show is that? Looks good with the A-car!
  10. Amen-where are the results-went to HDT digital-nothing there.
  11. Surprised that the HDT article (Mr Koeck) made no mention of double stack rail. Improvements associated with raising bridges to accommodate double stack containers on more rail routes has to be as big a factor as port improvements. While Volvo is making a lot of noise about their new regional tractor, IMO the market for class 8 tractors of the future may not be that great for the "large car high roofs". Granted there will always be a need for "hot shot" or dedicated long haul trucks for certain routes/priorities, too many factors seem to be lining up to make the regional tractor the predominant vehicle. If Ford for example is to ever get back in class 8, it will be IMO in that low cost regional tractor that runs from the intermodal yard to the distribution center or final customer. All of this thanks to the demise of American manufacturing.
  12. Well I guess as DAF sponsors this "show", that is as good a review as Ford could hope for. Reviewer was quick to point out it was 60,000 euros-vs what a Scania S would cost- Kevin-what would that number be?? As for his comments on its looks, IMO ALL of the Euro cab overs were designed by the same guys from Tonka/Mattel/Playskool!
  13. Never heard it was a "quality problem". Design issues yes.
  14. Torpedo 8. Entire squadron was shot down and one man survived and was later rescued. Saw a picture yesterday of a group of Midway survivors at a ceremony. All were in wheelchairs. Truly the greatest generation.
  15. IMO, the 237 Maxidyne , 5 speed highway, 6 speed off road/construction, for sure was the best. 4000/9000 Whites were good fleet trucks as were the L and LN Ford Louisvilles-certainly from a first cost but you just had to make sure you speced the right engine/transmission and rear. Mack took all that out of the equation. Those were the good ol' days.