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  1. Try Brewster FD in Brewster MA. They had one on a truck that they removed. I'm assuming this ios the three bulb device that rotates like a propeller??
  2. So when do they hit Italy, France, Germany and take on the big guys??
  3. Every year I recall reading about a reunion these guys had. I believe they had a rare bottle of scotch and the last two attending would open it. My alma mater's annual calendar's April picture was the crew of the Whirling Dervish and a guy from the class of 1940 was on that. He was wounded by AA fire but made it back. When you talk about flying into the face of death, carrier was spotted by the Japs some 200 miles from the intended launch point. They launched at that point knowing they would probably not have the fuel to make it to their designated landing strips in China-that is if they survived the AA fire and the fighters. Sad thing is every day we lose another piece of history when these guys pass on. And for sure it is doubtful that kids in school today get taught anything about WW II. One thing I can say, my generation had the good fortune to learn something from the TV of our era- The Victory at Sea series.
  4. How would you like to be the guy that signed off on that service bulletin
  5. For sure. Better question-how many people in Congress have that understanding?
  6. I think your comment probably reflected the sentiments of a lot of younger guys back then. The perception was they wanted to be in a "real big truck". And as for the old timers, many were "Mack" guys or "White" guys etc. You had to overcome their old prejudices-or should I say likes. When we got our first LT-9000's I would always be asking how guys liked them and most were very favorable. One old timer though said ..."Ok, but".....I said.."but what?" His answer..."well I don't like that big windshield-its like you are sitting in your living room in front of your picture window and everyone can see you". Visibility! One of the Louisvilles biggest positives and this guy felt he had no privacy!🙄
  7. Rare for sure. JIM H or Rich P will probably remember old timer who lived in Blackstone MA had one on his property. Forgot his name but nice old boy. Last saw him at Macungie 3+ years ago. Has since passed on and family cleaned up property. In addition to the D had a bunch of AC's in various stages.
  8. Figured I would start a new thread instead of adding to the LTL thread. Saw this LTS go by me at an intersection today and never saw this old boy around before. So guy pulls up at a job site and I stopped in. Owners son driving and they have owned this 350 HP 3406 since new. Very nice shape (Hippy, Jim, from NH but I forgot town)-they also have an active 400 farm. Don't see too many 20+ year olds that look this good. In addition to the JD on the trailer they also had a 550 dozer and a Cat 315 on the site. Nice to talk to a guy like this. Obviously took a lot of pride in hi family business.
  9. Thx. That Granite I do believe had a ton of miles on it. Sold by original owner and guys who own it now did it up right.
  10. well not the best picture but took this a year or two ago. I call it "60 years of Spokes" Im on the scale at the quarry and this Granite has pulled up in back of me. too bad I could not have had a better shot of it because it is a beauty
  11. Nice rich-do I see a "twisto-wrist"? How many hours?
  12. Wow-best case with five axles on that tank on the ground, happy was the guy that sold the owner springs and hangers!
  13. Admit it Rich-reason you won't do it is because you don't want to spring for the wire rope!!
  14. Amazing huh? They probably cleaned this up with those two single axles. Today? Let's see- "we better have at least two if not three triaxle Roto booms for this one".
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