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  1. Jamaican Bulldog

    Why Cummins for Volvos and not newer Macks?

    Where did the Mack powertrain engineers end up after Volvo?
  2. Jamaican Bulldog

    Why Cummins for Volvos and not newer Macks?

    I am still amazed how HP Mack was able to squeeze out of an engine the size of an E7. You guys did a great job. Are any of the engineering team of that time still around and did any of the original Mack engineering team have any significant input in the development of MP or Volvo derived engines?
  3. Jamaican Bulldog

    Why Cummins for Volvos and not newer Macks?

    Never got an answer. I will definitely post it here if I do.
  4. These laws can be tedious especially when they can vary from town to town in the same county. I live in Westchester NY and no matter how big your driveway is you are not allowed to have pickup truck with commercial plates, small trailer or even a jet ski on a trailer in your yard. In many cases the local authorities turn a blind eye unless someone calls because they know the laws are dumb. When I had a small trailer to transport dirt bikes, someone from the town showed up and said the only way around it was to put up screens so it could not be seen. He admitted he had to show up because someone called. I put them up and called for him to come see and he never came back to look.
  5. Jamaican Bulldog

    Autocar's new Alabama plant 'fully operational'

    Interesting. I wonder if they will expand their product line and get back into conventional trucks etc.
  6. Jamaican Bulldog

    Ford Market News

    The idea of using one architecture to spawn variants of different size and vehicle class will become more common. New technology and increased strength in the frames while enhancing safety plays a big role. As the article mentioned VW has been doing this before but Subaru is also doing it too. Their new Impreza platform for small cars can be used for vehicles up to the size of its up coming 7 pass SUV. There was a time when lets say a vehicle platform for a compact car like the Focus could only be limited to that size, a compact CUV variant like the Escape or compact van like the Transit Connect, CMax etc. Most people won't even know or notice that so many vehicles share similar architectures or even what that means. Not only will it help economies of scale but it will allow manufacturers to become more flexible if the market for certain segments change. In case of Ford, if this new platform can be flexible enough to spawn cars as small as the Fiesta and Ecosport up to the size of an Edge, it may even allow it to more economically viable to eventually start making small and medium size cars in the U.S again. By mentioning the Edge in this article, that is a hint that if Ford stays in the mid-size sedan market (which it should), the next Fusion may be on that platform as well. The current Edge is off the Fusion platform which is still a modern platform. I just hope they will keep offering a twin turbo V6 that I enjoy in my Fusion Sport.
  7. All interesting info. While I am disappointed that most of U.S makers of large trucks are owned by foreign companies, it will be interesting to see what the synergies with VW and Scania will bring to International trucks in the U.S
  8. 10 sp torqshift, is that a Ford designed auto transmission? I wonder if that transmission will make it to NA super duty Fords. Also They offer Cummins and not Ford's own 6.7. Is that because the Cummins have more commonality or certification for the Brazilian market? I am always fascinated with how Ford invests in heavy Fords for other markets but not the NA market. Meanwhile they had an excellent heavy truck in NA and sold out.
  9. Jamaican Bulldog

    Mack Superliner in Brazil

    You are right about missed opportunities. Mack are so sought after for export to areas where new Macks were not even offered.
  10. Jamaican Bulldog

    Autocar the first commercial truck in the U.S?

    What was the model with the short nose 'U'?
  11. Jamaican Bulldog

    Mack Superliner in Brazil

    I never saw a Mack in Brazil after many miles on the roads there. I aways wondered if they were ever sold there apart from being imported on the used market. Brazil has a very protectionist market for autos. Most that are sold there have to be manufactured there. The only American Truck I saw was an International which I think some were made for that market. Otherwise lots of domestic market Fords, Scania, Mercedes, and heavy VW trucks.
  12. https://www.autocartruck.com/Files/Media/Autocar History story 2-17-09-1.pdf I came across this short history of Autocar. It describes Autocar as the first commercial truck maker in the U.S. I always thought the first was by another company that went out of business before the 50s. Autocar is my favorite American truck after Mack because it shared a similar toughness. I just saw a beautiful short nose Autocar dump in White Plains NY. I always preferred those to the longer nose types. Maybe because they remind me of my favorite Mack the DM model .
  13. Jamaican Bulldog

    Ford Market News

    Ford has been influential in saving many companies including Mazda which is technically small compared to giants such as Toyota and Honda. I understand why Ford shed some of the their holdings such as in Jaguar, Volvo etc but the synergies with Mazda was very productive and successful. That is why I think with shrinking profits in sedans and small cars they should have kept those synergies with Mazda and even share powertrain tech such as Sky active and ecoboost. Now Toyota is taking advantage of joint ventures with Mazda. Ford also spoiled a great product that brought a lot of people in the brand when it stupidly installed and kept the troublesome dual clutch transmission in the Ford Focus and Fiesta. That all would have been avoided if it had used Mazda's Skyactive powertrain or even the Asin transmission that Mazda uses. Sometimes brands like Ford does not realize that cheap cars that may not be too profitable plays an important role in bringing first time buyers into the brand who later move up to more profitable models if they had a great experience with the first car. I have been selling Fords long enough to remember and have friends who did not consider Ford till they got the first generation sporty Ford Focus in late 90s early 2000s which was a big success. They since have bought other Ford models. In the last few years they have turned off many new customers with the troublesome transmission mentioned in the Focus.
  14. Jamaican Bulldog

    Ford Market News

    Yes Yamaha did a great job. Those early SHO models are becoming classics especially with a manual. A nice one is hard to find because many were driven hard. The last SHO has Fords 3.5 ecoboost.
  15. Jamaican Bulldog

    Ford Market News

    Yes low gas mileage helped to increase the demand for CUVs however many give mileage close to sedans which also helps drives the demand. We have been saying that Ford should offer some of the multiple speed transmission being deployed in the SUVS and trucks to make the sedans even more efficient. Due to the transverse mounted powertrain of the sedan platforms they would probably be limted to 8spds like the refreshed 2019 Edge but still would increase mileage. Most people especially the NE or snow belt likes the AWD of the CUVs not so much to go off road that is one reasons CUVs and SUVs have become more car like. However tough looks have an appeal. I still can't understand why Ford does not have heavy trucks here especially since their F series do so well in sales and profits. I see the Cargos all over South America. KS mentioned in another post how Ford had the advanced heavy duty L series trucks and sold it to Daimler at a loss.

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