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  1. Not mine but cool old heavy truck. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2024238677878614/
  2. Not mine but interesting someone would give away a Mack hood. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2600255206655610/
  3. Impressive as being probably the only true American Truck company that still exists and expanded when others were floundering or acquired. I still find it interesting how it has two similar brands of trucks Peterbilt and Kenworth in the same markets but able to maintain their own identities.
  4. 41 chevy. That is an excellent explanation! A close look at these pics illustrates that especially looking where the back of the cab meets the roof on both. The DM tapers inward towards the roof which creates the bulge look.
  5. It could be just me but some of the DM cabs looked like they had more of a curve around the belt line than the R models on the back of the cab.
  6. Yep some of the older ones were manual shift . Some had the 5 or 6 speed with Maxidynes.
  7. Before 1973 the R and DM models had a 'flat' back cab. After that the back were extended about 3" to make the cabs more roomy, they called these 'plus 3' cabs. The flat cab was still available on the U models.
  8. I have always found the plus 3 cabs on the R and DM models to be more appealing than than the original flat back cabs pre 1973. However to me the back of some plus 3 cabs look different. For example the back of some R models don't look as curvy as some DM models. Where there different versions of the 'plus 3' cabs?
  9. I have a rare novelty Mack B model truck novelty telephone for sale on eBay. It is 1/34 scale https://www.ebay.com/itm/303074765071
  10. I had a similar thought in another topic. Which company would be interested and capable and willing to make the Mack brand great again? I always saw Scania as a natural partner or suitor but they are now owned by VW ( who owns a share in International) I believe which still makes it possible. The others such as Mercedes and Paccar have alot of product lines already in the U.S. If the situation arises probably a Chinese company would want it because they have capitalized on established American brands
  11. Yep KS. A great analysis of Volvo and Mack. If Volvo was to ever sell Mack, which heavy truck manufacturer could make the Mack brand great again? Scania which I always saw as a natural hook up fro Mack is now controlled I believe by VW. All the others such as Mercedes, Paccar have numerous brands already in the U.S. Then again would any truck maker be interested in pursuing Mack...apart from maybe the Chinese?
  12. I hope the Anthem is catching on because I can count on one hand how many I have seen one and I work next to an interstate highway. I drove to FL not long ago from NY an only saw one. Meanwhile I lost count of how many of the new Volvo that came out at the same time.
  13. Gone are the days when these trucks were built to last 30 yrs or more. Years ago when I toured Macungie they took pride in that philosophy.
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