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  1. Jamaican Bulldog

    Ford Market News

    No word yet what will happen to the Mexican Hermosillo plant when the Fusion ( which they are sabotaging to make a case of no sedans) goes away and what will happen to the Lincoln MKZ. That plant put out some well built cars and they Ford spent a lot of money on it.
  2. Jamaican Bulldog

    Mack DM 800 twin stick for sale

    Not mine but may of interest to others here. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/376671946302107/
  3. Jamaican Bulldog

    Two rebuilt mack engines for sale

    Not mine but be of interest. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2246228442259488/
  4. Jamaican Bulldog

    Autocar U series and Mack U/DM models

    Mack CL350. I had to google it. Interesting truck.
  5. Jamaican Bulldog

    Autocar U series and Mack U/DM models

    Yep true, but considering that the Macks U/DM and Autocar U series in the 70s and 80s had similar styles, I wondered if that name similarity caused any troubles.
  6. Jamaican Bulldog

    Autocar U series and Mack U/DM models

    I find the short nose and slightly off set cab Autocar U series to be one of the best looking Autocars. Maybe because it reminds me of the short nose Mack DM and U models. Yep I know these latter 2 had different chassis but looked similar. Did Mack have any issues with Autocar also calling their short nose and slightly off set cab model also 'U' series especially since the were on the market at the same time as the similar looking and named Macks?
  7. Jamaican Bulldog

    UPS and Mack

    How are the Paccar engines in KW and Pete? I often hear comments about all the other engines especially with newer emissions but few on the quality of Paccar engines. Do most KW and Petes have Paccar engines or vendor engines.
  8. Jamaican Bulldog

    Identify this Mack

    Yep I believed they sold a lot which helped to keep Mack afloat. Makes me wonder what would have happened if Mack still kept in the medium duty line. I believe ( read on this site) there was clause when Volvo bought GMC heavy trucks that Volvo couldn't offer medium and light trucks that would compete with the light and medium trucks that GM still made. That clause prevented Mack from being in that market when Volvo bought them. I am sure others here can clarify or have more on that.
  9. Jamaican Bulldog

    Identify this Mack

    Interesting. Looked like Midliner cab on a heavier Mack chassis. I wonder what powertrain they had?
  10. I saw this pic in a Facebook Mack forum but no one really could identify the model and specs. It is suspected to be either IN Australia or NZ. Does anyone know the details or name of this Mack.
  11. Thanks, does SourKraut have a functioning website or catalog? Last time I saw website everything was out of stock and had no recent posts
  12. Auslowe doesn't show the MH anymore but they have really cool Mack stuff.
  13. I bought a 1/25 MH from this site in Australia. He does both day cab and sleeper cab MH. https://www.robbosscalemodel.com/?fbclid=IwAR1nYLp7odRDr9KY7B40bmW7uzzhyAq8s-_wgh5-zHXogLOvx21fBRnnmAc
  14. Thank you. That must have ben a rare one.

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