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  1. I know someone with a still strong running 74 Mack DM 600 with a 237 twin stick. The cab and mounts are bad and he is seeking a replacement. I remember seeing on here that the R and DM models got galvanized cabs in the 80s. When did the Mack DM get a galvanized cab and what year galvanized cab would fit this 1974 Mack DM?
  2. Does carfax work for big trucks or is there an equivalent that exist? Sometimes sites like those can be very detailed to the registration and history of vehicles which could help indicate more of the truck's history before Desert Storm.
  3. Excellent and educational explanations on the single head per cylinder. Is there any reason the American manufacturers didn't adopt this style for its advantages?
  4. Why did the Scania versions of the Mack V8s have individual heads?
  5. It was at the Gerharts show in Lititz too. Chances are it will be there again in Oct.
  6. While at the factory tour one of Mack employees mentioned that the new military Mack Dump on display is the first time since Vietnam that Mack won a military bid. Do these Desert Storm Macks prove him wrong?
  7. It was made fews years ago I believe by RNK conversions but I do not know any model casters who does them today. I still have an unbuilt conversion kit in 1/24 which I bought over 10 yrs ago.
  8. The axles looked like Meritor similar to the AWD military dump truck they had displayed outside. It seems like for AWD applications Mack don't use their own axles anymore just Meritor.
  9. After the truck show at Macungie I took the usual tour at plant. This unusual AWD tractor had just come off the line. It had huge float tires all around and wasn’t for a military customer. Not sure who the end user is or what application but interesting.
  10. Thank you. I build models and wanted to convert a diecast Franklin mint CL into an Australian version but could'nt find suitable pics of what it should look like. Especially the lights and air intakes etc.
  11. I like Australian trucks. Was the Mack CL was sold there along other heavy spec Macks like the Superliner or Titans etc?
  12. Saturday especially if you can make it early is normally the best day. I normally run into the same problem because I usually work Saturdays too. However if I can't get off to go on a Saturday, I try to go early Sunday morning before most trucks are gone and still see most of it
  13. Why did the U.S version have a slightly shorter hood than regular R models here?
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