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  1. I was searching pictures for Macks in Australia and was hoping to see R models as roll off trash trucks etc.
  2. Thanks, I was googling pics of Garbage trucks in Australia but didnt see any. I didnt know the MR Or MB was there
  3. I build and collect model trucks and I was searching for images of Australian trash Trucks to see if Mack is popular in that market like in the North American Market, but did not see many Macks. Most of the time we see pics of Australian Macks they are mostly tractor trailers or dump trucks Was Mack ever big there in that market at some point? I see a Australian company named Cleanaway uses or had Macks but not many others. Was the Mack MR or LE/LR types sold in Australia? It seems mostly European or Asian brands are used there in the garbage business. Diecast model Garbage
  4. Diesel is going to be over regulated like gas engines. I still think hybrid set ups is a more viable medium for for meeting these regulations and actual reality. Where is everyone going to plug in and get the electricity from if government keeps regulating out the internal combustion engines?
  5. WOW! Thank you! I remember hoping to see that truck if I went to Mandeville. Do you have any pics and is it still around?
  6. There is scrapping and recycling yard in Elmsford NY ( Brookfield Resource Management) that scraps lots of old trucks that seem to have life left in them. Many are Macks from municipalities etc. They used to export some but I don't think they sell the whole trucks any more and not sure what happens to the parts or if they just crush them. I personally don't mind the export of old trucks because at least they have a higher chance of another life than being crushed. We can't save them all but it would be good to know that the scrapped ones keep others going here.
  7. What is the hood length differences between RD 800 and RM? I do scale models and trying create both. It seem they are similar with the RM being set back axle.
  8. Thanks, does that mean that the older heavier RD 6 series kept the old hood for a while but the sloped hood was on the lighter R models?
  9. When was the classic round light Mack R model replaced with the rectangular light RD and set back axle RB models which retained the similar cab? I know the real replacement for the R was the CH but the classic cab model also survived with the evolved hoods of RD and RB probably at the time when cooling systems got updated. I also know that there were heavy models of the classic R models designated as RD and also the heavy duty RD 800 series which stayed in production years after. Did this change also happen at the same time when the classic DM evolved into the set back axle DM69
  10. I agree, I think the R and maybe the DM deserve their own book because they were probably Mack's longest running models.
  11. There are some nice Mack photo archives books out there that are dedicated to certain model lines such as AC, AP, E, L, B and fire truck models that also describe things about them. How come there are no dedicated book on probably the longest produced model like the R or DM for example or models afterwards? Yes there are a few general books on Mack history but it would have been nice to see on more models with info on them.
  12. I wonder where this truck ended up after UPS because it is painted white and not in UPS colors?
  13. This rare AWD Mack MH was discussed here before. It was a pleasant surprise to see it at the Gerhart’ show. Not sure what driving condition it is in.
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