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    Witnessed Mack enduring over trucks from all over the world in extremely tough conditions. Collector and builder of model Macks

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  1. Yes Biden was at the Mack factory and also claimed he used drive a 18 wheeler.... which never happened🙄.
  2. Yes that would be great. It seems from your profile you are in Canada. Quite a few usually come to the show but this year due to Covid couldn't make it. Someone actually sang the Canadian national anthem this year after the American anthem out of respect for our Canadian friends who usually are there.
  3. I think I read on here once that it was to help meet BBC requirements for over all length restrictions. It was the predecessor to the U model
  4. Nice! I was there but didn't see that B model roll off. Actually I don't remember ever seeing a B model roll off anywhere
  5. Even though the Autocar and Kenworth are owned by separate companies, their cabs look very similar except for the rear windows on the Autocar. Is it possible that the cabs are supplied by the same company or there is some agreement between the two companies? Even the door handles and where the fenders meets the cab is very similar. https://d3w5dxa1iffln.cloudfront.net/media/1493/dc-64m-spec-sheet-2019-6.pdf https://www.kenworth.com/media/fncir4t1/kenworth-t880.pdf
  6. I don’t think the year would matter, it hasn’t changed much like the MR over the years
  7. Thanks for clarifying that. I couldn't find pics of one tilted. No I really meant LR because depending on the year I have seen both low entry cab trucks named LEU or LR . I know the cab over MR is different, that is what I am converting to use the LE cab but had to alter the radiator and plumbing on the model since the low entry cab sits so low.
  8. I casted a 1/34 cab for Mack LEU or similar to the LR scale model. For accuracy in completing the model, is the cab supposed to tilt? It seems the bumper would be in the way if it did. I have been searching the internet for images or videos for one with a tilted cab but cannot find one. I was wondering if since the cab is set so forward maybe most component are accessible for maintenance and repair from the rear of the cab or from inside?
  9. Yes plus both the Mount Vernon and Newark area have a big Brazilian despora. Scania is popular in Brazil and South America.
  10. I still a Scania dump truck occasionally in Mount Vernon NY, not too far from Newark NJ
  11. Did the later Powerliner only have the 'Freightliner' name as opposed to ' White Freightliner'?
  12. I was searching pictures for Macks in Australia and was hoping to see R models as roll off trash trucks etc.
  13. Thanks, I was googling pics of Garbage trucks in Australia but didnt see any. I didnt know the MR Or MB was there
  14. I build and collect model trucks and I was searching for images of Australian trash Trucks to see if Mack is popular in that market like in the North American Market, but did not see many Macks. Most of the time we see pics of Australian Macks they are mostly tractor trailers or dump trucks Was Mack ever big there in that market at some point? I see a Australian company named Cleanaway uses or had Macks but not many others. Was the Mack MR or LE/LR types sold in Australia? It seems mostly European or Asian brands are used there in the garbage business. Diecast model Garbage trucks are some of the most popular and collectible trucks
  15. Diesel is going to be over regulated like gas engines. I still think hybrid set ups is a more viable medium for for meeting these regulations and actual reality. Where is everyone going to plug in and get the electricity from if government keeps regulating out the internal combustion engines?
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