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  1. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Oh I didn't realize that. Damn.
  2. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Any chance of this rare gem in the U.S making it to Macungie ( if it hasn't been already) or another show in the North East?
  3. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Oh ok didn't know that. I thought that rule was only for vehicles made originally to sell in the U.S
  4. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Wow! I guess depending on the age there were no restrictions to bring in right hand drive truck. Just the shipping alone must have been a fortune. Most of the time if I buy something in Australia the shipping cost more or almost as much as product lol.
  5. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Beautiful! what is the story behind how this Aussie Mack made it to the U.S?
  6. Still curious where that bauxite company's right hand drive R model I saw in Jamaica during the late 80s and 90s came from.
  7. There used to be right hand drive Subarus imported into the U.S some years ago maybe even in the 90s
  8. Does anyone know if right hand drive Macks were made in the U.S for export?
  9. I always figure it most be weird if you are driving in country like Guyana and then you cross over the border into a country like Brazil or Venezuela that drive on the right and you then have to switch over. I think years ago in Sweden people drove on the left and then they switched over to driving on the right like the rest of continental Europe.
  10. Lol as it often is in Jamaica as there are no restrictions on importing a left hand drive vehicle and the roads can be quite narrow and winding.
  11. Global Ford Ranger

    The owner of the place I work and a few others I know feel the same way. Ford listens more to their 'research' than dealers. The newer reps have little understanding of the business and are basically messengers who tout the scripted talking points more than listen. There are still a few really good reps but after they retire or leave the culture will be different. You are right its like Jack Nasser again. The latest today I heard is that Hassert made a comment to suggest that he wished Ford had not sold Jaguar , Volvo and Land Rover. This again illustrates that he has not learnt from the recent history of Ford and what works and and does'nt. If Mullally did't get stop bleeding money on those brands and rightly decided to focus on the core brands of Ford and Lincoln, Ford would either had gone bankrupt or would certainly have had to take the bail out.
  12. It seems most of the world drives on the right side of the road which are the pre-requisite for left hand drive vehicles. Most countries that drive on the other side tend to mostly have right hand drive vehicles for similar reasons, especially countries that are or were former part of the British Commonwealth. Were brand new right hand drive Macks exported from Australia to countries that drive on the left or were right hand drive Macks also exported from the U.S? Were Macks made in Australia for export at all ( except to NZ) ? I remember seeing trucks at Macungie while on a tour that were going to South Africa but I don't remember them being right hand drive. I remember seeing a beautiful blue right hand drive R model Mack in Jamaica years ago that belonged to a Bauxite Company ( Alcan). I never forgot it because it is was the first and probably the only right hand drive heavy duty American truck I ever saw in person. Always curious what happened to it or how they would get parts for the steering or front end. Those companies tended to buy only brand new vehicles, so with Jamaica being one of those countries that drive on the left I figured it must have been a special order. As an international Aussie Rules football (AFL) fan, I hope to one day see plenty of right hand drive Macks when I visit Australia to attend AFL games and vintage truck shows
  13. B Model Hood Length

    Was that the only B model Mack that was available with a Cummins or was the large hooded B81 also available with it too?
  14. B Model Hood Length

    Why did the B71 have such a long hood? I am guessing a bigger engine option, but which one, a Cummins?
  15. Global Ford Ranger

    Couldn't agree more! I just heard him make a speech about taking back the streets from cars. Huh? Shouldn't he as CEO of a car company be trying to sell more cars? He hasn't learned from the success of Mulaly. Stick to the core brand and what customers are asking for and the company does well. I am not saying that a car company shouldn't be exploring the future potential of autonomous and electric vehicles, but to divert so much resources away from what people are asking for and not keeping focus on the current core brands quality is short sighted. All the hype for autonomous cars may attract media stock market attention but it is no substitute for what the core customers want. Same thing for hyping electric cars that are so dependent on government subsidies to even appear viable. The hype for electric cars must be accompanied with where all the precious metals are going to come from for the batteries and the electricity to charge them.