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  1. I have been making a mental note of the new brands on the road in relation to new Macks. Seems about right but noticing more and more Volvos even as vocational trucks. Very few Anthems. Shame
  2. It is still opened on a Wednesday but I think you have to call. I believe there may still be trucks in side. Many are now with the Mahan collection in NJ
  3. A similar think is happening with regular cars especially with more powerful and efficient turbo engines at smaller displacement. However I hope with the truck market the transition will be primarily be because of technology and market demand and not due to govt mandates by people who couldn't even identify 3 parts under the hood.
  4. https://www.todaystrucking.com/mack-pumped-about-truck-sales-construction-business/?fbclid=IwAR3_TMnKP4Nks4A74iy8zl_sk8G6bo81GdhWw-9QlBd8g4D7qXghr3q5a_0
  5. Ohhh ok, I had thought it was the short nose that made it a U model. You are right that does not seem off set. This actual truck is local. I am going to try to take a closer look. Another bit of knowledge I didn't know. This type seems to be rare, I have only seen one like this. If I meet the owner I will encourage to take to a show. It is still a working truck.
  6. This one looks like steel nose or was this another version and not a U?
  7. Did the Autocar short nose U model come in a steel nose with butter fly hood or just the fiberglass hood similar to the White?
  8. I hope Mack trucks, the museum or a large truck club reach out to save this.
  9. I know someone with a still strong running 74 Mack DM 600 with a 237 twin stick. The cab and mounts are bad and he is seeking a replacement. I remember seeing on here that the R and DM models got galvanized cabs in the 80s. When did the Mack DM get a galvanized cab and what year galvanized cab would fit this 1974 Mack DM?
  10. Does carfax work for big trucks or is there an equivalent that exist? Sometimes sites like those can be very detailed to the registration and history of vehicles which could help indicate more of the truck's history before Desert Storm.
  11. Excellent and educational explanations on the single head per cylinder. Is there any reason the American manufacturers didn't adopt this style for its advantages?
  12. Why did the Scania versions of the Mack V8s have individual heads?
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