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    Witnessed Mack enduring over trucks from all over the world in extremely tough conditions. Collector and builder of model Macks

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  1. Not sure what scale it is you are doing but even if its smaller you can use an online scale calculator to scale it down or up
  2. That's awesome, What scale is that? I believe the DM 800 chassis used in the 1/25 scale AMT model truck kit is very similar. American truck industrial Models in NJ U.S.A does a 1/25 resin RD800 kit and I believe the donor kit is the DM800. I have one but have not built it yet.
  3. I remember with great fanfare when Mack launched the Vision. However a few years later the name of the same design was transitioned to CXU. The CH axle forward used to be called the the Pinnacle then they started using the CHU while some versions of the CXU also used the Pinnacle name. Does any one know why those names were changed on those trucks even though the design/styling stayed the same?
  4. It really seems deliberate that Volvo limited Mack's powertrain choices especially after the MP series came out. Imagine how many Macks would have been sold if they offered Cummins in the Granites, pinnacle, Titan and even now the Anthem. It also seems they purposely designed the newer Mack's to not be able to use engines bigger than 13 liters
  5. Nice! I think I just saw it at the truck show in central NJ about about a week and half ago
  6. I just got a facebook reminder from ATCA old Truckin Nuts page so I guess its on
  7. Saw this in WSJ. Seems there is shortage of drivers everywhere. Some companies are even recruiting airline pilots used to long hours https://www.wsj.com/articles/miners-labor-to-find-enough-truck-drivers-workers-11632043801
  8. I guess the front axle would also have to line up with the wheel wells
  9. Some models of the DM and R series were available in both fiber glass and steel butterfly hood. However some like the DM800, RD800 and the RM series only came in steel hoods The steel butterfly hoods were advantageous to give access to servicing especially if you had things like snow plows or other things mounted on the front that prevented the hoods from tilting.
  10. Awesome pic! I have a few Mack CL like that in the exact color and paint/graphics scheme........... but in 1/32 scale 😆 Franklin MInt diecast models.Just beautiful to see it on a real truck.
  11. I believe the CH600 was also the set back axle tandem and the CH613 the axle forward tandem . It also seems like the CH613 were used for heavier applications like dumps and low boy tractors
  12. Has anyone actually seen a new Autocar conventionals on the road? I have not seen one even at the numerous truck shows this summer in the NE. I also looked up to see if there were any dealers but it seems you have to contact Autocar directly
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