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  1. What id the V8 mack that was in the R700? The valVe covers looked like E9 but as discussed it wasn't in it. I build models and want to make sure i get it right.
  2. When did this grille come out in the R and DM or U? I always thought it was the same as the one in topic until the responses enlightened here that it was different
  3. I know most will disagree with me here but I always though the L cab was way better looking than the curved B cab.
  4. I believe they are now called Terrapro. I have seen some as municipal tandem dumps with plows in the NY area. Some have heavy specs and on the export market often converted to dumps too.
  5. OH. Thanks for clarifying. I thought maybe it had to do with engine, series or year.
  6. How come some Superliners have the air cleaners outside the hood like the R models and some don't? I build model trucks and want to make sure I get a Superliner right.
  7. My favorite Mack is a off set cab Mack like the DM or U.
  8. I also I heard from someone that has one it helped alot when backing up to stick your head out the window because sometimes the mirror would be vibrating so much
  9. Thanks, Maybe after this virus thing I will take a trip. Do you know if they are opened Sundays?
  10. Wow, it s shame that this CL is in such bad shape. I think may have driven this exact one during their 100 yr anniversary. They had an event where you could drive one around the lot for $1. Do you think it would be worth a 4 hour drive to go sight seeing at this junkyard?
  11. I have always loved Macks since I saw the first one in my town as kid in Jamaica. At the time in early 1980s this 1974 Mack DM was the only one around when most other trucks then were British. That truck is still working today! However, in Jamaica there were a few Bauxite companies ( the ore which aluminum comes from) operating. One of them was ALCAN. In the 80s till they closed they had a baby blue Mack R tandem tractor that pulled a tanker which to me as a kid was very very interesting because it was right hand drive! It seemed that every other American vehicle there were all left hand drive. Jamaica drives on the left as most former British colonies especially in the Caribbean. The only other place I have known of RHD Macks were Australia and NZ. Even though the Bauxite companies had other American trucks and there were other Macks on the island which got more popular, that blue Mack is the only RHD drive Mack or RHD American truck I ever seen there. Many American trucks are imported used but even the brand new ones were LHD. Does anyone know anything about ALCAN and this RHD Mack?
  12. Was Allis Chalmers engines ever used in Macks from the factory?
  13. So right about that. After the excellent 7.3 power stroke if they had gone Cummins/allison they would not have had to go through the expensive warranty costs associated with the disastrous 6.0 plus losing droves of customers. I am not sure if Dodge/Ram had exclusivity on the Cummins in the class 2 to 5 and can't see why it would have been more expensive to have those vendor components.
  14. Great points. Sound good unviable government mandates simultaneously helped killed domestic makers while putting many truckers out of business. You are right many European makers were large enough and could spread R&D throughput other vehicle lines. GM and Ford could have done that too but abandoned class 8 as they mismanaged the rest of their auto business.
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