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  1. Truck Sho

    What chassis was the earlier F models put on?
  2. Scania in Connecticut in 78

    Welcome on board Leonardo. I have travelled to Brazil a few times and was fascinated with the trucks. I noticed that Scanias and Mercedes are well respected there. Lots of old ones still working. Only saw a few American heavies such as Internationals but many medium/heavy Brazilian Fords. Regarding Scanias in the U.S. I still see a heavy Scania conventional dump truck still working in Mount Vernon NY. I wouldn't be surprised if it is owned by a Brazilians because Mount Vernon has a large Brazilian community, and as mentioned before Brazilian truckers have a lot of respect fro Scanias.
  3. Thanks for that explanation. I didn't know there where two types of the twin stick 5 speeds. I guess my uncle's 74 DM with a 237 and twin stick had the later version because he could shift through the gears in reverse.
  4. Does that mean that the twin stick was actually a 5sp with an auxiliary gear box attached?
  5. Were the twin stick 5sp that was common in DM models the same as the regular 5sp transmission but with a Hi and Lo? Those were indestructible.
  6. I know the legendary 5sp Maxitorque transmission was used in the 237hp and higher output engines, but was it used in engines with more than 300hp such as the V8 and 350 hp sixes? Did the multiple speed transmissions such the 9sp have the same design concept as the 5sp with high torque rise engines? In other words did the 9sp in higher horsepower engines reduce the need t use 13 or more speed transmissions.
  7. Inline sixes and V12 engines are often considered the most balanced configuration for engines to deliver smooth power. That is one reason why BMW kept inline sixes when others went to V designs. One of the reasons V designs for 6s replaced many of their inline predecessors was because the V design allowed the engines to fit in more compact spaces. This especially as many car and SUV platforms shifted from longitudinal powertrain configuration ( engine mounted north to south with rear wheels as main driving wheels) to transverse set ups ( engine mounted east/west or vice versa or front wheel drive based). The inlines are definitely easier to work on especially with so many accessories mounted on engines nowadays.
  8. Yes interesting. Must have an interesting story behind it.
  9. End of the Line

    Beautiful! I hope its still in the Yaworski collection
  10. High mileage milestone Macks

    Oh, I saw these at Macungie. I also have a video of a old Pete bring off loaded that the MH was hauling.
  11. High mileage milestone Macks

    I once met a guy who had a Superliner with over 4 million miles. Not sure when and how often he overhauled or replaced major components though.
  12. I am planning to visit Australia within the next year during Australian football (AFL) season and was hoping I could coordinate the trip with attending a major Antique truck show. I am also planning to visit the U.K and would also love to visit a similar show. When and where are the major annual antique truck shows in these countries similar to our Macungie and ATHS shows in the U.S?
  13. steel nose r

    The town of Greenburgh NY still has some great running manual shift RM sanders and plows. They also sound great and driver that does my street prefers it over the newer trucks they have. I look forward to hearing them whenever we have snow because I know that its only a matter of time before they are all replaced.
  14. When I worked in Greenwich in the early 2000s, two companies Deluca & Sons and Riccardi Bros had great looking Macks. I am not sure if they are around or still have Macks.
  15. RB

    I wonder if that hood would fit on a RB.