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  1. Push it forward and it flashed the lights on high beam. Pull it back and it flashed the trailer lights if you were running with them on, or cut them off if you were running with them on. They had that switch since at least the 60's and I always thought it was a great idea.
  2. It's still hard to beat the looks of an R model Mack.
  3. I've never seen an R400 with the plus 3 cab, nor did I know they ever built a Scania with a straight 5 speed. Does anyone know the last year for the Scania R400?
  4. If I hired someone sight unseen to do some work and they showed up with that, I'd probably go right off the deep end. Well done!!
  5. You're talking a significant project here, which will take either excellent mechanical/fab skills on your part or a ton of money---and a lot of patience.
  6. Correct. I used to bounce back and forth between a DM and an R and there was always a short adjustment period. All things being equal, I preferred the R but the offset cab had a look all its own...a good look.
  7. And of course gave much more room for the driver than if the cab had been centered. Now the passenger, not so much.
  8. Now that's my idea of a hobby truck. 🙂
  9. I agree with the chain drive for the tarp. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  10. I recall the first time I saw a Mack with an offset cab--it was on a DM-400 concrete block delivery truck (you know, that gutless Scandinavian engine). I thought it looked so modern and cool. My opinion hasn't changed. This one's a beauty.
  11. I believe that's a '67ish single axle dump out of Maine with a 711 and a quad. I've been passed by that truck at least three times.
  12. The Fuller auxiliary is a 2-speed? There are trucks, and then there are TRUCKS. That one easily makes it into the second category. Thanks for posting. 🙂
  13. Nothing sounds better than a straight pipe Maxidyne.
  14. Hah!! My first diesel dump truck was a White 2300 with the triple nickel Cummins with a 5 and 3. Talk about a lot of noise and nothing to show for it. The next one was a brandy new Maxidyne--what a difference!!!
  15. I worked in a union shop for about eight years and there seem to be two problems. (1) The union and management routinely lie to each other so when the chips are down and the company says they're folding (which they've undoubtedly said before) the union doesn't believe them until it's too late. (2) Union reps are like politicians in that once they get their jobs, they like them and want to hold onto them. The best way to do that is to tell the membership what they want to hear, not necessarily what they need to hear which the membership usually is quick to buy into. The union line of "We fi
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