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  1. R model with factory 413. I've never seen one "in the flesh." https://nh.craigslist.org/hvo/d/weare-1969-mack-tow-truck/7378257522.html
  2. OK. The DM and R model Macks I drove in the early to mid 70's were 237 Maxidynes and all had gold bulldogs on the hood and doors. A 285 I drove also had the gold bulldogs. The company also had an older R with a Thermodyne which had chrome dogs. That's my clear recollection from that time, but apparently Mack changed how they did the bulldogs later on.
  3. I believe it was felt that the steel hood was more suitable in vocational usage where things might get dropped on the hood or fenders, resulting in a dent rather than cracked fiberglass.
  4. The RD gavelled at $69,000. I sure hope we can find out where it ended up.
  5. Well well well, I found my lost pics. Let's see if this works... https://postimg.cc/gallery/Y0p89Nj
  6. I drove up to see this today, took a bunch of pics and have apparently deleted them by mistake, grrrrrrr. At any rate, I'm very sure the mileage shown on the odo is original. The clutch pedal rubber shows slight wear but is not new, so that would make it original to the truck. The drive tires are Michelin M+S's, about half worn out, so my guess is that they too are original. There is, however, no sign of any weather cracking. The steer Michelins appear to be newer, again with no weather cracking. I'd attribute this to constant inside storage. I can't explain the paint wear on the shift lever; perhaps one of the assigned drivers had extra long fingernails or something, who knows. Aside from that, the truck looks completely original. It does not have an air ride cab, and the possible bubbling at the bottom of one of the doors isn't there. The red paint is slightly faded on the front of the hood and on the headlight surrounds, that's all. This thing is a rare, original condition beauty. If someone on this forum buys it (you can bid online) I hereby volunteer to drive it to you anywhere in the country at no charge (I have over 4 million safe driving miles).
  7. I'm with you, Paul. I like the short wheelbase, the 5 speed, and the total originality. What a find.
  8. This truck will be auctioned off next weekend at the annual New England Auto Auction in Owl's Head, Maine. Even though I have no intention of bidding, I believe I'll head up there this week just to view this beauty. It has to be about the nicest original R on the planet. https://auction.owlshead.org/listing/1986-mack/?fbclid=IwAR1TzuP5YdVaoDUWbmNj5bqQiWKqzI_3RRCFSHkYhaOtHTZeQm3UKZ6wX9I
  9. Gold bulldog meant it was a Maxidyne, and would also have them on the doors. Your hood may not be original to the truck as it has the larger Mack lettering which began I believe in mid '73 and may explain the chrome dog on the hood, but who knows about the ones on the doors. Nice truck any way you look at it.
  10. "AC is not working." Come on, a B model with no air conditioning? That would count me out. 🙂
  11. Push it forward and it flashed the lights on high beam. Pull it back and it flashed the trailer lights if you were running with them on, or cut them off if you were running with them on. They had that switch since at least the 60's and I always thought it was a great idea.
  12. It's still hard to beat the looks of an R model Mack.
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