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  1. thanks for the pics of the headliner and rear panel I found a new headliner complete but different from what came out my cab being 65 it has no corner vents but a roof vent like R mod cabs uses the same seal so it helps a lot to see how the pieces go together did your source for the glove box liner save the pattern ? I need to find that as well
  2. wow thats fantastic I have been following your project from the beginning and it is amazing to see what incredible things can be done by someone with the courage and tenacity to achieve perfection it is inspiring
  3. The 864 is long gone as well as the original trans I will measure the input shaft on the triplex for length but I still have plenty of time for that I also need to do a little sheet metal work and convert the windshield seal to the older frame type for the L cab will the E-9 power steering pump work as well as the drive gears and compressor
  4. No power steering pump on the engine either just a block off plate I was hoping to use a triplex trtl 722 that came with a b73 I have but not sure what I will have to do there
  5. That sure is a great B755 I have the L cab and its awaiting space in the shop for restoration still gathering missing pieces I found a running 865 maybe 866 but can't get to the numbers just yet to see the air compressor is missing and I also need to figure out power steering mine has a factory shepherd power steering box I was told the air compressor may be different depending on what year and engine number
  6. I had a similar problem with a 350 in a superliner always had to crank it a long time after sitting for a couple of days finally found a tiny crack in the fuel filter head where the fitting for the line to the pump screwed in gravity was allowing the fuel to return to the tank and partially emptying the filter
  7. great score I'm glad you were lucky and proud to share it with the rest of who are still hunting for such things
  8. and if it has the extravagance timing device the procedure for disassembly and assembly is different
  9. difficult question depending on what year your talking about but what I have found in the past was you start with the basic 46000lb suspension and as it goes up you find taller spring packs deeper spring insulator box with bigger pads heavier trunion stand larger driveline with larger u-joints even larger fabricated rear end housings or ductile iron housings also a difference in torque arms
  10. important to check your toe in we always set it at 1/8 of an inch also worn king pins and a worn drag link will cause you this kind of trouble as well as any combination of wear in these as well as tie rod ends
  11. depends on what aux transmission you have most did not increase top speed as much as give you more lower gears for pulling
  12. just found a posting on you tube from 5 months ago Mack END 864 injection pump from jobbers inc. Philadelphia Pa. they have 2 rebuilt pumps that are ready to go a PSM and a PSJ there may be someone there that knows what your trouble is
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