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  1. The end of the cable that goes into the collar on the back of the speedo can become slightly rounded off as well as the inside of the collar letting it slip internally if the cable is not connected it can float in the housing losing contact at the transmission end also best to pull the speedo and check the fit we always did this check with a new cable but not having access to another cable with a fresh end you might pull your inner cable up out of the housing a few inches and check the fit that way
  2. Unfortunately they sent me photos by email but the address is blocked I can return email and sometimes you don't hear anything back from them but they do answer the phone thats the problem people here have had with them
  3. The phone number is good they still sell truck parts if your not in a big hurry they operate 2 other businesses from the same location and the salvage yard maybe does not get as much attention as the others I am planning a trip down there possibly in the next few weeks I will update at that time
  4. If your talking about the air drier you can replace the cartridge on the air drier if that does not do it clean the air line that activates the air drier its a small line that can get choked off with oil and muck from moisture
  5. You will also see this heat checking on a flywheel as long as your diameter and depth spec out you should not have any trouble
  6. Those cracks are heat checks that all drums get its normal wear
  7. 1940,s GMC I have a picture of one nearly identical the three side vents on the hood and the grill are the only difference, one day ill figure out how to get pictures posted
  8. If you can not read the numbers on the old filters post a picture of the fuel filter and oil filters and I should be able to get the numbers from the other trucks we have cummins used a couple different set ups around that time frame
  9. When you say not working the only thing that would keep them from working is your brake adjustment on the slack adjusters but there are more things to look at if they do not release
  10. My DM 800 specs show 1100 square inches for radiator space and if I am not mistaken a B 73 has about 950 square inches of radiator so not a lot of difference
  11. It should be possible I was successful in blocking off the egr on a Detroit 60 series it had a coolant leak internal it was being sucked into the intake and being burned creating a similar problem I did have to buy a modified barometric pressure sensor to make the ecm work
  12. Yes that is a difficult question but the most common would be the DM 600 series there were over a dozen different numbered models steel hood for some fiberglass for others the DM 800 had even more numbered models but all with steel hoods same with the later RD 800 I have seen pictures of R models from Australia that had an optional steel hood also
  13. I grew up on the west coast saw almost every truck you could see from the 60s on up on the roads and highways but never a Brockway only after moving to North Carolina I saw them in the 90s
  14. Great show Thanks for posting all those fantastic pictures
  15. Usually your front tire will tell you if it is wearing oddly with lumps forming on it, jack up that wheel and check it out also check your king pins a loose bearing and worn king pin can cause that noise the heat may be an indicator also but if one brake is slightly tighter than the other that would make a little more heat on one side also
  16. Check the tag on the carrier where you find the ratio you should see a CRD 92 and CRD 93 there are other series of carriers those CRD numbers have to match also the axle spline there is a difference between early and late 17 spline deep v cut and shallow cut input shafts and yoke as well as torque arms may differ there are a few things to match up but is generally doable
  17. thanks for continuing the original post its great to learn more about these things looking forward to the build
  18. thanks for the pics of the headliner and rear panel I found a new headliner complete but different from what came out my cab being 65 it has no corner vents but a roof vent like R mod cabs uses the same seal so it helps a lot to see how the pieces go together did your source for the glove box liner save the pattern ? I need to find that as well
  19. wow thats fantastic I have been following your project from the beginning and it is amazing to see what incredible things can be done by someone with the courage and tenacity to achieve perfection it is inspiring
  20. The 864 is long gone as well as the original trans I will measure the input shaft on the triplex for length but I still have plenty of time for that I also need to do a little sheet metal work and convert the windshield seal to the older frame type for the L cab will the E-9 power steering pump work as well as the drive gears and compressor
  21. No power steering pump on the engine either just a block off plate I was hoping to use a triplex trtl 722 that came with a b73 I have but not sure what I will have to do there
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