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  1. Here in our city there is a place that takes new trucks and makes all wheel drive of them and they have new front axles of most of the time from under KW trucks.I bought a 16000 front for 600dollars and put it under my mack.There may be a place close to you that does same.
  2. You give us almost enough info to help but start with is it left front or rear on truck or trailer.
  3. But you can take the vin nunber and call the dealer.
  4. I would make sure the tach is not off a few hundred rpm.
  5. https://www.stengelbros.net/INDEX.HTML
  6. No i been looking for a cement mixer for the heavy front end and frame for a Bobtale dump with a allison.Or a roll off.
  7. Look for a old cement mixer.I have been thinking about building another bobtale dump from one if i can find one.
  8. There is also a air operated valve to shut off the heater hose but i have seen many in the past that went bad and pressuried the coolant system with air pressure.We had one guy that has yanked the head off looking for a bad head gasket serval times.
  9. There is a electrical solenoid shut off some truck use that could be used with a simple on/off switch to shut the coolant off with.
  10. Sounds to me you have a plunger sticking and if so you can have a engine run away but a worn out governor can do same thing.The pump needs to be rebuilt.Those parts may be hard for them to find.
  11. If its as heavy as the one i used it will add about 600 lbs to your light weight.
  12. The bottom end of a E6 is the weak link
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