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  1. I remember years back in a cumnins class the instructor told us a cup of dust would wear a engine out and I would never blow dirt out of air cleaner elment
  2. I got one from mack about 4 months ago for about 450
  3. Go to their web site.
  4. I have a CH with 10" frame and I have read the adjusting instruction on a AL11.I am still mixed up and the dealer don't know here about it.It has mack axles and it say to measure from bottom of frame down the top of spring support.There is one spring leaf and a taper block under the spring on top of the support bracket.If i set the height to 4 1/4 to the support bracket under the taper block I am almost bottomed out on the bags.It I set the height from the bottom of the spring on top of the taper block to the frame that looks more like it.Can one you techs straighten me out.I have read this many times and my son which is still a truck mechanic can not understand it.
  5. So I started to look for some of old engine manuals and cant find any so I looked in a green motors manual and it shows a 18 stud 5/8 stud which that could be a mistake.I did not see ant thing on 9/16 studs so ignore my statement.I have had many of those engine down but my mind is not the same any more.
  6. 5/8 came along when the block started to have piston coolers and 20 studs.I don't remember the 18 stud ever going to 5/8
  7. before you do any more changing block the signal line to the drier and see if it cures the problem.If the purge vale in the drier is leaking the undloader pressure then the unloader in the compressor will not unload.This is common on a AD4 or 9.Just use vice grips to block the signal line.
  8. The 59 year will use the 18 9/16 bolts.The engine you thinking of Rob with the 3/4 corner bolts was the 711
  9. Rob that's saying woman don't need man anymore.
  10. On one of mine I paid 2100. to my door and 2000 to have Tulsa auto spring install in a dump truck.I think that was ok.This was the one from stengle bros which is a drop in.The mack dealer here sells some ,like it also.
  11. pull the plate off of the side of the pump housing as you turn engine over watch what happens.
  12. A good snapon air hammer is a good tool for pitman arms.I have used them for years.
  13. I use a garmin non trucker style because with a dump truck you would never get to the address with a truckers GPS.
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