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  1. None and you need to use the mack truck wiring harness for the engine and trans.Sorry to bear bad news but its not a easy task.
  2. I have a Vmac same way and one that uses the paper gasket.It even makes the flywheel housing different because of the bolt holes being different size.
  3. On a E7 there is two oil pans of same size.One uses a thick rubber gasket and the other one uses a paper gasket and bolts are different size so they will not interchange.
  4. I think the ports are smaller on the eaton so it may not deliver enough air for a fast shift.I would not try it.
  5. Just remember this friends about all of them and that is God has a plan for them.Our God knows who did what and when.
  6. Same valve setting.
  7. Looks like some one stills want Hillary.
  8. Take it to the scales and weight it/Most truck stops have them.
  9. No not for a 220 he needs a model 20.Get on just old trucks and ask for Aaron i think he had one.
  10. I forgot to say i have seen a few broken and i myself think it may have been air pressure problem.I know each axle design uses differnt pressures but like said that sound to be excess pressure for 7000 lbs.To find out it needs to be put on scales and axled out to find proper air pressure. &0 pls may b good for 13000 lbs.
  11. That is a light axle and if its not watch close this will happen.I think its from hi centering against the stops and also how much air pressure is in the bags.I also think if the axle fails to raise when backing it could help breake it.I would like to have lighter axles but you dont need to be getting off the hiway with these light axles.That looks like a Hendrickson and i am afraid to try to use them that light.
  12. Let me make a comment here and say something about testing air air cooler.I have seen them tested differnt ways and if your not applying 25 or 30 psi to it your going to miss a leak.A good freind of mine that i run with was having low boost and i ask him how he check.He say soap and water with it running 2100.We get it here after work and pressure it up and no more than 10 psi can i get on it and it was the cooler cracked.I ant charging for this info so check it out.
  13. What is happening is the cut off valve is not cutting off in the drier.I had one same way and I could hear it but dont think it was losing that much boost.
  14. If the dryer is over two years old then just exchange it.
  15. I think its pressed in.