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  1. I went to mack and my freind who works in parts give me the parts break down with part nunbers.I was thinking some one had turned something around in one of mine and it helped me out.
  2. Drivers years back was not as big as now.
  3. But as always for one that is jumping out of gear lift the stick up and check for a weak poppet spring on that rail.Maybe you need to replace that spring and try it before you pull trans.
  4. I cant post photos any more
  5. I started working on macks in 65 and there was still alot of these around then.I think they were still built up into the late 60s
  6. If you have a way of hauling it i have a R model for parts you can have free if you can come get it.It is a 1967 year.I am near Tulsa okla
  7. if you need one i have one thats a mack echange with maybe 20000.00 miles on it for 1000.00
  8. I added to my superliner and CH a clutch air assist and have no more hard clutch. Only because i have a bad knee.I tryed to post some photos but give up.
  9. Its not the release fork design.
  10. If you change top plate to manual the range valve will not have a mount to bolt onto the main case.
  11. If it had a turbo then it had the spacer and it was were the turbo oil returned.
  12. The bottom ring is the oil control ring so you be in trouble if you leave it off.
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