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  1. theakerstwo

    Bus/truck accident in NJ.

    I know two companys like that now in dump trucking.The drivers or some of them and all of their trucks is what makes the public look up at us with so much hate.Here we have a well balanced like/hate drivers in four wheels.One may cut you off and the next one will go out of their way to help you.
  2. theakerstwo

    Engine brake solenoid

    It may have been a case of some ones boss tired of hearing a driver playing with jakes.You know it happens some times.
  3. theakerstwo

    checking for boost leaks

    I always turn the engine slow and watch the pressure gauge and when it comes up the highest then stop turning it.
  4. theakerstwo

    2000 rd688 e7 400hp starter silonards help

    Before some one ask you need to tell us what starter model you have.It very well could be that you would be better off replacing the starter.
  5. theakerstwo

    Replacement trunnion stand

    I did one of those to my truck and i gained about 500lbs.
  6. theakerstwo

    guts, glory, ram

    That is a freightliner suspension.Old like in the 60sand 70s
  7. theakerstwo

    E-9 Oil out the breather

    If its got a dynotard brake on it then it could have a oil leak inside the covers.
  8. theakerstwo

    EM7 upgraded inj and turbo

    You do understand that this engine is a maxidyne.If i had a maxidyne i would not want it to be in the 400 hp range.If it was a not a maxidyne then i would use a 400/427 Vmac injector and turbo plus max out the rack on the pump and set timing at spcs for a 400.
  9. theakerstwo


    Thats something i have never seen and maybe because i cant remember being inside of the five speed.
  10. theakerstwo


    I have never seen a two counter shaft macktrans.
  11. theakerstwo

    B Model Dash Panel

    Rob go to the top of the page and you should see a envelope icon.and open it.
  12. theakerstwo

    Well THAT 'splains it!

    You could drill the flywheel housing and tap to 7/16 C/T like the older engine used.
  13. theakerstwo

    Well THAT 'splains it!

    I always use some blue locktite on those bolts.
  14. Ok you knew that but i understood you to say they dont time so my mistake.
  15. theakerstwo

    Mack Drive Housings:

    I see you got it firgured out and also the load housings are the same.

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