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  1. theakerstwo

    ecm tuning

    What year is it?I installed a Blixton 200 moduel on one of mine last week and it runs a lot better.
  2. theakerstwo

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    Remember there was a early and late E6.The later E6 used a Robert Bosch pump like the E6
  3. theakerstwo

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    The early E6 used a AMCO and the last E6 used a Robert Bosch with a adapter
  4. theakerstwo

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    If their both Robert Bosch they can if you install the E7 drive gear on to the E6 pump.Most E6 engines are set to 2100 and not many E7 is more than 1800
  5. theakerstwo

    95 CH613 differential axle problem

    if both axles is turning then the problem is with the rear rear end.Start with pulling the drain plug and with one finger go thru thr drain and feel for chunks of meatal and if non pull axles.
  6. theakerstwo

    How to adjust valves on a mack without markings on flywheel

    On that engine You don't adj the valves at TDC but you will find a another mark for 1&6 mark 2&5 3&4 to use which amounts to 20 degress after TDC.Reason is there is a dylotard cam in it
  7. theakerstwo

    E7 350 misfire at full throttle

    Check your fuel pressure after the filters uner load.
  8. theakerstwo

    CH vin #

    Thanks for the info I may be better off trying to get one of the ecm tuners to up rate it.There is a few in tex. that have websites I can call and ask.
  9. theakerstwo

    CH vin #

    I heed some one to lend me their vin# so I can order a ECU for mine.It needs to be a 97 year with a 427engine and its a VMAC2.And reason for this is I am up grading HP from a 330/350.Piston have been changed and iinjectors plus turbo.Thanks if you can help me.
  10. theakerstwo

    another Jake brake question.

    I have a dnytard and a jakebrake.There is no difference in the way they hold on a hill.I like the dnytard better because with these two its instance working when your using it for gear changes on a hill were the jake is slow to come on.
  11. theakerstwo

    Triplex freshen up....

    I remember them very well.I worked on them in the mid 60s but have not been around them much after that.
  12. theakerstwo

    Changing engines

    You have to stay with that engine unless you want to rebuild the truck to fit another engine.
  13. theakerstwo

    another Jake brake question.

    The noise has a big factor but its all in your head.What good would they be if you could not hear them.I have thought about the telman electric brake but its so heavy and pricey
  14. theakerstwo

    Triplex transmission mount bushings

    If I am not wrong I think cab bushing were too soft.
  15. theakerstwo

    Triplex transmission mount bushings

    That's the way to go.Weldon parts here did have them in not many years back

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