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  1. Eaton Auto Shift

    There is no neutral lock out on the side of the case for locking the range valve for hi/low.
  2. Filter Section

    I did the Mercedes school when i was working and we was told that its was cheaper.I think it was around four dollars back in 05.Fuel filter same way and we was told that they were turned upside down so no one could pour dirty fuel in it.They had to be primed to be filled with fuel.
  3. i think you can do it so go for it.when a guy has utube he can do any thing.i watch a doctor make a woman out of a man and i think i could do that after watching that.
  4. Turbo down

    Some one has done ask but i will ask, why head gaskets?
  5. FA 535/FA 517 aluminum hubs

    i have a front axle from a early F model which looks like it may be a 10000 lb axle to me which is for budd wheels with brakes.Two alummin wheels on it if some one wants and can come get them they can have it Springs to.
  6. clutch brake question

    Set the clutch brake first and check it and then adjust the pressure plate to get a 1 1/2 free play on top.
  7. clutch brake question

    Start over and start with adjusting the clutch brake to one inch and thats done with the linkage.Then set the pressure plate to were you have maybe one and a half of free play.Now you have two inchs of brake and if you have any free play at the top that means your clutch is not getting enough release travel to stop the disc from turning and the clutch brake will only burn up if the clutch is not releasing.The brake is not what releases the disc but will stop the from turning after they are released. Do your self a favor and forget what you now under stand and what your going to heard on the radio and try this.If it dont work you still dont owe any one.
  8. Holy crap ouch

    Plus there would be light coming thru the rear window.
  9. Charlottesville

    I am getting ready to ban all of you guys so thats your last warning.
  10. call these people and ask for james. I have used them for many years but not in the last 15years but if they can be found he would know were.Tell him it is a END673 with 18 head bolts head.
  11. Waterpump? or radiator?

    i hope you reinstalled the stat because it will run hot it no Tstat in it.
  12. Waterpump? or radiator?

    And also what is hot?
  13. School Me On CB Radios.

    The Cobra 29 LTD with a Wilson 2000 antenna is a good enough radio for any ones needs and it can be taken to a radio shop and be tweeted some.
  14. max hp

    A DT was a good engine for just what it was built for and if you start jacking with it your going to have to be careful about over fueling it.Its a small cube engine and the fuel pump can put out more than is safe if you start setting it up/
  15. 7100 p pump stock plate

    A fuel shop should be able to get that for you.