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  1. No i dont need any parts but what do you have and what year ?I have some freinds with dump trucks running superliners.
  2. 1500.00 and it will have all parts to go on your and i am in Tulsa okla.
  3. If you found a valve retainer then the Wush wush sound you hear is a valve dropped or burnt so i would pull exhaust manifold off of heads and plug the oil supply line and start it and see what you hear.Then decide were your going to take it for a rebuild.
  4. If you afraid some one is going to lie to you then pull the drain plug and take a look at what comes out other than oil.
  5. What color you want? I have a flat top white in color and i have never checked to see how long but i think 48 inche.I am going to put a day cab kit on it so all unframe will go with it.
  6. The oil filter is 236GB311A
  7. My son when he was young put his dog food in a trash barrel in a shed near the dog pen. There was a coon getting into the barrel at night so i told him to use 110. That worked great for maybe a week till he for got one evening to disconnect the 110.I heard him squeal.
  8. Soapy water is good but if you will go to a store who sells propane or supplys and buy some propane detector and put in your spray bottle you will be happy with the way it bubbles forever when it finds a leak.I used it years back when i worked on propane powered trucks and you dont have to spay very much on and hors later its still bubbling.
  9. Back when the NH335 was running in many trucks, I know of 237 engines that would leave here with the Cummins and be on location next day same time. From the amount of trucking I have done, I found that in a six hour run, 50 more HP doesn't get you there any sooner if you're running the speed limit. Many guys that try to run a Maxidyne think they have to shift at 1700 when not knowing that is were the Maxidyne is pulling good.
  10. No it dont plug in at the pump.Look under the dash on the left side for the data plug.I to like the pro link.I have one with all of the card or cartridges that i need.Most i found on ebay at half price.One even had the dealerships name on it.
  11. My mechanical E7 that i run has 427 vmac pistons injectors and turbo in it and the injection pump maxed out on the rack and have no problems.
  12. The rust may clean up but the brgs will not make it and if you run it and let the brgs go down the the gears will be toast.
  13. Its 100.00 fine in ok but i never hear of anyone getting finned.The problem is its hard for a law officer to go thru your phone toseeif you was on the phone unless he has a reason to do so.I think there should be a way of turnning the phone off if the truck is moving. I to think the trailer brakes was not working like need be.I run a dump and see alot of trucks which is not fit to be on the road but DOT just dont do that much about them here.
  14. If i had that and liked it i would tear it down and sand blast the gears and shaft then replace the brgs.