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  1. Thats for when the flywheel has been ground out of limits
  2. I was working for the Tulsa mack dealer in 65 and it may have been 66 when the first twin turbo 864 came there new in a R700.It was there almost one year before a local purchased it.The owner of the dealer Perry Harper told us it was the first one from the factory sold west of the Miss, river.
  3. I dont know what trans you have but if its a mack trans it may have a front seal and you can burn it with a torch
  4. There is a good chance that it does not have a thermostat housing.Some of them did not.
  5. Check with this. https://www.jbugs.com/product/PTD186604.html?utm_content=shopping&msclkid=628d7c78a98910a1e6b223fbd0befaa4&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Electronic Ignition Components - Bing Shopping&utm_term=4584757331941482
  6. Hello Rob we have been missing you.
  7. I used a stick from a CH613 and it has the rubber drive in it.
  8. The Forum is up and running now.
  9. The X means OD but that was in the later trans with the X bar in the top cover.In the RTO 910 or 9510 you will not find a X bar top cover.
  10. The side will fold down and the pipe is loaded or unloaded thru the side and the fold down sides serve as a ramp.
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