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  1. pull the pan and put pressure on coolant
  2. I and many mechanics have did it for years.Two ways to do it and one is to use a jack and jack up the weight of the crank but i always remove front and rear main cap and double up some paper and put on the lower brg and then tighten up the main cap.I was in involved in a deal just like this one but it was a 8.3 cummins in a bus.The mechanic that did the over haul put standard main brgs on a .010 010 crank and got the right rod brgs in but std mains in it.Same deal it had low oil pressure.The lead man at a truck dealer made the call to pull engine and send crank out for more measurements.I was asked that evening for my 2 cents worth.I showed him how to plastic gauge the crank and found the mains were standard after checking it.Come to find out he had check the new rod brgs for size but did not check mains.Some one there sure did like me for a few days.
  3. If you do cam brgs then get the acc drive bushings also.Did you plastic gauge the mains also?Reason i ask is most people grind the mains when the rod throws are done.
  4. If you pull the pan again then plastic gauge the brgs
  5. I put a chain under the pan up to both frame rails ever time some of us pull a trans for safety.I have did this for years and will do this in about two weeks on the one i drive.I also put a jack under flywheel housing and if pan comes off then you have alot of things to use.
  6. Only thing i dont like about dayton is the drums on mine cost about 1400.00 for 4 of them.They last about 3years and they were webb brand.I had to waite about 2 weeks for webb to build some.
  7. If you found budd hubs that would work on that axle it would be inter board hubs.
  8. If i had to change engines i would go with a E7 and nothen wrong with a mack 350.Its that small number on the horsepower rating that gets some people thinking.
  9. i have a trunion like that and can i use 44 springs on that trunion shaft?
  10. I have one in the shop and will try to check it in the morning
  11. Now that i think about it what i did is i used E7 injector lines with the E7engine and they will work with a E6 pump.On my bobtail i have a E6 pump on it and the E7 pump is for a spare.And it has been on the engine at one time.
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