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  1. What ever pump you use make sure the gear teeth count is same as old pump
  2. I have seen the steer axle applied by the trailer hand valve connected inline by a two way check valve which is easy to find.This way your steer axle brakes can be applied normal or by hand. A double shuttle check valve would be the correct term for the valve
  3. I dont think i need that shot after all.
  4. Just like Mike stated.I was sent one night down at the edge of Ark. to pull a rad from a B61 all by my self.And i did.It was the one that you unbolt the head light panel from the fender to get the shell off.The problem with this is it was one of five trucks Texaco oil owned but it was older than the others.When i got the rad out it looked as some said been in a wreck.The service manager had not seen one of these and being a young guy he takes it out on me for tearing the front up.He say he didnt want me to be the one who puts it back in.I tell him good cause I hurt my back taken it out He came
  5. On top of that our dealer and dont blame them uses alot of after market parts.In most cases you have to ask for what brand you want.
  6. Here a mack cyl kit for a gray engine from mack is almost 800.00 each.I paid 365.00 from PAI.brgs are much cheaper from PAI also.
  7. Also look at the check valve or over flow valve or pressure regulator or what ever its called now and if its the one with a spring pull and make sure spring is not broken.This is the one on the fuel return on the side of the pump.Remember some of them has no spring and plunger but is a fixed orfice
  8. My truck about 10 years ago was losing power and time i got it home it was ready to die so i put the pressure gauge on the fuel and had non.I found a big bug that came up the draw pipe and hose from tank and was hung up in the inlet fitting on the primary filter.
  9. Call manders diesel also some one on here posted back some time ago that could or had hub converstion and stated he had many spoke hubs.
  10. If the injectors was fed oil from the cam brg then that could be the problem but the injectors are getting their oil from a line that goes in the top of the rocker box. and if that was losing that much pressure them at idle the stc would not be advancing the timing because it depends on that supply from the out side line.Could be a bad cam brg but if its spun the brg most of the time the paint will be burnt on the outside of the block next to the cam brg.I am no expert but did put in 39 years working trucks.
  11. You need to back them off and retighten to gain any thing if any.Per macks old repair procedure.
  12. Also if the fan is running at idle it cools the engine in two ways.One is it cools the coolant and another way is it blowing cold air across the outside of the engine.
  13. And also retorquing the head bolts sure will not hurt anything but i do not.The engine i am running i did not but did rerun the valves.The old engines i started out working on has a fiber head gasket so a retorque after a week was needed.But the newer engines like a e6 or e7 has a metal fire ring holding compression only.Same way as a cat or cummins.But as i said it will not hurt anything.On the old end 673 we would back off each bolt one at a time and retorqued and you would see there was the nut would advance some before the torque value was reached.I have never seen that with a fire ring.
  14. And remember it could have a leak some were but all engines i ever overhaul i told them same than
  15. If it dont throw a check engine light on i would run it
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