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Community Answers

  1. Pull the small plate off of the bottom of the flywheel housing.
  2. Here some of the truck parts supply stores can buy from PAI.I have weldon supply to order parts from them.
  3. That is what this site if all about to learn.I know i have learned alot that i did not know or forgot.
  4. There is nothing wrong with PAI parts.
  5. And take note to the timing mark on the pitman arm to the shaft.
  6. You sound like the guy that calls me ever week wanting to load me some money.
  7. Years ago i had a machine shop build a flywheel for me for some old engine and was simple for him to build.
  8. Yes they are matched and you may find some that say they have did it.
  9. That is called outer cam.I all ways pulled the pinion and housing and removed the big nut on the end of the pinion and then pressed the shaft out of the cam and changed to the other cam.You can not change the pinion with out using the ring gear it is mated to.
  10. A friend of mine told me he had a pair boots made out of that and he could dance all night in them and it never wears out.
  11. That liner protruction needs checked with liner clamped down in case no one knows.
  12. I saw that one time with a cat.When who ever found it some one had at the paint shop let a hand full of paper get into one port like that.I think the paint shop had maybe some of the engine apart.
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