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  1. Make sure all tires are same size and that one is not worn dowm more than others.Mis match tires will make the power divider pop.
  2. Chuck removal

    15/16 and there is two bolts in there.
  3. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    OD was on facebook 2 hours ago so he is still not in jail
  4. E6 mack fuel pump.

    Still for sale
  5. Typical Shop Work

    Have you ever pulled the liners on a 14L?A special pullers is required because piston and rod will not come out of the top of liner so it all has to be pulled at same time.These are a good engine if its not a egr valve engine.
  6. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Do you think it could have been the troll?
  7. Hood Stop

    Call the parts department at mack.
  8. e300 surging at low rpm

    many times cab mounts can cause a tricky throttle at low speeds but if all other things stated here has been checked then its time to pull the pump.I have replaced the linkage with a cable pull and helped some.
  9. Excessive Blue Smoke

    I have a ideal but you need to do some checking.Valve seals or guides.Bad rings can do same thing.
  10. If you pull injectors forget blowing air thru them and send them in and have them tested or rebuilt.
  11. Do as fjh is saying and also i think your over matched trying to work on something you ant understanding.
  12. New EM6 engine

    Call mack but i think you can.
  13. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    People will pay more for forward axle than a set back.
  14. If the puff limiter is connected then bleed all of the air down.
  15. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    Some one has changed the seat with one thats got many more miles that that on it.I have one just like that and seat is like new and its got 523000 miles on it.You can read the ecm for mileage and hours.