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  1. 60 series had pistons to debond also.
  2. Cummins did the same thing and it was all steel.The piston was no almost as tall as it was wide.
  3. Aluminum skirt for less scuffing and steel crown or top for more heat and cracking resisiting
  4. Here is the way to find the leak.Wash it and get the oil off of the back of it.Run engine till its hot as you can get it and at about 1500 rpm hold your hand over th bottom of the blow/by tube and build some crank case pressure.Dont hold your hand over the tube too long but long enough to build some pressure.get under it with a good light and look for the leak.Wash it down again with brake clean and blow it dry and look some more till you find were its coming from.If it the flywheel housing to block leaking then you will see it from the out side.If its the pan gasket then you can see it from t
  5. I at one time had a oil tank that i could put pressure to and watch.I dont think you will find it with air.The flywheel housing is a wet housing and if the plug was leaking it would be inside but in front of the rear seal.I did not think you had the engine out so that will not be your problem.The main brg clearance of .001 dont sound right because it should have more.Also there is three different shape gaskets for different engines for the oil filter housing mounting pad on the side of the block.Have you had this off?
  6. The rear oil galley plug in the block under the flywheel housing has not been taken out and forgot about has it?
  7. Are you sure that there is no diesel fuel in the oil?
  8. If its got a turbo installed i would leave them off.
  9. I have mechanic engine that i just rebuilt i would like to put in but i would miss the cruze and engine protection if i did that.
  10. I set mine to all speed and i have not found any difference yet.I may have to set it back and watch for any difference a few times but the response has not changed to me.I do know it started faster this morning.
  11. I went to the shop and found that mine and connected it up and i found the info in governor information.Mine was set at min/max and i set it to all speed not know what that means.I know what other engines means when you set it to VSG.I will know if this helps any in the response.
  12. I have a pro link and the VMAC 11 card but i can not remember seeing that but will go and connect it up sun eveing and let you know.
  13. Tuning & Modules | Diesel Injectors | Turbos | Nozzle Honing (rochesterdiesel.com) I am using one and it has more response
  14. Back maybe 30 years ago i got some ear phones from radio shack that had a small mic on a cord about 5 ft long.It was good for finding air leaks behind the dash cause you could put the mic up in the dash and search for the loud hissing sound of air.I have never seen one of them after that.
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