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  1. Mack had a chart for what gears to use for which ratios.I dont have one but some one on here had one.
  2. yes it is
  3. Start all over and let some one else tell you how because i just read a book on adjusting clutches and cant explain it very well.But remember to set your brake first with the lever adjustment.
  4. The adjusting bolt with the square head needs back off to let the pedal down.You need about 1/2 to 1" of brake.Some times you do have to remove the lever and index it in another spline.But if you get the brake set to 1/2" then set the pressure plate to were you have 1/2" clearance between the clutch brake disc and the trans brg retainer.If the linkage has not been messed with you should end up with a 1 1/2 free play at the top.
  5. First adjust the brake and that is by the linkage on the out side lever.
  6. I see you have passed on the torch deal.But for any one who uses a torch on a mack trans listen up.i have did it but first wash the grease out of the opening.adjust the throw out brg forward as much as you can and then go to the lowes store and buy a wood stove door seal which looks like a rope and wrap around the input shaft and push it against the trans.On a mack trans there is a grease seal on the front of the input shaft and a torch will burn it then you will pull the trans.
  7. Do not use heat like your going to hear.A air hammer will help.Also i cant remenber pulling one on a B model but a big sledge hammer on the bottomside agains the lever while some one wacks it with another hammer on the top side if the fender will allow.
  8. The column stays on the box and as for as i know it cant be removed but pull steer wheel and then in the floor ifi remember there is a panel you remove to give it room it go down and slide forward on the ground and under the axle.
  9. I alway like the C model and wished i had one instead of the B i still have.When i started working it was for the mack dealer and the C was still in production.There was one here that came in that had a end 864 in it.
  10. I will say for you guys who cant or dont work on your own truck that you are screwed if you have a new truck or a old truck.I am talking about a truck that holds down a full time job ever day 5 or 6 days a week.Any of them need a ever day look over and if you keep it up so it will pass a dot inspection you will need a good paying job.Freightliner and KW here charge 145.00 per hour for labor and with a old trucks many of the guys working on them are not that old.If you know and can work on your truck like i and others then its not so bad.What happens so many times is you get in to a old truck cheap and by the time you get it road worthy it too late to bale out and then you keep spending money on it till you or it gives up.I know i have one that i run and its the same way.But it hauls same weight ever day as the new ones.It just not down ever other week at the dealer for a no gen problem.
  11. One thing she has said is true and that is the 9513 is too small for the mack engine unless your going to make a toy truck of it.
  12. Duct tape has its place some times.
  13. Thats called self employment.Not ever one can have a goverment job.I wished we all did.
  14. With that shaft the trans will be a RT913 or a RT9513 or a RTO9513 and the shaft comes if still available in a S1150 kit.This uses the small out put seal/
  15. Will it run on starting fluid?