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  1. END673c engine

    Terry i cant remember what they called it but it had 18 head bolts instead of 20 and it was with out piston coolers.
  2. END673c engine

    Iam forgetting bad but i think the first END with a turbo was a 205 hp and i know it did not have piston coolers and i was thinking its wrist pin was the small pin.I was working at mack when the ENDT673B and C came out and it did have the large wrist pin and piston coolers and was same block as the maxidyne that came along next year.It had differnt injection pump and the fire ring in the head gasket.
  3. END673c engine

    The ENDT673c was a 250hp but he is saying END so i dont know about thm but i can remember the END some had a oil cooler and full flow oil filter and the ones before that did not have that.
  4. Happy Birthday Rick Harper

    happy birthday rick
  5. Superliner Repower

    It sure is easy to replace with a Mechanical E 7 and if engine is done right they will work along beside of a 425 cat and last many miles with good fuel mileage with less weight.I have built two of them from a 300.Using a 400/427 cylinder kits injectors and turbo with pump maxed and timing set two degrees faster.
  6. Trans

    He wants to know what model trans.
  7. ISX Head cracks

    Timing is what i would say cracked the head after a tune of the ecm.Just talking to my self i think some of the tunes is ending up messing with the timing too much.Also the engines was timed slower back in 05 trying to mean eps standards and when the time slower the flame is later in the cylinger and may be flaming when it leaves the head.I am running a 1995 E7 in a bobtale and it has a thicker exhaust valve for the slower timing.Asfor as the isx i did not get into it that much before i retired and we sent most of the isx to the cummins dealer on count of cummins did not play well on warranty.
  8. Merry Christmas All:

    Merry Christmas Rob
  9. superliner 11 a/c wiring diagram

    Never mind guys i just found the info i needed.
  10. I am in need for a a/c heater box wiring diagram for a 89 superliner 2. I have check for it in wiki and have not found it.
  11. 2013 Estonia fuller gear problems

    Check to see if cab is not interfering with the stick.
  12. Superliner

    Its easy to talk about 550 and 600 HP at the wheels with any engine but how many guys have checked it.I know guys that can tell you what you want to hear and dont cost nothing.
  13. R model running warm but idles normal

    That is normal.
  14. EM7 300 E-tech Boost pressure

    Watch your pressure gauge and turn engine slow till you get max pressure .You can find a place were enough valves wether intake or exhaust will be closed to build pressure on all cyl.
  15. R model running warm but idles normal

    Your thermostat should have had a bleeder or vent that goes to the top for venting air in the water manifold.Check that