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  1. Now that i think about it what i did is i used E7 injector lines with the E7engine and they will work with a E6 pump.On my bobtail i have a E6 pump on it and the E7 pump is for a spare.And it has been on the engine at one time.
  2. If it is a robert Bosch pump then a E6 will work.
  3. I did one that way and run it for about 5 years and its retired now.
  4. What year and is it a VMAC.If its a VMAC you need the injection pump and injector lines.If its ETEC then no.
  5. If you use the 9513 behind a 3126 i would use a rear mount on the rear of the trans.I have seen some of the 3126 with leaking fylwheel housing to block and some with a cracked housing at the top.The trans is going to have some noise in it at idle unless you set the idle up on it.
  6. Those trucks were still in production when i started to work at a mack dealer.So they are dear to me.
  7. Yes i have hear of those people that dont make mistakes but never have been able to run into some of them.But i be still watching for one.
  8. Terry that number has been superseded to 3054088 but the 3018840 was used in CPL 217 and 227 which is a power torque 270 and a NT 290.That is a small cam
  9. And why the American people cant see thru this is over my head.Her and some more has taken the Dem party way out there and is willing to destroy the country over hate.
  10. I would advice you to take it to the mack dealer.
  11. The seals in the range cylinder is what you need to replace.
  12. The duplex will be a single disc clutch but the triplex could be double disc which uses a different flywheel housing.The housings will interchange but engine mounts need moved.The triplex may be single disc but when you look at the housings you will see the difference.
  13. Sounds like the cylinder o/rings are leaking past the piston on the range piston and exhausting back thru the range valve.
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