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  1. Terry that number has been superseded to 3054088 but the 3018840 was used in CPL 217 and 227 which is a power torque 270 and a NT 290.That is a small cam
  2. And why the American people cant see thru this is over my head.Her and some more has taken the Dem party way out there and is willing to destroy the country over hate.
  3. I would advice you to take it to the mack dealer.
  4. The seals in the range cylinder is what you need to replace.
  5. The duplex will be a single disc clutch but the triplex could be double disc which uses a different flywheel housing.The housings will interchange but engine mounts need moved.The triplex may be single disc but when you look at the housings you will see the difference.
  6. Sounds like the cylinder o/rings are leaking past the piston on the range piston and exhausting back thru the range valve.
  7. Me not know what i say some times cause i said 3/4 and should said 5/8.
  8. Look on the machine surface around the bolt holes on the inside of the drums.If you pull one measure it out and i have a old one from my truck which is a 44000.I have the webb numbers for it and i can compare the measurements with mine.My hubs use the 3/4 axle bolts so the hub number maybe different than yours.
  9. I think our store were i buy brake parts measure ever thing and go to a webb chart.The last drums i replace for my dayton hubs were around 1400 dollars for four and they had to be built at webb.
  10. I have seen that used back in the mid 60s but rings are built with better materials now.The 864 mack engine is one that needed some help if it was not working hard or it would burn oil.
  11. I saw alot R models in the late 60s with the 1674 engine in it.Roadway was one carrier used it.
  12. This brings back some things i have forgot also.I was glad to see the 3406 replace this engine.Its same bore and stroke.
  13. Dab a small amount of slicone at the cover to block joint and same at the rear.
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