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  1. Hey Dajain, let me have the V8 and fit a E7 400 with a manual gearbox . . . Driveline problem solved 😝
  2. Steve L

    China Bombs:

    Yes Rob, mismatching tyre circumference is the quickest way to cause tyre delamination and failure.
  3. I used to pull around 100 tons (don’t know what that is lbs) with a 237 F model 6 speed with 4.17s and never had a problem. So I’m sure it would do it easy Bliue
  4. Hi guys I’m looking for a rear mount pto for a 12 speed TRTXL1070 gearbox. Hopefully someone has one laying around.
  5. Never know who takes over who these days eh mate
  6. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Freightliner under the Mercedes or Daimler umbrella
  7. Yep mine goes near a week too Rob. Until recently I worked in very remote parts of Australia most of my life and the N95 always seemed to pick up a signal better than most smart phones I was with. Don’t know if it was the Nokia, the phones of the era or I just got lucky, but one things for sure - I don’t think the new phones are smarter.
  8. I noticed on the trucking TV show HHA had tall sticks in 1 or 2 of his trucks ( not that he’s a show off or anything haha! ) The show where I go and take a dump while on. talking about old school, my 16+ yo Nokia slide phone fell in a bucket of strong truck wash. . . Kaput! . . Tried a couple of new fangled models 😬 who the hell wants flashing lights, stupid jingley ring tones and run between charging stations, I just wanna make calls. So set about finding another N95, as luck had it a phone store found a new old stock one 😁🤗
  9. BTW, I have a 1981 200 ton Superliner (which I’m just starting to restore) its all original and all Mack except for the second spicer gearbox. I have it’s build sheet and a picture of delivery when new and it came out with different air cleaners which are still on the truck. I’m often told these cleaners meant a Cat or Cummins engine, but not so. I wonder when the Mack air cleaners were introduced, maybe after 1981.
  10. Your prolly right Paul, I only ever purchased Mack and ALL Mack. If I wanted a bitsa truck I would have gone KW. sadly Mack have gone that way too.
  11. That’s right Swishy, also you can apply the brakes gently if the foot or hand piece malfunctions. My CH has a push pull button so it’s on or off only, they have definitely gone backwards.
  12. That’s them Rob. Here the Donaldson ones are predominantly plastic, cost around $150. The 6” chrome or stainless pipe can be picked up anywhere, the 3 leg support bracket is hugely expensive, there’s a guy in Toowoomba making stainless ones. And last but not least is the friggin air cleaner they’re like hens teef to find. There’s one side for sale here on gumtree and the joker wants $2.500 for it. ( I think he’s playing with something ) Mack’s haven’t supplied these for years. You don’t see many on American Mack’s I guess they’re not popular there. I’m referring to the air cleaners with the row of black plastic bolts around the top, all Mack’s were fitted them here in OZ. . . . . anyway I’m off to the dunny.
  13. Unfortunately autocardc I don’t think Volvo have the capability or the interest in producing monster trucks like Mack’s used to.
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