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  1. Definitely the roller skates, I wanna pair
  2. The steering wheels on the wrong side 😜
  3. Interesting how the eBay winning bidder has zero transactions. . . . . . . It’s a set up me thinks. one wonders how many online auctions in general have bogus bidders trying to run up the final bid price for the seller.
  4. Hi oldfart from another oldfart. I too am a nut as I have 40 yo Superliner which I use for shopping and driving around, soon when painted hot rod shows. Interesting when I need to park across numerous car parks as it’s over 9 meters long. Enjoy your R model it’s a piece of history which NO other truck manufacturer worldwide has never and will never match.
  5. Looking for info on a EN7 350 engine. I have seen E7s and EA7s but never a EN7. I have a chance to buy one and the guy claims it’s mechanical. Just not sure what the N represents, low or high torque or compression maybe, I know it’s 350hp - hopefully high torque. Any info to identify would be much appreciated as I can’t find anything on the internet.
  6. Ok thanks Onyx, I can’t reply in Venezuelan but here goes. answer is - I’m sure a mechanical E7 won’t run dash instruments. Plus your Granite has an electronic throttle, E7 uses a linkage or cable throttle. You will have to change the injector pump. I’m doing the reverse now, putting a 454 electronic in a 88 R model and I need to change the injection pump. hang on I don’t think a 2007 model Mack uses a injector pump.
  7. What engines have ceramic lifters, sounds like they could be problematic if not adjusted correctly. I have just purchased a EA7 454, to go in a R model and a guy mentioned that 365, 427 and 454 had different cams than the original 400. I know E6, E9s and all earlier engines inside out but the E7 is new to me.
  8. Mmmmmmmm, I think you should write in English
  9. If you don’t move the engine while the pump is off it will go back on and the timing stays the same. You will see the adapter which prolly will fall out, the adapter has 4 square notches and one small dowel pin. This pin coincides with drilled holes in the pump and drive gear, can’t go back wrong. BTW, nice looking engine.
  10. That’s interesting glenn, I’m going to have a look at an ex fedex engine i imported a couple of years ago, it is fitted with a RB pump, maybe it has ambac bolt holes plugged. Another thing I noticed with this engine, it has a very strange engine number. See what happens when I take it in for rego.
  11. Sounds like the water valve that’s usually mounted on the firewall is stuck or seized.
  12. I purchased a new 350 Valueliner in early 87 and that had an ambac pump. I believe the Robert Bosch uses a 4 bolt mount and Ambac has 3. To change pumps you need to redrill the block if not already done by Mack’s, my fading brain doesn’t know. Remember the RB pump sits further forward on the engine so injector pipes also need replacing. I’m doing that now on my lads truck, converting a 454 EA7 computer engine to mechanical, the tacho drive might be the challenging part.
  13. I have experienced this last week, a mate of mine removed the oil cooler on his E6 to replace leaky water gaskets, assembled everything including new filters and after starting the oil pressure took ages to make 30psi ( it usually makes 70 immediately ) so he called me, I told him not to run anymore until he fitted an aux gauge on the crank pressure, 30 psi at the crank so 30 is constant throughout the engine. So reworked everything he done and the last resort before removing the sump was to change the filters again. Removing the filters found then half empty even though he filled them before assembly, so we fitted new filters and the oil pressure was back to normal. In 50 years of servicing and repairing Mack’s I have never seen this. Not sure what make the filters were but were non genuine, they only had part numbers on them so I guess could have been fuel filters.
  14. True terry, my understanding is all Mack’s had shutters until the 4 valve was introduced when the intercooler was mounted in front of the radiator. I’m sure the thermostatically controlled fan hub saved fuel. I remember my 237 F model belts would screech when the shutters closed if belts weren’t tight enough. Imagine how much the load increased on the fan at 2100 revs, I noticed the later cool power still had shutters but also had 3 belts.
  15. I think yool find the shutterstat hard to find now Paul. I used to love driving through the night listening to the shutters opening and closing, brings back old memories. Remember the ole B model 711 engine rattling and knocking while idling ( that truck prolly done my hearing in ) not like my E7 now which sounds like a motor car engine and doesn’t wake the neighbours at 6 in the morning grrrrrrrr haha! Trucks are no fun anymore. Then again I could fit an air starter and remove the muffler, I’ll be at home again and won’t feel like a steering wheel attendant. Gimmee a R or B model any day.
  16. The clutch fan is to help control water temp, usually on later models, whereas the fixed fan doesn’t so it has shutters to control the water temperature, both types still require a thermostat. Personally I prefer shutters, they give an audible note of how the temps are going. The offset blades do reduce noise even at 1250 revs.
  17. Wish it was that cheap here in OZ. We have just past $1.40 a litre.
  18. You can do something about cab corrosion which I had to do recently. I have a 1981 very rare 200 ton E9 Superliner which I am presently restoring. Mack didn’t galvanise the R cab until about 1984 here in OZ ( I believe the F cab was never galvanised) even though my Superliner had a recent facelift before I purchased it rust is starting to show through again. Solution, swap the cabin for a galv cab. Problem for me here is, R model cabs are like hens teeth to find and when you find one they want an arm and leg for it. Replacement cabins should be plentiful in the USA. Anyway cab corrosion sorted.
  19. Don’t forget to disconnect the original existing cables where they enter the rocker covers when you try this.
  20. If it has circuit breakers maybe a short in the cabling is causing the breaker to pop then reset. I have known breakers to do that every couple of seconds. Try running a direct power supply from a remote switch inside the truck and go for a drive.
  21. Steve L


    It’s a 672ci . . sometimes called a 673 or 675. Horsepower can be from 237 to 350. 1982 most likely 300+ hp . We need more info. Look for the engine number stamped on the block ahead of the injection pump.
  22. Hey Dajain, let me have the V8 and fit a E7 400 with a manual gearbox . . . Driveline problem solved 😝
  23. Steve L

    China Bombs:

    Yes Rob, mismatching tyre circumference is the quickest way to cause tyre delamination and failure.
  24. I used to pull around 100 tons (don’t know what that is lbs) with a 237 F model 6 speed with 4.17s and never had a problem. So I’m sure it would do it easy Bliue
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