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  1. Where is PAI located . . . I found the kits selling on eBay, might try that. Just not sure how safe buying from overseas on eBay
  2. It sounds like there are still old style lifters about. We had the new ones here in OZ some 30 years ago, so I would have guessed near all would have been replaced by now . I need a PAI E6 rebuild kit and rod bolts. Do PAI sell directly? If not who’s the best to buy from in USA Here Ovlov quoted me over 6000 + tax without rod bolts, they make the kit up with individual parts, no more all in one box. The last kit I purchased was over 10 years ago, it was packed in Mack packaging but was branded made in India, still going strong though.
  3. Yes that is the exhaust port, time for new ‘0’ rings in the gearbox air shift cylinders Scott.
  4. It will be worth a bit if it has a rear mount pto which I have been looking for awhile now
  5. Ole windy, how did your upgrade go
  6. Bugga I’m in Australia so phone is out. . thanks mate
  7. I’ve never heard of a 44 Mack axle breaking either and I have been around road trains and heavy haulage all my life. As for the bud wheels “leave them in the show room” gimmee 6 spoke spiders any day
  8. Thanks guys, I acquired a 13 speed and will convert it now. Just gotta get the E7 400 mechanical fired up as it’s not got much on our E6 350s
  9. Just wondering if a Mack 13 speed can be converted to 18, both gearboxes look the same. Im told some eatons can be changed ( 13 - 18 ) by removing a pin, I have never done this and maybe I’m wrong, hopefully Mack’s will be this easy
  10. Does it have a rear mount pto
  11. Bump! . . . . Still looking for a second rear mount pto, does anyone know of or have one steve
  12. Maybe the gear knob got a lot of polishing haha! But really it is a beautiful truck that I would love and be proud to own. Regards the gold/silver ornaments, I had a 72. 237 6 speed maxidyne (all Mack) gold emblem, then a 81. 320 12 speed coolpower (all Mack) the last new Mack I purchased was a 87 maxidyne 300 12 speed (all Mack) that had silver emblems. So Mack’s we’re not consistent with the emblems. I was in Mack’s workshop 67-72 and back then all thermodynes were silver emblems and maxidynes were gold, that obviously went haywire.
  13. There’s a lot of wear on the gear stick for such low miles
  14. No worries mate no hurry, just thought u may not have received my email
  15. I’m fairly sure Tylden in Vic have those plastic trim washers as I purchased some 2 years ago. They also have those plastic nuts that run around the top of the air cleaner (very hard to get) Being new they should last another 30 years.
  16. Thanks could you send me a few pictures, I’ll pm you my email
  17. Sounds like Renault had too many chiefs at the time. I’m sure if Mack’s had the reins back then one wouldn’t see so many different HPs, they would have concentrated more on reliability and performance. Not saying the E7 is unreliable in the least
  18. I thought Volvo dropped the conventional cab awhile back, maybe it’s just don’t see them here.
  19. Steve L


    I have sent numerous emails to wreckers in the states, most have been unanswered some that advertised them say sold. I placed an add here requesting one but no replies as yet. I guess they are getting obsolete now. The good news is Paul I found one in QLD, this guy was interested in a couple of ally tanks I have for sale, when I mentioned I was looking for a rear mount pto he had one. I swapped the tanks for it. Sent the 3 bolt cover plate yesterday so he can remove it. Ya’know sometimes a treasure is found on your own doorstep. I’m still looking for second one so I can remove the RR and put the 12 speed back in,(another truck) It had been in there near 35 years and has never been touched except for replacing the the 2 small main shaft spigot bearings awhile back. Nothing wrong with the RRs but they will never be a 12 speed. When the QLD pto comes down I can get the part number and order another from my esteemed dealer . . . NOT, haha
  20. Steve L


    Another scenario could be . . . . They getting rare and no one wants to part with them, but keep looking mate one will turn up. Wish I could say the same for a rear mount pto 😫 steve
  21. True, recently I needed a couple of fuel tank cap gaskets ( you know the ones that are made of cork ) I requested 2 tank cap gaskets for the large brass caps. He toddled of to his computer with my vin and started tapping away, after quite awhile he returned asking me ‘ what does a tank cap gasket do ‘ doh I nearly fell over. What hope do we have. Haha!
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