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  1. gio400

    Mack e7 350 vs ami 335

    Which will perform better between the e7 350 vs ami 335
  2. gio400

    Mack dm vs granite

    What are the advantages and disadvantages between a mack dm vs granite. Im looking to purchase 2005 dm dump truck or a 2004 granite cv713. Which is better and why???
  3. gio400

    Mack tm308m transmission

    Thanx alot
  4. What are the gear ratio for the mack tm308m transmission
  5. gio400

    Mack tm308m transmission

    Thanx, but what are the reverse gears the info only give the forward gears
  6. gio400

    Mack tm308m transmission

    Purchasing a mack truck with a tm308m transmission. What are the gear ratios?
  7. do you know what company sell the parts, how much you call alot of money?
  8. good day i want to make my mack rd single axle 4x4, what all do i need and where can i find the parts
  9. want to change airbag suspension to camelback suspension. do anyone have any good references in persons that can do this job?
  10. what is the transmission ratio of the mack t2090?
  11. gio400

    mack t300

    can a t300 transmission work with a machanical engine??
  12. gio400

    em7 300 vs e7 300

    ok whats the max hp the 300m can be tuned too without major internal work and can i get it to rev from 1750 to 2100?

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