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  1. I have a 2001 mack rd688 with e7 400hp. What is the maximun hp i can get from the motor and what components i need to change?
  2. How good with my mack dump truck with e7400, 8ll trans with 5.63 gear ratio be in steep hills loaded. I mean with grades above 15%
  3. which is better between a mack camelback vs a volvo t ride/ mack m ride
  4. I'm looking for a early model granite dump truck with e7 engine for sale
  5. Do anyone have the specs sheet on the mack ai 427 and how do they compare against the e7 427 in performance
  6. Good day what the advantage and disadvantage of a e7 with semi electronic fuel pump vs manual fuel pump?
  7. So which engine model will be easier to change over too. Any suggestions
  8. I have a sterling truck with a 3126 cat engine, i want to change and put in a 3406e motor. What all components i need to change and get to make the switch
  9. Which will perform better between the e7 350 vs ami 335
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages between a mack dm vs granite. Im looking to purchase 2005 dm dump truck or a 2004 granite cv713. Which is better and why???
  11. What are the gear ratio for the mack tm308m transmission
  12. Thanx, but what are the reverse gears the info only give the forward gears
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