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  1. I have a 2002 mack 688 with steel floater wheels . The truck was a county plow truck with those black steel wheels . The rims are stud piloted btt I’m looking for chrome rims . I went to fleet pride and they tell me that you can’t do chrome with stud pilot. Anyone know where to get and offset .
  2. I have a 2002 mack 688 with steel floater wheels . The truck was a county plow truck with those black steel wheels . The rims are stud piloted bit I’m looking for chrome rims . Anyone know where to get and offset .
  3. I canT spin it without the use of a mallet . dana/spiced axles . Brake pads open on both sides . The problem seems to be the alignment bushing near the slack adjuster . The scam easily moves in the bushing on the spider plate .
  4. So I’m re doing my brakes on my eager beaver trailer 1994 . I bought new s-cams with bushing kits . My question is when installing the s-cam it is extremely tight to get it through the new Composite bushing near the slack adjuster . The composite bushing has a greese fitting and two metal plates that you bolt on either side to hold it in place . I have the s cam installed but it’s seems to snug to the point that I can’t even turn it by hand .i can’t remember how it should be since I haven’t done this in a few years . Any help please
  5. Are all trailers of these the same . if someone had the same trailer as me could I measure from front of can to Cleves and copy it
  6. Hey guy I know you will be mad that I post this here but I’m in a jam . I took all the brake chambers off my 2001 hal 20 eager beaver trailer and my brother threw the old cans away like right away now I have no idea how much of the push rod to hacksaw off and copy old one . Anyone have an idea where to find that info . I have to move a machine on Tuesday and I’m not a big fan of caging the chamber to figure it out . Any help would be greatly appreciated. .
  7. Thanks all for the input . I actually found a broken wire in the frame rail which fixed it .
  8. Yes the ground wit and power wit come from battery to a relay box with three wire that run to a open and close switch . I put a test light on the relay box and both sides light up on the relay incoming and outgoing . It has to be a ground issue I think because if I ground both poles to the bed and hit the switch it works quick .
  9. So yesterday my electrical tarp cover stopped working on my 2000 Mack rd with Hrg 15 yard body. I check the switch and Solonoid and all seems to be working . I get power up to the motor . One sides hot for open and the other side hot for close when switch is pressed but motor doesn’t spin until you ground motor to bed . I think it’s a ground issue but my new dunp bed sub frame is welded and bolted to Mack frame so what could be causing this . Please help
  10. Anyone know a nice Alcoa rim that would look good on a 2002 Mack rd 10 wheel dump truck and the back spacing needed . Thanks
  11. cfd511

    Dump Bed

    I'm still looking for a dump bed 15-16 ft . send my pictures of what you got 631-774-3610
  12. cfd511

    Dump bed

    Is this bed still available .
  13. Hey I just needed to take a section from it . i have the other section available if you need .
  14. Hi guys I’m still looking for a 15-16 ft dump body . Anyone have anything ??????
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