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  1. Yes the ground wit and power wit come from battery to a relay box with three wire that run to a open and close switch . I put a test light on the relay box and both sides light up on the relay incoming and outgoing . It has to be a ground issue I think because if I ground both poles to the bed and hit the switch it works quick .
  2. So yesterday my electrical tarp cover stopped working on my 2000 Mack rd with Hrg 15 yard body. I check the switch and Solonoid and all seems to be working . I get power up to the motor . One sides hot for open and the other side hot for close when switch is pressed but motor doesn’t spin until you ground motor to bed . I think it’s a ground issue but my new dunp bed sub frame is welded and bolted to Mack frame so what could be causing this . Please help
  3. Anyone know a nice Alcoa rim that would look good on a 2002 Mack rd 10 wheel dump truck and the back spacing needed . Thanks
  4. cfd511

    Dump Bed

    I'm still looking for a dump bed 15-16 ft . send my pictures of what you got 631-774-3610
  5. cfd511

    Dump bed

    Is this bed still available .
  6. Hey I just needed to take a section from it . i have the other section available if you need .
  7. Hi guys I’m still looking for a 15-16 ft dump body . Anyone have anything ??????
  8. I don’t use conveyor or any of that stuff anymore. Will get pictures in am
  9. I don't mind leaving a pump connected to the front but i just need it to be smaller . the pump thats one there nows is 12 inches or more long . its two pumps in one. the front pump runs the plow and dump bed. The back of the pump (closer to motor) use to run all the components in the dump body Ie the conveyer chain and spinner for salting. If i can find a pump half the size would be much nicer so i can get rid of a lot of the unused hydraulic lines. right now i have it connnected to keep the pump from burning up. Any ideas
  10. I have a 2001 Mack 688 with the 400 and 18 speed mack tranny. The truck was an old county plow but still in great shape . i painted the frame ect. My issue is I'm trying to make the truck nice but these trucks had the hydraulic pump running off the front of the truck which makes the number stick out. This pump is a two stage which i don't need anymore because it only is needed for the dump bed and once and awhile a plow. so my question is how do i get the pump running on a pro system which is connected to the tranny. anyone know part numbers and what i would exactly need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. cfd511

    Dump bed

    How much you asking . nice bed
  12. thanks for the replys . Its def a learning curve. i started letting rpms drops 300-400 rpm and slowed my shifting down and not let the revs go so high and boom shifts a lot better. thanks again .
  13. I have a mack 688 2001 . I wanna add air lines so i can tow trailers . i just had the plate installed on the rear. anyone have any pictures or guidance of an install. im goo with running the air hose and connections just need some guidance.
  14. this is my first mack
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