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  1. cfd511

    Dump bed

    Look for a 15 or 16 ft dump bed that would fit on a Mack 688 .
  2. cfd511

    Need help

    I have a 2001 Mack 688 rd dump truck which was county owned at one point . I don’t know how it felt when it was new but it seems really difficulty to shift all the time. It’s always grinding . The tranny is the 18 speed maxi torque connected to the Mack 400 . Is this normal or should I get it looked at.
  3. local or a drive ? all the good one are hours away lol.
  4. Look for a 15 maybe 16 ft dump body used. anyone got anything laying around ?
  5. So my horn doesn't work and hasn't worked in some time on my dump truck and i have a few guys taking there road tests with the truck . When i push horn on steering wheel nothing. I found the horn mounted inside the hood passenger side with a wire broken . Great i thought easy fix, Nopeeeeeee. I test the wires and I'm not getting any power when i press the horn in the truck . I have no idea where to start looking . anyone have any ideas or diagrams. 2000 mack 688 dump truck. Thanks and merry Christmas
  6. cfd511

    Dump body

    Looking for a 14 ft dump body for a 2000 Mack 688 . Let me know what you got . 6317743610
  7. cfd511

    Dump body

    Looking for a 14 ft dump body for a 2000 Mack rd 688 . I currently have a tenfold which is rotted out pretty badly . Send some pic of what you got or text 6317743610
  8. cfd511

    low air buzzer

    Any idea where exactly . I can’t find it .
  9. cfd511

    low air buzzer

    Anyone know where the low air buzzer is on a 2000 mack rd. its not working and i can't seem to find it. one of my employees needs to take his road test in the truck and i gotta fix it. thanks again. also if you have a picture of what it looks like.
  10. cfd511

    Weight permits

    i believe is was registered for 54000 because the guy really only plowed snow with it . ill post pic tonight and thanks for the info. .
  11. cfd511

    Weight permits

    no lift axle just a tri
  12. cfd511

    Weight permits

    Anyone know how the divisible load permit works in suffolk county NY. I bought a truck that had a grandfathered permit and the guy was willing to give me the permit with the truck but i have no idea how to transfer it. any help will be appreciated. Also does anyone know what the gvw of a 2000 mack 688 is. i have no idea what rears are in it and the door stickers are rough. there is one sticker from a spring company which states the gvw is 66.000.
  13. cfd511

    Air Leak

    Thanks terry , finally found it . its was the tee fitting that supply's the two front most rear axel. the fitting was corroded .
  14. cfd511

    Air Leak

    Hello all Today while i was hauling fill to a job site i noticed the air pressure gauge hovering around 70 psi and the red parking brake light came on. i pulled over and applied parking brake which allowed the tank to fill up over 110 psi. i released the parking brake and the tank dropped to just above 60 psi and wouldn't raise above that while driving. I limped home and now im wondering where to start. It seems the leak only happen when the parking brake is released. any ideas where to start? 2000 mack rd dump truck
  15. cfd511

    Air leak

    Yea i had to put some money when i first bought it . i'm a little annoyed at the shop i brought it to . I asked them to do a look over of the air brakes and they completely misses the huge lead. And hat city i'm going to replace in the am. I needed a truck to move fill and plow on the county roads during the winters. I got this thing for cheap and its actually in really good condition besides a few things.

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