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  1. Still having an Issue with full mechanical E7 fuel prime bleeding down over night and causing long crank times. Have replaced fuel return line and also lift pump no luck. Truck idles nice but seems to have a slight miss operating. Somebody earlier mentioned a possible bad injector. Would one bad injector cause long crank times? Also somebody mentioned a possible bad check valve. Where is this valve located?
  2. I’m thinking it always happens when pulling a load up a hill and the fan kicks on ? I was reading about a possible bad belt tensioner also maybe?
  3. 96 E7 all mechanical. Going through the gears and when hitting roughly 1600 rpm the engine has obnoxious squealing noise. Its coming from the front of engine but I don’t think it’s the belts. What else could cause this noise?
  4. Replaced both plastic return lines coming from front of head and also the smaller one that comes off the same fitting on back of injection pump. Problem solved
  5. Ok. How about those air valves that are on the top driver side of transmission in the back with the air lines going into them. Should those be replaced while it’s out?
  6. Picked up a 12 speed from a salvage yard today that was said to have low miles but who knows. I planned on replacing all of the air lines just because they are old. What else needs to be checked or should be replaced before putting it into the truck? Trying to avoid having to pull it back out to repair or replace something that should have been checked when it was out.
  7. Ok I will check filter housings and put a new lift pump on it and see if that does it. Thank you for the replies.
  8. Have a 96 E7 all mechanical with Bosch pump. When the truck is running it runs and idles great. Turn it off and it will start the next day. Let it sit for a few days and it will not start without cranking the piss out of it. Do not see any obvious leaks in the fuel lines. Something is causing it to lose prime. Which parts should I replace first any ideas? What causes is to lose prime?
  9. Hello all I have a Q regarding a lift pump on a Robert Bosch all mechanical pump on an E7. I took lift pump off to change out a cracked elbow on inlet line and noticed that the plunger on lift pump moves in and out but has no resistance on it. Shouldn’t this plunger push back out by itself after you push it in? I just purchased a new Bosch lift pump for a Deere excavator and its very similar and it pops back out when you push the plunger in. Is there a spring in there hat could be damaged?
  10. Having a mechanical E7 rebuilt and installing a jake brake on it. I read somewhere that replacing the oil pump with a high volume oil pump makes the jake work a lot better. Is there a high volume oil pump available for this engine and if so does anybody know the part number?
  11. Is it worth it to pay the extra cost for a Mack engine kit as compared to aftermarket kits such as PAI etc. ? I’ve read that Mack sources their parts for these kits from overseas markets so what would be the difference in quality? What brand is best?
  12. The truck is a 96 RD. I was jumping the relay which is mounted under the hood on the firewall just above steering column. Anyway I took off the cables that lead from this relay to the starter solenoid and cleaned everything up and tried it again. The relay on the firewall clicked like before but then it started on the 3rd try. Last summer the truck did this on several occasions, would not start on the first turn of the key but would on 2nd or 3rd try. Not sure if this is an ignition switch problem, a starter relay problem or starter solenoid or actual starter problem. Any ideas?
  13. So now my truck won’t start. E7 fully mechanIcal. Turn the key and the relay gives a single click. Batteries are up. Left key in on position and jumped relay with screw driver still would not roll over. Is this a bad relay or something in the starter?
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