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  1. Having a mechanical E7 rebuilt and installing a jake brake on it. I read somewhere that replacing the oil pump with a high volume oil pump makes the jake work a lot better. Is there a high volume oil pump available for this engine and if so does anybody know the part number?
  2. Is it worth it to pay the extra cost for a Mack engine kit as compared to aftermarket kits such as PAI etc. ? I’ve read that Mack sources their parts for these kits from overseas markets so what would be the difference in quality? What brand is best?
  3. The truck is a 96 RD. I was jumping the relay which is mounted under the hood on the firewall just above steering column. Anyway I took off the cables that lead from this relay to the starter solenoid and cleaned everything up and tried it again. The relay on the firewall clicked like before but then it started on the 3rd try. Last summer the truck did this on several occasions, would not start on the first turn of the key but would on 2nd or 3rd try. Not sure if this is an ignition switch problem, a starter relay problem or starter solenoid or actual starter problem. Any ideas?
  4. So now my truck won’t start. E7 fully mechanIcal. Turn the key and the relay gives a single click. Batteries are up. Left key in on position and jumped relay with screw driver still would not roll over. Is this a bad relay or something in the starter?
  5. Hey guys any ideas on this? 1996 E7 fully mechanical engine. Truck used to start easily even after sitting for weeks, now it has long cranking time before it will start. Started it today and after about 30 min of idling truck started to idle rough a couple times then stalled and would not start. Came back an hour later and it started and ran for a couple minutes and started idling rough again and I was able to rev it up to keep it running but then it stalled out. Fuel filters are a couple yrs old about 10k miles on them could this be the problem? Why the long crank time?
  6. I think I read something about guys running the 12 speed with side mount pto can’t get the box to raise fast enough when tailgate spreading in low gear. Any other 12 speed users out there?
  7. I found a Mack 12 speed also. Other than shortening the driveshaft will that slide right in? Not sure if countershaft is splined to take rear pto. What is the issue with running a side pto with the 12 speed when tailgate spreading?
  8. I should have explained more thoroughly. I am changing the rears so am not concerned with keeping the same overdrive. Could one of the newer Mack transmissions such as a T310 be used does anybody know? I don’t like the long step between the two top gears in the 2070.
  9. Does anybody know what Mack transmissions would bolt in place of a T2070 in a 1996 RD without any complications?
  10. Does anybody know what it would take to bring this engine up to 300hp specs
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