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  1. One more addition. Found this award while cleaning and sorting out our literature room. He never mentioned it
  2. It is my pleasure! Most people who knew my dad know this story so I have heard many renditions. I’m still familiarizing myself with the FH but I was looking over that suspension, I know the truck started as a dump truck so all I could think was this would allow for an adjustable height for the box. However, this may be an altered suspension due to its later uses. My father hadn’t driven the truck to Ballston Spa in over 12 years, it had sat in the yard that whole time. I cleaned the points, hung a 1 gallon gas can from the windshield, and it fired right up. I know his spirit is still living in this truck. A few parts were stolen while sitting in the yard like the radiator cap, the Mack script emblem on the front of the radiator, and an antique brake light on the back of the cab that he had found. I’ve got the correct radiator cap on it now but if anyone has any pictures of the brake light or a radiator emblem that I could purchase I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for all of your interest!
  3. Hi everyone, sorry for the late addition. I'm Dick's youngest son, Steven. We recently were able to come up with the article written in the 1994 fall edition of Wheels of Time. The only thing that they forgot to mention was the crisco my father had used to oil the chains. They had to put dawn dish soap in my mother's windshield washer fluid so that she stood a chance at seeing anything.
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