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  1. Here is a picture of the FA 517 under my B75. On this axle, it is stamped near the cast steering stop on the right side of the vehicle.
  2. Mack military truck now with a full width cab in service at a house moving company. The exhaust pipe goes right through the top of the hood. Picture from 1999. White U model next to it with a super tall single stack.
  3. Nice! Wonder why they didn't get the big one.....?
  4. Good progress on the Mack! That new project looks..... interesting.....
  5. Truck looks good! "Better luck with painters". I am standing in that line with you.
  6. The Cherry Picker was produced from 1952 thru 1957. The W was actually produced at the same time from 1953-1958. The Picker was primarily used for east coast trucking and the W was a compliment to the conventional Mack LTL series truck and primarily used for the west coast. The H model had a tilt cab for service. Interestingly, the more modern looking W did NOT have a tilting cab. The W had a hinged engine hood panel and removable floor panels and seats to take care of maintenance. I think the W is a great looking dog and am surprised that only 215 were produced.
  7. I want a bigger garage....
  8. That is a fine looking W.
  9. Four owners in 58 years isn't too bad.
  10. Vermont based Superliner.
  11. April 28, 1966 was the last day for building the Mack B model. Long live the B! ,
  12. Yes, it is connected. That truck was first owned by Millis Freight in Millis, MA. Second, James Colello. Third, John Danielski. Fourth, Mark Belden.