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  1. Handsome and heavy duty tractor. Very clean frame stamping above the front axle.
  2. j hancock

    1952 Mack LJT

    Even though the years don't match, I think this is an ad for the same truck. Many of the details are the same. It was For Sale in NJ but the phone number didn't look like Tom Spencer's old number. The ad was in WOT in 1990. Sorry, not familiar with John Cheeseman.
  3. Took this picture of the rig under previous ownership at Rutland, VT. The picture is pretty rough and gets worse as I tried to enlarge it to get the info off the door. I think it is painted with "Mike" on the top line and "Galway" on the second line as Maddog indicated.
  4. WoW! Thank goodness you had a sponsor for 21 gals. of red! Beautiful results.
  5. j hancock

    Pete Movie Truck in Junkyard

    When the Ford Louisville roamed the highways, Whited Ford sold a TON of them. I was up in Bangor quite often in the early 90's and the Whited shop was going non stop with new truck upfitting and rebuild work. Pulp was going good and everybody was super busy.
  6. Cummins under the hood and not running on spokes.
  7. j hancock

    Elephant Butte NM

    Beautiful countryside!
  8. j hancock

    Wood Hoist

    I would measure the width of the groove in the sheave to get in the ballpark for the cable diameter. If the manufacturer built it with a 5/8 inch groove pulley, they won't be running 1/4" cable. It would be nice if there was some info on the cylinder tag for the oil needs! That vintage cylinder may be using a leather seal so could it use something like a 90 weight gear lube? I don't know. A resource to check out may be the HCEA site. http://www.hcea.net/
  9. j hancock

    Hood ornament for ?

    Dogs are people too.
  10. j hancock

    Hood ornament for ?

    Rear legs are attached there.
  11. j hancock

    Hood ornament for ?

    B model soft nose.
  12. j hancock

    Pete Movie Truck in Junkyard

    Uughhh! Too bad he couldn't have sent you a picture of the hood before you took that drive in the country!

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