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  1. A 1976 Brockway U762TL Detroit V12 race/pulling truck with 800+ HP under the loud pedal.
  2. A little tired but an E model wrecker would be KooL back in service!
  3. Good eyes Maddog! Wouldn't think there would be variation. The tip turbine truck has the second hose on the air cleaner for the warm air intake.
  4. 1978 U model ST tractor with pool ball gear shift knobs at WSG 2014.
  5. Wagons? Why not! Here is a 68 GMC. If it was all black then I would be totally reliving the memory!
  6. My brain cells kicked in and reminded me that the LJT was a magazine cover truck with a good article from 2004. Took a couple minutes to locate it. Also found another write up on the web. https://www.tenfourmagazine.com/2016/02/old-time-trucks/an-old-mack-comes-home/
  7. The 1950 LJT was sold new out of the Mack Trucks Bridgeport CT factory branch equipped with a 200 NH Cummins and a Mack OD five speed and a 3 speed Brown Lipe auxiliary transmission. The brand new purchase price in 1950 was $10,500. At some point, the truck had the sleeper cab removed and replaced with a L day cab. In the late 90's and early 2000, it was put back as built and restored to new condition.
  8. I used some welting on the B75 that came from a friend who plays with old Jeeps and it seems good. The price was reasonable. I have also used the rubber product from Resto Specialties on a different truck and it seems good also but sometimes can be "sticky" and grip the hood pretty good. Ever so often I will wax the inside of the hood to cut down on the grip factor. Or have the assistant handle it....
  9. Here is the ad that was posted on BMT in September.
  10. I have some fun memories of a 1968 GMC short box, 2 wheel drive, straight six and three on the tree. Someday I might try to get another one!
  11. Nice! A six foot hood will give a good bit of elbow room for the engine.
  12. Not in the US. Who knows what someone created in their shop as a custom. A factory 3408 may have happened at Mack in Australia?
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