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  1. Click on your user name (not your picture) in the upper right side of the page after you have logged on. A menu will show up with "My Attachments". Click on Attachments and you can edit from that page. If you edit pictures from an individual post, it will remove the picture from the post but not remove it from the attachment list. So, after editing a post, then delete it out of attachments. If you can resize photos before posting them, that will help the space issue as well. Many of my pics start out at 4000 pixels and I cut it down to 500-750 pixels before they are posted. Somethings I post are quite large to keep the detail. Generally try to keep them small though. The BMT software will make a large picture "fit" but it burns memory quickly. This works for me so hopefully it will work for you as well.
  2. What is the VIN? Do you have a picture? Where was it stolen from? Sadly, in the almost 40 years since it was stolen, the truck has probably been parted out or has come back to life as a toaster.
  3. j hancock

    Macungie Morning

    Candy everywhere and beautiful weather!
  4. j hancock

    Dirty Hoods

  5. Ha! Sounds like the story line for a made for tv movie.
  6. j hancock

    Dirty Hoods

  7. j hancock

    Dirty Hoods

    Fine looking iron!
  8. j hancock

    Rubber Duck Truck

    Later updated by Dan Bruno in 2010. Just an update....We now also own this original 1st Unit Mack RS712LST, VIN RS712LST35492 in addition to the 2nd unit RS731LST truck. We've removed the dump body and will be working to restore the truck over time. https://www.imcdb.org/v009813.html
  9. j hancock

    Rubber Duck Truck

    I lifted this quote from Dan Bruno "ConvoyDuel" in 2008 who owned the Duck. This primary truck was a 1977 Mack RS712LST, VIN 35492. Although the RS786LST and the RS712LST's were identical, the RS712's had California certification on the ETAZ673 tip turbine engines. This truck was custom-built for EMI Films, but ownership was retained by Mack Trucks. After filming, the truck was shipped back to the Hayward California factory and rebuilt due to extensive damage from crashes and bullets. It was rebuilt and sold to a gentleman in Los Angeles where the truck spent its life as a transfer dump. There were 3 other RS700L's used - a 1973 (VIN 13182) that was gutted and used as a pull-along prop for on-highway dialogue scenes and two identical 1970's. One of the 1970's was gutted and used to send off the bridge (VIN 6648) and the other (VIN 6646) was the second unit on-highway double that wound up being converted into a cement mixer. It was wrecked in 1986, bought and rebuilt in 2007 and remarried to the surviving original trailer in 2008. We have the entire original paperwork trail from the studio on these vehicles that we acquired when we purchased the truck and trailer in 2007. https://www.imcdb.org/v009813.html
  10. j hancock

    B42X Ignition switch wiring

    Click on the pdf on the left side of the page after it loads. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/tutorials/article/32-b-model-6-12-volt-gas-engine-wiring-diagram/
  11. Nice bit of kit! If a hammer doesn't work, get a bigger hammer.....
  12. j hancock

    Rubber Duck Truck

    This tribute Convoy Mack is in PA. Saw it last year at the Mack Museum. Also a link where the previous owner was selling it on BMT. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/33740-rubber-duck-replica-truck-for-sale/
  13. j hancock

    Air Leak at Foot Valve Exhaust

    With your traveling, a new one sounds good. Doing a little driving in the yard may clean it out. I have taken them apart and inspected the seals and cleaned the bore. Gave the seals a very slight amount of petroleum jelly and it hasn't caused any other issue in 10 years. This was on a truck were a direct replacement was not readily available.

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