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  1. Had some spare parts............

    Porsche parts... You got Johnny Cash helping on the build?
  2. Antifreeze capacity 85 r model 300

    10 gals will get you into the neighborhood.
  3. Originally at home in Isla Vista, CA. Now in New England.
  4. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    Hope things get back to normal as fast as possible in FLA and TX and that Maria stays aways.
  5. There is a pdf diagram in the wiki. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/tutorials/article/4-b-model-wiring-diagram/

    You are correct on all counts. I do have a couple of situations where the plow on the loader arms allow me push snow up and over permanent obstacles which helps gets rid of quite a bit of snow. Also, I have to swap to the bucket occasionally. A chassis mounted blade would be more efficient in plowing only so hopefully the new front tire grooves will help counteract the lever effect of the loader arms. The concrete was only added to the fleet last year and it did help with traction a little. The other eleven years had nothing on the 3 pt hitch. I had been toying with grooving the tires before but didn't want to jump in. It may be such that with the tires sharpened up now, I might be able to leave the concrete off? I am going to keep tinkering with it to make it as balanced an operation as possible.
  7. Interesting unit. The Model 25 is based on a Mack DE which typically features the EN 12 engine (226 CID). An EF has a larger engine (290 CID).
  8. Short cab for local work. Extended cab for long distance.
  9. The All New Mack

    BRING BACK THE B! Oh, nevermind....
  10. Can't say I recognize the engine. Usually fire equipment has dual spark plugs and ignition. This engine only seems to have single plugs. May have been repowered at some point.

    Hi Ken, Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Happy Birthday 66dc75!

    Apparently the air cylinder was an early present!

    The Rim Guard site says their sugar beet juice is non-corrosive. After 12 years, there is no rust on my rims. Maybe there is other nasty stuff in PENNDOT's brine solution? IDK? http://www.rimguard.biz/