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  1. Trans and Rear lube

    80W-90 gear oil.
  2. Powered by 315 HP, this concrete block delivery truck is based in MA but it took a different route getting there.
  3. RS 700L

    It is a bitsa. The paint is sooooo nice!
  4. We will do it again next year. At least you got to check out all the iron!
  5. Might have been Bob. He could have had some of the coleslaw for lunch...
  6. Another Fabulous show with LOTS of trucks on display! A bit of a rogue's gallery with a few BMT folk. From left: Jim (jhancock), Paul (PC68), Rich (66dc75), Bob (Red Horse), Hippy (70mackMB), Matt (mattb73lt)
  7. When your work clothes are a black tuxedo suit.
  8. The show is at the Lancaster Fairgrounds, 318 Seven Bridge Rd, Lancaster, MA. This is Rt 117 between 495 (exit 27) and 190. The Bolton Fair is held at the Lancaster Fairgrounds.
  9. Might not be needed, several New England BMTers are in the Witness Protection Program and have to stay out of sight!
  10. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    That is pretty much NO miles. What is the story?
  11. I can probably buy some more film.....
  12. Mack 13 Speed

    Torque rating is in the 2000 ft lbs range. Mack triple shaft transmissions have moxie.
  13. Mack 13 Speed

    13.91 on the low side and .71 on the high side. Check the stamping on the chuck. 4.42 with .71 @ 2100 rpm is 83 mph. 3.86/3.87 with .71 @ 2100 rpm is 96 mph.
  14. birthday present

    Boy..... That is going to take a lot of wrapping paper!