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  1. There were larger Mack Jr's than the pickup. All were based on models of Reo trucks.
  2. Have no info for you. Best of luck with your search. Certainly a handsome rig!
  3. Happy Birthday! What time is the party?
  4. Bolton MA was the first R-685F. Served as Engine #2.
  5. Yup, clean dog in its work clothes.
  6. I use a PC and everything seems OK so far......
  7. Someone should break his phone.
  8. The ratios for the 107 14.43 (low first), 8.59, 4.99, 2.83, 1.66 and 1.00 The 2080b 20.08, 11.68, 6.63, 5.24, 3.05, 1.73, 1.00, .60 So, using the 2080B in seventh (direct 1.00) would be exactly what you have now in the 107 (direct 1.00). But, eighth gear in a 2080B is OD .60 which would give you 100 mph @ 2000 rpm. If you deadhead or are lightly loaded maybe you could pull 8th for 70 mph @ 1400 rpm, for example and make it work for you. The 2080B would probably be a little more usable with rear gears like 4.88 or 5.32.
  9. Saw a listing for Volvo Andes copper metallic as "120". Not sure if 120 will help you get where you want to go using it as a cross reference.
  10. I am confident that there will never be a good explanation from the Glass House.
  11. Hmmm, CT? That means the Wellington will be residing near the Quinebaug River.
  12. Looks like a pretty clean dog!
  13. Hall Scott was California based and at one time produced powered rail cars and trolleys and engines for aircraft, boats, trucks, tractors and stationary needs