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  1. KooL piece! Yeah, sort of wish it had been kept up a little better.
  2. service manuals

    Keep checking ebay. Over the years I have bought a TON of Mack paper there. There are vintage paper dealers out there but from my experience they all seem to carry sales brochures vs. repair books.
  3. Restoration Specialities has a Mack pedal grommet. MTPG1 I have never checked the size to see how well they might fit. A little pricey to me. http://www.restorationspecialties.com/2015Catalog/60.pdf I had some plastic universal type pickup mud flaps that I cut up for homemade grommets. I could cut them fairly tight and the material didn't seem to "grip" the metal of the pedals as they went up and down through the floor. Put them down first, then some jute type sound deadener and then a rubber floor mat. They stay in place and seem to do a pretty good job at keeping dust and wind from getting inside. The column on my truck was a decent fit but used the homemade grommets on fuel and clutch.
  4. Big guns moving

    That was one hell of a crane!
  5. Ice Fishing

    Maybe some girls would have shown up if the disco ball was turned on....?
  6. Looked in a B model owners manual and that spot is not drilled out in this edition. There wasn't a Defrost switch on the instrument panel. It could have been the switch location for a factory or dealer installed option like Per-Lux driving lights or Elston wheel sanders
  7. Greetings from UP North EH!

    Welcome! A U with a walking beam? Somebody did a DIY project!
  8. Happy Birthday Vinny

    Happy Birthday! Let's see...... girls, Dodge Cummins pickups, Macks. Not enough time in the day!
  9. 4449 Daylight Special

    It's not bragging if you can do it.
  10. 4449 Daylight Special

    That is some fine iron! I have seen some pictures of the Hiawatha. Would have been cool to see one in use.
  11. Not my cup of tea either. Just shows that the Dog has bite, I suppose.
  12. ISO Air cleaner top for B model Mack

    I have an original riser pipe and I wish it only had one dent in it.....
  13. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    If a school bus driver was texting and killed students riding in the bus would there be screaming to ban phones? Only ban phones that can text? Would people "feel" better that a bunch of students get killed because a sick person used a knife? Do we ban knives? If a bombing occurs with a pressure cooker type device, do we ban pressure cookers? The weak link is the human. A sick person has a LONG list of tools at their disposal.
  14. Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    Sharp Brockway 761.
  15. New Mack owner

    Looks Good!