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  1. That's a big one!
  2. Time for some detective work.
  3. Had a rather large owl perch in a sugar maple tree at dusk.
  4. Excellent! The picture is good too.
  5. 1951 Mack LTL now with Cummins power replacing the original Hall Scott gasoline engine. LTL2D1452
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. I took the lead photo August 6, 2000 at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland, VT. The restoration article Larry mentioned was in ATHS Wheels of Time magazine March/April 2003 Vol. 24 #2.
  8. Then I tell people about my Mack DE. They say you mean ED? Nope, I mean DE. About then, their eyes glaze over from Mack alphabet soup....
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Don't have 1987 info. Possible 1984 info is the same.
  11. Is it air ride? If the pinion angles get screwed up because ride height has been changed, it can lead to vibrations.
  12. That is some mighty fine showing off right there! A paint refresh keeps getting closer.....
  13. On a 1979 RWS, there is a wire from the outboard junction block ter. #2 which runs to the reverse switch (either terminal) then a wire runs from the unused switch terminal back to the outboard junction block terminal #3. Your success will be based on how many previous experts have done wiring work on the vehicle to make it "better".
  14. I don't know when things changed but the VIN stamping on E models, A models and many L models were done on the rear frame rail left side. This is problematic due to bodies being put on and cut off, corrosion, etc. Soon the numbers are obliterated and can't be found. Here is a nice rear stamping on an LJT. L J T 1 D 5 9 7 *