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  1. Handsome heavy spec B61 with big rubber and rear wheel sanders pictured at Macungie.
  2. Welcome!
  3. Yeah, that didn't work....
  4. Here is some previous conversation. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/35412-dodge-bighorn/
  5. Probably Laughed and said "Wish we had them."
  6. The last four digits of the DOT number is the date code. First two numbers represents the week and the last two are for the year. "1501" means fifteenth week of year 2001.
  7. F model production run 1962-1981.
  8. Hell of a way to start the weekend.
  9. Soon to be terrorizing the neighborhood!
  10. Haven't done that exact swap but have found over the years that very rarely does interior stuff bolt in. There will always be a little difference. Nothing to be afraid of.
  11. As seen in the Bulldog magazine Vol. 2 2009. A 1958 B-60 that had been a cement mixer was updated with a Mack 237hp motor and fitted with a Holmes wrecker body. Owned by Sam's Truck Service in Springdale, PA near Pittsburgh.
  12. The Select Air valve was used on several Mack transmission such as the 12 spd, X107 air 6 spd, T2070B or T2080B.
  13. Nuss Truck put together this 1991 Superliner with dual air cleaners, floats and a one off "Hagerstown Special" engine called a Maxidyne 650.
  14. B model vent windows haven't been available through Mack for quite a while. The windows show up on ebay and other places for sale ever so often. Last NOS pair that I heard about was $1,600.00 for the pair and they sold in a New York minute. With patience and $$$ they can be rebuilt. It will be less than 1600 bucks!
  15. Happy Birthday!