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  1. .960 is indicated in previous conversation here. Your memory is pretty close! https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/14277-jake-brake-problems-also/
  2. Has a few extra lights, bling and some nice pin striping!
  3. Interesting. I have never found the frame numbers on my B75 with L cab either. It did come with the title and VIN plate.
  4. The frame numbers should be in the yellow circle. Take a small wire brush on your next visit.
  5. https://www.mcall.com/business/mc-biz-mack-trucks-uaw-labor-agreement-talks-20191012-ha4s6fzadvh7diwexk5jo47v4a-story.html Saw this article this morning. At the moment, it doesn't seem very contentious. If it got nasty, hopefully don't have a flashback to when Brockway Truck struck against parent Mack...
  6. https://parts.jacobsvehiclesystems.com/files/support/docs-pdfs/sb266017.pdf May help?
  7. Not familiar with a 475 engine. Would be a nice addition to a Ford collector.
  8. Nothing would be better than a vintage Mack truck picture with a family connection!
  9. The 285 with the tip turbine/after cooler will fit under the hood. The air plumbing may need work depending on what you have. Do you have air from the air cleaner running through the cab or is it direct from the air cleaner through the side of the hood? No need in having the air restricted. Weight is at least 2000 lbs depending on how dressed it is.
  10. Should be valid with the zero. I plugged the VIN into the link and it comes up. Maybe the dealer needs a second cup of coffee??? http://cmvid.nisrinc.com/CMV_ID/CMV_ID.asp
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