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  1. Not sure on the second plate and I don't have a 45 VIN plate to look at. Here is a fire truck model 25 VIN plate. Sort of hard to see but first box is 25 and the lower box is 25 S 1003.
  2. Timing mark is on the engine flywheel. Should be a little swing door on the bellhousing near the starter that will open. 4 degrees BTC is the spec. With Pertronix, let them know if you are going neg or pos ground.
  3. The new version is on the way but nothing better than the original style.
  4. Mike, do you still have the super shiny black Cruiser or did you send it down the road?
  5. Boy! Talk about a day at the beach! Even brought a caravan with him
  6. Have you checked the fill plug on the pass. side again? Is the level going down slowly as it fills the axle housing? It may take a few minutes for gear oil to get to where it needs to be.
  7. BCR Al, is this rig still out in your neighborhood? Specs? Info?
  8. I really don't know much about the LH model. Built between 1940-1953, they did seem to be set up for highway hauling out west. I haven't seen one with an integral sleeper or running on spoke wheels. There may be a sleeper out there or spokes, just haven't seen it. Power was a Mack EO 519, Mack 707 or Cummins. Also seem to be tandems which is why I asked if the VIN was LHSW. SW and 2D indicate tandem rear suspension. Wish I had more info for you. Have fun with your project!
  9. What sort of things did they experiment with?
  10. The stand looks good! OTC has some nice stands for heavier engines but I don't recall one that looks like a pallet jack. What project is the Cummins going to be installed in?
  11. Seen them on fleabay once in awhile. Pricing has been all over the place.
  12. Here is a link where it was listed for sale. Over 700 EJ models were built in 1937 and 1938.
  13. Like the truck and the steam locomotive on the side of the hood.
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