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  1. Would be great to transport my stash of potato chips! Does have a couple of changes but is pretty clean for when it was built.
  2. Nice dogs!
  3. Sort of thinking it might not be able to supply enough fuel to take advantage of the 676. Settings are different between a thermodyne and a maxidyne.
  4. for sale

    Hmmmm... What would we all do with extra cash, more space, more time, larger property, better tools, etc.
  5. Maybe he thought the doughnuts were on the passenger seat?
  6. Pretty complete and not too beat up for the age!
  7. Have a pint on us!
  8. for sale

    What is your address? They probably would deliver it.
  9. There was a sign inside the barn that said this was the Moxie Mobile from Clark's. Between the above picture and the image I took last Friday, the hood has been changed from a louvered one to one with doors. Here is the sign photochopped out of another picture. Don't know why I didn't click a picture of the whole sign?
  10. $ 25K
  11. Owls Head is an excellent show! Good luck as you continue to settle the estate.
  12. Handsome 1 ton International with a hand crank dumping stake body. Added versatility came from the use of a two speed rear axle in conjunction with its three speed transmission.
  13. What is the temperature going up to? Have you used another gauge or an infrared thermometer to verify the temp.? Is the radiator externally in good condition? If the fins between the tubes are disintegrating or missing it will lead to poor cooling. Have you done a test to check for a leaking head gasket?
  14. Welcome!
  15. 2016 Pinnacles as pursuit vehicles.....? Best of luck with your training!