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  1. Found it enjoyable. Hope you all do as well.
  2. Nice! Interesting to see the Brown Equipment mud flaps on the back.
  3. Time to get the chainsaw fired up and get the dump truck out of there! Years ago I tried to get a B61 from Logger Lou in Boonville. Didn't work out and don't know who has it now.
  4. A small fish plate can be put over the cracked area after the crack is repaired. I would take the truck to a shop that specializing in this kind of work. A shop with good knowledge of the proper repair procedure will be money well spent.
  5. All fine rigs! I am not a big fan of the modern bumper on the LT but can appreciate the time to keep it polished to look like a mirror!
  6. Anything can happen if you can find the right person! Customer service, many times, lacks in "service".
  7. Yup, blue badge. To be honest, I just didn't even read the emblem but a 1987 truck might have "Volvo White Truck Corporation". Sort of think "Volvo GMC Truck Corporation" started in 1988?
  8. French's DM885 dump truck got a ride to the Gear Jammer Show. The tractor is a DM897SX with V8 power, double stud front axle and big lollipop fender lights.
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