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  1. Parked behind the Freeway Flyer Superliner.
  2. j hancock

    New England vacation

    Depending on interests, there is the air museum at Bradley Field which is north of Hartford, CT. The North East Motor Sports Museum is full of local vintage racing equipment at the track in Loudon, NH. I enjoy visiting the "cottages" of Newport, RI. Newport is a fun place but it is also the world's largest zoo during peak summer! https://www.neam.org/index.php https://www.nemsmuseum.com/ https://www.discovernewport.org/
  3. Thanks Bob. I will have to go check the lights out next year.
  4. j hancock

    International HX Test Drive

    If you sign on the dotted line for an HX, hope it goes well. Your comments over time have not been positive about the WS. Work is tough enough without having issues with the equipment.
  5. Wish it was mine! None of my ED's look good. The wrecker was at Macungie where I took the picture. I will try for more pics when I see it next.
  6. Check this link for the cab info. The original listing got lost in a site update so scroll down to the second comment and hit the pdf and it should load so you can view. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/tutorials/article/11-b-model-cab-data/ B production info. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/tutorials/article/208-b-model-production-info/
  7. Ready for the show! Macungie 2014.
  8. j hancock

    1985 Superliner

    Still have a few more pictures.
  9. Whatcha got there is definitely a military axle. I have never looked but does the military spec use a straight rail frame over the front suspension?
  10. j hancock

    Putin, the Internet and Vlad

    Unplug the internet.... Time to run a string and get a couple tin cans.
  11. j hancock

    New Member, Type 45 Fire Engine

    Welcome! 45's are good looking rigs.

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