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  1. j hancock

    New ride

    You're just not head over heels for it....
  2. j hancock

    1983 Diamond Reo Giant C116

    Not typically seen on every street corner.
  3. j hancock

    new way of living

    Good thing he has you as a friend. Hopefully he drops some beer off at the house once in a while.
  4. j hancock

    Mack MP8 Tools Vs. Volvo D13 Tools, Buyer beware.

    Boy, talk about pricing consistency...... Any essential tools available at Harbor Freight?
  5. Need more staff for keeping things polished and buffed....?
  6. j hancock

    More Suburban "fun"...

    For modified rigs, I have found running the vacuum advance from a direct vacuum source is better than running from a ported vacuum source. Ported vacuum came in with all the emission programs.
  7. j hancock


    Handsome tractor.
  8. j hancock

    H 67

    Sounds good. Harry did have a nice single axle Highbinder in red and black and no doubt George loves Binders. And Hank is big into GM's.
  9. j hancock

    carlotpilot happy 72nd

    Happy Birthday!
  10. j hancock

    H 67

    As far as I know he is still with us. Five or so years ago, the green B and a New Century curtainside Trail-Eze (?) show truck trailer was purchased by Tackaberry. Another truck was part of the deal but I can't remember what it was at the moment.
  11. j hancock

    Should not be a quiet passing

    Saying tremendous courage would be an understatement.
  12. It is a little over the top with chrome but none of the bills came to me and I am happy some vintage Mack iron has been preserved.
  13. j hancock

    H 67

    Glad it is in good hands.
  14. I call aftermarket parts NORS. New Old Replacement Stock. It does depend how deep you want to go. Most manufacturers don't actually make parts. Vendors make parts to the specifications of the manufacturer. So whose part is it? Mack or Sheller Globe (cabs) to Mack specs? Ford or TRW to Ford specs? NOS or vintage NORS is better than the vast amount of restoration items made offshore.

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