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  1. Gawd! Is he still around? It seemed like he had three or four yards and was constantly advertising. Tried talking to him one time about a rig and apparently there was gold under the paint. Haven't seen an ad of his for a long time. Always wondered about some of his deals and how he stayed in business with his wacked out pricing.
  2. Cleaning on the shop:

    You need to get a blade for the Cub.
  3. B77 -CL

    Like Doritos, you can't just have one.
  4. Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    Born with a 1693 CAT under the hood.
  5. 673 w/Turbo

    ENDT 675 was the engine stamping/identification for the 673 CID 237 HP Maxidyne and the engine code was 85. An R-685 truck would be powered by a 237 HP engine ENDT 675.
  6. Are you guys talking shop again?
  7. I believe this is the one.
  8. One of the very nicely restored vehicles for the company. They also have a restored AC Bulldog and a couple of B models plus others.
  9. A couple of JP Noonan's Macks. This picture was taken in 2013 so this beauty was brandy new.
  10. White with Dozer

  11. Mack B61 replacement piston

    Info from Federal Mogul. No listing on pistons. May help with finding something that will interchange for your application. The ENDL 673P share specs with these engines. EN-672, END-672, END-672S, END-673, END-673A, END-673B, END-673C, END-673D, END-673E, END-673P, ENDL-673, ENDL-673P, ENDS-672 Engs. 11.0L 672 OHV Diesel L6, 4.875" Bore 2 part numbers for bushings are listed. PART NO. DESCRIPTION Pin Bushing FP-187GB138 w/2" pin dia. Pin Bushing FP-1759V Con. rod No. 367GC-468F
  12. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    Ain't that the truth. Should have loaded up with all sorts of goodies back then. Buy now and save! My Tidewater inventory sheet dated Jan 1, 1993 shows a chrome B shell at $285.00. Damn! Top and bottom radiator insulators at $3.50 each.....