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  1. I have seen air on the front and solid on the rear on a few trucks and trucks in pictures. Don't remember seeing a factory picture with this combo or not. May reflect a Day 2 change by the owners.
  2. Took the picture in North Amherst, MA first part of May 2005. The bulldozer was red but I don't recall the model number.
  3. Fine chain drive example with hard rubber rear tires.
  4. A PRM Concrete Autocar with a Rex mixer retired in NH.
  5. 3406 but not sure which variant is under the hood.
  6. Nice parts chaser!
  7. Pretty sure no regulators, no permits, no inspections, no calls to Dig Safe were part of this project! Git R Done!
  8. Don't know what size the machine was. It generally seems to be about the 22-B size. The silt fence must have been on back order...
  9. If I could get the Autocar your way with some bubble wrap and a few stamps, it would be already shipped!
  10. They are getting a full pull on that belly dump! The rig with the dump trailer could be a hydraulic tank under the pass. door? Sort of has that appearance. The truck with the Christmas lights appears that it may have air start.
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