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  1. Just wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot flash code 2-9 Combustion Air Humidity on a Mack AI engine. No other code.
  2. Does anyone know where can I find the service manual for the suspension? I have a 2006 Mack CT713. I think it’s the same suspension setup as a GU813. I need to replace the front springs? Thanks
  3. I had a 2008 GU with the same issue, it ended up being the injectors and injector cups.
  4. I was able to locate the issue last night. VECU Wires were rubbing against the kick plate. Thanks guys for the response. The truck worked fine today. I added a foam padding to prevent this from happening again. IMG_6122.MOV
  5. Hey guys I have an issue on one of my CT713 Ai 370hp. The truck has been having issues this whole week where it’s accelerating on its own. It doesn’t matter if it’s in gear or not it revs up randomly. Today it went all the way to 2200 rpms while entering a job site. I changed the throttle sensor a couple days ago and it didn’t help, same issue. I have the truck running at the yard and it’s acting like nothing is wrong. I’m checking wires now to make sure there isn’t a short somewhere. Any suggestions on what the issue could be? Thanks
  6. I found the document, it calls for a hub replacement. Which sucks but we don't have a choice! PV776-89271728.pdf
  7. Hello I had a front (steering) wheel bearing go out on my 06 CT713. I have never messed around with non oil lubricated bearings. I tried looking around for documents and I cant find any. Does any one know where I can get documents or are there any tips you can give me to replace these. much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Thanks guys for the response. It definitely gave me something to think about. I’ll post pictures if I end up getting it.
  9. I’m thinking about buying a CL with a E9 V8. I’ve never been around this motor. We have had E7 and Ai motors for over 20 years. What should I look for and should keep an eye on an E9?
  10. Hi guys I have a 2007 CT713. The AC control panel keeps going out specifically the fan switch (rotary switch). It works great for about six months and then it starts going out. The switch looks like it’s burnt from the heat the cables are producing. Any idea how to troubleshoot?
  11. Thank you for the response. Update- it ran fine for about 30 minutes. Oil pressure was at 30 psi on idle and 60 psi @1400 RPM. Suddenly the oil pressure dropped to 20 psi and then 0 psi and engine shut down again. So I'm back at where I started. Update- I got a code.. 1-1 oil pressure sensor fault. I'm going to change it out now.
  12. Help please, I just did a oil change as I normally do. I filled up my oil filters and all and then I cracked up the truck and noticed oil pressure dropping to zero on the gauge and immediately the Truck shuts down as I am in the cab. I noticed that my oil filters are extremely hot, I let the truck sit a little and changed the filters again... thinking that the filters may have been bad. Now I cranked the truck back up, everything seems to be running ok but still notice that the filters are really hot and oil pressure is at 25 psi. Which it would normally be around 50 psi in a cold start. What do you guys think this could be? Engine is a 2007 Mack Aset 427
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