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  1. Have a 1951 DuPlex along the garage I just can't haul to scrap. What is a fair price for one of these? I would like to find it a new home and not on a boat ride to China for scrap.
  2. I am not sure. They are both in the same box and I thought the bottom. I could be wrong. I will look at some of the trucks where I got these from next time I go there. There is so much stuff to look through. Which numbers and location on a Themodyne define what it is. There is a few laying under a carport that I am looking at dragging home.
  3. I have 3 covers, 2 original foams and one that looks to be cut out of a thick foam. If there was any interest in someone on here wanting them what would you say a fair price would be?
  4. I picked up some parts the other day that I was not sure what they would fit but the price was fair and they were new but from 1985. Figured someone on here would recognize the application. The Mack Sales Receipt is dated 2-5-1985 and from what I can barely read is the part numbers are 25995-502 and 25630-502. Now what too do with them I am not sure because they don't fit any seats I have.
  5. Just saw this one on Craigslist tonight. http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/hvo/5093399199.html
  6. Still having troubles figuring how to drag a video from facebook to here. But here is a photo after I already went through the pit. I am in the far lane with the bobbed bed chevy. It was a long box until I cut 18 inches out of the rear for better off road ability.
  7. OK so I don't know how to get the video on here. I will try to figure it out.
  8. Went to the local fairgrounds to race my old red Chevy 1 ton today. Did OK but lost to a truck that had a lot more horse power and had been completely gutted out. If they call it a "Stock Street V-8 class" you would think that everyone would have driven the trucks there and not on trailers. Here is a video of one of the races I did win. I am running a 454 big block.
  9. I have been using a Honda powered horizontal shaft driving a Comet brand pump. I want to say it is a Honda GX160 engine. Very worth the $800+ I paid for it back around 2001. I personally prefer more GPM than an overly rated PSI. I want to say it was only rated at 1800 psi but it works way better than the cheap 2500 psi Cambell Hausefeilds I was buying every 6 months before the Honda/Comet. My father and I have used it a lot over the last 14 or so years. Like most tools you get what you pay for. If you plan on only using it a couple time a year go cheap. But if you plan on using it regularly and can afford to buy a good quality one than save yourself the headache. But that is just me I like quality tools that last for a long time. I am still pushing the same Toro lawnmower around since 1990.
  10. An update on this collection of Macks near Oregon City. I went out in the trees over the hill to go check out what there might be. One dented up L-model cab that had B-model fenders. And a L-model cab and chassis. Spent Saturday cutting trees out from around it, moving another truck out of the way, and then towing it up to the field. Then Sunday unbolting it from the frame and loading both cabs on my trailer. Going back for the chassis in the next couple weeks when I can find a bigger trailer. Between these two cabs and the one on my truck I should be able to piece together one solid cab. The interesting part is that my LJSW has stamped in the frame LJ2D4217D and the frame I am going to be picking up that I pulled the cab off is LJ2D4226D.
  11. I looked around for a couple hours yesterday. Didn't get much time to talk to the owner before he had to leave to go to dinner with his wife. I found a few parts I want to buy. There is plenty of trucks and parts to look at and lots of wasps keeping guard. Only a couple of the trucks had the VIN plate in the cab and I didn't get to looking on the frame too close to find the numbers stamped. But here is a partial list so far. B60ST 1069 Diamond T firetruck Truck and lowboy.... LSFW 64 LF20117 ??? and 1958 Peerless Lowboy. I would have stayed another hour or two to get more details but my friend who was along for the trip had to get home. There is also parts of Cats and excavators and part of a Salem sawmill.
  12. Here is a picture of one I looked at yesterday. It is for sale but I didn't get to talk to the owner much about prices on his trucks before he left to dinner with his wife.
  13. I am here in Southwest Washington. If the trucks are not too far away I could make a trip over and look them over some. I am no pro by any means but might be of some help.
  14. I have had 2 Red Ford L-8000 dump trucks. The first was a 1987 powered by a 3208 turbo diesel with 10 speed and the second was a 1995 with 8.3L cummins and a not so great 7 speed spicer. Both great for getting in tight places.
  15. Since we are on the topic of what we paid for our superliners.... I picked up my 1980 for $1,700 and drove it 50 miles home. But it needed tires, all fluids changed, some body work, and minor rust repair.
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