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  1. O.K. Thanks again for everyone's help with this! Here is the truck that needs a compressor.
  2. O.K. Thanks for everyone's help with this, How do I know which series Midland compressor I need (EL1300, EL1600) , or will either one work? Again Thanks for all the help.
  3. Yes Doubleclutchinweasel it looks like the one you posted, so Is that is the one I probably need?
  4. I added some pictures, don't know if they are good enough to tell anything I haven't taken it off yet, was trying to get one located first, but may have to go ahead remove it.
  5. OK I will try to post a picture tomorrow.
  6. Hi, I'm needing a air compressor for my 1989 Mack, it has a E-6 350 Econodyne engine, local place I deal with that sells truck parts said they would need the number off the compressor to get the right one, but the numbers are wore off the tag can't read nothing on it. Was wondering if anyone would know what the model number is , or which compressor I would need?
  7. Where is the best place to purchase a bumper and grill guard like the red R Model ?
  8. 1989 That I am slowly working on.Painted cab and hood still need to paint bed, and get new bumper and grill graud.
  9. Hi, I have a 1980 R model with a 285 engine and need to replace the fuel return lines between the injectors, was needing to know what kind of hose I need for replacement, or is it a special type hose? Thanks
  10. O.K. thanks I wasn't for sure on these type wheels.
  11. Hi, I have a tri axle dump truck that I am getting ready to put new steering tires on. It has 425/65 22.5 tires mounted on dayton/spoke wheels. My question is which side of the rim do bring the the tire off to dismount and remount them. I have done several of the regular 22.5 and 24.5 tires and know the procedure on those , but was unsure on the floats. Thanks
  12. Those trucks are still for sale I just seen them on Craigslist in the Lexington Ky area.
  13. 1996 Mack DM688S tri axle dump truck .TRUCK HAS SOLD , Thanks
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