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  1. I just bought some for one my 89 RW713 of mine from the dealer I gave $94 for Left side and $86 for the right side my numbers were 24RU4135P3 /RH 24RU57P7 24RU4136P3 /LH 24RU58P7 For my 85 RW788 24RU4136P2 LH 24RU4135P2 RH
  2. It has less than 5000 miles on oil, it looks like someone messed with it as the cover leaks and so did the electronic valve. I took the magnetic apart and resealed it. I noticed that it had a combo of metric and SAE and a nut as a washer. I may try and take it apart and reseal it as it seems to be weeping. Or just run it until it give a fit then replace the whole thing for $789.00
  3. I wanted to update, Thanks for the info I try and get a couple pictures. I mounted mine to the the lower tabs on the charge air cooler using 3/8 bolts and a couple washers for spacers. I bought the AC Condenser, dryer and expansion valve form part http://www.partdeal.com/ they are a RedDot distributors and I replaced the evaporator coil from amazon. All in less compressor $331.46, I bought a compressor local $264.51, should have gotten it from Partdeal.com.
  4. Its was active turned the truck off it went off. No smoke or anything out of the ordinary. The timing advance is the ecovance correct?
  5. That little condenser is enough to keep everything cold? Looks like it is only about 8" tall.
  6. Fired up my 92 that pulls my end dump from her winters hibernation. Last ran in about 3 months ago. Took it out to top it off and threw a 3-5 code looked it up says >>Timing Actuator Response Improper << What is that the ecovance or some sensor? Still runs and drives Any ideas?
  7. Anyone replace condenser with aftermarket one? What did you get and what size. My grilldensor was plugged with calcium and oil, thought we got it cleaned out still having problems with charging system
  8. I bought another Granite at an auction, seems to run fine but has 3 codes 2-9 (ASET CEGR) Combustion temperature sensor 3-5 Engine Brake Output #1- This wire was connected 3-6 Engine Brake Output #2 - This wire was laying on the manifold, I reinstalled it and the code did not reset and of course the engine brake does not work Any insite where I can find the Combustion temperature sensor and how to test the engine brake? can you just wire it up like a dynatard?
  9. check your motor mounts and front damper, lot of hours and years on them rubber parts
  10. Heat shields are on, i disconnected the wires and cleaned the terminals driver said that on his last load the code disappeared and truck ran awesome and then it came back on when he fueled . When he pulled it in it was on, he shut it off and a little while latter when I went to check the blink code it was cleared. I think I may change the #6 with one of the others while I have everything apart so if it is heat related I don't have to do it again. Or see if I can afford another one from Mack or just leave it and see what happens. The mack dealer tech when I asked about the stumble said no active codes so everything is working good, asked about the hesitation he said it is supposed to have a hesitation because its an electrictronic engine I didn't argue as it didn't have any active faults and ran good other then that hesitation brought on by the acceleration under load.
  11. I made a youtube video depends on what you got to do and what capabilities and tools you are working with, the video will tell you.
  12. I bought a couple of long bolts and made guide pins it helps with getting the carrier to sit down flush. I use the good RTV and when it's tacky I drop it on I usually have to wiggle it but the guide pins allows it to not make the RTV push out creating a leak
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