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  1. Single Axle Mack from Califorina

    Wondering if any one is headed to or coming back from California. Need a Single axle Mack moved from CA to Kansas City. PM me will fit on a GN or hot shot trailer weighs about 10K
  2. Superliner six wheeler up for auction

    WEIRD SPECS one has a 5 speed sticker so they have been doctored, light weight suspension and single frame
  3. 1983 Mack superliner transmission swap

    RTX15715 11r 24.5
  4. 1983 Mack superliner transmission swap

    What would it be with 4.64? My 92 RW713 with that 15 speed is 60 against the
  5. B mirror removal

    On my old B61 the plate was tacked welded on I guess someone didn't want to take a chance
  6. I am guessing you are the guy that bought it, why was it such a big secret when it was an ATHS asset and members were left searching for clues? I appreciate that it is staying where it is supposed to but I think ATHS should have kept it as it is the mission to preserve transportation history and loaned it to museums for all to enjoy.
  7. Wellington FJ for sale

    Who bought it?
  8. On my 92 it came with dual breathers the po changed them out with two nos r model ones the intake conectors have a indent for the cable. Also if you check out one of my posts from earlierthis year I was tracking downn the missing roller guides which you will need to keep the hood aligned and not rubbing on the filler panels
  9. I bet that's a shadow not really painted black. Either way still looks good. I saw one that looked good with the trim painted to match and just the top portion polished.
  10. Slack adjuster replacement help

    They are auto adjusters or should be. Not sure of the style of your cam but should be a snap ring and couple of spacers. Undo the clevis pin and should come off if it's been taken care of. Might have to use a puller or a hammer to knock it off. auto adjusters don't need the same maintenance adjustments manuals do usally adjust and keep greased until it's time for brakes. The more you mess with them the more issues you will have.
  11. Air compressor won't stop building air

    My guess is an issue with govonor or the way the lines are hooked up. The governor is what controls the air build up and release of the compressor
  12. looking for a trailer

    How far you wanting to travel a buddy got a decent one he is going to sell. Getting to small for his equipment so he is buying a tractor and lowboy
  13. black soot

    The puff limiter is a two part system the air valve on the intake and a piston on the end of the pump more than likely the piston on the pump is not working or shim properly. I hooked mine up with new valve and piston but the old piston had no shims. When I replaced the air valve it would never Rev up, like it took half the power away. So put the old valve back on and was going to order shims but never got around to it and put the new parts on
  14. black soot

    Over fuel. Does it roll black smoke when you get on it? Well those heavy exhaust particle cling to the inside of the exhaust and then when you shut down the pipe condensates and causes the particle to stick more than they cool and dry out becoming lighter and then when you start up it forces all the dry flakes out the pipe and all over your truck. could be pump is turned up, puff limiter not working properly or because it's 30 years old
  15. B Mack Right Rear Hub

    Salvage yard take it with you or to your buddies to compare. Probably won't find a casting number unless you sand blast it and then it way be worn off