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  1. Does anyone of you gentlemen have a wiring diagram or schematic for the circuit breaker box and the firewall block for an r model cab. R686st. Specially the block on the firewall driver side. Thank you in advance
  2. Still working on my old r. Little by little it’s going back together. I’m going to put dual exhaust stacks on it. I have everything I need to do it I believe. I converted my cab to air ride so I don’t wanna bolt brackets to the cab. I have some angle iron and some rectangular tubing I was thinking of fabbing up some stands and brackets. But I got to thinking it has an aluminum headache rack going on, can I bracket stacks to the headache rack? Not have to fab up nearly so much? Looking for suggestions from you guys that have been there done that, maybe with some pictures. Thank you
  3. My r model dash needs help. I can make new gauge panels and the cover over the speedo and tach is ok but there is cracks on the main parts. Naturally the parts that aren’t easily remade. I would be happy with a dash topper or cover like those velour toppers they make for automobiles if anyone knows of a source or has ideas. Thank you
  4. Alright great. Will do. Thank you sir
  5. I’ll see what is stamped there in the morning when I get to the shop. I’m thinking that’s where I found the number that made me say it was a 285. But it’s been a few years now so I’ll look there in the morning. The guy I got it from advertised it to be a 300+, but I just figured it was a sales pitch and didn’t give it a second thought. I always assumed because of the majority of trucks about this year we had around here were 285’s, this one is as well. But I’m no expert and I’m just now starting to learn some of the variations.
  6. And we have another truck that’s almost identical to this one but that truck is an 81 (could be 82) its got the front cooler and tag says it’s a 300
  7. I was suspicious of that cooler being non original because I was under the impression that the 285 originally had only air to air, no water. That’s why I sent that particular pic to you. Thank you for mentioning it. The id plate was gone off the block when I got it but according to the casting it shows to be a 285? It was indeed a oil field tractor. Guy I bought it from said it had spent some years pulling saltwater. I attributed the severity of the rust to that fact. Could be wrong though. I would like to give it a touch more fuel. I’m not interested in killing the engine but maybe a touch. It doesn’t really put out a lot of smoke. Might wait though until I see how the transmission makes it act.
  8. And I rode with my dad in a b that had a quad I believe. By the time I was old enough to start driving any that old b was demolished. I’ve never driven one with a triplex or quad.
  9. I figure it’s like everything else. I’ll learn how to shift it and where it likes to be shifted after a day or two. I may take robs advice and pull the pump and injectors and have them reworked too a little later on. I figured that is easy enough done anytime. Right now was kinda the time to swap the transmission. And having the cab off, I just lifted it right out the top. And it’s probably a good thing I pulled the old one. The clutch was pretty worn. I didn’t really want to buy a clutch yesterday but I would have been much more sore if I didn’t and it went out in a couple months, you know?
  10. There’s a few pictures of the rust bucket. Thanks to rob for help with loading pics. Got everything apart and started back together today. I went ahead and pulled the 107 and put the 9LL in with a new ceramic clutch kit today. Got the new to me cab and the hood painted with DuPont imron.
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