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  1. That’s so cool. Love that truck
  2. I did notice the tank and I thought it was extra fuel tank. I have never actually seen a truck with air start. Do you only need one battery now?
  3. That’s what my r is I guess.. long term project. Is the air starter a good thing?
  4. That’s awesome. That really looks great. I’ll bet the 237 is a pretty good improvement too over the stocker. I’d love to have a b someday. When I was a kid there was one b here with a mixer drum on it and it had a quadraplex or triplex. It was amongst several R’s and one old offset cab U with a naturally aspirated engine. Nobody wanted to drive it or the b. No power. Lol. They finally made the b into a water truck and before I was big enough to ever drive it, a guy that’s a friend of mine and a few years older was driving it along the top of a tall dike of a retention pond they were building on a job and it slipped off the side and rolled over 3 or 4 times. The driver was not injured other than banged up. He wound up threaded between the shifters. He said when it all stopped, his hard hat was laying upside down with about a half a quart of oil in it. Still now he laughs and says he has no idea where that oil got into that hard hat. Lol. So anyway, I never got to drive a b model. That was 30 years ago. It was scrapped. The water tank was cobbled up it’s now on the old offset cab truck and it’s still here but hasn’t ran in a couple years. I sure like your b. Nice looking little rig.
  5. It won’t show me a picture. I might not have the clout yet. Haven’t been a member here long. What transmission does your B have now?
  6. What truck do you have? B? Early R?
  7. Hmm. Might be worth a little tinker. I just don’t wanna hurt anything.
  8. 800-900 is the hottest I’ve ever seen mine. I’ve been considering giving it a little bit more fuel and see if it made a power difference. I’d have to call my pump shop to see what they say and how to go about it. I have a Robert Bosch pump not the American Bosch.
  9. I usually see 23 lbs or there abouts in a hard pull with the 285. Maybe 24 but I don’t think I’ve seen it make 25. One guy said he has a 350 with tip turbine making 30.
  10. There is a cup or whatever on the top of the column under the wheel that’s held by a single Phillips screw. I should mention that on my particular truck I had to trim or grind or machine about 1/8” off the top of that cup before the new steering wheel hub adapter would clear without rubbing a little
  11. That’s clever and funny. Lol i did order an adapter for the 1” shaft when I ordered the wheel. I probably should have said that
  12. The steering wheel is an sci brand called classic polyurethane steering wheel. I got it from Raneys and I think it was the cheapest one. The insulation, I bought off Amazon. After some research. The first layer is a sound deadener. Something like hushmat and dynamat. I put it on every surface I could in the cab. (It’s an adhesive back) Inside the door skins. On the floor and up the firewall as far as possible. Even the bottom side of the floor pan. Up the back cab wall to the bottom of the window. The entire cab roof. Second layer was a adhesive backed 8mm thick foam. Stuck it right over the sound deadening material. Third layer was thermal insulation foam with a foil back. Then on the floor and up the firewall I layed in the factory floor mat and a layer of mass loaded vinyl for a little extra sound resistance. Put the foil back under side of the hood and outside on the firewall as much as possible. The hood rest set was off a doner truck. The rollers were gone but I was able to make some peterbilt replacement rollers work on my mounts/rests. The Pete rollers were like 6 bucks each. It took a little trimming and trial and error fitting but it all worked out.
  13. Or fuel. Or insurance... lol
  14. Well I won’t lie, I could spend that much on trailer tires about any time. So it’s not like I just need to blow the money. Lol
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