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  1. I have the truck working again. Very nice and quiet and shifts better than ever. I ended up taking the outer cam assembly to the Mack dealer and he installed it. He also installed a cup/cone bearing on the back side because he felt they couldn't get the cone off without damaging it! They used 3" socket and special adapter to break the nut off to remove the outer cam. They charged 2.25 hours labor or $250 to do that! I added in CaseIH limited slip diff oil additive as MACK apparently doesn't sell it anymore. I wasn't able to torque the specialized 12 point bolts to 150 ft-lbs as I am still waiting for the spline torque adapter from Snap-0n to do this with. I tightened them as best as I could with a regular wrench and snipe. No way to get a regular 12 point socket in to break or tighten those bolts. I ended up heating them up and machining down an old 5/8 socket to get them out. They were severally rusted so I replaced all 8 bolts @$14 each. I tried taking them off one without heat and I ended up damaging one bolt so had to struggle a little to get that one off (ended up pounding on a 15 mm wrench! Anyways, thanks for everyone's help - I really appreciate this forum. Allan
  2. Good Advice. That is exactly what I am going to do. Take it off and take it to the Mack dealers so I get it torqued properly. I ended up buying a 1" impact (1600 ft-lb) and having my brother sniping down with a pipe wrench on the socket and I still couldn't get it to budge. Yes, I am using a 1/2" air line and running it at 120 PSI while the tool recommends 1/2" air and 90 PSI! I am scared to use heat because I may wreck the $55 nut and if I reuse it could I trust it? And I don't have the fixture to lock down the cam in order to retorque it properly. I think lock compound breaks down at about 300 degF. Just curious how my costs compare to that of the US. We don't really have true capitalism in Canada as the corporations rule the country and the government basically allows them to keep out or buy out the competition so that the consumer has to pay whatever they desire to charge. Sad but true when the political parties receive their funding from the large corporations they get what they want out of the government in return. Dollar is pretty much at par 1 Cdn dollar = 1 US dollar Peanuts/Wedge Kit $187 Outer Cam $1056 Inner Cam $177 External Power Divider Seal $22 Peanut Cage $789 Power Divider Bearing $99 Just curious to know how badly we get hosed for our parts here in Canada! Allan P.S. My dealer was gracious enough to give me pictures of some of my rear end details so I thought I would share and could maybe help someone else out.
  3. sorry had same message twice. Mack_CRD_203_PDivider_Diagrams.pdf
  4. Well, I took the power divider apart and yes the peanuts are in pieces and the inner cam looked like it had gone through a war!! I decided to change out the outer cam too because it has some damage that I can feel with my finger. Some grooving (maybe be okay) but I want to fix it right. I am trying to get the big nut off that holds the outer cam on. It is a 3" skinny nut and requires a deep socket to get onto (about 3" depth to get over the shaft. I talked to my local Mack service rep and he tells me it is torqued to 1400 ft-lbs. I had to make a 3" socket because I can't find one here in Canada. My 950 ft-lb 3/4 impact won't break it. So I tried a torque multiplier (x4)(1/2 to 3/4) and I lose to much that I can't swing it all the way around. Frame in the way etc. etc. I guess I may have to bite the bullet and take it to the Mack dealer and let him change it! Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a 3" deep impact socket. Maybe I will just have to look for a regular deep or search OTC for specialty gear. I don't know who makes specialty tools for Mack? Allan
  5. I did try the truck with power divider locked and I have no snapping. So I assume that my peanuts and cam is gone. Are these items located in the power divider housing? I slowly moved truck in the shop and moved it until I could find the snapping spot. Seems to be one spot and appears to come from power divider? I drained the oil out of power divider and both the filler and drain plug are covered with fine pieces of iron filings. No big pieces - just lots of litle metal junk. Nothing to look at inside the drain or filler plug. I pulled the cross off at the front rear end. Drive train looks good from there to front. I have a CRD 203. If peanuts and cam are in the power divider, can I remove this section in order to replace or do I have to remove the whole CRD 203 from the carrier? Are they located in the first section with the air actuator? Thanks for everyones help and input! Allan
  6. I am going to check this out too - looks like this link is a great help after getting the results of the above test! http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?showtopic=12973
  7. Thanks for everyone's help in diagnosing this problem. I do have a mid shaft bearing. Looks like the first thing I should check but don't quite follow. Are the splines worn off the yoke and that caused this problem? Do you mean large nut on the yoke (don't quite follow center bolt description). Most yokes are held on by a large nut. Sorry I am a little bit noobish on this and away from the truck til tomorrow morning. Also Is my carrier the crd92 fifth wheel? I do have a rigid camera I could look inside the pinion housing. I assume I would find a broken tooth there if that is the problem. for all the rest, I haven't changed any tires since I got the truck. Definite possibility it could be worn peanuts and cam but very unfamiliar with these Mack carriers. I sure wished I could get my hands on a parts diagram for a rear end so I would be able to better understand the system. If anyone has a pdf I sure would appreciate it. My e-mail is aafritzke@sasktel.net. I did check the torque arms I believe. If those are the arms that tie from the center of the carrier to the frame. They look normal, rubbers in place. All crosses looked good. no oil leaks anywhere. Regards to all and thanks for the many responses!! Allan
  8. I hope someone can help me. I have a 1999 E7-460 with a T2180, 18 speed double over and Mack 44,000 model S440 rear ends ratio 4.73. I have 400,000 miles on it. I bought the truck several years ago and I changed the rear end oil to 80W90 synthetic when I took it home. (Should I have added an additive?) I may have put on 15,000 miles all gravel roads for the most part. I used to get an occasional snap/bang when I cornered with a load, not that often. If I cornered slowly I generally could avoid this. I had assumed that maybe it was the load shifting on the 5th wheel platter so never really gave it much thought. Yesterday I loaded the truck up (tridem grain trailer) and it is now banging more and not on corners but when I shift and step on accelerator a little too hard. I drove it about 15 miles back to my home base and I noticed if I stepped on it, at times I could get a snap out of it. I checked temperatures manually and my rear ends are warm but not hot (seem normal). I have no oil leaks and an air ride suspension. I tried backing with it in the yard with the load and I can see the driveshaft between the two rear ends through my rear window (no sleeper). It looks like it gets to a spot and almost has a deadspot as if there is a tooth missing? I haven't marked it yet but I was going to see if it is consistent with one rotation of the driveshaft and that seems to coincide with the snap I hear. Which rear end goes first the rear rear? I have never had a mack rear end apart so I don't even know what they look like or what can go wrong. I assume there is a pinion gear at the end of the driveshaft. Could a cog go out? Will it hurt to run it like this for a day? I have several loads to make before I can get to fixing it. It only makes the banging noise when I shift or step on the accelerator a little hard. I don't notice any problems when I am rolling down the road, no unusual noises. Any help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Allan in Saskatchewan, Canada
  9. I am a grain farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada. I always wanted to own a Mack and I am now the proud owner of a 1999 Mack! It is a hard working truck with a set forward axle. She rides quiet and smooth on gravel - its a !!! I have just found this site and I am very pleased because I know there will always be issues and this place looks like a great place to find answers from the experienced one!!!
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