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  1. Go to the "Jacobs Vehicle Systems" website and search Model number of brake should be a service bulletin about external oil supply for that series I believe.
  2. Ok, will check it and get back to you. Rich
  3. Front wheel, what is the casting number in the wheel. I.E. 3QJ
  4. 316GC184 water pump part number
  5. Ok, he did not have much,
  6. P/N# 16MF22AP1 CAP P/N# 27RU217B BULLDOG
  7. Lot off engine, transmission, brakes, gauges, door parts, but not there any more so don't have list anymore.
  8. Ok, wrote all the gasket part numbers down now just have to catch him at his place I will update you. Rich
  9. Camshaft and aux. shaft take same washer 701GC11A and 32AX65 pin, same guy might have these also. Again give me some time as he is not always around. Rich
  10. Ok, give me some time I might be able to get most gaskets but I will get back to you. Rich
  11. Do you have the transmission number stamped into main case 11KBA and or number of clutch that you need. Rich
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