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  1. cummins flywheel

    OH yes, there are a ton of different numbers. What model of engine and application?
  2. cummins flywheel

    Do u have P/N# u r looking for or S/N# of engine??
  3. EN401 Exhaust Manifold

    What is the P/N# on manifold you need I.E. 104GC??
  4. 12 speed X107

    flat machined surface with 11KBA stamped in also has S/N# below it.
  5. Superliner chrome bumper

    P/N# on part or the box ??
  6. E6 mack fuel pump.

    never put up the P/N# that is on the tag on pump?
  7. Superliner Engine cross member

    Supply me with VIN# for truck. Rich
  8. I have two ( 2 ) 62QT44R and one ( 1 ) 62QT45R wiper arms NOS located in CT Will package and ship UPS / FOB Thanks, Rich
  9. Drier A / C

    New in box OEM Mack air conditioning receiver drier P/N# 221RD334 / 82781580 $ 25.00 EA. will ship UPS /FOB CT
  10. Headlight rings

    Pretty sure they are different part number. Will check & advise.
  11. 95 dm 690sx torque arm (tag)

    Depending on year / make it should have the rebuildable style torque arms. bolt on cap over ball stud. All individual parts.
  12. Jake Brake for 220 Cummins

    P/N# 13121 ( 4 ) 401B P/N# 16656 ( 2 ) 425A Not sure these will work for you. Brand new housing assemblies
  13. Jake Brake for 220 Cummins

    Think I might have something. Will get back to you. Rich
  14. 673 air compressor

    What is the P/N# on the tag? 303GB or six digit number.