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  1. Should be a number stamped into the nut at one end or the other.
  2. R615ST would have been an 864 engine.
  3. F.Y.I. that is just the collar, bearing and collar separate. 46AX347 bearing ?? will double check book tonight. Rich
  4. Most often you can't get them apart or new one won't fit into old ones. P/N# 104GC342A / 104GC343A / 104GC4223 Pretty sure numbers are correct, casting numbers are in old ones. Thanks, Rich
  5. U606 is not a Maxidyne engine, should be a 250 HP
  6. On front axle looking at front of truck where axle goes up to spring on flat machined surface is stamped in number 1QHA that will give you info
  7. I have a guy that has parts catalogs for the Midliner's will have to go there and borrow it for part numbers. Rich
  8. Good take-off flywheel housing off a test engine. Casting and part number are the same 3928490. Will package and ship FOB / CT 21" x 20" x 6" 50 LBS.
  9. Looking at the front of truck / axle pass. side where axle goes up to spring and where u-bolts come down, there is a wide web and front axle number is stamped in there. 1QHA
  10. Did you ever fix this ?? Local Const. Co had a new / excess trunnion tube will have to call them to see if they still have. 85QK249 ?? have to double check P/N. Thanks, Rich
  11. On your copy of Chassis record it lists the part numbers for king pin set and tie rod ends. Group 3 Thanks, Rich
  12. Part number does update to P/N# 3054088PX what would you want for them?? Thanks, Rich
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