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  1. power divider dash switch

    B/W# 229635 What is your VIN# and will get you correct number and or part.
  2. For those out of area there is a nice article in local paper about a Business owner that is on this site. Take a look. www.rep-am.com
  3. Need help with bearing p/n

    A trick my Polish unit man showed my when I worked @ Mack dealer, use a paint marker go over the stamping on carrier and wipe quickly w/rag and you can make out the numbers.
  4. Need help with bearing p/n

    what is the " 11KHA " stamped on flat machined surface on carrier? Rich
  5. r washer tank

    Good u found one.
  6. rw vent window felt

    P/N# 2795-120002138L P/N# 2795-120002137R P/N# 2795-170014005
  7. Front Axle ID RD690S

    Flat machined surface looking at axle from front where axle bolts up to springs, assy. # stamped into boss " 1QHA" etc.
  8. Turbo elbow/down pipe

    Some different numbers for sure, one common is 4ME21698 but VIN# should get right one? Give that and will supply correct P/N. Rich
  9. Need Eaton Brake Shoes

    Tried all those numbers, which are valid but nothing in anyone's part system. Good luck. Rich
  10. Door hinges for 1986 R model

    8RU345 L / S 8RU1232 R / S
  11. r washer tank

    Did u find one?
  12. hello ..i am looking for a Mack ch613 e6 engine standard crankshaft with sleeves for sale


  13. r washer tank

  14. cummins flywheel

    OH yes, there are a ton of different numbers. What model of engine and application?
  15. cummins flywheel

    Do u have P/N# u r looking for or S/N# of engine??