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  1. Let me know before you buy one. Will make sure I have it and price. FOB / CT Thanks, Rich
  2. any part numbers or casting numbers on old drum ?
  3. Have a brand new Cummins OE flywheel P/N# 3680922 the box got wet in storage so has lite surface rust. Can package and ship FOB / CT new price $ 1753.03 best offer.
  4. Will check and get back to you. Think old service dealer might have the stuff.
  5. 14MF45P1 base 27RU217B (chrome) 27RU217BP2 (gold)


    1965 B61 B-Model1965 B61 B-Model Mack Tandem Axle Tractor Double Wet Line Saw and looked very clean!
  7. I think there was an adapter they used for tack cable at engine 119AX5800 I think that was the number? Maybe that is binding up?
  8. standard heater switch P/N# 2790-HV25118 updates to P/N# 4428-2T754A
  9. 4428-2T754A think that is right? if not will advise. Plain heater right?
  10. 117KD14 Will double check my old parts book, going from memory ??
  11. Let me know if you need any new push tubes as I know an old dealer that has some NOS. Thanks, Rich
  12. 7MR29P2 / Delco 1116882 Pretty sure I have one if not found yet. Rich
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