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  1. 7MR29P2 / Delco 1116882 Pretty sure I have one if not found yet. Rich
  2. Company "ADS" in MA Agawam area. Plastic drainage piping of all sizes.
  3. No problem, thanks for reply. Will bring them back to him.
  4. Did you ever get your clamps??
  5. Not sure what you are asking, most common siren that was used in the industry is a Federal "Q" of which there are different models? Some where a combination of light and siren.
  6. valve on steering column
  7. Did you find a water pump? Have some if needed. Rich
  8. Have one that looks similar? Make me offer. Rich
  9. Hello, finally got there when he was open, Yes I have three (3) NOS 15QJ16P3 for you. $25.00 ea. plus freight. Thanks, Rich
  10. There is a copper sealing washer on the pump. Not sure where your leak is ? 318GC17C pretty sure P/N# for pump.
  11. What did P/N# end up being?
  12. Pretty sure it should be a E3 / 20QE369 if I remember correctly and I think 20QE186A switch / check valve.
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