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  1. I was told that Large Car magazine this month has an article on Cruiseliners? Anybody know if this is true?
  2. If you think that wearing a Mask keeps you safe then by all means wear it. But i have heard and read many a news cast that say "There is no scientific data to detirime that wearing a mask will protect you." Your wearing the mask protects from people like me. So we are both happy
  3. Sara Gideon is as bad as they come. Sneaky underhanded lyeing trouble maker. Collins has done more for the trucking industry at a National level than you can imagine. A true Lady Susan Collins is. I hope the polls reflect what the good people of Maine want.
  4. Gov Mills, excuse, i mean Dicktator Mills see's fit to run the State O Maine like a Communist prison. Ride around that state a while and see all the signs folks have made up voicieing their opposition to Mills. She has done more harm to the state in her short time there then you can shake a stick at
  5. Now that would be a cool find.
  6. WOW!!!! What a pretty picture. Tube type wheels and all
  7. LOL. Ok you are right on that. And lets face it, frame strength is not a place to "Let's see if this holds."
  8. Are you sure of that? Ive seen plenty of trucks stretched or made into something they werent and working everyday many years later.
  9. I was able to get one from Manchester Glass in N.H. 603 622 6737
  10. Have 48' Drop deck trailer going from N.H. to Wisconsin. Anytime after 7/29/20 calls are best 603 765 1361
  11. Now if your going to promote your truck at least put Alum wheels on it
  12. Thanks for the story and pics. Is that cab a full 90 inches? Looks a bit shorter. Best of luck
  13. They also made a steel hauler cab. Or at least someone did. So maybe 3 versions?
  14. How many cab variations were there for the S series?
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