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  1. off big engines for a question

    Williams Diesel in Ocala, Fl are the Small diesel Guru's. Have a 03 with a 7.3 they chipped for us. Has 310,00 on it now. Just put 3 injectors in it. same turbo. Truck pulls 38' Gooseneck all the time. 2 high pressure oil pumps, not sure why, 1 water pump, 1 radiator. The truck just goes & goes. Suppose to be @ 425 H.P. been this way since it had 30,000 on it. Gets @ 15 MPG
  2. V12 detroit swap

    Sounds like an Awesome project. Why not go for it? Its a toy. What do you have to lose besides time? Any investment could be sold/traded off if it didn't work
  3. Astro needs a new home

    Manchester Auto glass 603 622 6737. They have been a huge help for our Cabover fleet. As for parts, Buy a parts truck. Online, ebay. Some things are available at a "Good" dealer.
  4. Ok. Now I see the pic your talking about. That would be a cool Transtar to have in the collection
  5. cummins flywheel

    Another source you might try is Bill Jones in Bow, N.H. 603 496 8802
  6. Highway thru hell

    My 8 yr old Son watches that show. Its his favorite show. I like Jamie Davis & some of his crew. However, if I were up there and needed help you bet id be calling Al Quirring. From an O/O standpoint he seems much more reasonable.
  7. Astro needs a new home

    Red, Black, sometimes they had the 3 button set up
  8. Astro needs a new home

    Is this the Astro from Westmoreland, N.H.?
  9. Not to be disrespectful but how does that "thing" look anything like a 9670? That thing is just homely.
  10. Ran When Parked

    You may want to bring a Battery along with that fresh gas if your planning on firing it up to load it.
  11. Knife fight in our kitchen tonite

    LOL. That's priceless!!!!
  12. Superliner

    Mack was doing it for years and years. But yes they did make Cat powered Superliners. Also with Cummins & 2 stroke Detroits. You may need a bigger radiator. Someone else on here I'm sure could tell ya for sure. Local man had one with a factory KTA. But he did repower it later in life with a B.C. 3. Friends tell me I should repower my WS with an E7. But I'm not giving up the E9
  13. Superliner

    Yes, Why? everybody has their dream. But a good running E7 would be better and better MPG. If you have a Hankering for a Cay at least go 3406C. Your SuperDog will be ashamed being pussy powered
  14. Lately ive had BAD luck with Wix filters. Now I run older Equipment. Newest thing I own is a 97. Wix filters have had plastic in them, paint chips. Fuel and Oil alike. So ive been buying Fleetrite lately.
  15. 1983 Mack Cruiseliner for sale in Virginia Thank you