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  1. I was able to buy new lift pistons from Mack. But if you try Power Packer in Indiana they are very helpful. The service tech man is great to deal with. They built lift cylinders for me. In fact they have refered a few COE people to me to answer questions. If the latches are opening then its down to the pump or lift clyinders not being up to par
  2. Instagram, Snapchat, facetime. W.T.F.? Guess im just old before my time. Havent hit 50 yet. LOL
  3. Sure do miss him and touring his yard. Along with Jim Bristol and running over to Ralph's whenever we needed parts to finish a project
  4. Going thru an old trailer I bought there is an old truck magazine dated September 1976. Doesn't say TBG as it does today. I enjoy reading old ads. Gateway ford up in White River Jct, Vt, Charlie Kelton's, Mel's truck sales, Ralph's. Patsy's KW has a 'Leftover" 1975 K100. When I bought my 83 Cruiseliner it had a few old truck magazines and log books from 1987 when it was parked. Like a time capsule. Ive been collecting old truck brochures from the 70's & 80's. Intresting reading
  5. Ok, thank you for that info
  6. Servicing my E7 to find it has 2 oil filters and a "centrimax" filter. What is it & does it need it? Keep in mind this is just a plow truck. It only runs from Nov thru early Apr. Doesn't work hard. Local dealer wants $85 for the centrimax unit. Can it be replaced with a regular spin on filter?
  7. Wow!! So im in the wrong with the 6 trucks that are all 1993 or older that we have greatly modified to be better more efficient trucks for us? Not to mention the modified trucks that we have sold. Seems to me that if your paying for it you should have what works best for you. My 1.6 million mile 26 yr old road tractor does a fine job. Its had many mod's done to it. Very rarely does it go a day without at least 1 compliment. If its man made it may fail someday. If its new electronic P.O.S. it WILL fail. And you most likely cant fix it on the side of the road to get ya home. Just my thoughts. One of our 93's had a PEEK 3406C. The other 3406C is mechanical. I converted the PEEC to full mechanical pump. Twice the truck now. My 83 Mack still goes trucking during the summer. The E9 gets @ 6.1 MPG. Each to their own but im with "The King Of Obsolete". Hope im not too opinionated, just wanted to add my 2 cents
  8. Now if my boss had that id still be haulin milk
  9. Look on U tube 1975 Autocar hauling Hogs. I like the round fenders of that truck. Plus I like the Wilson trailer. We had 2 Wilson Bullracks back in the day
  10. Heard a story years back that the engineer that helped design the Ford CL had a hand at Mack with the MH. Would be interesting to know what the real deal is. There are similarities between the two.
  11. I would think they set the cab off to the right. What would be the sense of having the driver sit in the middle of the truck?
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