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  1. Another state to avoid. I refuse to go to R.I., may as well add Ct to the list.
  2. Looking for a Robert Bosch Injection pump 313GC5121P2. Or 11GBA18183P2 is what im told i need. The engine is a ETAZB673A. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  3. Mine has a bad engine. I'm the 2nd owner. I bought it from the son who told me they took a family vacation to Texas. While down there they toured the Marmon plant when this truck was started. For a 74 i'd say it was loaded. Has a 350 S.C. Cummins, RTO 12513, Factory Air ride, air slide 5th wheel, A.C., power window. The son told me that his father had the engine rebuilt. His mother told him that the truck came home on a hook 2 weeks later. #4 rod is sticking out of the block. I have a 350 B.C. for it but im toying with putting my 8V92 in it.
  4. Have a 74 Marmon. Rugged truck. Not much for styleing
  5. I hauled 2 D models to a collector near Attleboro, Ma. They use to reside at my neigbhors. quite a unique set up
  6. Check with Bill Jones in Bow, N.H. He is an old school Cummins and Detroit guru. 603 856 8802
  7. Oh crap. Like i said, im not good with this electronic stuff. Email me and i can send them to ya
  8. Preview attachment 20210112_124324.jpg Preview attachment 20210112_124401.jpg Preview attachment 20210112_124349.jpg Preview attachment 20210112_124422.jpg Preview attachment 20210112_124419.jpg 20210112_124419.jpg 2 MB 20210112_124422.jpg 1.8 MB Preview attachment 20210112_124353.jpg 20210112_124353.jpg 1.7 MB 20210112_124349.jpg 2.4 MB 20210112_124401.jpg 2.1 MB 20210112_124324.jpg 3.5 MB
  9. If your shocks mount on top of the axle then you have a rather odd Neway with the 8 in travel. My 83 has that set up. It has 38's. Most Neway have the shocks mounted behind the axles. That could be most any rateing
  10. I bought a R 700. It is all Mack driveline. The bulldog is missing. Where do i go to buy the bulldog and the pedestal? Is there a difference in the pedestal in a Hayward truck verses a Pa truck?
  11. Put a Lund visor on it and she be sexy
  12. We lost a LOT experience and knowledge here. Not sure if the cure is worth the cost. Sound familiar?
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