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  1. ws721

    Pushin snow...

    Ouch! That stinks. I remember my Uncle who was on the Hartford, Ct fire Dept saying that would happen. Tire chains with a broken cross chains ripping open cars
  2. ws721

    Pushin snow...

    With wings that tuck in close to the truck I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't fit. If in fact they don't then send a 1 ton truck
  3. ws721

    Pushin snow...

    Maybe with todays "Steering Wheel holders" they don't dare put wings on em?
  4. ws721

    Scraper Convoy

    WOW!! That's something to see. I remember my father saying that back when he worked for Watkins Construction in the 60's running a scraper was refered to as running the Idiot wagon. Looks like they have come a long way. He was lucky, he ran a B81 on lowbed or belly dump
  5. Oh my. You parked a John Deere next to one of those 4 letter blue tractors. That can lead to cross contamination. Lol
  6. ws721

    Need rear drop in 3.65 ratio:

    Yes that's what I have. I chatted with a Rep and was told that it has 8 inches of travel instead of the normal 6 inches
  7. ws721

    IH 9670 Eagle

    Wow!! Glad I don't live where you are. Most of the trucks around here would be in trouble.
  8. ws721

    IH 9670 Eagle

    You have a rare gem there. I would very much like to have that interior for some of my projects. Biggest draw back to those is the electrical system. I have a few books on 9670,s if ya get in a spot
  9. My only Mack with a HOOD😱 96 RD with 154,000 miles. E7 with 8LL. When ya lift the plows the front end does NOT go down
  10. ws721

    Need rear drop in 3.65 ratio:

    Intresting following this topic. Ok, just to add to this, my 83,s line ticket says the Rear Rear is a CRD93 part number 11KH5375P4. Now this truck has the odd Neway Where the shocks are mounted on top of the axle at a 45 degree angle.
  11. ws721

    Scania V8 slashes fuel bills

    What was wrong with the cab jack? Same as any other COE
  12. ws721

    Scania V8 slashes fuel bills

    Is this V8 the old E9 of Mack's?
  13. ws721

    Roto brake can?

    I was wondering if that brake can had more strength. That makes sense. Its now just a plow truck. Doesn't ever exceed 45 mph & will never haul any weight again. Thanks for the reply
  14. ws721

    Roto brake can?

    What is so special about a "Roto" brake can for the sterr axle on a 20K front axle in a 96 RD that Mack wants $744.85 per brake can? I installed a standard type 24 can. Its doing the job. Never seen a Roto can. It bolt together

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