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  1. My 83 Cruiseliner has 5.73 ratio with a .62 overdrive TR1070 in it on 22.5s. Does 72 mph at 2100 rpm. I was running it to Pa every week couple of summers ago. Even with the E9 it still did 6.1 mpg
  2. Guess I missed the issue. Central Hydraulics like most any other plow truck. When they get to be 20 years old then your chasseing rusty hose ends. Ive seen people buy a truck to turn into a plow truck. The truck is the cheap part. Its the Hydraulics that is expensive
  3. The "Wispering Giant" I believe Mack called the E9. Heard my first E9 back in 1988. Ran along side for miles. Got hooked then & there. Never sounds like they're working. Just kinda lumbering along
  4. Hope that doesn't apply to farm tractors? LOL
  5. I had a Gentlemen approach me about F model windshields. He said the last 2 he bought were $1400. Cant verify that. Nice looking F! Love the 4 headlights
  6. Id like to know the story behind that tag
  7. Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is Priceless!! 😉
  8. So is that "Level 1" or "Level 2" interior? Or didn't Mack offer 3 levels in early Cruiseliners?
  9. ws721


    True. I forgot about that. Thanks for stateing
  10. Are those cab lights correct?
  11. ws721


    Yes Apportioned plates are easier. But expensive. Don't forget your IRS 2290 if your over 55,000 Lb. Then you'll need an IFTA fuel sticker. Keep track of the miles for each state for reporting. Don't get discouraged yet
  12. ws721

    E9 literature

    Well said!! You gotta be real handy or have a handy friends. and then youre going to buy a LOT of beer
  13. Try getting parts for a Cruiseliner with an E9 in it. Thankfully the local Mack parts folks try to be helpful
  14. Wonder how many times the driver caught his foot on the rubber guard over the steer tire
  15. May I add 1 more suggestion? Exterior sun visor
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