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  1. The more i think about it maybe the Cat powered MH's are a 653. Guess i should leave the facts to those who know.
  2. If it was a Cummins it should be a MH 633 if memory serves correctly. I think the MH 643 was Cat powered. 603 was a glider and 623 was Detriot power. But i have been known to be wrong before
  3. I'd like to have both trucks. I have an addiction problem. Guess thats why between my brother and i we own 22 Cabovers. Maybe i should have taken up drinking instead😄
  4. Thank you. After more cleaning it needs a whole floor. So thats the next step.
  5. Are the Floor sheet metal still available for RD?
  6. Also could get the "Purple Monster" Allis Chalmers engine in a Mack
  7. Is there an electric wiper motor for an 88 DM?
  8. Are the torpedo style cab lights no longer availble?
  9. Just looking for opinions of what weight oil to use in a T2070 Tranny thats just a plow truck.
  10. when i had the radiator out of my E9 i changed both thermostats just because i thought i should. However, the engine would not warm up after that. So i took the Thermostats back to Mack and explained the problem. Luckily for me the service manager happened to walk by and overheard. He suggested putting the old Thermostats back in. Which I did and its been fine. As the service manager said, "Today's parts aren't as good as the old parts. Make sure its circulating. The Thermostats are available thru Mack. Or were 4 years ago. Who knows what the new owners have done since. I di have to replace the Thermal clutch fan. But that shouldn't cause it to not warm up in the summer time at least. Good luck
  11. I was recently told that the green Superliner there is Not the 1,000,000 Superliner. Does anybody know if it is or not?
  12. That 1 million Superliner was Yarmouth Lumber's. Said Top Dog on it. been a yard truck at their yard in Gray, Me. I remember it coming into a business in Derry, where i haul into. Always thought that should be in a museum. I remember hearing stories that Mack motor's tried to buy it back, even offered them another Superliner.
  13. The Superliners are at Aran Trading Ltd 74 Main St Ste 2Salisbury MA 01952 (978) 499-2900
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