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  1. I thought that a snorkel ment it was a 633 unless special order? It does clean up the engine though. I'm going to put a snorkel on my 9670 this winter. A to clean up the engine area and B to get the air filter away from the hot engine and C just cuz I want dual air filters and like the look of 2 snorkels. Ole Truck driver told years ago, he said "Boy, a diesel needs 2 things to run. Fuel & air. And air is free so give it all it wants!"
  2. Scania Next Gen in USA

    WOW!! Now that is a big sleeper
  3. Scania Next Gen in USA

    I'd hate to have to replace that windshield in $ or just to replace it in the back yard with no tools like I can with my COE's. Cant be a very big sleeper
  4. LOL. Ok, except for my application I want air ride suspension AND air ride cab. Like my COEs that we run I want @ 220 to 240 W.B. A Double wide sleeper very little plastic real radiator. A truck that looks bold tall and proud. NO emissions NO DEF just a nice running engine. Like A N14. That is a great engine. My E9 gets good MPG. Just don't ask it to pass a exhaust sniffer. Aw I'm dreaming I know.
  5. no like button but

    Ok, so we have this deal where you cant hit the like button. However, I keep getting "Notifications" saying this person or that person "commented" on your content. How or where do I find out what they had to say?
  6. The All New Mack

    WOW!!! I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I sure don't anything there to be proud to drive around in
  7. Pictures of the Week

    Its cool to see pics of trucks from back in the day. LOL. Sad part is I'm still running those today. Thanks for posting Gentlemen
  8. Yes that is now my neighbors. He has no real plan for it. Just like the bus, B71 B75 B42 LJ integral 2 D's. He just didn't want to see em scrapped. He would sell if he knows there going to a good home
  9. That Astro come from a Farm in western N.H.?
  10. A gentlemen from Pa asked if I would haul the Mack Jr down. I think that should go in an enclosed trailer for its own safety. Neighbor bought the Bus. Wants to put into his garage this weekend. Its really neat. Just not sure what you do with it That B cement mixer is tall. Hauled that in years ago. Had to let the air out of tires and had my Talbert kissing the pavement all the way home
  11. There were a few "Large" Macks at the show. As usual I didn't have time to stop and chat with everybody I would like to. Busy show.
  12. That is a nice truck. Hauled into Jeff's when he bought it. Keep us posted as to what you do to the ole truck
  13. Chasing COE parts!

    We ended up buying used latches from C&H truck in Neb. Lift cylinders Mack can still sell you but the latches were a "no go". Nice Cruiseliner
  14. The B42 wrecker is coming back home. I shoulda got it running but I didn't. I have used this truck around town doing recovey for friends