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  1. What a beast. Like to know what the specs are
  2. Wow!! That's great of them to do that. And decent of you to pass this along
  3. I have a Marmon COE that I would really like to find a 12V to install
  4. I have a MH for sale on CL here in N.H. that comes with a extra cab but the parts cab is missing the Grill. Hard to come by Grills, windshields, brake valve mount
  5. Aint that the truth!! Im starving. Thank goodness for the State "welfare" check for standby pay. But I sure didn't wear out my trucks this season. Guess they will be ok for next season
  6. I thought "Tube type" just has a snap ring? And "Split rim" ment the rim was actually split all the way thru? Correct me if im wrong
  7. Your missing out on one the Greatest engines ever built!! Who needs Viagra when you can listen to a "Wispering Giant" running. Love the sound and torque of my E9
  8. LMAO!!!!!!!! I read this thread 2 hours ago and im still Laughing!!! Made my day
  9. S.A. Mclean, aka "Snowman" in Limerick, Maine. He is the source for Oshkosh and Walters. P.M. me if you want the phone number
  10. Wow. I'd hate to think that truck is so close by and I didn't know about it. Sharp looking Transtar. I still maintain that the transtar and the F model are the 2 most stylish COE's ever made
  11. Make sure the latches release while pumping. Also I have seen the shift linkage "stick". That would try to hold cab down. When I add fluid to the system I like ATF as it is easier to spot a leak and doesn't mind temperature extremes
  12. Id trade our 86 IH 9670 tow truck and buy that. Hmm. If only I had the $ for this.
  13. There are 3408's still earning a living. As for the "skeptics", There are plenty of skeptics when it comes to the E9. And most of know of E9's trucken every day. The cranks were only a problem if you abused them. Meaning turned up the fuel or lugged em. As for me, I love a E9 or 3408. Nothing sounds like em. Sounds like a very cool old school truck to me. Even though it has a Hood. 😉
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