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  1. Make sure the latches release while pumping. Also I have seen the shift linkage "stick". That would try to hold cab down. When I add fluid to the system I like ATF as it is easier to spot a leak and doesn't mind temperature extremes
  2. Id trade our 86 IH 9670 tow truck and buy that. Hmm. If only I had the $ for this.
  3. There are 3408's still earning a living. As for the "skeptics", There are plenty of skeptics when it comes to the E9. And most of know of E9's trucken every day. The cranks were only a problem if you abused them. Meaning turned up the fuel or lugged em. As for me, I love a E9 or 3408. Nothing sounds like em. Sounds like a very cool old school truck to me. Even though it has a Hood. 😉
  4. You may have a bad cab tilt cylinder. I had that happen. The oil was bypassing inside the cylinder so in effect it was putting oil to both sides of the cylinder. Power Packer in Indiana is very helpful
  5. I have a Hough HU. Which I think is the earlier version of that machine in the photo?
  6. LOL!! Oh my. How true. Its ok. I take it all in stride. Not the same when drivers come up & say "your the 1st one at the accident scene." My reply is Well I learned how to drive years ago & I don't need that piece of fiberglass out in front to aim with. I will say that a 4070 has a lot more Style than my 9670. As does a F model. Those 2 trucks have classic lines
  7. Becareful on picking on IH COE's. LOL. My 13 letter $hit spreader COE goes into a lot barnyards. Wheels down of course. 😉
  8. Walmart's and Insurance companies are going to be the ruin of small business in America. Family farms support local business. Where the "Big dairy's" don not do much for the local economy. They buy in bulk on line, have their own vet staff, buy meds on line.
  9. That's a shame. around here the dairy farms are going out so fast its scary.
  10. Hi Bulldog,

    I'm interested in the contact info for the 'ol' cracker box please, if possible, thanks


    Don Roy

  11. I have brochures of U, DM, R, MH, RW but no WS. Wish I did
  12. I was able to buy new lift pistons from Mack. But if you try Power Packer in Indiana they are very helpful. The service tech man is great to deal with. They built lift cylinders for me. In fact they have refered a few COE people to me to answer questions. If the latches are opening then its down to the pump or lift clyinders not being up to par
  13. Instagram, Snapchat, facetime. W.T.F.? Guess im just old before my time. Havent hit 50 yet. LOL
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