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  1. Is that ad correct that only 422 were built? My neighbor has a very clean one that we have been trying to sell
  2. WOW. Guess that would be a rare truck to have. I like the rare or ugly or the "step child" pieces of equipment that most folks just overlook.
  3. Didn't know the Chrysler was an option in a U. Learn something everyday
  4. What is the difference between a U400 & a U600?
  5. A Blast from the Past. Use to be hundreds of those and JB IH's roaming around
  6. LMAO!!! Yea like I'm going to buy a new "ELECTRONIC WONDER" that even the dealers cant keep running. I'm leaveing N.H. on wed. Loading at 2 places on the Canadian border. Unloading near Wildwood, Fl. Then going down near Ft Meyers, Fl to reload. My truck is 26 years old with 1.6 million. I am not worried. Would you suggest I buy a new truck to do this run? It rides good, its quiet, it has class and it is COOL. It averages around 6.8 MPG. Then to top it off I get a lot of thumbs up and comments on the radio. Oh I forgot 1 thing, It doesn't owe me a Dime. I sure hope the 13 spd works in that Mack. LOL Run it
  7. LMAO!!! Yea, like I'm going to go buy a new "
  8. We a LONG way from the original 13 speed topic. But, like I said before, there are those who can think for their selves and there are "steering wheel" holders. m not putting down who you work for how you work. But you attacked us who can and do think for our selves. That is just the Gov't/union way. If every American thought like you this country wouldn't be any where close to what we are today. What is wrong with running old iron? What do you care? If it wasn't for know how and perserverence it would be a sad state of affairs. Hats off to all who keep old iron alive! No matter where you live or what your running. I like gong to a truck show and seeing an old working truck any day over a new truck. Takes a lot more work dedication to show older iron.
  9. They are a cool looking ride. Even have a Cruiseliner in the background
  10. I like that Grill. R 7's always intrest me
  11. I do not trust "miracles" in a bottle. BUT, I am a true believer in Lucas products
  12. I have just 1 question for you. Have you EVER run your OWN truck?
  13. American Know how has been the driving force behind many inventions. Work with what you have and can afford. How many can work on a new truck with their electronic wonders that seem to ALWAYS be having issues? I'm not saying to take short cuts or use unsafe equipment. Just keep this in mind, KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. Serves me well. Buy what I can afford and work on. If its man made it may fail. If its Electronic/computerized it WILL fail.
  14. Running down to Fl with my 48' Drop to pick Equipment I have down there. If somebody has something that needs a ride down let me know
  15. You are MUCH further ahead to fix an older truck than $pend on a "newer' Electronic POS. Cruise thru truckpaper or any for sale ads. Old trucks are worth more now than ever before