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  1. So is that "Level 1" or "Level 2" interior? Or didn't Mack offer 3 levels in early Cruiseliners?
  2. ws721


    True. I forgot about that. Thanks for stateing
  3. Are those cab lights correct?
  4. ws721


    Yes Apportioned plates are easier. But expensive. Don't forget your IRS 2290 if your over 55,000 Lb. Then you'll need an IFTA fuel sticker. Keep track of the miles for each state for reporting. Don't get discouraged yet
  5. ws721

    E9 literature

    Well said!! You gotta be real handy or have a handy friends. and then youre going to buy a LOT of beer
  6. Try getting parts for a Cruiseliner with an E9 in it. Thankfully the local Mack parts folks try to be helpful
  7. Wonder how many times the driver caught his foot on the rubber guard over the steer tire
  8. May I add 1 more suggestion? Exterior sun visor
  9. 😃. Oh My!!! Now I don't feel so bad about some of the things ive hauled
  10. Im thinking they side loaded that Dozer? Would be a ruff mount coming over the wheels
  11. They forgot the tunes. But yes that's almost as nice as looking out and not seeing a Hood 😃
  12. You all know what Swift stands for don't ya? See What I F@#ked up Today Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck Sure Wish I finished Training Whats Swift in reverse? Two Fags In White Semi. Now im sure the P.C. crowd will be upset at that last one, but its still funny. Told my boss where I drive part time after we got new KW's with ISX 500 that they are SO slow. He ask "how slow are they?" I said that in 30 years of driving I had a first with these KW's. I got to see the right side of a Swift truck as it passed me up hill!!!
  13. Ive been following this as well. Love it.
  14. Ouch! That stinks. I remember my Uncle who was on the Hartford, Ct fire Dept saying that would happen. Tire chains with a broken cross chains ripping open cars
  15. With wings that tuck in close to the truck I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't fit. If in fact they don't then send a 1 ton truck
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