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  1. Yep. 10 speed Eaton. Thanks man. I think I have enough to start debugging now.
  2. Basically talking about the black lines to the chrome block up top. Though the more I look at it and think about it, that is probably a controller/alarm block as the low water alarm connectors are tied into it on the right...
  3. Thought those where main power buses. Okay, idiot perception 1 addressed... Thank you. And ideas on the back row all black? Are those main power?
  4. This is from a 1977 Cruiseliner. I was opening this hoping to see some fuzes. Not exactly what I was expecting. Just a bunch of terminals. Are all these subsystems really running without overload fuses??!! And I see a completely unmarked/unlableled back row of black connectors. Anyone know what is going on there?
  5. Thanks Alex. I had no clue this was considered common. Helps a lot. I will look locally and see how good the deals are.
  6. Looking like the solenoid on my 1977 350 E6 might be sticking. Where is the best place to find a replacement solenoid for this type of starter? Thanks, AB
  7. Yep, a bad ground. Got the lights on. The starter still isn't right though. Time for a new thread...
  8. That's a boss rig Boss. Did not know the 83's had that E9 setup. Sweet.
  9. Well, thanks ws721 and 70mackMB for the insight. This is a 12 volt western model. I did get back out there and tested some different connections. I think I accidentally did the thing I was supposed to do to test that grounding problem. Basically, as the snow got heavier, I decided to pack it in for the day. Disconnected all terminals on the driver side with the passenger side still connected. With the positive wire on the driver side hanging mid-air I tried to clear the negative wire out of the way to replace the top portion of the battery box. The negative wire hit the bottom half of the box that is bolted to the frame and sparks started flying. Meaning, the 2 6V batteries on the passenger side were not properly grounded (right?) Otherwise, there should not have been sparks with the negative line on the driver side touching the piece of the battery box connected to the frame/ground. So I am going in tomorrow morning planning to address a grounding issue. Going to use jumper wires to create a temporary ground line on each side connecting the negative terminal on each side to the frame. Hopefully some lights start turning on or something...
  10. Had the mechanic come out and get the truck running last week. He pulled out the terminals to the battery box as he was not impressed by the lack of slack in the lines. Parked it in storage and tried to start it this morning. It is about 30 degF. Reconnected the batteries due to suspicion of possible short. Took the voltmeter to each battery, all 6V+ and 12V+ across the series connections. However, getting absolutely nothing to the truck. No radio, no lights, nothing. Needless to say, the truck does not start. Tried jostling the telescoping steering wheel but nothing seem to be affected electrically by that at all. Going to go back later and look at the fuse box. Thinking of plugging in the block heater too. I think these systems have the main power routing to the starter before the rest of the truck. Starter has been getting stuck lately on harsh shutdowns. THIS IS A RESTORATION PROJECT in its infancy. I suppose there is much to find out about this rig. Any ideas are appreciated.
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