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  1. I looked at it about a year ago. Looks like they might have washed it since then... It was a decent truck, but far from what I would expect for 10k. A bit of rust in the back of the cab. Lots of small pieces were missing like wipers motors/ some gauges. Owner fired it up (claimed it was a 350 or 400 i cant remember) and it did seem to run strong but had a coolant leak so we did not run it long or drive it. Frame was solid (newer frame) and it sounded like they used it as a site truck and it had been sitting so i am sure it would take a pile of $$ to make it roadworthy..
  2. It was on CL for about $10k if i remember right, but the listing seems to have expired or been deleted. Somewhere around the southern Oregon area...
  3. I drive by this often in Keene NH. Never seems to move, might be worth a call. phone on the door looks to be 603-352-9595
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