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  1. Pulled the stick on the V8 and the end seems to have broken off. Anybody have a spare dipstick or willing to take an overall picture? i think it lost about and inch... thanks pmc
  2. Pulled the stick to check the oil on my V8 and the tip of the dipstick seems to have broken off. Anybody have a spare dipstick or be willing to snap a couple pictures showing the correct length so I can braze a new tip on? Thanks PMC
  3. Looking for a pair of RS700 rear spring hangers for the steer axle. Part numbers 510K4215A (Right) and 510K4215B (left.. not 100% on this number). I have had no luck with Mack or aftermarket suppliers. Probably going to have to be used. Thanks Patrick
  4. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures.
  5. Had an opportunity to stop and look over this truck last week and meet MR Wilbur who is quite the gentleman. Truck was said to run/drive but did not fire it up to lack of batteries. Had typical rust in cab. Extremely heavy bed. Don said they used to drive dozers up on the deck and then use the winch to pull up the ramp behind it. Guessing 262 cummins powered.
  6. Do you have any pictures? How big is the cab opening? Thanks PMC
  7. PMC

    Mack H63?

    Not mine, just sharing. Anybody in the Denver area? I am not real familiar with early cabovers so just guessing on H63.. https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/arvada-1955-mack/7237933271.html
  8. Looks like its back... https://medford.craigslist.org/hvo/d/dallas-1972-mack-truck/7233358884.html
  9. I looked at it about a year ago. Looks like they might have washed it since then... It was a decent truck, but far from what I would expect for 10k. A bit of rust in the back of the cab. Lots of small pieces were missing like wipers motors/ some gauges. Owner fired it up (claimed it was a 350 or 400 i cant remember) and it did seem to run strong but had a coolant leak so we did not run it long or drive it. Frame was solid (newer frame) and it sounded like they used it as a site truck and it had been sitting so i am sure it would take a pile of $$ to make it roadworthy... PMC
  10. It was on CL for about $10k if i remember right, but the listing seems to have expired or been deleted. Somewhere around the southern Oregon area...
  11. I drive by this often in Keene NH. Never seems to move, might be worth a call. phone on the door looks to be 603-352-9595
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