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  1. Based on the photos and an aerial view The locomotive needs to move forward on tracks that longer exist and the right of way is grown over with trees and the switch has been removed
  2. 80 is nothing for a car The fact that he couldn't keep up with you proves he was a gutless *** ****
  3. Based on the PAI catalog the correct lift pump should be ESP-3597, unfortunately this pump is NLA What pump can I use? What are my options? According to the PAI catalog ESP-3581 is only good up to 250hp
  4. The seller listed it as a 262
  5. Forgot to add that since the truck is local to me I contacted the seller The price started at $6,500 then went down to $5,000, and then to a buy it now price of $3,850. I was thinking about looking at it but I don't need another project and it might upset the wife.
  6. Another add for the same truck https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/hvo/d/homeland-old-trucks/6892513138.html
  7. Tuesday I removed the lift pump and fuel lines and dropped everything off at the parts house so they could make new fuel lines and get a replacement lift pump and I am in a holding pattern until they get everything. I did find a lot of oil crud on the block under the injector pump. It has a wet look to it just in front of the tach drive cable, which was very loose. It could be old crud mixed with the engine cleaner or a leak. I will wait until the engine is steam cleaned unless anyone has any other thoughts.
  8. I woke the truck up today to move it from the dirt storage area to the asphalt so I can finally deal with the lift pump and fuel lines. Last weekend I decreased the injector pump and surrounding area with two cans of gunk engine cleaner and a bunch of water Today I refilled the fuel filters, the primary was down a couple of inches. The truck started without much issue The new problem is the air pressure built up until the pressure release vented. Do I also need to replace the governor or is there another issue?
  9. I have some questions What 18" steering wheel did you use and do you have a picture What insulation do you go with and how much of the cab did you do. Do you have any pictures of your hood mounts and rollers?
  10. Did you actually measure the air bags and frame height when the truck is actually sitting on a level concrete pad? How much difference are we talking? Are you measuring the bag height from mounting surface to mounting surface? Are both rear suspensions the same? A change in components over the years could create a slight difference. What is the truck, year model?
  11. The area code is 415, San Francisco
  12. Based on the listing it looks like America on Wheels is the seller http://americaonwheels.org
  13. Sorry but I think a R model Looks better, except a superliner. Just my opinion growing up in a part of New Jersey where R models where everywhere.
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