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  1. Better management is great closer management is often micromanagement by people that do not know how to do your job and is counterproductive
  2. Bob I am happy you saw this, There is a breakfast at goody’s Colton, royal truck stop, Saturday morning at 8:00 next years show is scheduled for May 1, 2021
  3. Also replace, or rebuild, the purge valve, the spitter. They have a habit of spitting a lot when they are closed. Also check the governor and the small signal hose from the governor to the air dryer
  4. Thanks It is actually an F800, the rears are singled out only because I need to repaint the frame once I finish installing the sliding fifth wheel
  5. It’s no longer called global warming it’s now called global climate change! but before global warming there was some talk to we were headed to a new ice age. The truth is that the climate on this planet has been constantly changing. look at all the civilizations in the Middle East that is now a desert but 2000 years ago was not. The real question is what affect, if any, are we having on the change NASA had the best answer to this when they were discussing activity on the sun. They stated that they don’t understand what is going on. Years ago I was talking
  6. On September 12 the ATHS had there annual show that had been originally scheduled for May 66 trucks attended the show which is currently being held at the rail road museum in Peris CA
  7. ATHS SC had our annual show, usually in may, on September 12th and the were 66 trucks that showed up and 20 Vendors in the swap meet. The show was at the RR museum in Peris CA The ATHS SC only missed one of our monthly breakfasts during this strange time. The Long Beach vehicle, and motorcycle, swap meets have been happening. The events in SoUthern California are significantly reduced but they are happening
  8. When was the last time the cartridge in the air dryer was replaced?
  9. With Covid 19 shutting down all of the shows the old trucks just need to be be driven.
  10. I really need another four years of this so I can get the new shop built and paid for in cash!
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