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  1. I get the same message but they’re use a local number. You must have gotten the new guy
  2. So Cuomo is hoarding ventilators
  3. If you think that’s bad come to Southern California For 500,000 you can get a 3 bedroom 1 bath home on a 5000 sf lot
  4. Neat, the gas company still uses a smaller version of that in California. That would be a neat truck to have for shows, but it needs to be a b model or possibly an early r
  5. Most if not all of the people here are better than the average sheep that our society is creating.
  6. The good news is it’s looks like small separates groups on the beach just like the CDC recommends. Seriously that beach looks deserted compared to spring break on a normal year I find it funny that the ones that look like they have never missed a meal are riding and not walking. There parents are probably in one of the bars Both of my children are home with me now. My daughter, the cinema major, is filming my wife’s grade school lessons, so they are both still in school
  7. Do your tail lights still work? Do your turn signals and emergency flashers still work?
  8. I wanted to do this to front of my Ford FT900 and the spring shop recommended rebuilding the front spring pack so it was designed for your normal or unladen weight, upgrading the shocks, and using the air bags for excess capacity or to raise the front end for leveling when camping. They said it is very difficult to get the air ride front end to really ride and handle good. I will say now my air ride seat barely moves and my wife does not need a sports bra to ride in the truck!
  9. There is another place that I often work at or near that cures ham and I just leave there wanting ham for dinner. These snowflakes have no idea where there food comes from or for that matter where electricity comes from but they think electricity is the solution to global climate change Sorry I digressed but I now have my under employed brainwashed son at home and he gets into it with his little sister who is more realistic
  10. Looks like a micro scale version of one of my clients operations. We just built a new building that uses carbon dioxide pits to do the deed In high school I used to have fun with the preppy, stuck up, girls by asking them out to a party and not telling them it was in the woods only accessible with 4WD Today if I was dating I would probably be screwing with the snowflakes just for fun What is going to happen when the constable see’s his first dead body. You need to send the mayer a bill to clean up the hazardous waste
  11. Since the fire truck is not mine I can not be shore on the power plant but it is probably still the 7.8 ford with an Allison behind it. The navy did like that combination because I have a second truck that has the identical combination
  12. It’s a 1990, looks like it also has a Marmon Herrington front axle and a tilt hood. It also looks like it still has the bench seat but the brush guard is gone. Since the Navy ordered these trucks in small batches and each batch had slightly different specifications mainly pertaining to gear ratio, transfer case and the tilt hood. If you have access to this truck I would like to see pictures of the data plates that are mounted on the lower portion of the inside of the doors
  13. Thanks, it certainly draws interest wherever I go, unfortunately it is resting now due to the virus causing all the events I go to this time of the year being cancelled
  14. No it had a steel hood that is sitting on the bed in the first photo During the initial restoration the all the mechanicals where taken care of, the cab was gutted. The dash was replaced to add factory air. Air ride seats were also added. 7.8 ford 210 hp Allison MT643 4.88 gears, Detroit lockers in each rear axle It could use more horsepower and an overdrive After the tilt hood was added the entire suspension was rebuilt. All 6 springs have had there capacity reduced, shocks were added to the rear and air bags to the front. Now my seat barely moves I still toy with the idea of an overdrive
  15. The truck was military surplus with a lot of deferred maintenance This is the first version of the truck That picture was taken during a rebuild to correct some things I did not like from the restoration. The main change was to install a tilt front end and new camper It’s still a work in progress but now my wife will go with me to some of the shows
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