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  1. It was 76 here in Southern California today, it is supposed to break 80 this weekend, it needs to get back in the 60's
  2. Play nice This is Rony's first post He probably doesn't know pictures are posted for visual entertainment
  3. Brings back memories Nj RT 17 I went to school at FDU in Teaneck
  4. If you park the truck on the shoulder and remove the straps it will self unload no need to wait to be unloaded
  5. All this means is you have to own at least one old truck that is painted green, or it could be John Deere green
  6. It is probably the curtain just inside the door to prevent light pollution
  7. Just look at his shirt Does anything more need to be said
  8. This story appears to be inaccurate The bill deals with the ranking of the schools and not the students When I was in school it was coming to grade on a curve when the professor gave a difficult exam. Unfortunately I used to destroy the curve. I even got one professor in trouble for giving really impossible exams
  9. I am looking for the brackets and heat shield to convert my r model to the skinny exhaust
  10. Rollback? Looks like a flatbed
  11. How did you plumb the dual master cylinder into the booster?
  12. I just answer with the business name, and usually they just hang up, but if they do stay on the line I am out of the office. If I get the car I should tell them I have a red Ferrari and my name is Thomas Magnum!
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