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  1. You must think every company and every segment of the trucking industry is the same. For a large over the road company that only has steering wheel holders this may be true. Between the cheap/ light spec and poor drivers the truck is lucky to last 10 years. Auction prices are not a function of truck worth. I have looked at a lot of auction trucks that have serious issues or need major repairs. Even the complete ones have issues due to lack of maintenance. The only reason there are so many newer trucks on the road in California is CARB
  2. It's naked It needs a shiny visor and bumper to go with the stack And no tractor is complete without a fifth wheel!
  3. If the truck originally had 8.25-20 the original rim would be 20x6.50 And that would become 9.00-22.5 on a 22.5x6.75 Yes it is a narrow rim by modern standards
  4. We can start a guessing game
  5. Is it holding air in the wet tank or by the dash gauges? I I remember correctly there is a check valve on the inlet to both the primary and secondary tanks on the feed lines from the wet tank
  6. So why are there two sleepers?
  7. How about a bucket of steam! That was an old joke played on engineers straight out of college Has a kid ever come to the dealer looking for air brake fluid?
  8. You should watch California politics. Stupid unemployed welfare people are voting while the rest of us actually do work
  9. You can not instantly change a tribal society into a democratic society and make it work. For it to work the change has to come slowly over multiple generations. Why does our government constantly screw this up? The other issue is we need to stay there and both rebuild the country and keep the peace. We screwed up Afghanistan and Iraq The politicians decide when to pull out without taking into account the big picture I personally think we should have turned Sadam into our puppet and worked with him to achieve our goals
  10. Now people think it torture not to have air ride everything, AC and a good stereo
  11. This has some potential if they offer it in a mid roof with a single stack. Just add the grill guard and rooftop deflector
  12. What could you carry in a dump bed without a gate and retain it with the tarp?
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