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  1. What is the best way to clean out the radiator and block? The previous owner used water and no anti freeze so it is a brown mess. I have drained it several times and refilled it. Should I just keep doing that or is there a better way? Also there was some brown slimy goo that plugged the drain. It’s almost like soft pliable silicone. Any ideas on what that is?
  2. This post is from 2013 and today it was reopened with another engine?
  3. The real problem is tongue weight. The class 3, 5,000 lb factory hitches are only rated for 500 lb of tongue weight The class 5 hitch I use is rated for 20,000 lb with 3,000 lb of tongue weight and my 15,000 lb equipment trailer maxes that out. Judging by the duel tires on this trailer it has a higher GVW
  4. I was at a medical briefing on Tuesday and the flu is more dangerous. The recommendations were to stay away from sick people, don’t shake hands, don’t touch your face and wash your hands regularly
  5. How about a military field hospital Remember the TV show mash, just a modern version
  6. It is sick but it goes with Vegas Vegas is all about the shinny new things. Trucks are just to get a job done and when they are old they are scrap. Living in Southern California I have found that it is odd that there is not a single yearly truck show I Las Vegas that features antiques.
  7. My 688 is a 350 hp, I thought the 686 was 300 hp
  8. What tan dash panels do you have? Do you have any pictures?
  9. Remanufactured valve, new hoses and tie rod end are installed and working, now I have to get some new radial steer tires
  10. I still need an air tank and the brackets
  11. Still looking for a set
  12. The conspiracy theorists would love this Working at night No pictures allowed Supposedly hauling a vintage aircraft We know the truth You were moving a weather balloon This sounds like Roswell in 1947 all over again
  13. The brisket was good
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