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  1. I like your work table. I also use my forklift
  2. "Ran when parked"
  3. b61 wanted

    Is the air clutch, air actuated or air assist?
  4. Little Irvy

    Thanks, I figured the collection had left California since I had not heard of it.
  5. Little Irvy

    Where is this museum located?
  6. Tapatalk issue

    I have not been able to log into the site since about august 12th using tapatalk. It does not recognize my user name or password, my username and password work here. What is the issue? i prefer to use the tapatalk app on my phone than use a computer, just works better with my busy life
  7. Question for married members

    If you have to ask you are a pow, prisoner of wife. A real man would just buy it
  8. Railroad Crossing

    Poor little crawler
  9. Some Photos from the Golden State

    More fun
  10. A call for riots

    Now lets get back to the real issue. A person from an area that is ruled by warlords comes to this country and becomes a cop. So now the liberals think it is a good idea to give thugs badges
  11. A call for riots

    It's 37% not 50% Military R&D has led to many of the things that you take for granted GPS, microwaves, Corning ware and the internet DOD pays for half of the federal highway budget. Our military has become the world's police because there are a lot of bad people out there. Pirates are a real threat on the seas in many parts of the world. They are a lot closer that you may know.
  12. A call for riots

    Whisky tango foxtrot At 7 he does not know what transgender is! The mom is forcing an agenda on the poor kid and this sounds like borderline abuse
  13. A call for riots

    You don't want to get me started on unions. I have had my share of them. They are basically a cult that has brainwashed there members into believing they are the best workers for a job. The reality is that they have many lazy incompetent workers that the union protects. Women in the field, any field, are great as long as they can do the job. I know plenty of women that work in non traditional employment and do a great job. Personally I don't care what gender or race you are, as long as you get the job done
  14. Some Photos from the Golden State

    Nice deserted tracks A stop sign for? Then I turned around and realized I was still in la county
  15. There are actually quite a few reasons for this The most common reason is the owner is no longer able to show it for several reasons, lost interest, health, death, mechanical issues. One big reason is the vehicle was sold and is no longer in the area. The vehicle probably is in some private collection locally or someplace else A lot of the older are not driven much for various reasons. I have found several people that have vehicles but no means to transport it and are unwilling to drive it any distance.