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  1. If memory is correct a m917a0 should be a three axle dump, no lift axle, with the cat trans in it Can you post some pictures
  2. What about the Oakland fire this spring. The reports mentioned unpermitted construction. That fire freaked my wife out because our son goes to Berkeley. The carts do bother me also. Maybe I should start bringing my quad and attach a copy of my handicapped placard to it! I think a bicycle is going to start coming with me to some events. I have also considered a Yamaha TW200, with handicapped plates. I actually prefer to walk around the events I attend.
  3. True but I was thinking about the irony of the two competitors on the same train
  4. Actually the railroads have brought back the old fruit express trains to haul time sensitive cargo and most out here are piggyback. It is funny to see a train that is a mix of UPS and Fed Ex trailers
  5. Looks like a normal day for me here in Southern California Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. They have been watching Chevy Chase's movie to much.
  7. Funny Last summer my wife and I went to one Honda dealership to look at new CRV's and they ignored us so we drove about 15 minutes to the dealer by her work and looked them, the irony is that the second dealer traded the first dealer to get the color my wife wanted. I have gone to lawyers offices for emergency meetings in my dirty work clothes. At first the receptionist looks down at me until she finds out that I am the expert witness, then she changes her mind and is real nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Viscosity is more important. Some cars run atf in the power steering I have a tractor that runs motor oil in the hydraulic system
  9. Great higher fuel prices and more taxes to slow the economy down. I have noticed that when fuel prices get over $3.00 a gallon my work slows down.
  10. The pictures are linked and not inserted
  11. The links are not working for me
  12. D
  13. Here is another picture of the truck and Steve Darnell, Vegas rat rods, it was taken at the Pomona swap meet yesterday but it was starting to rain so I didn't get a chance to talk to him
  14. How about this
  15. Insane