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  1. Quickfarms

    Nice Pair!

    Are you guys teenagers? Wait we just have bigger toys
  2. Quickfarms

    Liebherr introduces 5th generation concrete mixer

    I can't remember the last time, if ever, I saw a front discharge in Southern California
  3. But no front brakes and no bridge law limiting weight
  4. Quickfarms

    Pictures of the Week

    I want one to go with my aluminum wheels and chrome bumper
  5. Quickfarms

    Should I?

    What model does your dad have. The early ones did not have brakes and are now collectible
  6. Quickfarms

    Should I?

    The tractor is a 444, without the serial number is is almost impossible to determine the year. The tractor does have brakes from the factory. The left foot pedal actuated a single drum brake. Hydraulic retarding is more effective at braking. The later tractors have a valve that prevents the tractor from rolling away on hills and they also have a longer wheelbase The loader is not factory. The pricing reflects a factory loader which is a much more heavy duty machine This is mine waiting for some shop time The tractors are real workhorses. This Massey Ferguson is actually an ingersol, which is a case descendent
  7. Quickfarms

    Real Swift

    I was working at a plant and I saw several of the big carriers drivers drop trailers facing the wrong direction in the lot. It looked like that fancy sleeper prevented them from backing in or turning around.
  8. Quickfarms

    Can drivers read ?

    If you want to see crazy drivers, gone to LA and drive around, especially in the San Fernando valley. I think they are in a hurt to get to there porn shoots. I had a bottom dump pass me on the shoulder the other day, the funny thing is I was pushing the speed limit.
  9. Quickfarms


    Where are you located Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Quickfarms


    Where are you located Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Quickfarms

    Mack R series

    I tried sending you a pm but it got bounced back to me, so I don't know if you got it. I would like some more info about the truck. Where in NJ are you? I grew up on the shore
  12. Quickfarms

    Mack R series

    I know I can convert a twin screw truck At the current time I have too many projects Now you got me thinking, I have run across several tandem dump trucks. I could build a copy of RD Ducks truck with a lift axle, stupid CA thing. But if it comes to it I am prepared
  13. Quickfarms

    Tapatalk issue

    It's working now Thanks
  14. Quickfarms

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    One of my wife's friends got lost in the desert for a couple of days, he thought his phones gps would work. he was found using the find a phone app? Something does not make sense to me but I carry an old fashioned gps, map and compass if I am going off the road
  15. Quickfarms

    Tapatalk issue

    I am having this problem again

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