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  1. I could not handle the ridiculously slow pace of government work. Everything that should take an hour was milked to two or three. I had a sore throat from shooting the shit that much. There was only so many ways I could come up with to waste time. It was insane. I read books. Played video games. At one job I had all my work done by 9am and had to find something to do for the next 6 to 10 hours. Nothing has changed in 30 years I run across government crews that want to shoot the shit for a long time. I have inspectors bulk up behind my truck and guess what they want to do. If you ever wonder why there are multiple trucks parked along side the road with flashing lights on and no work being done, the private crews are trapped by the government crews because we asked a question. The professional associations are run by the government employees because they can do it when they are on the clock.
  2. Is the headliner the full headliner or is it meant to use the plastic shelf in the front?
  3. Sounds like your a firefighter How does working a 24 hour shift equate to 53 hours a week? It should be 48 hours. It also sounds like you only have to work 7-5 each day, the rest of the time you are on call. Your description of a 24 hour shift is a 10 hour work day and on call for 14 hours. Doesn’t sound to bad, unless you work in the hood. Most of the firefighters I know fall into two categories. The overtime whores, one of my old employees brothers was this way and made about $170,000 a year. The second group run a side business since they only work 2 days a week. Where I grew up the firefighters were volunteers. They did everything on there own time and still do. The area of the government that I worked for is still run the same way. They base there manpower staffing on 50 year old technology but use 20 year old technology. If there was any incentive to get more work done a lot of the issues that I face daily would be eliminated.
  4. This thread is so entertaining, it always makes me laugh which is hard these days since I am practicing social distancing and working my ass off on both my personal and work projects. Now back to my reply if I can remember what I was going to post Union jobs do have decent pay and benefits. The way that I have seen unions work in this country is. They take a group of fair worker who beg to get into the apprentice program. The purpose of the apprenticeship program is to teach them the union way and if they learn a trade thats a bonus. They learn that it is more important to protect there job and the job or the other union members than to actually do the job. As an employer hiring works by calling the union hall and requesting a person. The hall then dispatches the next person on the list and you have to work him for a day. Sometimes it can take a week or two to get a keeper. I was on the joint apprenticeship committee for decade and got to see how truly poor the apprentices are. Government hiring is different. They list a position. You take a test and that is graded. A list is generated that ranks the applicants by minority points and test score. The manger then can interview the top 3. Usually the person that is hired does an acceptable job until there probation is over and then they just become lazy. After college I worked for a government agency and we would get all the work done in under 4 hours without breaking a sweat, then after lunch it was nap time and we were the crew that did the most work. I have found that the really intelligent people that know there job are non union business owners. Now I make just as much money as when I worked for a union shop, have excellent benefits and work about 1,000 hours a year. I can take time off any time I want to go visit my family or for vacation. COVID 19 has been great for business. Less traffic No meetings, virtual meetings as necessary. Rates are up Social distancing is great The wife working from home is great The only thing I miss is restaurants and traveling.
  5. Have you placed a wanted add here? A U model cab is probably the same as a DM
  6. I know of 19 RS685LST’s that the FS2, factory order form, lists them as straight trucks because they were ordered as dump trucks per Don Schumaker I currently have a RS685LT that was never a tractor it has always been a flatbed So thinking that a ST or any T that is currently a dump truck was converted from a tractor is incorrect I remember picking up brand new Mack r models in the mid 80’s from the dealer and taking them to have there bed, box or roll off rails installed
  7. The garrison ones go around the entire tube You can get them from garrison manufacturing in Santa Ana CA Ask for Ronald Dubarry http://www.garrisonmfg.com
  8. So far the overall death rate in the US in 2020 is slightly lower than it was in 1986 and yes it is up from a low in 2008
  9. Statistics can be manipulated to prove almost any outcome. The statistics are even more questionable when trying to estimate the number of cases. Now that testing is readily available we could actually have close to the real number of cases and the rest is just a liberal Democrat scare tactic. There is no way to know for shore since all the doom and gloom projections have not happened.
  10. S means tandem drive axles T means tractor trailer brake package The ST does not mean it was ever a tractor. Since Mack would build what ever the client requested so Maxidyne is just guessing what the specs are based on a generic model number. To get the asbuilt specs you need to contact the Mack museum. Keep in mind that this is at least a 30 year old truck that has probably been rebuilt and modified over its life so anything is possible now. Your best bet is to look over the truck and figure out what axles, suspension and frame are currently there.
  11. Because you are a replaceable union drone.
  12. You need a good recoil pad, 44 magnum in a lever gun has a good kick especially when loaded to rifle pressure and take down anything in the lower 48, at a reasonable range.
  13. It’s a big deal in the states because they can now go to the bar with there parents. It still makes my wife feel weird to go drinking with our son
  14. There are a lot of idiots out there The one thing I do like about this pandemic is I can just say I am socially distancing and avoid dealing with most of the idiots and I have so much more free time to work on my projects. The other thing I like is the reduced traffic
  15. You probably need 3/4 16 thread Budd nuts for front and rear singles 37888 RH 37889 LH
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