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  1. Quickfarms

    General Motors News

    Sounds like San Diego with all of the abandoned scooters parked on the sidewalks
  2. Quickfarms

    36" fiberglass bunk

    Where is it located?
  3. Quickfarms

    Highway Projects

    That would be funny if it wasn't for a friend of mine getting killed by some idiot while he was on a highway paving job. One state highway department was testing different cone and light patterns at night until the governor made them stop because of the number of accidents caused by drunks running into the equipment. The state police and highway department did not mind the drunk trap.
  4. Quickfarms

    Highway Projects

    It sounds like there driving has actually improved since I left there. Back in the day they would just drive down the shoulder and plow into the JCPL truck parked there, cones were only used for show the old junk truck with the chained down boom was the deterrent. The best were the senior citizens, who moved from the city to a retirement community and realized they needed to learn to drive now that they were retired. They got there first drivers license when they retired. We had one who could not understand the new construction traffic pattern and was honking at the bucket of a very large excavator. The bucket was preventing the driver from driving into a trench in the old jug handle. The summer mail drivers did try to make a little bit of a sport out of it with the cartwheeling mail keeps, they actually have a strong roof. I wish I had pictures of some of this stuff to show my wife
  5. Quickfarms

    14,000 rpm??

    What does a 2105 look like? This is fantastic news. It means Mack still exists in 2105 and Vulvo failed to kill the bulldog It might have a jet engine and a beer tap! Or a flux capacitor Please proofread your posts before posting
  6. Quickfarms

    Highway Projects

    I have been considering adding several mini hedgehogs in the front yard to protect the sprinklers I wonder what the cops would say to some orange ones on the road Since you are in Jersey, just use a couple of pieces of Jersey barrier, k rail, randomly placed with the cones
  7. I saw this the other day and just had to take a picture
  8. Quickfarms

    Highway Projects

    Same here in Kalifornia. Many of my traffic cones have tire tracks on them. I prefer to work around trucks, without sleepers, and hate rich residential areas. hybrids and tesla's are the worst.
  9. Quickfarms

    1985 RS688LST

    There's a warranty? How long is that for? This was my good knee
  10. Quickfarms

    1985 RS688LST

    She's a keeper, June will be our 25th anniversary She even drove me there in the rain, she is a California girl that hates driving anytime it is not sunny, and had breakfast with some of my friends. She actually was interested in the pre war Indy style cars after I reminded her that her grandfather worked on what we think was the 1938 winner
  11. Quickfarms

    1985 RS688LST

    Right now I can't work on the truck until my knee heals from surgery last week So right now I am planning the attack on the fuel system, looking for a source for my power window motor and a 60" sleeper My bride was nice enough to take me to look at some cars over the weekend
  12. Margeritas are better any summer day Or hot chocolate with some rum during the California winter
  13. Quickfarms

    1985 RS688LST

    Once started it is easy to start after 4 to 8 hours it does crank more than I like but nothing like first thing in the morning
  14. Quickfarms

    FDNY CF600 Spec Sheet

    The MT series has been around since 1961
  15. Is there a us source for that? All of the ones I have seen are custom built and vary widely
  16. Your current setup is a short fifth wheel trailer and a dolly. You could probably lower the deck height by 6" or more by using a turntable trailer. Do you really need a three axle trailer? Have you considered some aluminum corner protectors with a pocket added so you could place them with a square ended pole and use the same pole to adjust the straps after you throw them over the load. That way you can minimize the climbing. Do use a ladder, if you lower the trailer deck to match the truck you can get a step ladder and add a hook for the rub rail. Work safely One of my nicknames growing up around boats was monkey because I would climb or crawl into just about any spot. Now I have multiple 4, 5 and 6 foot stepladders, thank you Home Depot and Lowes Black Friday sales
  17. Quickfarms

    CB Disgust

    At least they were talking English
  18. Quickfarms

    1985 RS688LST

    According to the information I received from the Mack museum the passenger side power window unit shown in the photo was factory installed. This unit is on its last legs and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement unit? Was there originally a cover on the unit?
  19. Quickfarms

    Air compressor

    The truck is military surplus so who knows what was specified by the government or if it was a COTS purchase off of the dealers lot. Have you ordered the build sheet from the dealer?
  20. Quickfarms

    1962 B61 D673P Triplex

    You need a bigger dog house! The dog is supposed to be in the doghouse not carrying it!
  21. Quickfarms

    1962 B61 D673P Triplex

    It would be perfect for moving your mobile home
  22. Quickfarms

    My 4200 Transtar:

    What did you do? I have an E6 350 that is very hard to start
  23. Quickfarms

    Glovebox locking mechanism Mack B-61 1960

    That looks a lot like the glove box latch that was used by Kaiser Willys Jeep on the M38A1, may also be used on CJ5's

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