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  1. Can you replace just the shaft seal? I have one that drips and I would rather just replace the seal than draining the tank and replacing the entire valve.
  2. What suspension is in the internationals and the Mack? each truck has multiple options that are picked when it was ordered. Also just because it was built with one suspension does not mean that is what is on it now.
  3. How did the install go and what is the part number for the cruse control
  4. The truck developed issues with the injection pump so it has been parked while I worked on finishing my Ford F800 and the green Mack.
  5. I have grown to like the knuckle boom and the fact that I can keep the cable really short to minimize the swing. I grew up around cranes and it took a lot of experience and practice to keep the load from swinging. This is not an issue with a knuckle boom I had to use the green Mack to put the fifth wheel on the ford F800 Friday because the forklift is down for a brake job
  6. If the truck still has a sleeper on it you may be able to register it as an RV. you need to check your state laws to see what is legal there.
  7. Good luck I run a small land surveying business
  8. Where are you located? does the truck have a sleeper? what year is the truck?
  9. Yes with only one tire in the air you have to rotate the tire two revolutions to get the gear ratio. if you don’t want to change the drivetrain you have a 45 mph truck there. If you put 9-20’s on it and a overdrive, from a large pickup, you will have a nice local toy. if you want to haul a camper then it needs a drivetrain swap. For my Chevy I am looking for a K30 and doing a body swap. My friends think I should put an LS motor in it
  10. My 1942 1.5 ton Chevy has a 6.67 gear ratio in both axles. The same ratio is in the CCKW, WW2 2.5 ton
  11. Lately I have seen a bunch of container chassis that are running 22.5 tires I have tube tires on a few older trucks, that I keep local, only until they wear out
  12. 22.5 fit 20” spiders 24.5 fit 22” spiders at least this is my understanding, and is due to how the tires are measured there are still Speedo shops around. And gear adapters are still available. A lot of speedometers after the 80’s are electronic and calibrated by changing switches on the back of the speedometer
  13. I want to go the other way with my transfer case my transfer case is a Rockwell MR-226 (meritor T-226) that I want to convert from a shifter for the hi-lo function to air shift but I have not found any information on line about how to do this
  14. That applies to the roads and most of the freeways in Southern California Here the sign would read “sports bras required”
  15. Mine is grimy behind the Parking brake release Valves
  16. I am getting mama a new phone so it will be easier for her to pick up all of my parts
  17. When I first went to drain the air tanks on my 1975 R685 I found that the passenger side tank had a quick disconnect in the tank where the drain should have been. what a mess came out of the tanks on that truck. There was even oil behind the dash and above the headliner due to an air leak at the air horn valve. I would check the air filter and drain the tanks daily to see if this is a real problem or something you can live with does the truck have an air dryer on it?
  18. I remember growing up there were these retirement villages in the next town and they had there own security with rent a cops and gates. The rent a cops wanted the fire trucks and ambulances to stop and wait for them to call the house before they could enter. That ended when the chief ordered the brush truck, 5 ton ex military, with full cage to push trees out of the way to respond with the engines. In the entrance the engines stoped and the brush truck took the lead. Somehow the brush truck took out both guard shacks and gates in one pass. As the story goes from that day on they had no problem entering any retirement village in the area even without runnning lights and sirens.
  19. I am interested in a calendar but am not on Facebook thanks
  20. the electric horn is under the hood. Roof air horns were an option but the navy did not order it that way. I plan on mounting an air horn under the hood Full Air brakes juice brakes were on the lighter trucks like the F600 the property is next to one of the many tank farms in the Long Beach CA area but I do not know who operates this one
  21. It can be a bit choppy of a ride on the highway at times but it’s not that bad. The cab has air ride seats. Several leafs were removed from the front springs and they were re arched. The rear suspension was changed to a Rayco air ride. I still need to install the fifth wheel top plate and inner duels . I am considering adding a ping tank to the air ride To make it ride much better and to make the truck more useful I am building a removable flat bed We have no clue why the fuel filter ruptured. The filter is located between the mechanical lift pump and the injector pump. Any thoughts? could be just a manufacturer defect.
  22. I took the truck out today for a little trip. Breakfast with some friends. Then to a small event that included trucks, military vehicles, model T and A’s, tractors, crawlers, motorcycles and railroad speeders and an industrial locomotive, but due to Covid there was no lunch. so we went to a friends house for a BBQ on the way to my friends house one of my secondary filters developed a 3/4” split down the side and sprayed fuel all over the frame. What a mess on the passenger side
  23. We just spray when the air is still
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