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  1. I would love to know the year and specs on the FT 800/900 roll off. I have never seen those badges on the cowl sides. The steel hood makes it a pain in the ass to work on the engine
  2. On my 1985 the stack is connected to the cab and the truck is a factory air ride cab according to the build sheet
  3. It's now slammed just like a low rider. Maybe he is going fora new look. It is kind of interesting that the cab is level, did the frame break under the cab?
  4. This is a cool little Willis, I would like to know more detail about it. To me the cab does not look like it has been widened, the visor is giving that illusion. The hood does look lengthened and the grill looks like a modified factory grill It may be on a cab and chassis frame that way the front end is not as wide as the motorhome
  5. It's the way the courts are now going in California, men have rights too. Men are keeping there property, businesses and toys today. Do you know what they say when an attorney represents them self?
  6. This is not that big of a job for the right equipment Growing up on the east coast we would tackle this regularly Unfortunately it sounds like the mom is looking for cash. The reality is any buyer will factor in the junk and potential environmental issues so the property could end up being worthless. If she just wants out from under the tax liability she could just give it to the son.
  7. Sad One of my wife's friends was complaining that she had to pay her ex husband alimony and they are both successful lawyers
  8. It was 76 here in Southern California today, it is supposed to break 80 this weekend, it needs to get back in the 60's
  9. Play nice This is Rony's first post He probably doesn't know pictures are posted for visual entertainment
  10. Brings back memories Nj RT 17 I went to school at FDU in Teaneck
  11. If you park the truck on the shoulder and remove the straps it will self unload no need to wait to be unloaded
  12. All this means is you have to own at least one old truck that is painted green, or it could be John Deere green
  13. It is probably the curtain just inside the door to prevent light pollution
  14. Just look at his shirt Does anything more need to be said
  15. This story appears to be inaccurate The bill deals with the ranking of the schools and not the students When I was in school it was coming to grade on a curve when the professor gave a difficult exam. Unfortunately I used to destroy the curve. I even got one professor in trouble for giving really impossible exams
  16. I am looking for the brackets and heat shield to convert my r model to the skinny exhaust
  17. Rollback? Looks like a flatbed
  18. How did you plumb the dual master cylinder into the booster?
  19. I just answer with the business name, and usually they just hang up, but if they do stay on the line I am out of the office. If I get the car I should tell them I have a red Ferrari and my name is Thomas Magnum!
  20. You will need to add the dash valve for the trailer, a tractor protection valve and the associated plumbing You can also add a trolley valve Here is a kit I found https://www.anythingtruck.com/product/322-PP7TPDTKIT.html
  21. Is the red item in the bottom of the pictures a hydro-vac?
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